Monday, October 28, 2013

For Sale: Skirts...J. Crew/Boden.

A little while ago I put up a few skirts for sale that I no longer was wearing, for one reason or another.  I finally got to the second set of skirts and after a morning of trying on and really evaluating what suits me, I decided to sell these eleven below.

The price of the item (shipping included) is below the photo.  If the photo becomes smaller than the others and there is no price listed, the item has sold.  :-)

After a few weeks, I bring all the leftovers to the consignment shop and let them have the rest...

Please e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com for more info, etc.
Watercolor Garden Pencil Skirt.  SOLD.

Wool Double Serge Pencil Skirt, Bronzed Ochre or Honey Glaze, don't remember.  SOLD.

Palmilla Lace Pencil Skirt. SOLD.  Never worn, just reviewed for blog.  Sigh.  From the J. Crew Collection. (RARE.)

Dolce Tweed Mini.  $60 shipped.  (RARE.)  I love this skirt, but it is so short on me...I held onto it for a while, but then I found this fabric and decided I could make a similar skirt from that fabric and let this one go to someone who can handle shorter lengths better!

Mini Wallpaper Cotton Sateen Mini from the factory.  $20 shipped.

Gingham Mini Skirt with Embroidered Dragonflies.  $25 shipped. This is majorly old school J. Crew...the 8 fits a bit closer to a current 6.  (RARE.)

 Detail of Dragonfly.

Porcini Mushroom Button Front Mini.  $25 Shipped.  (RARE.)

Lime Green Floral Full Skirt.  PENDING at $20.  Also a fairly rare old school J. Crew skirt.

Blue Gingham Skirt.  PENDING at $25 Shipped.  This one was never worn, as evidenced by the wrap on the buttons.  I tried to make it work for my frame but that scale of gingham and my lower half--no way, Jose.

Eyelet front metallic pleat skirt.  This one was bought for a song, so I will sell it for a song.  It's a great skirt, but not really working my wardrobe anymore.  $20 shipped.

Dandelion Embroidered Ribbon Trim cotton skirt.  I believe this is an 8L, or UK 12L.  I will check and post it tomorrow, but if you think you want it, e-mail me so I can have your name.

I received an idea from a comment on the last post on how I could make this for me so it fit me better, and with that, I knew I could give it up to someone who it would suit better.  :-)

$35 shipped.

For Sale: Boden and J. Crew Skirts.

Polyvore above. (Been so long since I have used polyvore--it's lost its luster, or am I the only one who feels this way?)

Okay, that's it, definitely e-mail me if you are interested.  If you don't hear from me right away, I will e-mail back, hand on heart. 

Boden: Spring 2014 Preview Site is Live!

It just keeps coming today.  :-) 

CC let me know mere moments ago that there are more new goodies to look at today...but this time over at the Boden Preview site

I am surprised that this is happening today, what with the new Boden winter Holiday line appearing on the regular Boden site.  I guess when Boden wants to let all the pretty out, they let it out completely, all in one fell swoop.  LOL.

Anyhow, as I mentioned in this morning's post, I am going to have to take a few days to look around and decide on my picks, but I definitely want to know what you are loving, this time from the spring line.

CC also let us know that the usual promo code of PRV3 works to receive 20% off with free ship and returns.  This coupon is set to expire on November 18, 2013. 

Thanks to CC for letting us know!

Talk soon.  I have some skirts for sale, with a couple from Boden.  I should be posting them soon, so be on the lookout if you enjoying buying from my closet.  ;-)

Boden: Holiday/Winter 2013 New Arrivals are Here!

Metallic Top on Model.

Hi, and good Monday morning.  :-)

Well, as glad as I am that Boden doesn't have constant rollouts the way that J. Crew and Anthropologie do, I have to say the mini rollouts Boden has had over the past year have been lovely to see since it is great to get some fresh stock in every once in awhile.  I expect this will continue, the four "big" rollouts (spring, summer, fall, winter), and two more smaller rollouts (high summer and holiday winter).

Anyhow, the new items are very pretty and very pricey.  I think a lot of these items would have been called Boden Limited Edition had Boden not gotten rid of the moniker a couple of years ago.  Whatever they call these items, you can tell from how they are made, styled, and what fabrications they use, that these are not your normal everyday wear.

Sequin Blazer
Jewelled Collar Sweater
Sequin Leaf Skirt
Mohair Sweater
Above are a few items that caught my eye this am, but I am sure there are more that will be in my picks post...when I get it done.  From top to bottom...Sequin Blazer, a huge hit from last year and back again this year; Jewelled Collar Top, the nudey pink version is beautiful; Sequin Leaf skirt, my magpie self considers it a winner; and the Mohair sweater, the electric pink shade of the Ingrid coat is now in a cozy sweater.

It will be at least a day or two before I get my picks chosen, but I definitely think you all should go take a look 'round and see what strikes your fancy.  Report back if you feel so inclined, I would love to see what you choose, since your eyes often help me see things I didn't even notice.

In other news, Boden's mid season sale did end, however a few items from the sale STAYED at their lower price AND now are stacking with my sidebar coupon.  That means some items are very attractively priced to sell.  You kind of have to snoop around, but there are definite deals to be had.

Okay, you all have a great day.  Can't wait to see what you all love from this new line...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boden: Mid Season Sale Last Day Reminder and Picks!

Hi, all.  Happy Sunday!

Today is the last day to enjoy the big savings of the mid season sale over at Boden.  On Friday, we awoke to even better savings, up to 50% in many instances, so I am so glad I waited to do this picks post.  I wish I could have done this on Friday, but as per usual, my regular and non-virtual life got in the way.  Anyhow, better late than never, I suppose!

Okay, so all of the picks below are either 40% or 50% off, but throughout the site, there are quite a few items that are 20% and 30% off.  There are also quite a few items that I didn't choose that are 40% or 50% off, so definitely take a big ole look around, since there is so much for sale at really reduced prices.  BTW, remember that not all versions of the same item will be reduced.  Sometimes more popular colors will remain at the "normal" 15% off (with the blog's sidebar coupon) while the less popular colors will be more greatly reduced.

Regular Boden:
Amelie Dress in Brown
Let's start with what got me from the sale.  I have the summer version, and thought for sure that I wouldn't buy the winter version since I was convinced the only color I would want (the brown/black above) would be absolutely wrong for my coloring.  Then That Damn Green Dress goes and buys it and since she has similar coloring to me (a bit fairer, but close enough) I figured I could give this beauty a try.  It also helped that the cost of the dress was *exactly* equal to a credit I had on my account.  So I got this for free, sort of.  :-)  40% off.  You can also see this in black and white over at the Pink Bow blog.  Cute!

Bow Front Blouse in Green
I think this is so pretty, and the reviews are really positive, so I am not quite sure why it isn't selling so well.  50% off.

Casual Pintuck Shirt in Sterling Trees
This color is 50% off, while the rest are less reduced.  This top seems very popular, this color is just not selling as well (but I personally think it is delightful!).

Chic Mid Heel in Black/White Dot
I have no clue why these chic mid heels are just not selling.  I would have thought for sure all the polka dot fans would have bought these out.  So polka dot fans, these can now be yours for 50% off.

Soho Heels in Green
Emerald is the color for 2013.  I think the color can go well into the years in the future, since this particular shade of mid peacock green/blue is very beautiful and worn with a particularly neutral outfit can really add a pop of color.  ;-)  Plus the gold piping is awesome.  50% off.

Daisy Jacquard Dress in Coral (Orange)
You all know I own and love the daisy jacquard dress and have worn it here and here.  Just a reminder that it is wonderful and everyone who has a love of 60s style should give it a try.  It is now 50% off.

Heritage Sweater with Hummingbird Detail
Maybe hummingbirds and fish lures aren't for everyone?  Whatever, I still think it looks adorable and special (review here).  Maybe more people will consider it now that it is 50% off.

Laura Dress in Grey
The written reviews I have received on this dress have been very positive, so if you are interested, consider it at the new reduced price.  50% off.

Military Wool Jacket in Olive Green
The new price on this jacket is 40% off.  You know I am a fact I wore it again last week, for real this time (my review was in the middle of summer heat).

I wore the jacket on Wednesday to do my typical "SAHM" duties.  Kept me nice and warm without adding too much bulk.  The olive green also acted as a neutral to help tone down the very colorful outfit.

Pretty Disc Necklace in Green
J. Crew basically made this necklace last year and it sold out super fast.  This one is a near duplicate and is now 50% off.

Printed Button Back Sweater in Blue Dot
Dotty fans, you all are letting Boden down...they go and make so many darling offerings in the polka dot and no one is buying them.  ;-)  Maybe the 50% off will convince you to give this lovely mid-blue version a try?

Skye Sweater in White
Ah, the Skye Sweater.  I have the navy/sparkle version from last winter and I wear it a ton.  I am *this* close to considering it in the shade you see above since 50% off is pretty great.

Look there--the Sparkle Skye Sweater.  You can see why I want it in another color.  The pants are Johnnie b. Jersey Harem Pants (also in the sale, but only 30% off).  The shoes are also Boden, but from last season.  The mint green version of the Brogue are 50% off if you like that style of shoe.

Vanessa Dress in Red Floral
I have a soft spot for this dress since the red floral is so pretty.  The reviews are iffy on the fit, so definitely read them all if you are considering it.  I am the wrong person for this dress, since my shape leans to pear, and it sounds like those of us with more "junk in the trunk" would find this a difficult fit.  :-P  This shade is 50% off, so if the dress would work for you, the price is definitely right.

Johnnie b.:
Ella T-shirt Dress in Blue/Grey/Orange
I own this dress and don't really think it is best for fall or winter, but is at a price that could make picking it up for warmer weather palatable, since it is 50% off now, in both shades.

Vest in Yellow
This vest better sell out at the 50% off, since come on, adorable, and what a great shade for those dank and dreary winter days!

Okay, that's it from me.  Did you pick anything up from this sale???

P.S. If you need something from the site that is not in the mid season sale, if you use the below coupon, you can get it at 15% off.