Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stitched Hem Mini Styled IRL...

Hi, all!  :)

Really tired now, but you know in a really good way, the kind that comes from just being "active."  Still took a nap, though.  LOL.

Today I had a bazillion errands to run but you know how it goes, even if all I am visiting is the car repair shop, a Trader Joes, and a Target, I still want to show the world (or at least the Springfield, VA corner of it) my SAHM style.  Wahoo!  Actually my friend (her son is in Rex's preschool class--we had known each other BEFORE preschool but reconnected because of our kids) let me "dress" her at Target, and it was so much fun that we are doing this again in the next week or two...

Okay, lalalala. 

The Stitched Hem Mini is one of my absolute favorites from Boden's spring rollout and I am really glad I picked one up in the shade I chose in my size as I believe the style sold out pretty fast in that colorway.  I have done a review already, which you can refer to if need be...

I have not really found a day to wear it yet, as it is too casual for church or dinner out, but too dressy for the playground, but today's activities were just right.

Plus, and I am sure some of you will get this...I spent half the night last night trying to figure out what I was going to wear with my new Sparkle Flower necklace, which is SO pretty that I wanted to wear it as soon as I could.  About 10 pm, it struck me that it would be perfect with the "mini."  (I put quotes on mini because in reality it is more like a pencil skirt...great naming there Boden.)

When I told other people the story of matching my jewelry to my wardrobe, quite a few just laughed.  Like that was "SOOOOO Dina."  ;)

The checkout guy at Trader Joes totally loved the necklace, and he was like 19, so I took that as a GOOD thing, and even if my conundrum was SOOOOO Dina, at least one guy appreciated the effort, even if he can't drink yet.  LOL.

Skirt: Boden Stitched Hem Mini, Size US 8 Long, or UK 12 Long.
Top: J. Crew Bateau Top, Size small.  This shade of olive matches the neutral in the skirt perfectly.
Shoes: Aerosoles (yep, Aerosoles) Bora Bora Sandals, Size 9.5.  They are wedges, and they are so freaking comfortable.  My friend (dress-up pal) did not believe me, but I know I will get her in a pair someday.  Just watch me.  (And then she will start to spend half her night matching her earrings to her top.  And then I will have conquered the world...insert evil laugh here.)
Belt: J. Crew Outlet, size small.
Necklace: Sparkle Flower Necklace.  Review below.

Close-up of detailing on skirt print, belt, and necklace.

Sparkle Flower Necklace.  Retails for $98, but I bought it during some 20% off special or another.

I had missed out on the Gardenia necklace from January, and was so bummed.  (It was special, unique, and very feminine.)  When I saw this come through in an e-mail from J. Crew, I sort of jumped, it was like a lighter-colored, simpler version of the gardenia necklace. 

The wait was kind of a bummer (two months or so) but when I spied it at the NYC 5th Avenue store (where I got the Gardenia bracelet, btw, yay!), I knew the wait would be worth it.  The flowers look smaller on-line, which could be too frail for me, but in real life, the flowers are clusters of three and interspersed amongst the enamel-looking florals are pretty clear crystals.  This is a bib necklace, so the florals and crystals are attached to a wire mesh bib, but the necklace stayed in one place pretty much all day and never scratched or bothered me in anyway.

My gal LSS at True Crew Love also did a review of this necklace, and it seems that there is another fan of it out there.  :)

Stitched Hem Mini
Above is the direct link to the Boden Stitched Hem Mini.  If you like the color I am wearing and it pops back in your size, grab it.  :)

Speaking of Boden, tomorrow is the Boden Weekly Review Roundup and while I have the vast majority of blogger friends posts, if you have a polyvore or independent review to get to me, would you mind e-mailing me at dinagideon@aim.com? 

BTW, the review post will be later tomorrow night as I am headed to Richmond to meet a friend at the Short Pump Childrens Museum (the outpost that is NOT in the center of Richmond).  Although I love the central museum, the Short Pump one is right next to Whole Foods which means yummy lunch for me and the kiddoes.  :)

Talk soon, all!