Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boden Limited Edition: Silk Feather Top Review.

I so cannot wait to style this puppy properly. These photos DO NOT do the beauty that is the silk feather top justice. ;)

I wanted to get a review in on this item before the 25% off expires tonight, so please do anticipate a better set of photos on this top at some point in the future (although on a cool day, which in VA may be a day when I stay inside all day, it is HOT here from May to October!).

I have to give major props to Boden...I ordered this on Monday and it arrived yesterday. That is a fantastic turnaround, in my opinion. It did come by UPS instead of USPS so maybe that made the difference?

I ordered this top in a size 6, which is my typical Boden top size and is one size larger than my J. Crew top size.

The silk is heavy, substantial, and very soft.  You can feel the quality.  Boden tends to do silk correctly, choosing the best of the best.  This top has the appearance of old school J. Crew with a Boden twist.  This heaviness also makes it the wrong fabric for summer.  :)  Or at least not NOVA summers.

The print is very mod, and the olive, grey, and pink coloring works nicely together.

The beading at the neckline is applied very well, and not one bead was loose.  Much like the with showstopping jacket, you can tell the workmanship is high.

From the side.  My one gripe on this top is that there are no side vents, which I feel would help make the almost tunic shape lay better.  Since this has no side vents the front can pouf a bit and that is something many of you would probably dislike (although I hear from some of my readers they love that because it helps camouflage a bit of a tummy).  I may tailor this top and add side vents, but for now I am fine tucking it under. 

I chose to tuck the hem under, which I believe helped to make the top lay a bit better.  It can also be tucked in, but I don't know that I will do that, although I can see it looking GORGEOUS tucked into a sleek pencil skirt.

From the back.  You can see how the hem is tucked under here.  The neckline detailing extends around to the back.

A bit of a close-up on the beading and print.  (It is a bit blurry, I had a TIME trying to get the camera to be my friend today, lol.)

I would say go for this blouse if this is your style.  I love tunics, prints, mod style, and a bit of bling, so clearly I had to have this one. 

One word of warning, though.  I have wee shoulders and while this top fits me fine, it was a bit more constricted through the shoulders than I normally experience.  I have to be careful taking this off because of how tight the shoulder line is.  If you have a larger shoulder area, please size up two sizes from your J. Crew size and one size from your Boden size.  If your shoulders are a bit smaller, go one size up from your J. Crew size and stay true to size with your Boden size.  I would not recommend sizing down for ANYONE.  ;)

Silk Feather Top
Silk Feather Top. This top also comes in a grey/navy version that is very pretty and a bit more subdued than the multi feathers option that I own. It is 110 dollars on sale with the 25% off.

You all have a great day.  Remember that the autumn preview is out, so enjoy!  I have had a glance, and while much of it seems derivative, and I definitely know I own some pieces that are being repeated...I did see quite a bit that looks so I will do a "picks" post either tonight or tomorrow morning.