Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy Style Monday #20--Packing Polyvores Revisted...

I was in the Bahamas for a cruise from Florida. :) After the cruise, we went and hung with our friends in Orlando, which included a TWO (!!!) day stint at Universal Studios Theme Parks (yay, Harry Potter World). Clearly I needed an organized and exactly executed set of items to last me the seven days we were gone.

The ladies who finished in the top four who answered my questions from my last post ALL answered my questions exactly the same. LOL.

For the record, we left out of Port Canaveral, had a four day cruise on the Carnival Sensation, and visited Freeport and Nassau. (Man, now that I know that B'more has multiple cruise ships traveling as far south as the Caribbean, I think I will insist on that as our port from now on!!!)

Now, for the final and last round to determine a winner...would the three ladies mind answering two last questions?

1. Where did we go during our time in Freeport?


2. What was my favorite dessert that the Carnival line offered?

(So hard, I know, but you three aren't going to be answering the same here, right? LOL.)

To see my original Mommy Style Monday with how I plan and pack for trips, see this post.  To see how I specifically packed for my last trip to Florida (we go there A LOT!), see this post.

The colors for this year's trip, btw, were hot pink, orange, and khaki. (With others thrown in for good measure, obviously.)

I do want to make a special shout-out to clothing with a bit of stretch for when you are cruising.  Let's just say that even if you make the world's most concerted effort NOT TO GAIN WEIGHT, there will be days when the bloating and water weight just takes over.  All of these items felt great, no matter what.  (Well, except the Milly lace dress, but I will explain that in another post...)

There will be many pics coming up from this trip, but I will show you the one from when I hung out with my brother one night drinking. (Good times, that!)

It features the khaki shorts, the Cole Haan sandals, and the button back striped tee.

You all have a great night.

P.S. My ladies in the running for the contest, you have until tomorrow night at 9 pm to get your answers in!!! :)