Monday, January 28, 2013

Boden: Catch of the Day Commences!

Thank you to Louise who let us all know that the folks at Boden went ahead and started a "Catch of the Day" promo that is meant to last for a week.  The discount is 25% off and for women and girls, the 25% off applies to select dresses, while for men and boys the 25% off applies to selected shorts.

This year, though, we have advance notice of what the catch will be everyday (again, thank you Louise), which is nice to have!

Here is the schedule:

Mon - Dresses, Shorts
Tues - Knitwear
Weds - Skirts/Trousers/Jeans
Thurs - Tops
Friday - Lucky Dip

I know that there are a couple of dresses that I would like to reorder in a new size, but only one of them is available as part of this catch, so I will go ahead and get that one, and wait a bit on the other one.  There is also a dress in this catch that I had my eye on, so I may go ahead and bite on that one, too.

The other days look great, I especially am excited for Wednesday, since the trousers and jeans rarely have a great discount.

Here are my picks from today, but from what I can tell, there are lots of lovely options out there:

 Adelaide Dress.  I have this exact one in a size 8 Long, and while it is cozy and comfy and lovely, it is a touch too big.  I think I will reorder in the size 6 Long to compare and then decide which one fits best.  (I hope it will be the 6 long, since that means I can keep the one that was cheaper--I order the 8 long with 20% off in preview.)

Fabric Mix Dress.  This one is has really great reviews, and since they say it is super stretchy, it appears that even pear shapes like yours truly could fit their bedonkadonks in the skirt portion.  I am still nervous about sizing, but at least if I buy the wrong size, I can send it back as an exchange and receive the 25% off price on the other size (if need be).

(I like the navy/sand dune combo, but this grey/black version is awesome for office environments.)

Jersey Shirt Dress.  This one was reviewed by Anna yesterday in the BWRR (look here to see review).  She mentioned that it has a high waist and a high hem, but there are long options in this dress, so for some of you that are interested, you may want to give a long a try, especially if you are taller than 5'4".

Pencil Dress.  Another dress that is highly rated.  Even the curvy ladies in the reviews are recommending it, which surprises me.  I still don't want to take a chance on this one since I think that shape is totally wrong for me, but I know a lot of you would look amazing in this pretty dress, so I am going to throw it into my "picks" for today.  :)

(The red/navy is not discounted, btw.)

Hotchpotch Dress.  I am sure some of you that have loved Boden for years miss the hotchpotch that used to be ubiquitous.  Now it is only on selected items, maybe one or two a season.  I have a lot of hotchpotch still in my closet, so I don't have any need to go there, but this particular incarnation of hotchpotch is very pretty, so I thought I would point it out to you all. 

Word of warning, some of the reviews are saying the bodice runs large, but the cap sleeves are tight, so read the measurements carefully.  I would likely (if I was buying, which I am not) get the 6 long.

Weekender Dress.  Obviously I am going to recommend this one since I just recommended it yesterday.  :)  My review is at the BWRR.

Okay, that's it.  There is lots more out there, but I don't really have a ton of time to dissect it all, but love reading what you think, so do leave comments if you would like!

The 15% off coupon code is not stackable (and will stay that way based on the past few years), but if that changes I will let you know.  At least it gets you free shipping (and the 15% still works on non-catch of the day items).  :)