Monday, May 16, 2011

Profusion of Paisley...

I grew up loving paisley in all of its forms.  I never really noticed that it was particularly preppy but often shows up in overabundance at preppy purveyors of style.  Take a look:  Vera Bradley; Ralph Lauren; Lilly Pulitzer, and of course, J. Crew.

Did you realize that paisley is a form of patterning that is popular in India and the Middle East but actually gets its name from a town in Scotland where the pattern was often replicated in mass production?  Hmm...doesn't sound especially preppy to me, but I will still take it as part of my Preppy uniform.  ;)

So when faced with the task of packing for my cruise/FL trip, I knew I had to bring some paisley with me, if for no other reason than I really really like the patterns.  (How very superficial, but really, it wasn't like I was packing for the G8 Summit...)

The Regal Paisley top saw a lot of action, as did my Nuevo Paisley Tank swimsuit.  One could argue that the two cover-ups I brought with me from Boden could count as paisley, but only if you look at them from far away...although the Pool Party tunic would fool me from close-up, too.

Anyhow, today seems to be an especially good time to show off my paisley passion, as the nuevo paisley tank swimsuit is currently on promo, with 20% off (speaking of swim promos, the Boden swimwear promo is STILL GOING has been nearly a week and I have not a clue when it will end).  Anyhow, I will take the proverbial dip into the embarrassment pool and actually show you all what the swimsuit looks like on me so that way any of you contemplating it can be sure you are choosing wisely.  :) 

(That said, I will show it last because I ain't no fool...I know that my pic shows up in the preview page of the Blogger dashboard, and I prefer at least there I appear more covered up.  LOL.)

You know this was a J. Crew Factory top, right?  I had fallen in love with this print on a swimsuit during the summer of 2009, and when I saw it on a pair of pants and this top in the factory store, I knew I had to have them. 

These A.R. Trapp for J. Crew sunglasses served me well on this trip and I wore them every day.  Definitely coming close to a great cost per wear ratio...which they should considering how expensive they were (AND ARE--they went up by $55 since I bought them, bad J. Crew, bad!).

I chose to pair the paisley top with a double serge cotton skirt (mink) from J. Crew Summer 2010, a trusty pair of Cole Haan sandals that I wear all the time in the summer, and a patent Lolly mini-clutch in a vibrant orange shade that just holds the right amount for a cruise (namely your cruise card--which pays for everything AND gets you into your room AND on and off the ship and maybe a lip polish or two).

I wore this on the first day of the cruise, and I was definitely more dressed up than everyone else.  Does it look like I care?  ;)

Speaking of not caring...within four minutes of the cruise departing, my brother, my dad and I got our drink on.  Yay for cruise drinks!  It is fab to be able to have yummy cocktails and then be within a few floors of your room--no driving required!

The last day of the cruise, the day we were also slated to go to Universal Studios for our first day of fun, I chose to re-wear the paisley top with the golden chino shorts.  This was a much more casual take on the first outfit, but when packing I knew I may want to wear this shirt twice, so I made sure to have a pair of shorts with a complementary color in my possession.

Hey look at that, I am wearing the shoes again.  :) 

Hi, Apu!
And the sunglasses!

The Simpsons ride at Universal is awesome, btw.  It is meant to be like being on an IMAX rollercoaster ride...I actually ended up getting a bit ill from the jostling, but I think my legs were still on sea time, so I blame the ocean for my tummyache.

And the Nuevo Paisley Tank.  It comes in size 0-14, but is currently only available in a few sizes--watch for popbacks, though.  I bought it in a size 6, which was fine for my hips but a bit large in the bust.  I know before the end of the summer I will have to take the straps up as all of my swimwear stretches out I use them that much (you don't want to know how much money I spend on SPF, as well, it is sort of mind-boggling...I am that lady that LATHERS the stuff on, which is what we are ALL supposed to do, I just am always the only one who does it).

The ruching at the waist is very nice, especially if you don't care for your tummy area.  I tend to wear bikinis in the summer, so I really don't have a problem in that area, but I can see the allure of the was sort of nice to not have to do the whole "walk stick straight taking short breaths while attempting not to pass out so I can have a concave stomach" look.  Teehee.  All you ladies get me, right?

Close-up of paisley (and ruching) on the tank.  Lovely, yummy pastel colors make me think of ice cream.

Alright, all, go get your paisley on...

P.S. Will Jeck999 e-mail me at  YOU WON the fab travel-sized Arbonne giveaway prize!  Yay!