Monday, January 7, 2013

Boden: UK Site with Spring 2013 is Live!

Yay!  The Spring 2013 new arrivals can be viewed at the UK site!

1. We can view the new arrivals at their website, even if our website isn't updated.

2. Our site should be updated, too, which means we can get our pretty on soon.

I checked over at my affiliate site, and they had this new coupon for me to share with you, but since it won't work until the US site gets updated, I won't bother putting it on the site (or this post) until it does get updated.  Okay, well as of 9 am, there were new arrivals at the US site, even though the site isn't officially live.  And the site reverted back to the fall and winter lines just as fast.  Blah! 

Since I don't know the exact time that the update will happen, below is the link to the coupon with 15% off and free shipping (which can also be used on clearance items).  ;)

Until then, would you all mind taking a look at my "Blogs I Love" tab up there at the top of my blog?  Instead of having an insanely ridiculous blog list in my sidebar (very unmanageable, really), I have moved all the blogs to their own page.  I also have some info on there if you would like to have your blog included.

(I am always searching for new blogs, but I have been so "in the weeds" these past few months that I have missed out on many great new blogs--even if they are just new to me.  I know there have even been blogs sent to me through e-mail, but in the process of keeping my head above water, I definitely lost some of those!)

Or you could just go over to the UK site, salivate some, report back with your favorites, and then check out the Blogs I Love?  LOL.  ;)  Have fun, you all!