Tuesday, January 15, 2013

OOTD: Lace and Aubergine.

Day: Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

Where: Tyson's Corner Center (the original mall, not the Galleria, darling!).  CW had an American Doll gift card to spend.  She got Caroline (her name!).  :) 

Ease of Wear: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.) Without the Boden coat, this outfit is a 4.5 of 5, but the coat felt a bit constricted through the shoulders with the J. Crew Lace printed sweatshirt under it.  I had to take the coat off before driving, since I felt a little too "straight-jacketed" with it on...

The Lace Sweatshirt is a size small and definitely worth every penny (on sale, not full price). I had been watching this one all fall, but of course the morning it goes on sale plus 30% off, my size sells out (I sized up from my normal extra small--I thought the xs was too clingy for a sweatshirt).  Fortunately it popped back quickly the next week, so I grabbed it then.

The pleated sweater skirt is a skirt I wasn't sure was going to work since I hadn't seen any reviews on it, and all the written ones were not exactly stellar.  When I received it, though, I knew it was exactly the right silhouette for my frame (it is very similar in feel to this Boden skirt I also own and love).  This is a size small, which is a size down from my normal skirt size (I wear an 8 normally--which would be a medium).  This skirt is so warm and cozy and comfortable.  Perfection and a great price on sale, too.  (It pops back, hand on heart!)

Cool Factor: (4 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.) The color of the bag and skirt are in (although I shudder at the term "oxblood"--UGH) and with the touch of trompe l'oeil lace, it looks current and yet still appropriate for a mom on the go.  The Frye heeled boots help, too.  :)

Anecdote from the day:  Obviously Angus wants to be part of the action (look at photo three and four above).  I gladly obliged his little "ham-ness."

In addition to getting CW her American Girl, we also met up with HeidiG., yes, as in that Heidi from Head to Toe with Heidi.  She has assured me she is coming back to blogging, so yay!

Also, if you are in this area and regularly travel with three or more people in a car, definitely get the flex pass transponder to use the new HOT lanes on the Beltway.  OMG.  It took me under twenty-two minutes to get to Tyson's from my house, where normally (before the new HOT lanes were built), it could take anywhere from thirty minutes (no traffic) to an hour (with traffic) to get to Tyson's.  Now, it couldn't be any easier, and because we have the requisite three for the HOV (babies count!), we go for free...right to the doorstep of the mall.  (Actually, this may not be such a good thing.  LOL.)

Okay, that's all.  :)

P.S. Today is my blog's FOURTH (!!!) birthday.  I have a really great giveaway planned, with four total winners.  Be on the lookout for the post.  The winners will be chosen from comments made by followers of my blog (whichever way--facebook, bloglovin', or blogger), so if you aren't a follower, go ahead and sign up so you can be part of the giveaway action...