Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Real quick post about what I wore. I am walking home (I also walked here), so I have to get going, but I wanted to show my pride in St. Patrick's Day, and more importantly my love of the color green.
Because I walked today, I didn't do anything super-fancy, but it works as a whole. The top is a cotton sweater from Talbot's. I love this print. So pretty and chic. The pants are tan cords from Lee Riders that I have finally been able to wear again. In fact, I think I may have waited too long to wear them...they are a bit loose and may be headed for retirement if I can actually reach my weight-loss goal (still have about 3 pounds until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight before Rex and about 14 to go before I reach my ultimate goal--my weight in Summer 2005). The tennis shoes are some keds that I bought a few years ago at DSW. The headband is the only thing from J. Crew. Shocking, I know. Even the jacket I wore was from Kohl's.

I have J. Crew clothing in green...but none of them spoke to me last night when I planned this outfit.

I hope all of you enjoy your night. I am going to yoga. Maybe I will wear a green yoga top. Hmm...do I even own a green yoga top? :)


Drewablank said...

Hi, dinagideon! Happy St. Paddy's to you! :)

It IS shocking sometimes when you realize that NONE of your clothing items you currently have on are J.Crew. That only goes to further show evidence that I shop at J.Crew way too much (which I am trying to cut back on!). ;p

And I meant to say (but never got around to commenting on the actual post!) that your WV outfits were adorable! I loved you in your red dress! And your hair that was a little mussed and not too entirely fixed and coiffed? Perfect! :)

HeidiG said...

Happy St Patrick's Day!! Wow, no J Crew? Color me shocking green!! :)

But you look great - way to go with the weight loss, you are doing awesome!! Enjoy yoga this evening. We will be having Irish Beef Stew with green milk/beer (age-dependent)

Monogramgirl said...

You look cute as always! You're doin g an awesome job with your weight. It's always tougher after the second! Thanks for always sharing your great outfits.

shopaholicdiva1027 said...

you look great. I am a talbots girl too. (smile)

Joyce said...

I love that you said "none of your JCrew clothes spoke to you". I envy those who can plan their outfits for the week on the weekend. I can't because I need to see what inspires me that morning.

ashley said...

Yay for you and losing weight! Surprisingly the only green thing of mine from JCrew worth wearing today was my key lime portland. but even that wasn't GREEEN GREEEN.

Where is your necklace from? Looks like the JCrew ones! I don't remember if you said where that was from. Cute outfit!

Happy St. Paddy's day to you!!

dinagideon said...

Drewablank: Thank you and a belated Happy St. Patty's Day! You know, I have a lot of J. Crew and I love to wear them, but I feel bad for my other clothes (like they have feelings, right)! So I definitely invite them out to play every once in a while. :)

Thank you for noticing my outfits in WV. I love that dress...and if you can believe it, I bought it for something like 10 dollars! And thank you for complimenting my hair--I have been having issues with my hair lately!!!

HeidiG: Thank you so much...I did enjoy my night...yoga is awesome. How was your meal? Sounds yummy!

Monogramgirl: Thank you for noticing...this has been a very sloooowww process, but rewarding. I guess the old adage of eat right and exercise more really is true! :)

shopaholicdiva1027: Talbots really does classic well. I have some beautiful pieces from them that I will never get rid of...

Joyce: Yeah...J. Crew gave me the cold shoulder the other night... :)

I actually only plan the night before...and this is partially because I have those kids running around in the morning. Planning early keeps me sane...I used to love waking up and figuring out what outfit I felt like conversing with, but I think that is out the window for the forseeable future. ;)

Ashley: Yes, lime green is almost yellow in some lights. But I LOVE lime green.

The necklace is actually from Macy's years ago and I think I paid 20 bucks for it...good purchase...it even has the ribbon tie in the back.

I love J. Crew jewelry, but some pieces are certainly easy to replicate elsewhere and for much cheaper...

Have a great day!!!