Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: And I'm Back...

Wow. I am so glad I am able to get back into the swing of things here at My Superfluities. My intention last week, btw, was to publish a post on Wednesday for the Weekly Review Roundup but when you combine the cost of the internet on a ship (umm, it's astronomical) plus the fact that I was actually REALLY enjoying my vacation, I decided I would hold off. :) I know you all more than understand.

But because my vacation was so great, I have TONS of great photos of me and the kids wearing Boden in. real. life. So that is bound to make up for my absence last week. (Sure...)

Anyhow, a reminder...if you want to see something from Boden at the website, click on the photo provided by Boden to go directly to measurements, size availability, and other colors. If you want to see something close up on me or the kids, click on the photo itself and you will be shown a larger version. If you want to see something on another blogger, click on the link I have provided to that blogger's website.

The 15% maternity coupon is still working, with free shipping and returns. This is wonderful, especially if you have a smaller order, as there are no minimums to take advantage of this coupon.

For any new customers, I have added a 10% off with free shipping and returns coupon, which ALSO gives you a free canvas bag (pretty navy blue/chartreuse combo) with your first order.

Also, it appears that the current promo of 20% off some menswear and women's swimwear is extended! Remember, these are stackable with other promos, so that 20% becomes much more when you click through to buy the bikini through the 15% off maternity coupon (because Johnnie B. doesn't really care if you actually buy pregnancy pants with your order--lol).

You all have seen this on me before, in this review.  In real life, this tunic held up well to all I put it through when we visited Freeport (btw, ladies in my giveaway contest, we did NO shopping that day--it was fun times at Port Lucaya at the beach!).   It was the perfect cover from the sun and was long enough (for a cover-up) for me not to have to worry about offending the sweet Bahamian people.

The jewels at the neckline also held up well, and the bit of glitz add something special to something that could be seen as fairly practical.

Also, I specifically packed my wardrobe for this trip based on the colors of this tunic...I wanted to live that life, you know, very Miami circa 1965.  Can't say that I really was a tropical "lady who lunches," but the tunic made me appear that way for a few hours.

I took this in a size 6, which is my true to size tunic size with Boden.  It did stretch out a bit through the day, so bear that in mind when ordering.

Above you see me enjoying both my family AND a drink while wearing the pool party tunic.  I would say it definitely lived up to its name.  I was even right next to a pool when drinking that drink.

Rex *is* wearing the mini-Boden surf suit.  There are more pics of him wearing it at the bottom of this post, but if you are itching for his original review, check out this post for more on it.

Pool Party Tunic
Pool Party Tunic.  This yellow is beautiful, too!

Jersey Beach Dress
Jersey Beach Dress.  Earlier this week I did a post where I showed off this dress.  Love this dress.  When purchasing, think of your own specific height, etc.  I ordered a size US 6 regular (UK 10 regular) and this dress is LONG.  If I had ordered the long (I am 5'8" with longer legs, btw), it would have been well beneath my knees. 

This week I compiled the reviews based on blogs...first up is Suburban Mom's Bodalicious site reviews and to follow are Polly & Fiona's reviews.  If you had a review in the past week or so and I missed yours, would you mind e-mailing me at OR putting a comment below?  THANK YOU!

From Bodalicious:
Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. Suburban Mom looks super-fly in the green version! :)

Artisan Top
Artisan Top. Suburban Mom models the yellow version and shows us all why we should keep linen on our short list for summer. :)

Flowerstitch Cardigan
Flowerstitch Cardigan. I thought I was going to be able to hold off on this cardigan, but ooh, this one is definitely calling my name. Suburban Mom shows us why I am so in love...

Merino Tab Jumper
Merino Tab Jumper. The yellow that Suburban Mom chose is perfection with her coloring! Good choice and insanely perfect for work!

From Polly and Fiona:
Breezy Beach Dress
Breezy Beach Dress. Fiona discusses how this dress worked for her, or rather may not have worked (she is between sizes). FWIW, I own it in a six, which works for me, and is my true to size Boden "beachy" dress size. That said, I feel Fiona's pain. You may recall a certain silk dress which was way too small in the size six???

Embroidered Kaftan
Embroidered Kaftan. Fiona also lets us know more about this kaftan, which did not work for her, but in true Boden babe fashion, she immediately returned it for other Boden items. You go, Fiona! ;)


CW also owns the surf suit, just like Rex, except hers is PINK!  (Which she just LOVES, of course.)  I love this about the suit, so you know...the suit is SPF 50 which means I don't have to slather tons of spf all over my kids, instead I can focus on their faces, legs, hands, feet, and give them a hat for their heads (of course that doesn't mean they keep them on...).  I also love that these suits dry really well, meaning that by the next day the suits are dry enough to go for another round with the waves (and sand).

CW is wearing the 2-3 year version and it fits her exactly right.  I always try to buy swimwear the exact right size as swimwear will always stretch out with use (years of being a swimmer have taught me this), and if a suit is a bit tight to start with that means it will fit perfectly pretty soon.  I think any suit that is too loose just spells trouble (we saw a bit of Rex's nether regions as I bought his a bit too large, whoops!).

Surf Suit
Girl's Surf Suit.  The suit comes in other girly colors and patterns, including the blue daisy version seen above in the Boden stock photo.

Yeah, Rex is about to pound me with sand.  My camera is now defunct.  Should I blame it on him?  LOL.

The suit is big, but Rex does NOT care.  He just loves it because it has a blue puffer fish and blue stripes.  My kids are a bit color-obsessed.

I love his suit for the same reasons I love CW's.  (Read her paragraph above for more on why...)

Surf Suit
Boy's Surf Suit.  Maybe I will buy Rex the octopus version in the size I should have bought him, size 3-4 (instead of 4-5).

Yeah, these kids are pretty cute.  I think I will keep 'em.

You all have a great day!!!  We'll talk soon...