Friday, May 6, 2011

So Where Have I Been? Guesses, Please...

So where have I been?  I assume my collage will be at least a bit helpful...
UPDATE: I am closing this post to further comments as a few people have already guessed "correctly" enough.  That said, the contest isn't completely done for those few individuals.  I will be writing an additional blog post today explaining the next step.  :)

Oh, my, so much to catch up on.  I am sure many of you noticed that my normally very garrulous blog was most definitely on mute this week.

Yes, I did have "family" things I was taking care of, and yes, there was family involved (it was multi-generational!), but I was nice and far away from my home in VA.


1. No Internet connection without a HUGE fee.

2. No cell phone usage, either (see #1).

3. Oh, so relaxing.  (And drinking, oh, yum, the daily drinking!)

4. Even with my awesome Arbonne SPF products, it turns out you *can* burn if you forget (duh) to re-apply after four hours of straight saltwater swimming (well, not four, maybe three and a half straight hours).

5.  I forgot all of my underwear (except the pair I wore down) and the three pairs I bought were enough because the vast majority of the time I spent on the vacation I was in a swimsuit.

6.  The place I was at I was actually worried that I *couldn't* buy ladies underpants at...

7.  Or a contact lens case (more on that debacle in another post--bad, bad, Mr. Dina).

8. If you don't have an alarm clock, it is REALLY hard to wake up in the morning.

So where was I?

I have no clue what I will give to the person who guesses the answer MOST closely (as I am sure some of you will come very close, but I am looking for vacation accuracy, people)...

But I will have something for the person who does guess right (or right enough).

BUT NO FAIR if you know where I was because you are either: my dad, my in laws, my grandpa, my friends from DC JCAs, or any other random relative or friend who had some special early sneak peek into where I was because I told you.  LOL.  ;)

So enter your guesses!

Other Business:
I have a lot to catch up on, including, in no special order:

1. Boden Fall Preview (Whee!!!) to peruse and link up and talk about and find other blogs that have talked about it, etc.

2.  Catch up on Boden coupons.  The 15% maternity still works (whee!), but I think I saw something about swimwear being on sale, which means the 15% should be stackable with that...

3. Posting about a GAZILLION photos...

4.  Reminding myself that although where I was indeed paradise, Virginia is pretty darn special, too (and it is the sesquicentennial of the Civil War here)!

Alrighty, all, HUGS!  And nighty-night!