Monday, March 16, 2009

What I wore on my trip to West Virginia (THREE OUTFITS)!!!

Here is the polyvore of many of the items I wore on my trip to West Virginia. I don't have the time or inclination to discuss each item, so I will just tell you what items I do not have from that set. I have a different dress, bought from Kohl's. I have a different striped shirt, bought from J. Crew last spring (2008). The Lady Day is actually a Sybil coat in the same color, bought from J. Crew last winter (2007). The necklace is different, but looks very close to the one in the polyvore.

I really do have that Andie Bag, I did bring my camera, I did tote my laptop, and I drank copious amounts of red wine. YUM!

You can find my set here:

This is what I wore to drive to WV. Or I should say, what I wore to be driven to WV in our VW (heehee). I have a fear and hatred of driving, so usually Jim drives me...I know, very, very sweet.

The turtleneck is so comfy and cashmere and J. Crew, this winter (2009). The pants are from Athleta and are super-stretchy, perfect for long drives. The shoes are from that brand Earth (not Wal-Mart but the walking shoes) and I bought them last summer. The necklace is a Macy's find, very inexpensive, but a great piece for layering. It reminds me of the cheaper version of the stone necklace J. Crew has now.

Here the outfit is with the Sybil Coat. I LOVE THIS COAT. I actually can tolerate winter in this cheery and sunny! I usually receive many compliments wearing it...I think because people need the dash of yellow in their lives.

This is the dress I wore out to dinner with Jim. We didn't go anywhere fancy, but I just had to dress up. The dress is from Kohls, and I have no idea who made it. I believe it is a juniors dress. I love the empire waist and fuller skirt--perfect for us pears. The shoes are the Jane suede flats in brown. The necklace I have discussed already, but the clear necklace is the Target find I wrote about on Saturday night (3/14/09). This necklace is Erickson Beamon for Target and I think it worked well with the other necklace and with this dress. I really, truly think I will get a lot of use out of it!

This is a close-up of the Andie Bag in flame. It is GORGEOUS in real life. I could never have spent what it originally cost, but I got it at a significant savings (THANK YOU EMILY)...and it is just so much fun. I will not go on much more because My Delightful Obsessions did an amazing review of it here: Suffice it to say, if you like it and you can find it, I would recommend buying it. It was sold last summer (2008).

Here I am holding the bag...nice size for lugging a lot of stuff around. It does get heavy being leather and all, but I have my vera bradley when I need lighter stuff. If I am just going around to show off, I am bringing my Andie Bag. You also see the Sophie sweater peacoat in this pic. This is the only red I can wear this close to my face (I have mentioned this before). I like the way the reds and browns all work together in this outfit. I felt very stylish...I know we were just hanging out in a simple Italian restaurant, but it was so nice to feel pretty!

No Andie Bag, but you get a nicer view of the Erickson Beamon necklace.

This is what I wore to hang out on Sunday (the day I received the best facial ever--seriously, I have never felt that relaxed). The cardigan is the Lea from this winter (2008), the pants are some Levi's that I have recently started to be able to wear again. I have already discussed the shoes, necklace, and tee. This is a very comfy outfit, and I think it manages to be a sleek casual, as opposed to messy casual! ;)

It's been awhile since CW has posed with here you go. She makes the outfit SING!

You all have a great day. As you can tell, my weekend was pretty awesome...definitely making Monday way more tolerable than it normally is!!!


shopaholicdiva1027 said...

You looked amazing. I loveed the pics of you in the red dress and the bag is divine. You make it look effortless.

ashley said...

How fun! You're so colorful! I LOVE IT! My fav outfit was the turtleneck with the yellow coat!! SO FAB! Ps: LOVE the purse! A red bag is sooo necessary! I need one!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

FABULOUS!!! I LOVE the dress on you, and the Andie bag is TDF!!! :)

Slastena said...

Dina , I am having hard time picking my favorite outfit on you! You look gorgeous in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Now I am confused also as to what color looks best on you!They all do!!!
Okey, my vote goes to teh last pic with CW , she makes everything shine!:)))

I am so glad you got the Erikson Beamon necklace, its so beautiful and seems working with many of your outfits already. Just think of future possibilities!:)

HeidiG said...

Fantastic travel wardrobe. You look great and it looks like you all had a great time. Love the bag. Love your tangelo sweater. :)
Lots of fun color all the way around.

surrlie said...

Just to add my two cents -- you look awesomely awesome in the dress and Sophie sweater! Seems like you packed "smart". Nice job! :)

Jordan said...

You look great...and from someone who has been following your blog since the beginnings, you go girl!!! that baby weight is coming off so fast.

KatyO. said...

Again with you looking smashing in yellow. I hope you had a great weekend! :)

Beth said...

See, there you go with the necklace!!...I had that thing in my hand at Target the other day. Just like the cardigan! Ahhhh! Everything looks so good on you.

I love how you pulled all your outfits together for the weekend. Nice touch with the red wine girlfriend.;)

Lissa said...

Wow girlie! Lots of color. I never wear much color but I actually have wanted something fun and bright to wear lately! Some great ideas!

purplesweettarts said...

Your best accessory? Your daughter! Adorable! You look great in all these outfits! Congrats on being able to fit in those jeans again!

dinagideon said...

Shopaholicdiva1027: Thank you so much. Your comment is so sweet. It is in no way effortless, but I appreciate you thinking it looks that way. (Maybe one day I will blog on the hours it takes me to pack...Jim thinks I have a sickness.) :)

Ashley: So colorful is right...the people in WV didn't know what hit them...gotta love J. Crew and all their colors!

That Andie bag is AWESOME.

Have a great day!

FFM: Aren't you sweet! I rarely wear dresses anymore (because I am still nursing CW), and I miss them, so every once in a while, the dresses come out. I felt so nice wearing it and Jim said he appreciated me dressing up (aaahhh)...

Slastena: SMILE!!! I agree, I think when I hold CW I get a glow. She and I are like peas and carrots, we just go together. Consequently, whenever I hold her, I always relax or something, and it definitely shows up in the pics.

That photo that your son took of you a while back? You looked so relaxed and pretty...I bet it had something to do with the effect being with your son had on you. You always look divine, but there was something extra-special in that photo!

HeidiG: You recognized the sweater, huh? You wearing yours last week reminded me to wear it again, and since the weather was going to be horrible, I decided this weekend was the weekend to wear it! (So you directly influenced my decision!)

Surrlie: Merci! I packed much quicker this time because I polyvored it first. I think I will do this when I head to florida in a few weeks for spring break. I need all the help I can get when takes me forever!

Jordan: THANK YOU! You know, I had no real way of seeing the loss (hard when it comes off slowly), but this blog has made me realize the energy I have been using carefully exercising and eating right has been worth it.

BTW, your photo is stunning. Obviously it is from your wedding. I just felt like I had to tell you that, because every time I see it, I think, "Wow, she looks so pretty in that picture...I need to tell her that!"

KatyO.: Yellow is almost like a makes me and others smile. Amazing how that works! :) I hope you had a great weekend, too!

Beth: We need to go to Target together, determine what is awesome and hip, put it on our blogs and help other ladies "discover" awesome finds. :) (Kind of like Gigiofca does...) I love the one on Broad out near the Barnes and Noble! I also live within walking distance (1.5 miles) of one here in NOVA.

Red wine...mmmmmmmmm! I had yummy shiraz.

Lissa: You would look so pretty in many different colors. Definitely branch out and remember to post the amazing pics on your blog (you are one talented photographer)...

purplesweettarts: LOVE your favorites are the blue sweet tarts...

Thank you for your compliment. CW is just too much sometimes...such a little ham, even at this age!!!