Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Boden Ingrid Coat.

UPDATE (Friday, 10/18/13 morning): It appears that Boden had a major restock of items last night, some completely sold out items are back in stock, including the black version of this coat.  The other colors are still gone, but thought I should tell you.  There are also some sizes and colors back in both the heeled loafer and the chic tweed shift (which I have in a size 8L and fits exactly right).  Good luck if you were hunting for a popback!

I know that this coat is super popular and was beloved by many during preview, so even though the darn thing is completely sold out (barring popbacks), I figured I would do a review for those of you than want to stalk this coat.  :-)

Ingrid Coat.  Size 6.  This is the electric pink color, and as you can see, it is pretty true to color for what Boden has on their site.  It really is a very lovely, bright, happy shade of pink, definitely not for the shy, and definitely not for anyone who feels pink has no place in a winter wardrobe.  (Obviously I do feel it has a place.)

This puppy is warm, its fabric is a lot like J. Crew's stadium cloth, 80% wool, 20% nylon, very thick, lofty, and soft.  I did NOT wear this coat out today, I would have died from heat exhaustion.  ;-)

They have no tall sizing, but I felt like the length on both the arms and the hem were fine for my height, if I were to quibble, I would quibble on the sleeve length, but it really isn't that big of a deal.

You will notice that all the photos of me wearing this coat I have it unbuttoned (even in profile and from the back).  When you get to the last shot, you will see why.

Side view.  Very flattering cut, might be a touch boxy, but it doesn't overwhelm my upper body even though it is a cocoon shape.  The bust darts are placed in an unexpected area, which may be why the overall coat has some shape, even though it is a fairly straight silhouette.

Back view.  Again, like the placement of the lines and how the shape just skims my curves.  Well, they skim my curves in an unbuttoned fashion.  Buttoned up, hmm...

Aw, there it is.  The one major flaw.  This coat was cut so straight through the hips that while the bottom button does do up, it is a tight enough fit that you can tell it is too small through the hips on me.  If I were in a place where I was required to button up in order to go outside in winter, I would be MIGHTILY ticked off since this coat doesn't do up on my pear shape, but fortunately for me, the weather in VA means most winter days I *do* go out in coats that aren't all the way buttoned up.  So while this coat is not a winner on me buttoned up, I do love it enough to not button it up and enjoy it unbuttoned (or only do the top three buttons).  But I will say that if you have an apple shape, or you are an inverted triangle, you will love this coat since it does seem to be made for frames like yours.

Ingrid Coat
Hey, hers is unbuttoned too!

Ingrid Coat.  All sold out.  Check for popbacks, since they will come.

Stockholm Coat

Stockholm Coat.  I think if you love the bright color of the Ingrid, desire its warmth, and are a pear shape, this one in coral could be a good option.  It's a shame that Boden didn't make more coats in this color (the Mia Coat is in this color, but it is shorter and more blazer-like).

Hope that helps someone out there.  :-)