Friday, October 11, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Fair Isle and Broderie. And Everything Else. Seriously. Everything Else.

Oh, wow.  There are so many reviews here at this post that I can't even count the number of items reviewed.  Most of that is because Avril (of the blog School Gate Style) had one massive, amazing post of try-ons from her Winter Boden party she held at her house, but even without her post, we would still have a fairly long post here.  Boden fans, you all are in for a treat.

Part of today's post includes written reviews from my new Boden Review page, which is now up and running (and being used by readers!).  The page can be found fairly easily, it is under the blog's header and is entitled "Boden Reviews."  Once the newest BWRR is published, I will delete all the comments (they will have been used in the last BWRR) and a new set of reviews can be published.  If you have any questions about the process, do let me goal is to make this as easy as possible for everyone who wishes to leave a review.

Okay, no more talky-talk.  Lots of reviews to look and enjoy!

Regular Boden:
Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.  Size 6.

Original written review here.

I had to substitute yesterday at my kids' school, and since I remember how conservative the environment can be, I knew that I had to wear an appropriate outfit, that would also allow me to move around with ease and keep me warm (it is cold and super rainy here in VA).

This sweater was exactly the right choice, the 100% wool construction was very cozy, and at one point I had to roll the sleeves up since it warmed me up so much.

I guess it is appropriate that I posed on my dad's porch with the Norwegian flag of my dad's neighbor flapping in the wind, as Fair Isle and Scandinavians go hand in hand, even if the technique was first done in Scotland.  :-)

The fit is spot on, so definitely buy your "normal" Boden knitwear size.  If you are a pear shape, the yoke detailing will be perfect for you since the shoulders appear a titch wider with the fair isle decoration and that helps to take the emphasis off the lower half of the body.

Side view.  I liked the length, not too long, but not so short that all you ladies with a long torso will have issues.

Back view.  I have no idea why there is a crease line in the back.  It is possible that was leftover from the packaging/folding.  Whatever, no biggie.

The only con is a teeny tiny bit of pilling under the arms, but like I said last week with the Heritage Jumper, it is nowhere near as bad as J. Crew's sweaters.

The color is amazing, a soft silver heathered color with the bright touches of neon and turmeric.

Fair Isle Yoke Sweater
Penny Loafers
Fair Isle Yoke Sweater and Penny Loafers.
  Fair Isle sweater is fully stocked barring size 2.  Size 2 is nearly sold out.  The Penny Loafer is on clearance and is still available in some sizes and colors.  You can see my original review of the penny loafer here.

Broderie Ponte Tunic.  Size 8.  SO GLAD I sized up in this one.  Normally I buy a 6 in Boden jersey tunics, but this ponte, while a tiny bit stretchable, is not a very forgiving knit.  The fabric is substantial, though, and is a nice weight for fall and winter (way too heavy for our summer and spring here in the South, though).  Since it has been cold and rainy lately, this was the right outfit for me on Wednesday when I was running around doing errands with Angus.

There is no way anyone over 5'1" could wear this as a dress unless they were super confident, this is a true tunic.  If they had a long, a lot of women could buy that length and wear it as a dress, but this one does not come in long lengths.

I love the broderie, it is exceptional, and well made.  The placement keeps the tunic from being utterly boring, but is not so much that you can't wear other accessories with it, which is why I wore one of my most favorite necklaces with it.

This is probably the best shot for color and detail, so use this one as a guide for you when choosing the color you want.  I, as many of you know by now, LOVE this particular shade of yellow/green, but I realize that for some of you, it is a terrible color, so consider this a fair warning.  ;-)

Broderie Ponte Tunic
Heeled Loafer
Broderie Ponte Tunic and Heeled Loafer.  Most sizes still available, except on either end of the size spectrum (2 and 18).  Heeled Loafer is available only when it pops back.  These shoes have been very popular this year.  My original review of the loafer is at this post.

Alice Lace Top
Alice Lace Top.  Wore mine recently to a teeball game.  

Audrey Sweater
Sixties Sweater
Audrey Jumper and Sixties Jumper. Lou looks lovely in her gorgeous sweaters!  Audrey Jumper reviewed here, and the Sixties Jumper reviewed here.

WORD OF WARNING...the next set of reviews is from Avril from her try-on, so yes, lots and lots of photos of items.  She was definitely busy!!!
Retro Necklace
Pretty Disc Necklace
Stripy Stitch Scarf
Embellished Ballet Flats
Pointed Flat
Sixties T-Bar
Rainy Day Mac
Fifties Jacket
Saint Germain Coat
British Tweed Blazer
Alexa Dress
Canonbury Clutch
Lana Dress
British Tweed Shift
Winter Audrey Dress
Claudia Dress
Fair Isle Cardigan
Fair Isle Yoke Sweater
Relaxed Cashmere Cardigan
Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan
Favourite Roll Neck
Retro Tunic Dress
Must Have Tunic
Contrast Collar Tunic
Empire Line Top
Gathered Band Tunic
Jumbo Cord Kilt
British Tweed Mini
Modern Breton
Fun Breton
Essential Crew Neck Tee
Wrap Jersey Top
Bow Front Blouse
Brondesbury Top
Merino Off Duty Sweater
Retro Necklace, Pretty Disk Necklace, Stripy Stitch Scarf, Embellished Ballet Flat, Pointed Flat, Sixties T-Bar, Everyday Mac (called Rainy Day here in the States), Fifties Jacket, Saint Germain Coat, British Tweed Blazer, Alexa Dress, Canonbury Clutch, Lana Dress, British Tweed Shift, Winter Audrey Dress, Claudia Dress, Fair Isle Cardigan, Fair Isle Yoke Sweater (she tried on the aqua!), Relaxed Cashmere Cardigan, Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan, Printed Button Back Sweater (no affiliate photo--click name), Favourite Roll Neck, Retro Tunic Dress, Must Have Tunic, Contrast Collar Tunic, Empire Line Top, Gathered Band Tunic, Jumbo Cord Kilt, British Tweed Mini, Modern Breton, Hamptons Tee (no affiliate photo--click name), Fun Breton, Essential Crew Neck Tee, Wrap Jersey Top, Bow Front Blouse, Brondesbury Top, and Off Duty Merino Jumper. 

Avril has *a lot* to show after trying everything on at her Boden party on October 3!  Happy to hear that it was a successful day, Avril.  You can see all the items listed on her at this post.

She also wore the Off Duty Merino Jumper in another post.  That sweater is darling and perfection for less than perfect days.  :-)

Libby Dress
Libby Dress.  Here's a new blog this week*.  :-)  This gorgeous green dress is reviewed by Sissi Bella, the author of the blog Ebelandi.  Very pretty!

*Her post was one I planned on using in the last review roundup, but completely forgot to put it in there, so I am making up for it now!!!  (Sorry for the delay!)

Chepstow Top
Chepstow Top.  Egyptomaniac shows us the cute hotchpotch top at this review post.  Guess hotchpotch is back in since this top is all nearly sold out! 

Written Reviews:
Fun Breton
Ponte Roma Pant
Embellished Ballet Flats
Fun Breton, Ponte Roma Pant, and Embellished Ballet Flats.  Over at the J. Crew Aficionada blog, Friendly Femme reviewed these items two weeks ago.  Because I am a space cadet, I forgot to include these reviews last reveiw roundup, so I am making up for it now.  I know a lot of you read the JCA blog, but for those of you that don't, this is for you all.  ;-)

She says:
I received my Boden purchases the other day, and am really pleased with them. First is the Fun Breton (WL768), which is 100% cotton and comes in 3 colors. I got the Oatmeal Marl Stripe and it is wonderful! I got a size 6, as I don't like my tops to be as fitted, and it fits great, not too loose/fitted. The cotton is substantial as well and will be great for fall.

The second is the Ponte Roma pant (WM346). I got them in black in a size 4 and they fit great as well. I didn't want them skin tight, though I'm sure you could order a size down if you wanted to, as some reviews say it felt better. They are a thicker alternative to leggings and have a button/zip closure to make them look more like pants than leggings. They are very comfortable and will be great in the colder months.

Lastly, I ordered the Embellished Ballet Flats (AR593) in rose gold. They have a bow on them, but are super cute and fit true to size. They do caution that these are not everyday flats because of the embellishment, but that's fine because I wanted them for special occasions. The rose gold is leather and the black is suede.

Wool Blend Cowl Neck
Wool Blend Cowl Neck.  Two separate blog friends showed their love for this sweater.  :-)

Avery12 says (Avery12 was the first to use my new Boden reviews tab, by the way!):
I have received the wool blend cowl neck in emerald. it is a lightweight knit that is fitted. The emerald is the same intense tone as is found in the metropolitan bag this season. 

This is a very wearable basic for day and is pretty sexy, really. I wouldn't wear it in the emerald to work without a blazer or something else over it. Possibly it would be less vavoom if sized up one size from your usual for a more casual fit. I am going back for another color.

CC says:
I also like the wool blend cowl neck. I actually bought a few of them. It's a perfect alternative to a sweater - it keeps you warm without the bulk! I purchased two basics - black and navy and went back for the purple, which is a vibrant color. 

Wool Blend Tee
Fun Breton 
Modern Breton
Flirty Pencil Skirt
Wool Blend Tee, Fun Breton, Modern Breton, and Flirty Pencil Skirt.

CC says of these items:
The wool blend tee is a little lighter than the cowl neck, but is also really pretty. I have the berry from last year, and bought the navy this year. Some other tops that are nice: the Fun Breton in charcoal, which is selling out, is a really nice looking all cotton tee (well-made, great colors, and great price); I also have the Modern Breton in the ivory/black stripe. I was looking for something to go with the ivory flirty pencil skirt. The Breton top is all viscose and is lovely. The flirty pencil skirt fits well, but is now made with a cotton/viscose blend and is much thinner than Boden's velvet skirts in past years. 

Avery12 asked CC for more info on the skirt (this is why this new page is the bomb, btw!) and CC replied back with a few more words:
The shape of the Flirty Pencil Skirt is pretty straight. Check the garment measurements for sure. I am also fairly short and I bought the regular length and was surprised that it wasn't longer. Because the skirt flares at the bottom, I didn't find it to be too much skirt (as ruffles or tiers can). I think some reviews on the site did mention that issue, however. The skirt isn't a heavy material (cotton and viscose), and is much less substantial than in past years, so the ruffles aren't "heavy".

Thanks for all the great written reviews, and thank you to all the bloggers for their reviews at their blogs!

Baby Boden:
Angus is nearly finished with his favorite treat, a lollipop.
Logo Playset (top) and Rib Cuff Pants.  Playset is size 2-3 year and the pants are size 18-24 months.

They both run large and long, but when you have a baby, that's okay...they keep growing.  ;-)
Heading over to take his lollipop stick to the trashcan.
Love the trousers, even if they are a bit odd in shape...I don't know that you can find any other pair of pants for kids like this anywhere, so kudos to Boden for trying something a little different.

His kicks are from Carters and HE LOVES THEM SO MUCH.  Really, he kind of is obsessed with shoes. 

All done and he throws the lollipop stick away.  I wish the other kids were this willing to do chores!

Logo Playset
Rib Cuff Pants
Logo Playset and Rib Cuff Pants.  The logo playset in this color is completely sold out but other (just as adorable) playsets are still available.  The rib cuff pants are available, but some sizes are sold out.

Clearance Boden:
Adelaide Dress
Breezy Jersey Dress
Summer Amelie Dress
Gingham Shirt Dress
Adelaide Dress, Breezy Jersey Dress, Summer Amelie Dress, and the Gingham Shirt Dress.  I wore all of these clearance dresses out over the last month or so and put them all together in one big post celebrating the awesomeness of Boden dresses

I don't have the express permission from all bloggers to include their reviews in my roundup, so I am not always able to include everyone I see out there, but I do want to let you know that Boden's Facebook page runs the "Bloggers Do Boden" feature every month.  They just published new photos, so go have a gander!

Okay, my eyes are about to fall out of my head, so I think a quick dunk in ice water may be needed.  Anyone else?  :-)  You all have a great day!