Friday, March 6, 2009

Early Spring Outfit PLUS Review of the Tissue Spring Flower Tee...

Okay, lovely readers, today is a two for one! With grades due (done, thank goodness), I didn't have a lot of time to devote to blog writing.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore to school today. I wore the black privo by clarks shoes on the walk to school (which I did in 30 minutes--2 miles--down from my usual 35--woohoo). The flip-flops I wore in the house as this is more casual and fun. The jeans are levis, the tee is the tissue spring flower tee (and today's review), the long tee is a perfect fit v-neck in citron, the jackets is kenneth cole reaction (not the j. crew one pictured), and the necklace is a starfish/sea glass pendant I bought from uncommon goods (not the pretty tiffany's one).

I own Paris by YSL. I love the mix of roses and other florals. So spring-like. Although I am not wearing it today, this day seems like a "Paris" kind of day, so I highly recommend it to you!

The link to this polyvore is right here:

Here I am wearing the outfit right before I left this morning. I will get into why I am wearing the long-sleeve tee underneath the tissue tee while I am writing the review, but I actually like the way this outfit came together. With the flip-flops, I look like I am ready to go to the beach for a nice long walk!

Here is the picture of the tee provided by It can be found here:

I know many of you are VERY interested in this tee, so I happily will review it for you. It costs 32.50 and comes in light blade (one I bought), sweet orange (very pretty--maybe I will get on sale), and dark charcoal.

I purchased this tee in a small, and I am very glad I did. I know from past experience that tissue tees are always large on me, so the mediums I own I can actually wear until I am 6 months pregant (they are that stretchy). Even in this pic you can see it is actually sort of big around my waist. This is not an issue for me because all I care about is if it fits my shoulders (which this one does). BUT--be warned--it has a VERY LOW Vee! Oh, my goodness...cannot show that off to my students...this is why there is a tee underneath it!

This tee is so comfortable and soft. I also think the graphic is quite stunning. It is not your typical floral, instead it strikes of something more modern. It reminds me of florals as interpreted by a '60s designer.
I have seen tees come and go quickly on J. Crew. I am taking a chance waiting for this tee to go on sale in the sweet orange. Some of my most favorite J. Crew tees sold out within days of my purchase. This may be another one of those tees.
For instance, I LOVE the painted tissue tank from January. I thought they would have plenty available, but NO, they are all gone. Sadness! I will have to either find one on the weekly exchange over at J. Crew Aficionada or go to ebay. Sigh!
I hope this review helps those on the fence...and remember--tissue tees can be quite large!


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Thanks for the review! The tee looks great on you! I saw this in my B&M when I was there last week but didn't try it I wish I had.

HeidiG said...

You look so springy! Great outfit!!

I was going to post ont the tissue spring flower tee, too, but haven't gotten around to it. :) I tried it on but decided against it. Would be very interested if it went on sale, and maybe more so in general now that we have such springy weather outside.

Mslay said...

Yet another great color combo! This shirt is very cute and simple. Good for layering so it can be worn all year long.Keep up the walking and before you know will be spring and you're gonna look better than the rest! :)

AppGal said...

Love this tee on you! I tried it on in the charcoal color last weekend and really wasn't impressed. It was disappointing because it was the one tee i was excited to try on and see IRL. Maybe I should've tried it on in other colors, but the charcoal was really sheer! On the flower petal part, the white was so sheer you could see my skin through it. Right at the v-neck, you could see my bra and skin showing through also. I think it looks really good with a long sleeved shirt underneath, so perhaps I could try that (once it goes on sale, of course!)

AppGal said...

Oh...and I saw on another blog (can't remember which one now...) that you were going to review the cottage dress soon. YAY! I am pretty sure I need this dress, even though i haven't seen it IRL or tried it on. Please tell me I need it... :)

A Bigger Closet said...

Thank you for the review and pictures! I really like the way you're wearing this tee over a long-sleeve tee. The color and fit are very flattering on you. I ordered mine in the dark charcoal in the XS and will post pics too when I get it next week.

ashley said...

Yay! Thanks for the review! This is definitely one of the tops I want to purchase once I allow myself to shop again! Thanks for warning about the sizing! I would have been swimming in a small. I really like how you added the yellow underneath! Fun color scheme! :)

PS: This color looks GREAT on you!

dinagideon said...

FFM: I think you should go try it some point...are you thinking the light blade or the orange or the charcoal? If you are fair like me (your boys seem very fair), I would say light blade or orange... :) Thanks for the compliment, btw.

HeidiG: Which color did you try on? Maybe you passed cause you needed the other color? :) Are you on that shopping ban? If so, I bet it would be on sale by the time you bought it!

Mslay: You are so sweet. I love these walks (always have) and I feel SOOOOO fortunate to be able to live close enough to work that I can do this. My neighborhood also has amazing trails, so even if I stay home with the kids next year (heaven), I would still be able to walk a lot!

AppGal: Well if it was too sheer without an undershirt, that is a bummer. The light blade has yellow-ish flowers and isn't too sheer, however I would probably put a cami on, even in the summer, because I tend to be fairly conservative in dress (outside of the pool and beach--then it is a bikini, baby).

We are expecting a high of near 75 on Sunday here. I fully anticipate wearing the cottage dress then. I am so excited to wear it for real and not just to play dress up on my blog! :) If you have hips and a smaller upper-body, this may be the dress for you. I was shocked at how well the small fit me. The medium would have made me look like I was swimming in it. Normally J. Crew dresses hug my bottom too well, this one has a nice A-line, perfect for me!

A Bigger Closet: You know I will be first in line to see you dress up that charcoal version! :) Good thing you got the XS!

Ashley: I did this review for you...when I saw it was on your wishlist, I had to help you out! Definitely get an xs. I am a 34 Full B (when nursing), I have a small-ish waist at 28.5 inches, and my upper hip is 35 inches. This small is the perfect size for me. I wish all their clothes fit me this well! :) (And were always a small...)

Slastena said...

Dina- yes, we are on the same wave of thinking! Too funny!Great minds think alike!
You look spring-ready and fabulous! Love the tee on you!

dinagideon said...

Slastena: And we are on the computer at the same time, and on a Friday night. ;)

YOU LOOK AMAZING in that light blue jacket! Wow! You need to wear that more often.

Also...think about the flower tee in light looks like the color is perfect for you!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Good Morning Dina! I would initially say that I'd go for the Charcoal, but the Light Blade or Orange would probably look better on me. I don't really have fair heritage is Native American from my Father's side along with English, Welsh, and skin coloring is medium in Winter and much darker in Summer (with only small amounts of exposure to the Sun, and I never burn). My husband, however, is half English/half German and doesn't tolerate the Sun well AT ALL. He always burns, even with sunscreen. My boys are more fair like my husband, but seem to be able to tolerate the Sun and outdoors more than he can. Anyways, I can actually wear most colors, except for citron, peach, and light grey...they do nothing for me at all.

ashley said...

Thanks so much for posting it for me!!! You are too kind and it was very helpful! :) You are definitely an awesome blogger!

Gloriana said...

Wow!! It just like my style!! I love this spring outfit so much... Great!!