Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boden: Stackable Promo Picks!

It is rare to get such a great sale this early on at Boden.  :)  It usually takes at least a month into the new season before the really great promos and sales happen. 

Based on what I have been hearing from you all, though, you are truly excited by Boden's willingness to allow a stackable promo, especially the first week of the season.  It worked out well for many of us, including me, since I had overlooked a really pretty (and versatile) cardigan in the preview and was kind of bummed that I missed out on getting if for 20% off.  Lucky me, now I can get it for 20% off and then an additional 15% off (which works out to around 32% off total--if I am doing the math right, of course).

The promo works like this...

1. Go to the section of Boden's website called "Weekly Offers."  (This is a nice section--it looks like it will be updated weekly.  Woo!)

2.  On that page are all the lovely items that are an additional 20% off.  This week is mainly a mix of knitwear, outerwear, and one lonely dress.

3.  Pick out any items that you like, and add them to your bag.

4.  To receive the additional 15% off (with free ship), you will need to make sure that you have clicked on the coupon that is here in my blog post (bottom of post) or on the coupon in the sidebar.  That will take the additional 15% off all those 20% off items.  You should see the discount on the item page, so if you don't, check your bag.  If there is no discount there, you definitely should apply the coupon before you check out.

Here are my picks!

(Before I start, I noticed that some of these items have the old "British" sizing on their item page instead of the current "American" sizing.  It doesn't mean it will stay like that forever, but please take note and don't accidentally order something that is British size 6 if you are an American size 6.  The British size 6 equals an American size 2.  How to know if something is listed in British sizes?  It starts at size 6 and goes to size 22, while the American side goes from size 2 to size 18.  In all the below items--barring the handknit jumper--I would buy a British size 10 or American size 6.  Hope that helps you all!)

Argyle Jumper.  Definitely not the argyle that we are used to seeing here in the States, but if you are an argyle fan, this pretty (and neutral) take on a classic pattern may just be right up your alley.

It also comes in a brighter, red shade. 

After discounts, this sweater goes from $88 to $59.84.

Embellished Spot Cardigan.  I really love this one in the ivory shade, since I have a grey embellished cardigan already.  But I think this charcoal version is delightful, too.  From far away, it is a basic piece with a bit of pretty at the hemline, but close up, there is a real party going on with all the delicate beading and silk trimmed circles.

Originally $138, now $93.84.

Gathered Tunic Dress.  This is the only dress on offer, and it is because it is half merino wool.  Which means two is a sweater turned into a dress, and it will be nice and warm.  So if you live in a climate where such a dress would be welcome, this may be the time to grab it.  :)  I have found that the basic, well made, non-embellished dresses do sell well at Boden, so while it is fully stocked now--two week backorder, fwiw, it may not be by clearance time (and really, who wants to wear merino wool in the middle of summer?).

Was $138, now $93.84.

Hand Knit Cable Jumper.  I had a sweater sort of similar to this in high school.  It was made by the Limited and I wore it constantly.  I still have it, but since it is from a long time ago, I am not sure how well it will fit, or if it is so stretched out that it is unable to be worn.  (I have about two boxes of clothes from the 90s that I can't let go of...but I suspect I am not the only person who has sentimental attachments to clothing.)

If it turns out that I can't wear it, I think I may indulge in the mid-brown shade of this sweater.  It is exquisite, and I love the sleeve length.  Plus Edda (the model) looks adorable in it.

It also comes in the teal shade above, which is so pretty for the spring.

This is a splurge at full price ($178) but comes down to a bit more reasonable at the stackable sale price ($121.04).

Oversized Cashmere Cardigan.  I have two long, comfortable, cashmere cardigans from Boden and they get a lot of wear in my daily life.  This cardigan is this season's version.  This sunset color is so pretty and warm, exactly the right tonic for those mid-March days when the sky is pewter colored and spitting out cold rain.

Again, a splurge at full price ($218) but much more reasonable, well for cashmere, anyhow, at the stackable sale price ($148.24).

This one also comes in two neutral shades, a light brown, and a black.

Short Rainy Day Mac.  This brightly colored short coat is something that Boden does well, rainwear.  Last year I purchased the Spring Trench from them in a similar shade, and not only did it repel the weather, it brightened my mood.

This seems like the best deal of the bunch, since it is decently priced to begin with.  Its full price is $138, and goes down to $93.84 with the stackable sale.

Did I pick any of your favorites?  Do you have any that you would like to point out?  Comments are always welcome!

Clearance fanatics, don't worry, I have a special BWRR planned for later (hopefully today) that will be singularly focused on the clearance items.

Coupon is below for those of you on a mobile device.