Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cherry Blossom Times Three!

I am sort of addicted now to the cherry blossom print, a GORGEOUS J. Crew print that came out in the spring of 2008.

It was a slow burn to say the least.  I actually have owned the Cherry Blossom Lucaya Espadrilles for almost two years now, in fact I purchased them for $10 at Rugged Wearhouse, which is a local store much like TJ Maxx or Ross, in that it sells overstock.  I just couldn't seem to find a reason to wear it...

I know, I know, kind of lame.  LOL.

Then I saw the wonderful Cherry Blossom dress modeled on shopwithm.  I didn't know if I would find her exact dress, but she, like me, loves the ebay, so I thought I would give it a try.  And lo and behold, a seller was selling a factory version of the retail dress that shopwithm owned.  I ended up winning the auction, and now am the proud owner of the very pretty Cherry Blossom print dress.

I even added to my own cherry blossom fervor (I live in the DC area, I guess I should just accept my fate) and bought the Cherry Blossom necklace when it dipped down to nearly *HALF* of its original cost (love the extra 30% off sales).  I had loved it styled in the catalogs, so to get it for half off felt like the best score!

Finally, just two days ago, I won an auction for the cherry blossom cafe capri pants (the actual retail version, too!) for $15!  YAY!  :)  Cannot wait to model these!

Anyhow, onto the pretty!
J. Crew Factory Cherry Blossom Print Dress, Size 6, Cotton.  It has pockets that are on the front (as opposed to stitched into the seam which is what the retail version has).  The cotton works better for my summer lifestyle, and I have a lot of success with these factory shift dresses, and probably own five of this style.  I don't think I will be hunting for the silk retail version, this one is just fine by me! :)

The shoes are the current retail leather ballet flats.  This poppy color is a very vibrant tomato red and is exactly the right shoe for this dress.  Score!

Close up of the print.  Definitely more muddied than the retail, but still very pretty!

The collar also has no buttons, the tailoring (or lack thereof) is probably what makes this factory.  The retail version clearly has more detail and fine features. 

That said, if you can find this factory version on ebay, go for it!  (And polyvore peeps, I have a pic of it saved!)

This is the outfit that features the cherry blossom necklace.  I wanted to highlight its prettiness, so I chose to wear it last week with the very preppy and perfect for summer heat Land's End Dobby Dress (that I found at Sears!).

The dress is a size 4, and I highly HIGHLY recommend that if you have a smaller bustline to size way down.  I wear a 6 in most J. Crew dresses, sometimes an 8, so I am either down one or two sizes.  The hips are free, so even those of us (lucky) pear-shaped ladies should be in our smallest size.  Unfortunately, Land's End's smallest size is a 2 petite, so many of you will be sized out...but on the other side, this dress goes up into many of the women's sizes, so if you love the prep and get angry at J. Crew for not having anything above size 14, this company may suit your prep desire.  :)  Very very cute stuff!

The shoes are the Lula Ballet Flats in the Liberty print fabric from this spring.  I jumped on these when they went on super sale, with an additional 20% off.  These are so COMFORTABLE.  Highly recommend these flats for comfort.  I am wearing my tts 9.5 in these.

The necklace will be reviewed in a few photos (there's a close-up).

Hands on hip.  This dress has phenomenal drape and the waist sash is a nice touch and really emphasizes the waist perfectly.

This dress is very mid-century Mom, yes???

From the back you can see why, even on me, the dress runs fairly large.  The bodice is pretty loose and the straps are a bit long, so bear that in mind if you buy this dress.

Black and white pic.  The necklace in b&w looks really unique and special. 

Close-up of the cherry blossom necklace in color.  The necklace is not a delicate thing, is it?  In other words, it is so my style.  Love the statement necklace and the beautiful, contrasting pave-style cherry blossom flowers make this necklace truly a conversation piece.  It is heavy, too, so keep that in mind.  Definitely worth it at $75 (and for sure $60), maybe not $150...

CW and I were going to her dance class that morning.  Her ballet costume (with tutu) is so darling.  Obviously we are practicing in this shot.  My dad is going to love this shot.  :)  (Yes, dad, I will make you a copy!)

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I am wearing below.  This shirtdress may be familiar to you old timey J. Crew fans.  :)  It is from Spring 2007 and was from back when the Crew went boating on a regular basis in Italy (it was in the Capri catalog--February 2007).

Dress is not my hubby's favorite.  He far prefers more fitted and shorter.  (Aw, shucks, Mr. Dina, no sister wife fashion love???)  I love this dress and will always wear it, regardless.

That said, I did buy it at a larger, postpartum size (bought when Rex was a few months old), and maybe I would do better with a four or six, but until I find the right size on ebay or the exchange, I will continue to wear this size 8 chestnut stripe version (it also came in a light blue stripe).

It has pockets, love that.  The dress also has a sash (like the Land's End one) but it looked boring that way, so I took my hot pink skinny leather belt (size small) and used that instead.

The shoes are the cherry blossom here, the Lucaya Espadrilles.  They are in a size 9, which is 1/2 size smaller than I normally wear, but it was fine, maybe a millimeter too short, but nothing crazy.

Hand on hip, being all sassy.

You all have a great day.  I want to thank each and every single one of you for reading my blog.  I know I have been kind of busy lately, and not commenting very often, or commenting back, but I am reading other blogs (and enjoying the posts), and I am reading all comments that come to this blog.  You all rock!  Once this week is done (Rex has his last day of preschool on Thursday), I will have more time (gotta love that!).

P.S. If you have a Boden review for me, would you mind e-mailing me by tomorrow?  I plan to have the Boden Weekly Review Roundup published by late afternoon!  THANK YOU!

P.P.S. I have found the fresco cardigan that I so love in a smaller size! (The medium I had was a tad bit too big and loose.) So I have decided to sell the medium, below is the polyvore with info on that...