Thursday, March 26, 2009

Campo de Fiore Sweater Dress on a Miserable, Rainy Day!

Campo de Fiore Sweater Dress for a Cool and Rainy Day!
Campo de Fiore Sweater Dress for a Cool and Rainy Day! - by dinagideon on
So I have three compelling reasons for wearing this outfit today:

1) It is NASTY outside and this dress is merino wool and will keep me nice and warm.

2) I have finally lost enough baby weight (still 12 pounds to go, but getting closer each day) that I can wear sweater dresses again without having people cover their eyes and yell, "MY EYES--WHY ARE YOU BLINDING ME WITH YOUR BABY BELLY?" (Although for some people the print alone may burn people's eyes...heehee.) (The old J. Crew-A-Holics R Us had a field day with this print last year...I can't seem to find the link...but the writer on that blog had a field day making fun of this print...I just laughed and laughed because I loved it so much...everyone has an opinion!)

3) I love this dress and have a feeling some of you do, too. And since many of my lovely blog readers are in the mid-Atlantic and currently under grey skies, rain, and depression, I know this dress at the very least will awaken some of you!

The dress is in the January 2008 catalog, but what I did today is not technically a copycat...however I do have the pieces to make a copycat, so I will try it when the weather cooperates a bit more (as it requires bare legs to do the copycat).

Do you even know how many people came up to me at school today and had a fit over this dress? Like 85 people. This is not a dress for shy, retiring types. Good thing I am not introverted or else today would have been very difficult for me. ;)

My hair is wet in this photo (seems I can only wash my hair every other day and only very early in the morning--that's when everyone else is asleep). My makeup, although I tried, did not turn out as well as yesterday. (Maybe one day I will figure the magic steps out and be able to look well-turned out everyday!!! I can dream, right?)

You all have a great day. I know my day has been okay. Found out about the death of a family friend, so obviously not the whole day has been great (say prayers, please, for the family if you can), but what I have had otherwise has been pretty good. Huge, 70s looking florals will help get your groove on pretty well, I have to say!


Anonymous said...

I love that dress, and def. would have worn it on this dreary day in Richmond! You look super super cute in it too!

Have been enjoying your blog very much. And congrats on losing the baby weight! I am trying to lose some pounds added before/after a big surgery, and am anxious to fit better into more jcrew items!


HeidiG said...

Perfect for the day!!! I put on my yellow AT Loft jacket to ward off the dreary grays, and it works well for that.

You definitely have a lot of "character" in that dress, hehehehe. Love!!!

Emily said...

It's blah in Dallas too:( I love that dress on you with the leggings. Definitely cheerful on a day like this.

Lee said...

OMG I am so crazy about the Campo print. You look lovely :)

starla729 said...

cute! you are right... wearing something cute/bright/fun on a crappy day does lift you up. i live in CT so i know there are plenty of those days... although spring is coming! i love how you carry the outfit and don't let the negative opinions stop you!

GingerSnap said...

I think its funny you have the headband I wore today, and I have the dress you are wearing today. I completely agree that it is not for the timid or shy! You look super-cute in it :)

sparrowsandsparkles said...

love it. so happy! wasn't that dress in the shopaholic movie?? And I must say you are doing so great on the baby weight!!! I must admit that I, too, have about 12 lbs to go on the baby weight... and my baby is... um... turning four soon.

A said...

I really like this dress on you - it definitely brightens the day. :)

So sorry to hear about your friend's loss.

KatyO. said...

I used to dislike the CdF dress, and now I love it after seeing it on you. You definitely make the dress work! :)

Anonymous said...

I think it looks awesome! Sorry to hear about your loss.

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute~ Love that you got 85 comments!!

Anonymous said...

I mean Compliments!! Oh, my where is my brain.....

Beth said...

OK... hands down best outfit ever! I love this on you!! The leggings make it! WOW!

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome dress! I waited for it to go on sale last year, and when it did, it sold out in my size. You are lucky to own such a fun piece, and it's so perfect for early spring.
:) debra

dinagideon said...

Suzy: Hi! Thank you for complimenting the outfit!

Isn't today much nicer here in the mid-Atlantic? Thank goodness!

I had to recover for 8 whole weeks after having CW because of the C-section, so I get how frustrating the wait can be. Ergh. But take that time...your body so needs it!!! Good luck!!!

HeidiG: Yellow is the best color for march rainy days, hands down. :) Yes, character is one way of describing this dress...heehee...I'll have to remember that!

Emily: Wow, it must have been gross over 90% of the US yesterday. Blegh. I hope Dallas is as nice today as it is here in VA.

Lee: So you are a Campo lover, not a hater? GREAT!!! We need more of you all in the world... :) Do you own this dress?

Starla729: I never mean to be contrarian, but whenever I see people getting negative about something, it almost makes me root for it more. Not like clothing has feelings, but I feel protective of its identity, like it has as much place in this world as classics. I feel the same way about mid-century architecture...some of it is ugly to most eyes, but needs protection for its singularity. (Does any of this make sense?)

HOWEVER, there is one caveat...and that is the Atomic Floral Necklace. Sorry, I cannot root for that underdog.

Gingersnap: Oh, please wear it soon!!! I would love to see it on you. Since I am tall and "strong-looking" and you are petite, it would be interesting to see it on two different body types. Isn't it funny that I wrote strong-looking to describe myself? ;) I think that should be code for "corn-fed" or something.

sparrowsandsparkles: This was in the Shopaholic movie. Drewablank and I had a fit over its appearance, and so did Slastena. The other girls probably also freaked out, but since I wasn't sitting near them, I didn't see their reaction. :)

I have twelve pounds to go, but I am going to be honest...I have not been that weight I am shooting for in four years. It is going to be real tough to get there. I am starting to notice that it is taking longer to lose a pound. It was 1-2 pounds a week for the past three I am lucky if I get a pound a week. Sigh. Good Luck to you!!!

A Bigger Closet: Thank you. And thank you for sending your regards about our family friend. They are coping but they only had about three months to prepare for the loss...he had stage 4 cancer.

KatyO.: The groovy, Marcia Brady florals didn't do it for you originally? I think this is the ultimate Love it or Hate it outfit by J. Crew. I am glad I may have helped change your mind!!!

Gwen: Thank you. I also responded to A Bigger Closet about my family friend, and put more info there...

Lissa: Thank you. And regarding "losing your brain," I am right there with you, students will be staring at me and I will be like, "Oh, wait, you're done...and you need me to do something?" :)

Beth: Well, thank you. This outfit was really comfortable, surprisingly. The leggings are a Richmond purchase, btw. I love the American Apparel store on Cary Street. The salespeople and customers are way too hip for me but it doesn't matter, 20 dollar leggings get me every time. :) Maybe you, me, and bichonlvr should hit up the shops right there together...I also love Pink...although their prices scare me.

Debra: That's too bad that you couldn't get it in your size. I bought it full price, but I am willing to do that for J. Crew's more unusual pieces (the ones with interesting prints). Maybe ebay? I don't know...but good luck...I know you would love it!

trestippy said...

You look lovely in the dress! I remember it came out at the same time as the zebra sweater dress and I couldn't muster up the courage to get this one because I felt it was too loud. Now I kind of regret it because it's so vibrant in a cute way, and perfect for spring :)

iheartgreen said...

I love the dress--though, I don't think I could pull it off. You look really, really gorgeous in it!