Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Boden: Diminishing Discount 20% Off Until 2/25. Plus More on a Vanishing Dina.

Hi, everyone!

More on my vanishing act in a bit.  ;-)

First, I am sorry I didn't tell you this sooner, but Boden started there diminishing discount a couple of days ago.  Bad news is that I didn't tell you then (seriously, worst Boden blogger ever, lol), but the good news is that there is still today and tomorrow to shop.

The deal is the same as prior diminishing discounts, the beginning is front-loaded with the most days of savings at the highest percentage off (this time 20%).  On Friday it is 15% off, and I believe by Sunday it goes down to 10% off.

So the best way to approach this is to buy the things you *need* now or that are already sold out, like the lovely Martha dress in the floral shades.  In fact, the popback items, from the sold out category, could even be purchases at 15% off since they are the kind of items that even in deepest clearance never get reduced by much more than that, anyhow.  Of course you could wait and take your chance that the item that is sold out will popback in a moment when a category like dresses is on sale and get more % off (I've done that a handful of times over the years), but it is a bit like trying to catch a swift bunny on a muddy field. 

Okay, so that Martha dress.  I was sure that danged thing wouldn't fit me, but I loved the design so much that I went ahead and ordered the ivory in the 8 regular.  I may have preferred an 8 long, but they were all sold out.  So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  Because the model has a bit of a shapelier bottom, I suspected I may be okay since I carry weight in the hips and upper thighs, and by some miracle, the dress fit in the 8 regular.  It is a touch big in the bodice, and a bit big in the waist, but the hips and thigh areas don't pull or look strained.  Thankfully the fabric is stretchy, including the lining, so it really is a well-thought design in form and execution. There are two pleats at the upper hip area, so if you are concerned about highlighting that area, bear that in mind.

The ivory is a bit muddy, more light tan, but it doesn't look off on me personally.  It may not work on cooler complexions, and would probably look silly on skin tones that are that exact shade.

I have only bought a couple of things from the spring.  Besides the Martha dress and a few others, I haven't been wowed.  I keep hoping.  I guess it is good that if I am going to be a bad Boden blogger I do it when they've lost a bit of their mojo.  ;-)

The mini stuff is awesome, though.  My daughter has received a few darling items from the spring, and they are so wonderful that I desperately wish they would do those designs in adult sizes.  The bird printed sweatshirt dress is easily one of my favorites.

Second.  Me.  I received an email (so sweet, btw) from a reader who noticed how quiet I have been.  And I have been.  Really quiet. (Except on Instagram.  Wow.  So much easier to upload a single photo with a few words daily than execute a blog post.)

1. Sewing.  I worked so hard and so furiously and with such focus on the red coat in January that I was literally worn out from the process.  I also made this dress to wear on National Wear Red Day (Go Red for Women), so that took some time too.  My daughter has her First Holy Communion in May and I am both altering and creating anew my Communion dress so she has something special to wear.  (My Communion dress was handmade from a 1974 pattern!)  I am currently working on a project for Fabric Mart, and I am stoked to get it done.  It will be fun and sporty and probably very "me," lol.  There are other things, too, and as many of you realize from your own sewing, these just take a lot of energy and time.  (BTW, Pattern Review interviewed me as their "member in focus" for February, too.  That was such an honor!)

2. College Classes.  I have to recertify this year in VA.  You are required 180 recertification hours to do so, which is equal to two college classes.  I could have made my life easier and done this before returning to work, but baby Angus made that a bit of a challenge.  Now that he is older, much easier, but difficult from a time standpoint.  I love the classes, but unlike when I was in university initially, I am in constant worry that I am not doing things on time.  For one, the idea of a syllabus being presented on the first day and pored over is not really a thing anymore, and I was flailing about the first few weeks on the maze that is Blackboard.  (I assume it can be clearer, but if the professor makes it a maze, good luck!)  The classes are "Guiding the Behavior of Children," and "History of Photography."  Both work for me, especially since I am trained to teach Middle-Schoolers and work with preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Definitely different styles there.  History of Photography is fascinating and useful both for my training as a history teacher and to get my desire to pull out my SLR and get some shooting done.

3. Sicknesses.  I got pinkeye.  I got Strep Throat.  I am a grown woman with diseases that affect six-year olds.  If you teach computer, I suggest gloves, eyewear, and handwashing constantly.  BTW, Strep SUCKS.

4. Teaching.  My job is fine, but I love the saying "part time means half the pay for twice the work."  LOL.  People say that to me to keep me going, but I am a bit surprised by how much more work I do than I remember doing when I was at the middle school.  ;-)  I suspect the above plus three small children have an affect, too.

5. Blog.  My blog turned seven (7!) on January 15, 2016.  Whoops.  I forgot its birthday.  Sorry blog.  :-/

Okay, that's all for now.  Won't be back for a couple of days (I will, though, come back), but I do appreciate all of you who come to visit me from time to time.

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