Sunday, January 13, 2013

BWRR: Clearance Spectacular!

Time for some clearance love. :)

I had thoughts of doing some review roundups in late December/early January, but in the end, I just couldn't get my act together.  At least waiting this long means that all of the reviews are in one, neat package.

Anyhow, right now you can get free ship on these items (but no free returns) if you use my 15% off coupon, which has free shipping associated with it.  If you are like me, you probably have a gazillion free returns labels in your house, so if you need one, don't hesitate to use one of your leftovers.  I have never had an issue returning my items this way.

Later this week I will do a BWRR focusing on the new arrivals, but as it stands, there really aren't that many reviews out there, so it could be closer to Friday before I get that roundup done.

Onto the reviews!

Regular Boden:

Millie Spot Top.  I literally have looked everywhere for this on the Boden site.  I am frankly surprised this one is not for sale anymore, since there were TONS of them in the sale as of a couple of weeks ago.  But maybe everyone saw the light and decided that if you sized down (I did--size 4, fwiw), you could buy a decent top for a great price that suits comfort and style.

The front portion is a bit longer than the back portion, which doesn't bother me, but may be a bugger to some of you.

The fabric is super soft, a great sweatshirt material that can be easily dressed up or down (not super dressed up, but in the sort of dressy casual that I love and wear a lot).

If I do find a link for this top, I will drop it, but if any of you see it pop back on Boden, would you mind letting us all know?  (I can't even find it on ebay!)

Audrey Dress.  That there is my beautiful sister-in-law in the Audrey dress that I modeled here in this blog post.  When I decided I didn't need it, I figured I would either sell it, give it away, or return it.  When I asked A. if she wanted it, she didn't hesitate.  :)  I can see why, as she looks amazing in it!!!  Anyhow, this is the size 8 regular and fits her wonderfully throughout.  I love how she styled it with the chain floral necklace and black tights. 

Audrey Dress
Audrey Dress.  There are many available in the larger sizes.  Watch for popbacks!

Off Duty Jumper
Off Duty Jumper.  Poppy's Style here!  :)

Fairisle Jumper
Fair Isle Jumper.  Poppy's Style in NYC for Christmas!  Lucky girl!

Smocked Tunic Dress
Smocked Tunic Dress.  If you were interviewed for a TV news program, you would want to wear this, too! ;)

Iona Coat
Iona Coat.  This is such a pretty coat on Poppy's Style.  Love it.  :)

Sparkle Skye Jumper
Sparkle Skye Jumper.  See it on white in a blog post over at Poppy's Style!

Pimlico Dress
Pimlico Dress.  Shopwithm was able to squeeze in a couple of reviews in between packing her whole house up (she's moving!!!).  Thanks, M!

Long Island Top
Long Island Top.  Hopefully both shades that M got in this top made it into her boxes.  ;)

Favourite Cropped Cardigan
Favourite Cropped Cardigan.  If you want to see this pretty cardi and a Boden new arrival, check out Lou's latest post

Pretty Crew Neck Cardigan
Pretty Crew Neck Cardigan. I hadn't even noticed this cardi until I saw it on Lou a few days ago

Zip Ankle Skimmer
Zip Ankle Skimmers. I love Lou in these pine green skimmers.

Boden for Men:

Graphic T-Shirt.  Mr. Dina has joined the dark side.  :)  I bought him a tee for Christmas from the Boden for Men line, and I daresay he loves it and looks good in it.  He usually wears a size medium but finds that in J. Crew and Boden, he needs to size up to a large, since those lines cut their tees and sweaters a bit more fitted than companies like Ralph Lauren and whatever brands supply Macy's. 

Graphic T-shirt
Graphic T-Shirt.  At $19, this is a pretty good deal if your man will wear it.  :)

Okay that's all for tonight. 

Don't forget that tonight is the end of the knitwear/outerwear stackable promo I spoke about in this post.  Tomorrow starts another stackable promo, so I will write a post on that when I wake up.

For those of you on a mobile device, here is the latest coupon.