Monday, March 30, 2009

Awesome Times Were Had By All at the DC JCA Event!!!

I am going to start with the best pic--all of us JCAs together at Pentagon City's J. Crew Store. We all had such a great time. We walked in at around 10 am and were greeted by incredibly enthusiastic staff members who catered to our every need. "Do you want a mimosa? Do you need that shirt/top/pants/dress placed in your fitting room? Would you like me to bring this to the register?" To have a gathering were EVERYONE truly appreciates the items that are around us was so special. My husband collects action figures and treats them very well...we are the same with our J. Crew items.

It was nice to feel no pressure to be done quickly. I tried on many items I would normally never have looked at. One item that surprised me at how much I loved it? The Sanur convertible dress. With a pink belt (provided wisely by the sales associate), it looked awesome on me. I ended up buying it in the charcoal color. And this is me...the non-strapless dress lover. I wanted to buy but did not end up getting these items (too expensive...I will have to wait until I have saved a bit more money):
Things I Tried on Today that I Would Love to Buy!!!
Things I Tried on Today that I Would Love to Buy!!! - by dinagideon on

After we all enjoyed the mall portion of the day, we scooted off to Boulevard Woodgrill. We were treated so kindly by our waiter and we really enjoyed some scrumptious food. I will definitely go back there soon!

I am so very impressed by these ladies...we are fast becoming good friends and have already discussed a May meeting. AWESOME!

Please visit 3-Penny Princess for more information and some spectacular photos. By the way, the pic of me wearing that blue necklace on her post? Designed by one of the JCAs!!! I will be presenting info about her work very soon (as I am sure 3-Penny Princess will).
HeidiG did a great write-up here:

Slastena also did a nice post here:

Here is a photo of me taken before the event. This is a dress from Summer 2008. I bought it off ebay for next to nothing. It is a J. Crew Collection piece. It is a tad bit dressy, but I would rather be over-dressed than not. And based on what I saw yesterday, all of the JCAs and the Sales Associates agree! The shoes are the Cate Slingbacks in soft shell.

This is the jacket I wore...which is also the reason I can't do a polyvore. This jacket is from back in SPRING 2005. That's right...four years ago. I LOVE this jacket. I also have a mini-skirt and a button-down in this fabric. I will eventually get them out of mothballs...but I still have a few pounds left to go before I can do so!!!

There she is...our future youngest JCA! She even coordinated with momma!!! :)

You all have a great day. I am so very fortunate to have been able to spend the day with everyone.


AppGal said...

you look so great! love those colors on you :)

sounds like you ladies had a fabulous time. i SO wish i could have been there!

btw, I love how every time you take a pic with CW she is totally hamming for the camera. Most babies I see pics of are just staring at the camera blankly, like "what is that thing?" She is posing, like you say, a future JCA! :)

Patina said...

Awwww, our littlest JCA. She is darling Dina and you were beautiful. Well, do I have any takers to meet me at Pentagon city on an impromptu get together in the future. The store looks amazing and I would love to visit. I am thinking i would like to drop by in May

Drewablank said...

Hi, dinagideon! It was so much fun to see you all again! I had a wonderful time and can't wait until the next event! Thanks for posting the pictures, and like I told you, you were absolutely beautiful in your frilly frock! ;) And of course, CW SHALL be a JC Aficionada! ;)

3-Penny Princess said...

CW is too adorable! Thanks for sharing your pics. I will post a link on my blog to this post.

It was wonderful to see you again!

I can put together a Polyvore set for your outfit if you'd like.

HeidiG said...

You were gorgeous in your frilly frock. But as beautiful as you are, you are even more beautiful on the inside. It was so great to finally meet you - and CW (special bonus!!). CW is definitely the future of the JCA's.

ShopDiva - would love to meet in May. Just let me know!

Emily said...

CW is so precious and adorable! You look great in your collection dress with the blazer. I am so glad to hear that you ladies had such a lovely time at your JCA event.

BTW I think CW needs a future JCA tee.

3-Penny Princess said...
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3-Penny Princess said...

I started a Polyvore set for you:

If you want, you can take the items and finalized your set. I didn't know what other jewelry/bag you were wearing.

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

Dina, you look absolutely beautiful! I'm glad to hear you all had a fantastic time, too!

CW looks adorable...what a little doll. :)

MetropolitanMagnolia said...

It was so great to meet you! I loved your outfit (I adore pink and green)! Somehow I missed that photo op, but you all look great!!!

awojo said...

And I don't care what you said - you did not look "frazeled" at all, hopefully the mimosa and hands on attention from all the staff helped with that!

KatyO. said...

You ladies look wonderful! I'm so impressed, and you look, as FFM would say, *fabulous*! :)
I also love the Sanur dress--I have it in the bright blue color and I can't wait to wear it. My PS suggested it with a belt, too, and a Jackie cardi for the cooler days.

Petunia said...

It looks and sounds like such a fun time!!!

itztru said...

All those smiles...Life is good!
FYI - Purchased a pair of J.Crew madras shorts last year. A great addition to create lots of outfits around. Wise choice!

HeidiG said...

Dina - that yellow sweater is on the website for $49.50 FS, plus the 30% off.

purplesweettarts said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had such fun! I am envious! Wish I was closer. You look beautiful in your outfit (not too dressy at all). I love it! You positively glow!

dinagideon said...

AppGal: Thank you...these colors are some of my favorites, as you know. We had such an amazing time...we totally wished more people could have been there (but so many of you live too far away)! CW is the biggest HAM ever...probably has something to do with the fact that there has been a camera in her face since day 1...I love photography.

Shopaholicdiva1027: I would love to meet up some time at PC J Crew...just comment the day/time you are interested or e-mail me at dinagideon at aim dot com and we'll talk!

Drewablank: Aren't are frilly frocks something else? EVERYONE looked amazingly gorgeous. CW needs to come next time in her frilliest frock...speaking of next time...I CANNOT WAIT!

3PP: Thank you for all you have done...from arranging the amazing day to posting about it to even creating a polyvore for this time-strapped mommy/teacher. YOU ROCK!!!

HeidiG: BLUSH--your comments are so sweet! CW loved meeting you...and my dad says you are so pretty!!! BTW, expect an e-mail soon from me re: gold hoop. And thanks for the tip on the sweater...I am checking it out right now!!!

Emily: Thank you...I am glad I got to show off some old pieces!!! :) I totally agree that CW needs a Future JCA tee...very very cute idea!

FFM: We did have a great time...but we would have loved to have you with us...I wish Florida and Virginia were closer together...

Metropolitan Magnolia: We wished everyone could have been in that pic...Joyce is missing too!!! It was so nice to meet you too!

Awojo: I always feel frazzled, must be mom/teacher thing...I am glad it doesn't come across that way in the pic...

KatyO.: Thank you! I love that we both got the Sanur dress...I love it pretty!! :) Can't wait to see you in it!

Petunia: It was a good time, for sure!!!

Itztru: Everyone was smiling, huh? I guess everyone did have a nice experience with the Pentagon City J. Crew. I have put the madras shorts on hold at Tysons and I am picking them up tonight!!! YAY!

purplesweettarts: You are so nice to say those sweet (heehee) things!!! We wish you were closer too!

Ms.Mer said...

I'm glad to see it was a success! You "Crewladies" all look lovely. :)

Really love that dress/jacket you wore too -- so... Spring!

dinagideon said...

Drewablank: Obviously I meant "aren't the frilly frocks..." Seriously, I am so out of it sometimes!!! :)

dinagideon said...

Mrs. Mer: Ooh, crewladies...LOVE IT!!!

Yes, I will have to wear this combo again sometime soon!!! Thank you...

tm said...

Everyone looks great! Makes me wish I still lived in VA so I could meet you all (even though I lived 2 hours south of DC, lol). Maybe I can plan my next trip to c-ville around a DC/NOVA JCA event-- haha, my boyfriend will *love* that. ;)


dinagideon said...

Tastymoog: That would be awesome. Or maybe you can come if there is a Richmond get-together!! :) We had such a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say - I purchased the madras shorts and they look great with a brown tank.

Thanks for your blog - great fun!

Anonymous said...

you look very Sarah Jessica Parker here! smile
Luvv it!