Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Jessie Spano Edition.

Hi, everyone!

It seems our Boden Spring 2013 packages are slowly coming in...surprisingly, I am receiving my pre-orders with quite a bit of haste, but the couple of clearance orders I made at the end of December are still nowhere to be found.  In fact, if the one package doesn't arrive on Tuesday, I will e-mail Boden and ask them, "yo, yo, wat up?"

How have you all been finding the shipping for the new arrivals?  Have they been quick to come or on the slow boat?

I will be starting up the "normal" BWRR schedule next week, with the new arrivals first in the order for the post, with any clearance items at the bottom.  So even if you want to send me reviews that are from the clearance section, please do, as I definitely will use them.

Also, before we get started, many of you will recognize the outfit I am wearing in this post because you all saw it at my facebook page two days ago.  I had a blog friend comment that she was interested in the off-duty sweatshirt, and I told her that I was wearing it that. very. day., and would put a photo of it on facebook if I couldn't do the review roundup that day.  Well, as it is (so very often), I couldn't get the blog post done as my children's schedules are pure madness, but I was able to take a smart phone photo and upload it to facebook.  Anyhow, the long and short of it is that if you want some early previews and early info, "like" the facebook page, since it is updated more often than my blog.

(And remember, anyone who "likes" my facebook page, follows me on blogger/google friend connect, or on blog lovin' can enter my gift card giveaway for my blog's 4th blog-o-versary!)

Regular Boden:
Off Duty Sweatshirt and Long Leggings.

I purchased this in a size 6, which is my usual Boden top size.  I probably should have gone with a size 4 since this top runs very large.  Having said that, I am not going to return it because I kind of dig it a bit large, since it allows me to wear it with the Johnnie b. long leggings.  (It covers my bottom very well, thank you very much.)

The long leggings are a size 15-16, which corresponds to a size large in the old Johnnie b. sizing.  The fit great, but are a bit loose in the elastic waistband.  However, since I have swimmer thighs (read: large) the 15-16 is the right size since the size down would be too freaking tight.

If you have slender thighs, you can definitely size down.

From the back.  See how long that sweatshirt is?  If I were to buy another color (which I won't, unless it is 10 dollars--for that price, the blue would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe), I would buy the four and wear it with regular pants and denim.

The color is a tad more purple/mauvey than it appears on-line.  Right now this poor (yet lovely) sweatshirt has a ONE STAR (of five stars) rating for being poorly represented in color and size.  I agree that the color is misrepresented, and that the size is large, but I wouldn't give it one star, in fact, I will probably go on there and give it four stars today because I think this sweatshirt deserves more love than that.  :)  (BTW, I almost never leave reviews there because I do this.  Can you even imagine if I did that, too...I would have literally. no. life.)

The sweatshirt is super cozy, with a soft terry lining, and deep kangaroo pockets (they are cotton).

The leggings are made from a cotton/elastane blend, so a bit different feeling than what my other leggings feel like (they usually have spandex in the blend).  They are not as stretchy, but in no way uncomfortable.

The ditsy floral print, btw, is why I named this blog review roundup the Jessie Spano edition.  My brother and I were out running around that day and he definitely agreed that my outfit was channeling our favorite overachiever from Saved by the Bell.  ;)

It was really chilly that day so I threw on the cashmere purl-stitch snood from J. Crew.  This one FINALLY went on deep sale (with an additional 30% off), so I grabbed it.  I have to say, I can see why the cost was so high initially, this baby is well made, very thick, super soft, and very large.  I was shocked at how big it was when I took it out of the package.  (I am also over the moon that I got it at such a great price!)

It is so warm, that if the day has the right sort of temperature, I could just wear the snood with an outfit like above and be fine.

But the day wasn't warm, so I threw on the very thick (almost stadium cloth thick) reefer I bought from Boden a few years ago.  The Velvet Trim Coat is a different style, but appears to be of a similar weight and has the darling velvet detailing that my reefer has, plus it is on super sale right now.

Off Duty Sweatshirt and Long Leggings.  The off-duty sweatshirt is on backorder in the color I am wearing, but the other shades are all still available.

Right now the long leggings are on super sale, with an additional 15% applied (as long as you use the sidebar coupon or the one at the very bottom of this post).  At $12, it is easy to justify, if you will wear them.

(Note on the images, normally these take you directly to the Boden site because they are affiliate links, but the affiliate program has not uploaded the spring items.  Once they do, I will start using them, but until then, click on the name of the item to go to its item page.)

Leather Folded Clutch.  Joanna loves hers so very much, that she has it in both sunset and driftwood. :)  I believe Johnnie has done well, incorporating a line of beautifully hued clutches in his accessories line for women. 

Adelaide Dress.  See it on the beautiful Louise here. I love how she winterized it and will do the same for mine.

I have the pewter version, which I love, but need to add a warning...I thought the spots were going to be cream, but in reality it is a light yellow, almost the same shade as this cardigan.  I am not returning it, but if I didn't like that color, I would be pretty ticked (not enough to give it one star, but I would send it back right away).  The dress also runs a bit large, and I should have bought the size 6 long.  However, I don't mind it a little loose, since it gives my hips breathing room, but I do know that the 6 long would have been just fine.  ;)

Okay, that's all!  Talk with you all later on this long weekend.  

Below you will find the link for 15% off and free shipping.  Don't forget, it also takes 15% off all the weekly 20% off offers--like these for womenswear--and these for mini Boden and Johnnie b..  (The weekly offers end tonight, with a new crop on offer tomorrow morning.)