Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Wear the Slub Cotton Puff-Sleeve Tee...(With a Mini-Review)!

Slub Cotton Puff Sleeve Shirt Layered!
Slub Cotton Puff Sleeve Shirt Layered! - by dinagideon on
Okay...I LOVE this tee, but for the longest time could not figure out how to wear it. I knew I wanted to wear it today (because it is casual enough for me to walk home from school in), but was feeling slightly stressed about how to make it special. (By itself it looks okay, but kind of odd, like "Why are you wearing the puffy sleeves, Mrs. J.?")

Then inspiration struck. MAKE THE DARN TEE work for you like a vest, I mumbled. YES!!! So I took a Joie blouse I bought from and slipped it under the tee, and it actually looked pretty good. :) SMILE!!! Oh, and then belt it so the expanse of off-white on your belly is broken up! YES!!! Excellent...

I own all the other pieces, except the necklace is a wee bit different.

Here it is full-length. Those of you interested in buying this tee, be runs large. I have a small on and look at how long it is on me. The shoulders are this close away from being too broad for my shoulders. I already told you I had to belt it to take away from the blankness of the off-white on my belly...

So why do I (heart) it so much? The texture is divine and the sleeves are so pretty and feel so silky in real life. I am a big fan of feel-good fabrics, so I will tailor the heck out of something that feels awesome, but put back something that fits beautifully if it feels wrong or stiff or coarse.

I added the pop of color in the pants and shoes. I almost treat these gold pants as a neutral, they are that versatile. And let me tell you, a lot of the other bloggers out here in JCA land have the same exact pants. I am thinking I will have to purchase these exact pants in a smaller version off of ebay when I lose more weight...I love them that much.

I am showing you this pic (ignore the fact that I am sort of hunched over...I was holding Rex...see the next photo) because I want you to see how the joie shirt looks under the tee. Very cute!!! I love this outfit a lot and may wear it again soon!

And this pic? Serves no other purpose than to show you how freaking cute rex can be while wearing his batman pjs, eating a plum, hamming it up for the camera, and not wearing both socks.

You all have a great day!


Drewablank said...

I looove how you've put it all together! Such creativity! And can I say that you are absolutely glowing?! :)

You can wear the top portion of the outfit with a full skirt or even a pencil skirt, in camel, tan, gold or champagne...or you can go the dark route - black or even gray! So many options!

And little Batman is so adorable and handsome. :)

Emily said...

Love it! You are so creative with your outfits and I just love that about you. BTW I think your make up look so pretty!

Melissa@AllThingsSimplified said...

Great idea! I think your makeup looks pretty, too!

Anonymous said...

I adore your shoes! They look great with the outfit. And great idea with the layering - it looks so special and feminine with the ruffles underneath! Great ideas!!!

Unknown said...

That was a great idea. Me likey ;-)

AppGal said...

Very cool! I love how creative you all are with your outfits...very inspiring :)

Are those the matchstick cords in honey glaze?

Ms.Mer said...

Great idea, and it turned out well with the other shirt under it! I have that same shirt in charcoal, and feel the same way as you about the sleeves -- I always want to caress them, they are so soft. :)

As far as other styling ideas(?) I like to wear it tucked in (but pull it out a bit so it's blousy) to a high-waisted skirt, or into jeans with a belt. It's still long enough to tuck in and still be "blousy" enough to match the sleeves. Maybe I'll make a polyvore set and do an IRL photo on my blog in the next few days...

ps. Your son's outfit is super-chic! I mean, when is Batman NOT in style? ;)

KatyO. said...

This outfit is great! :) It's such a great idea to layer the top! I love your signature yellow/citron/peacock combo. :)

ashley said...

So innovative! I love your color combo! I totally need some peacock colored shoes!

starla729 said...

very cute layering idea... and i do love your color combos, opens my eyes to things i'd never think of :)

Patina said...

you look so beautiful. I love this tee as you know and now i have another idea for it. Great layering idea. I love the posts of your babies. Include them anytime.

HeidiG said...

Love the outfit. Love it with the belt and the shoes are divine. But I have to say, your flash of inspiration to pair the blouse and tee is just genius - looks so great on you. Makeup rocks, too. All around gorgeousness!!

(love batman, too)

Moda said...

Love the top on you! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to say thanks for the Paris catalog pics--I had asked you a while back to post some more!

I was inspired by Vanessa's picture (your all-time favorite, that you re-created!) and by your current post to snag gold cords on FS today ($16.99, with educator's discount!) and I am wondering (and hoping)--is the color of yours and/or Vanessa's golden yellow?

dinagideon said...

Drewablank: Thank you so much for your compliments and ideas. I love them...I think I am going to have to try the top with the new navy pencil skirt I have. (Untucked and belted maybe with the yellow belt?)

Batman (aka Rex) says thank you. He was still wearing it THIS morning when I left. I guess he didn't get his fashion genes from me... ;)

Emily: You weren't the only one to notice my makeup. I desperately want to know what I did different, so I can do it everyday!!! I hope I can figure out the secret soon. Thank you...

FFM: And thank you for coming on over to spend some time here!!! :)

Bekah: That ruffled shirt really did dress up that kind of blah tee, didn't it? I am going to scour my closet to see what else I am going to put under it in the future!!! THANK YOU! :)

Gigiofca: Well, thank you. I likey'd too. (heehee...)

AppGal: These are the cords in gold, but honey glaze is pretty close in shade to the gold.

Did you work out your shoe conundrum? I love some comfy shoes for school that are also fashionable, so let us know what you decide!

Ms. Mer: Please post your outfit...I would love to see what you do with the top. Those sleeves are addictive. I think the students I teach think I am weird cause I am constantly feeling up my upper arm. :) Batman and all the superheroes are always in style at my house. My hubby has TWO small rooms full of action figures. No, I am not joking. :)

KatyO.: Thank you so much... :)

Ashley: Those peacock shoes are so versatile...and they look so pretty in real life. Maybe ebay has some in your size? I got my heels in peacock from paisley petunia.

Oh, and thanks again for the belt...doesn't it look divine? I am getting a lot of use out of it!

Starla729: I used to never wear much color, a lot of white, black, beige, brown, dark green, navy, etc. Then my aunt got upset with me. Why should a pretty girl wear such somber colors, she said. And I listened to her. Best decision I ever made...since then I feel better, eat better, have more confidence. I am sure some of that comes from growing up but I know that wearing these bright colors makes me feel brighter every day!!!

I hope you try this combo out soon. :)

Shopaholicdiva1027: Thank you. And, yes, I will continue to post pics of the kids. I love seeing them as much as you do on-line. Can't see them when I am teaching, but I can click on my own blog and see them for a brief second or two every hour or so. Makes my time apart from them a lot easier!!!

HeidiG: Thank you so much!!! I feel so all are too sweet! :) And batman thanks you, too!

TheOutfitoftheDay: Thank you for noticing...I appreciate you coming on over!!!

Anon at 1:41: I am glad you are loving the Paris pics. I honestly don't remember the color of the cords, but I bet you could go with khaki, tan, honey glaze, gold, golden yellow, and have it be a very close approximation of what Vanessa (and later I) wore.

I am still posting pics, so enjoy the trip down memory lane!

A said...

Love that you were so creative with the tee - would never have thought to put another top under it, but it really worked out well. The belt is great too. Yes, love those cords! :) I was surprised they languished in final sale so long (that's where I got mine). You can keep checking there too and maybe pick up a pair if they show up in a smaller size you think you'll be wearing in the future.

dinagideon said...

A Bigger Closet: Thank you! And thank you for the idea about the cords. I decided to buy 31 short length on sale. The ones I am wearing in the photo are 32 short, so I know the length is okay on me. Short to J. Crew is fairly decent, something like 31 inches, baring my ankles and showing off my shoes. Short is not good for those who are truly petite...that must be pretty long on some ladies!