Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yellow, White, Pink, and Blue...What is More Perfect for a Cold Winter's Day? it is supposed snow like you don't know what here tonight. They are calling for some 8 inches here in Alexandria. This may the one time people in the eastern counties of MD and VA will get more snow than the western counties (in other words, we may have more snow than people like Slastena, a rare occurrence, for sure).

What a better way to say "hello" to what is no doubt going to be our last storm (and biggest in a long while) than to get all dolled up, go to a restaurant (only Sundays during Lent for this family), then head over to Harris Teeter to join the masses buying bread and milk. :)

The top is a combo of two J. Crew pieces, a white tissue tee with 3/4 sleeves that are elasticized at the "wrist," and a cashmere short-sleeved tee in striped citron and white. The scarf was a giveaway with some British magazine I bought in 2005 (it looks really good for a giveaway). The jeans are Talbot's and very tailored...they remind me of something Audrey Hepburn would have worn. The shoes are Etienne Aigner in navy suede and leather...with the most polished decorative buckle. The headband is J. Crew.

My hope is that the pieces keep me is CHILLY out there.

If the outfit doesn't keep me warm, maybe the coat will. It is the Lady Day with thinsulate in that amazing Mediterranean blue. Lovely and toasty!
As usual, ignore my funny face...Jim grabs these shots so quickly, I have to make due with what I get. :)


sparrowsandsparkles said...

I love pink and yellow! And I wish I had bought one of those Lady Days with the thinsulate! Med. blue is so pretty on you. Good luck with your weather!

AppGal said...

that coat is lovely on you! looks great with the yellow. Have fun w/the snow. We've gotten about 5 inches so far and it's still snowing. Looks like no school tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the free stuff that comes with Brit magazines. I got a scarf this winter and it is nice for 'free':) There are usually books and mascara, etc. every month!

HeidiG said...

Perfect outfit for today. I love all the bright fresh colors. And those colors make you glow!

I am coveting a short sleeve cashmere tee. I've been saying for at least a year that I should get one, but I'm never in the right frame of mind when they're on sale.

Enjoy the snow tomorrow! Yes, we are down to an estimate of about 5 inches.

Snea said...

cute! i need some nice pants like that. and ha ha, i was at harris teeter a few hours ago! of course, i was only buying mom a rasberry tea, but i was still there and could not beLIEVE how packed it was. took me 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot alone.

well, if we do get snow, i expect more pictures of Rex and snowballs! :D

dinagideon said...

Sparrowsandsparkles: Thank you. The Lady Day with thinsulate is rarely needed by me, but along with the shipley and my "michelin" man coats, are perfect for cold weather. My regular double-cloth are great for the winter weather we normally get in NOVA.

AppGal: NO SCHOOL TODAY here, either. Woo! I hate snow days but considering I have NO leave left at all, I happily will take this early March break. You have a great day off, too!

Anon at 3:43: Why the American mags don't do this is beyond me. I LOVE that silly stuff that comes with the British magazines. I stock up whenever I go to the UK (which sadly is not as often as I would like). :)

HeidiG: Well once your ban is done (you are on a shopping ban, too, right?), you should purchase a short-sleeved cashmere tee (winter version). By that point they should be really inexpensive. I think I bought this tee in November 2007 (this was a summer-weight tee) for 40 dollars or something like that.

Roxie: Aren't they GORGEOUS pants?

Did you go to the Foxchase HT? We always go to the Col. Pike HT, which is the "family HT." The one you go to I call the "yuppy HT," and my hubby calls the HT near Ballston Mall the "pretty people HT." :) Did your mom like the tea?

I am thinking it will be a day of snow-man making for Rex. And, of course, there will be pics.

limegreen_lover said...

I am so jealous you have the Lady Day Coat- I bought one but it was too tight across the chest so I had to return it :(. Love that bright blue!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Oh how I love that Mediterranean Blue Lady Day...what a GORGEOUS color!!! The coat looks beautiful on you, too!

dinagideon said...

Limegreen Lover: I am usually cursing J. Crew for making their tops very large...this coat is tailor-made for smaller busts. Which strikes me as odd...why in a coat? Don't most people layer under a coat? I love J. Crew for their amazing colors, though...

FFM: Isn't this truly a spectacular color? I was worried it would be too cool a color to wear, but it turned out much brighter and more neutral in reality.

Would you ever have a need for these coats where you live?

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Hi Dina! Well, this year there definitely wasn't a need for a coat like the Lady Day, especially not with thinsulate. I did purchase a Madeline coat in Black, but returned it since I already had the Maggie in black. It, along with my 2 other Maggie jackets, plus my Orange Lucille were more than enough to keep me warm on the handful of days that it was cold enough to wear a coat. Such a shame, as I absolutely LOVE Winter clothing, but rarely get the chance to wear it.