Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boden: Textured Cotton Skirt, Review and an Outfit.

For all the readers who say that these reviews are terrible for their pocketbook have a good friend in me.  LOL.  After creating and reading my own Boden Weekly Review Roundups, I have admittedly purchased an item or two, including today's lovely, the Textured Cotton Skirt in the fudge colorway.

So thank you, lovely ladies of my favorite Boden blogs, you all convinced me that this skirt was worth it.  And I will probably convince a few of you myself.  ;)

Don't forget to apply a coupon to this skirt purchase, if you take the plunge.  Right now, the diminishing discount offer is still at 25% off, so that gives this skirt a pretty decent price for what it is.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore today.  It was a typical SAHM kind of day, with the addition of an additional child, aka as my grandpa.  (Who knew that 83 year old men could be as demanding as 4 year old boys?  Laugh.  Love ya, grandpa!)

Turns out this outfit was perfect for my day.  The look was polished, a bit Emma Pillsbury inspired (or says Mr. Dina), and exceedingly comfortable.  I don't even kid when I say that...I literally felt better than I do in many of my pants and shorts outfits.  The heels were even okay, as the chunky heel on the cinema t-straps (J. Crew, Spring 2009) are more of a stable surface for walking (which I did a ton of, btw).

On me, full outfit. 

Quick overview of the pieces...the featherweight cotton bling-bling cardigan is a size small, and I love how the teal pops nicely against the brown in the skirt (I picked this color in the skirt so I could *pop* colors against it, btw)...the factory teagan ruffle popover is a size 4 and I glad I re-bought this in the factory version as the original I had was too big...the textured cotton skirt is a size US 8 Long or UK 12 Long and I love it...and the cinema t-straps are a size 10.

The outfit looks quite lovely without the cardigan, and I have a few plans for more sensational, sophisticated summer outfits that will star this skirt.  ;)

It does have pockets, and I found that I was placing my hands in them all day.  Pockets aren't necessary, but a really nice addition. 

The length is fab, I always buy longs in Boden and I wish other companies would offer skirts in longs, too.  I don't have to buy longs in dresses or tops, but I am very tall in my legs and find the extra fabric in pants and skirts very helpful.

From the side.  This skirt is a TULIP shape, so fair warning.  I don't mind this and personally find this modified pencil shape very comfortable and flattering, but I can see why the teeny little poof at the upper hip area could annoy others.

Is it poof or pouf?  Brain fart!  ;)

BTW, the cotton/linen blend didn't wrinkle too terribly, but it did stretch out a bit.  I *could* have gone with a 6 Long, but I am fine with the size I got.  It's all good.  

From the back.  This photo really shows how long this skirt is and shows how the popover looks from the back.

I had the original teagan popover, which had ruffles made from a combo of silk and cotton.  The factory version is all cotton.  Here's the thing...although I would love to own the original in my exact right size, this factory version fills the void well, and looks nicely polished and professional with so many bottoms.  I highly recommend it if you can find it on ebay, or as a popback on jcrew.com (which I doubt would happen).

Textured Cotton Skirt
Above is the link to the Boden's website.  This will show the other colors, size availability, and measurements.  Remember to click through my diminishing discount link to make sure you get 25% off.  (Or whatever coupon I have running in my sidebar if you are accessing this review in the future!)

You all have a fab day.  If you have a Boden review you would like to share with me for tomorrow's review roundup, e-mail me at dinagideon@aim.com.  Thanks!!!