Friday, March 13, 2009

Citron Yellow and Aqua Stripes...So Pretty Together!

I loved Fabulous Florida's Mommy's post (here: on what colors to pair with citron yellow that I decided to pull one of my many citron items out and wear it today. It is cold here today (we even had flurries this morning) so I decided my herringbone fiona jacket in citron was the perfect item.

I spent nearly all of my time in Pi-Yo last night thinking to myself, "what shirt should I wear to complement the citron fiona?" Even when we were in our concentrated relaxation time I still was mulling over the possibilities! :) It wasn't until I actually looked in my closet that I realized which one to choose...ta da...the aqua-striped knit tee from Macy's Style & Co. Now I know I could have picked something a bit more formal, but well, it's Friday, and yep, you know it, I walked to "stylish" comfort won out.

The jeans are Calvin Klein and purchased for a song from TJ Maxx. And they fit SO well. I love it when I can wear well-fitting pants. NO more too loose or (a lot less often for me--a snug waistband drives me cuckoo) too tight in my wardrobe. (This blog and the pics Jim takes every morning have really helped me get a sense of what to wear to flatter my best assets...cough, cough.)

The necklace is some inexpensive piece I found at Macy's a few years ago. The ring is the Orbit ring from J. Crew (winter 2008). Quick warning about the Orbit ring--it must have nickel because my finger turned green. This does not bother me, but if you don't care for this, do not purchase it (not available on but available on ebay). The shoes are some pair of Adidas I have had for years.

Here is the link to the polyvore set:

This is the outfit without the fiona jacket. Cute, presentable, and most importantly, easy to wear while walking!

The peek of aqua allows the jacket to be less "intense." It is like the aqua calms the jacket down. The jacket is wee bit big for me, but as long as it fits in the shoulders, that is what I care about. I am not sure I could be one of those ladies who could wear this jacket open, but if you are, more power! :)

I am heading off to West Virginia this weekend with the family for a getaway. YAY! I will probably get two more posts done today but may not compute at all this weekend. I will be back in business on Monday, though, so no worries if you enjoy my blog. If you don't enjoy my blog, well, then I guess you have two days off (maybe--who knows if I will feel the urge to write this weekend)! ;)


Beth said...

Have a fun weekend. We have a St.Pat's Day party to go to.
I like the jacket on you. The aqua does look good peeking out. I was just looking at the same jacket on sale this a.m. it was in yellow.

emily said...

You are the best dressed teacher ever! Love all the outfits. Color combo is fabulous.

KatyO. said...

I love the aqua/citron color, and your turquoise flats would be great with this too (but if you're walking, the gray sneaks are far more practical). :)

Have a wonderful time in WV!

Anonymous said...

Personally I like the way the jacket fits you. I don't wear super fitted jackets as I don't like the look and it is not as comfortable.

shopaholicdiva1027 said...

OMG, you look amazing!!!!! Love the color combination. I am going to have to write FFM. I bought the Lydia blouse final sale in white and gray and they are drivig me crazy!!! Nothing i have looks good with it unless i wear it under a jacket. Seems that's the only way i can control those darn ruffles!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Oh Dina...this is so ADORABLE!!! The aqua looks absolutely STUNNING on you! The Fiona is such a cute jacket, and I also think the fit is great on you. Btw, I can tell you have lost more post baby weight...keep up the good look FABULOUS! :)

Kate said...

I love this outfit on you. Those pants are super flattering!

b. said...

Hi Dina,

I have to say this, the outfit without the jacket looks amazing on you. Seriously, you look 15lb's lighter!!! The boxy jackets usually cut you off all in the wrong areas (the hips). But this shirt/jeans... oh my oh my, most body flattering outfit I've seen on you!

You have a great figure, don't hide it under ill fitting J.Crew items made for sticks! Hug the curves : ) love the body!! It WORKS for you!

HeidiG said...

Love the citron and aqua together. Hope you enjoy your weekend away!!

Beth said...

I did my Lemonade Awards! It was hard to decide.I did 8. thanks again for MY award!!!

dinagideon said...

Beth: Did you enjoy your St. Patrick's Day party? I can just imagine you enjoying yummy green beer!!! :)

It's so nice handing out those Lemonade awards, huh? People really like being recognized...I love spreading feel-good cheer!

Emily: Thank you so if only being a well-dressed teacher could somehow relate to a well-behaved and super-smart class. ;)

KatyO.: I am going to wear this again with the aqua flats. And maybe some white jeans...can we say sunshine? I had a great time in WV, the facial I received today was to die for...amazing and relaxing!

Anon at 4:22: I am a big believer in really finding a good fit. In the past I either wore things too large or too small and I ended up looking sloppy. Not professional and not in anyway I remind myself everyday about my basic belief in a good fit. I find the shoulders on this jacket fit well, and the body skims away from me. I like the fit, but can see why others would prefer it fit a bit tighter through the torso. :) When it comes down to it, though, the clothing has to make me feel confident...which this outfit most definitely did...jacket, pants, top, and all. Thank you for commenting!

Shopaholicdiva1027: I love my Lydia, but you are right...what to do with it except put it under a jacket or cardigan? I will happily show off the ruffles this summer, but until then...cardigans all the way. The ruffles are a bit intense, huh? Hopefully FFM can help you out!!!

FFM: And thank you for the post about citron. You inspired me to think outside the color box. :) I also appreciate your compliment. You made my day.

Kate: Thank you. I appreciate it so much!!!

b.: You are so funny!!! I can totally see what you mean. I do not disagree with you at all. (And thank you for the compliment--made me so happy!) That said, I do love the jacket, and although it makes me look less thin, I believe the purpose I use it for (more of an outerwear piece--rarely do I wear it inside for very long--it gets very warm) makes the larger fit okay. It simply means I can wear a thin sweater when I need to!!!

What makes me smile the most is how varying the opinions are...from anon at 4:22, ffm, and you. They swing from one side to the other...

HeidiG: Thank you!!! I had such a nice time away with the family!

Anonymous said...

how are you?
I enjoyed reading your blog, and you lost a lot of weight, which is really you have any diet routine that you wanna share, all my life I've been trying to loose weight and nothing works...great job...

dinagideon said...

anon @ 7:30: You know what? I have some very simple advice, and I think I will post about it soon. Thanks for noticing. I don't know if what I did will work for you, but you never know! Good luck with are in my thoughts!