Sunday, May 8, 2011

How Did I Get There? (Part Two!) Featuring the Jersey Beach Dress and a Kalik.

Part of the collage from this post featured both this dress and this drink.  The drink is a Kalik, which means I was in the Bahamas.  There were enough of you that guessed exactly where I was that I need to have a part two of my contest.  Good show!
Umm, not done, though...contest plus an actual blog post to follow!

Okay, Jeck999, Rose (with 1MoreShoppingBlog), Dominique, and JulieBean, you all guessed the Bahamas correctly.  Some of the ladies guessed a cruise, which is true, too, but a cruise isn't specific enough to be in the running for the prize.  Now if someone had said a "cruise to the Bahamas," that person would have won, hands down. 


Jeck999, Rose, Dominique, and JulieBean...I need the four of you to tell me:

1. Which Cruise Line I took to get to the Bahamas;

2. How many days was the cruise;

3. What were my ports of call;


4. What was the cruise's departure port (city and state, please).

This is bound to get a winner, and I look forward to seeing what your answers are...

You have until tomorrow at noon Eastern Time to get your answers in...

For the prize?

This lovely little set of travel-sized goodies from Arbonne, which includes RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser, Corrective Eye Creme, and Night Repair Creme.  It also includes some "aah-worthy" spa travel sized products, perfect for getting your relaxation on, like the SeaSource Detox Spa Detoxifying Rescue Wash, Renewing Body Gelée and Purifying Sea Soak (1 full-size packet).   I used these on my trip and they lasted the entire time (except the sea soak--no tubs on a cruise).

Good luck!

For the rest of you...I am wearing a dress you all have seen before.  Turns out this dress is also the PERFECT beach cover-up (which may be where it gets its name from).

Jersey Beach Dress.  On me before we left for the day.  I am wearing the Nuevo Paisley Tank Suit underneath, but you won't see that until later on this week when I actually get some time to do real posts on my cruise vacation.

The flip-flops are J. Crew from Summer 2010, size 9.

My dad had a balcony, lucky man.  It is REALLY hard to wake up without any natural light whatsoever (we had the bane of cruise customers everywhere--the interior stateroom).  We totally abused the privilege of being related to someone with a balcony, as we were constantly on it. 

Here you get a nice close-up of the ruffled collar AND the lovely view of one of the places we docked.

I am standing in front of our ship.  That said, I totally edited out the name of the ship...haha.  ;)

Jersey Beach Dress
The Jersey Beach dress also comes in a more abstract colored pattern and a blue version of the one I am wearing.

So it turns out that Boden *is* having a promo on their swimwear...which means that the 15% maternity coupon can be used on top of the promo, making it a stackable offer.  (Yay!)  I will most likely do my picks, etc., tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that post!

For those of you AMAZING ladies who have done a Boden review recently, I am foreseeing a very long and involved Boden Weekly Review Roundup this week to make up for last week's absence.  Please do let me know if you have one that I may have missed!!! THANKS!

Have a WONDERFUL and satisfying Mother's Day, by the way!!!  ;)