Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So You're Pregnant and You Miss J. Crew...

Well, it turns out that you don't need to leave the beloved embrace of the Crew just because you find yourself "with child." I had many shirts last year that were not meant to be maternity wear but became maternity wear because of how well the fabric stretched over my tummy. J. Crew, I love you for making the tees so stretchy! Take a look...here I am wearing the fish tee fully pregnant!
And guess what? It still fits today!!!

Well, it turns out that this season, for whatever reason (ooh that rhymes)...J. Crew has made some very flowy tops and dresses that are perfect for the expectant mother. No need to make sure your top has stretchy material like I did last summer...oh, no...

Instead, you have these beauties at your disposal. I don't believe any non-pregnant lady will be buying these (too much of everything for those of us without a huge belly), but I can see a rush of 32-weekers banging down the door of their local store (what is with my rhyming today, weird).

I did not review any of these. These posts come from the ever-awesome Gigiofca and the amazing Slastena.
Please enjoy your options. Also note...the last option is for you if you are pregnant and looking to get married (don't laugh...I was at my parent's wedding...get it?).

1) The Cotton Balcony Dress (reviewed by Gigiofca): http://gigisgoneshopping.blogspot.com/2009/03/j-crew-cotton-balcony-dress.html
There you are...I hope you have enjoyed today's trip to our favorite maternity store ever, J. Crew.


HeidiG said...

Love, love, love this!! I was so hoping you would do this after you mentioned it on Gigi's blog. Hilarious!! And scary at the same time, no?

Ms.Mer said...

I love your preggers pic, so cute! :)

And the last link to the wedding dress is divine... it almost makes me want to BE pregnant when I get married, just so I can wear that dress. Is that vain? kidding!!! ;-)

Unknown said...

Ha ha! This is such a funny post. *lol* And it took me a sec, but yes I got that you were at your parents' wedding. You're funny!

dinagideon said...

HeidiG: Anything to help lighten the mood is what I hope to accomplish with most of my posts. :)

I think these ideas could work for some pregnant ladies, so if it gets wheels turning to help someone out, it is all worth it.

If you see anymore contenders for non-maternity maternity fashion, please let me know. I would love to do another post like this!

Ms. Mer (oops, I said Mrs. in my last comment on the Paris catalog post): Thank you...I loved being pregnant...I do prefer not being pregnant, but the process can have some fun moments!

That wedding dress is so pretty, but very voluminous. It even makes the darling model look full of child. :)

You know what would be great, though, for us non-pregnant ladies? That dress shortened, take out about a third of the fabric, and make it in a rainbow of colors. AWESOME SUNDRESS!

And, no, never vain. Not any of us!!! (Wink, wink...)

Gigiofca: Well, thank you...if not for your candor and willingness to show us how truly awful these pieces work on a non-pregnant body, I would have never been inspired to gather them all up in one place for a singular viewing pleasure! Although, like I said to HeidiG above, maybe it will help out some pregnanty lady dying for some J. Crew fashion.

Can't say I remember much from my parent's wedding, though!!! ;)

Slastena said...

If I ever get the 2nd one on the way(takes forever,I am loosing patience), I 'll shop my closet till I drop, LOL!

Anonymous said...

i am preggo and love this post! I thought I was going to go through Jcrew withdrawal but hence, I can still wear and buy new crew stuff. Fabulous!

dinagideon said...

Slastena: I am praying for you to get pregnant. I have heard that sometimes the second pregnancy takes more time to happen than the first. VERY FRUSTRATING, I am sure.

But when it happens, you are going to be an amazingly well-dressed pregnant lady!!!

Anon at 2:19: I am glad this helped you out. I missed J. Crew desperately when I was pregnant, and am so glad they have bump-friendly outfits this season...may be accidental on J. Crew's part...but awesome for all you mommas-to-be.