Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little More on the Hole in My Heart...

You all are the sweetest blog friends ever. Between you all saying such nice things about all the skirt outfits I wore in that last post and the kind, loving things you all said regarding my health issues, I truly feel blessed. THANK YOU!

But I would feel terrible if some of you in any way were stressed for me because of this whole "hole in my heart" situation. Yes, truly, you don't want to hear a doctor say, "yep, there's a hole in your heart," but if you *have* to have a hole in the heart, supposedly this is the one you want to have. It is called a PFO, which stands for Patent Foramen Ovale. Yeah, sounds pretty suck-tastic, right? Well, it turns out something like 10% to 20% of the US population has this congenital defect. At birth, this little hole connecting the right and left ventricles is meant to close shut, and for some people, it just doesn't.

Great, right? So now you are thinking, "Dina is set, no worries." Well, maybe not. Turns out that my migraines with aura (as opposed to migraines without aura) put me in a specific group of people...HALF of all migraine with aura people (including me) have a hole in their heart (PFO), and that is pretty darn significant. And there is some proof that those with migraine with aura who also have PFO have LARGER openings than the normal PFO population.

So why is this significant? Turns out that the blood that is pumped into your right ventricle is old, de-oxygenated blood that has travelled all over your body picking up clumps of cells (like blood clots) and other kind of nasty chemicals. After the blood goes into your right ventricle, it is then *supposed* to go to your lung for purification and oxygenation, kind of like a visit to the spa...aaah. Well, if you have a PFO that has an opening that is all open for business (like it sounds like some of us with the aura migraines might have), the *bad* blood sneaks on over to the left ventricle without its purification ritual. Bad, bad, blood, and bad, bad, PFO! Why is it bad, you might wonder? Well...that bad blood, full of nastiness and clots can go to the brain which could cause the brain to have a bad set of chemical reactions (possibly) leading to the aura portion of the migraine...and (for all you Bret Michaels fans) if a clot gets in your brain, well, oops...there's a STROKE. Oh, goody.

Oh! And check this out...I am on a daily regimen of baby aspirin already because my blood has a tendency to clot because I have a disorder which (in the end) can lead to blood clotting.

Sigh. I am like one big walking stroke, migraine magnet. (Interesting fact...folks with migraines and auras have a MUCH greater chance of having a stroke...hmm...I think you can see the connection now!)

Here's the kind of stinky deal...there is a LOT of controversy on whether or not to surgically close the hole. Many doctors are wary of it, saying don't mess with something unless there is REALLY GOOD proof of other words, we don't have enough proof that PFO causes migraine with aura, so don't close up the PFO if that is the only thing you are worried about.

You can, though, have your PFO closed if you have had strokes. Oh, nice. So all I have to do is have a STROKE to get something that probably, most likely is causing most of my migraines closed? Swell. Fortunately for me it appears my neurologist is a pro-closing the PFO doctor(from what she said to me when I met her--smart lady, btw, totally knew within 10 minutes of meeting me to check for this).

I have read (did a LOT of research yesterday) that many people in EXACTLY. THE. SAME. SITUATION. as me had their PFOs closed in some clinical trial or another and guess what? Yep...they feel great, major reduction in migraines, much lower risk of stroke and many forms of heart disease.

Oh, and because my life is serendipitous, look what the New York Times wrote about the day AFTER I got my diagnosis? Yeah, someone up there must have

Anyhoo, that is all for tonight. I will get back to fashion, but what is more fashionable than being able to actually post every day because I feel fan-freaking-tastic? Yeah, I thought so! ;)

P.S. Had another one today, yep, a migraine. Have them enough that I am starting to think I may be close to the chronic headache label.

P.P.S. If you are a doctor who reads my blog and I totally screwed something up, please let me know!!! I want to be accurate!!! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer "Skirting" the Issue...

The issue: I don't have the ability to wear clothing more than once because I buy so much clothing that there is NO way I can re-use clothing.

The solution: Umm, my summer skirt post (below) will help prove that I do indeed wear clothing more than fact, I readily admit to loving it! (It helps me be more creative with my choices, and in some cases, the second or third time--or more--I look better because the outfit looks better mixed up.)

LOL. Enjoy. I did! :)

Oh, and please do read the last paragraph. It may explain why I may not be up for posting a whole lot over the next few weeks to months.

Yay! I love this combo far more than when I wore this skirt last year. The v-neck tee is very simple, but with the addition of some interesting sandals and a pretty mushroom and a lovely magnolia necklace, the crazy pattern of this Target Merona "Coppelle Paisley" skirt is both highlighted AND subdued. Bravo!

I loved this skirt last year (but can't find the photo in my blog archives, grr, and double grr), and I do remember pulling it out to wear just around the house to play with the kids. This year I still pull it out to play with the kids, but I do like to dress it up, like I did here for my day out in Palm Springs back in June. The grey tank along with the Lola Raffia hat and the very simple flip-flops help the skirt (literally) shine--don't know if you can tell but there are metallic threads woven into the fabric.

Oh, yes, my, the world's shortest skirt. :) LOL. I wore this in NYC in May, and I still find myself drawn to it, regardless of length. Admittedly I don't wear this to play tag with the kids, but I do like it for a night out (wore it one of the nights I was in Palm Springs). I paired it with the sequin stripe henley (in grey) and the gorgeous en plein air scarf in the fleurette pattern to not only try to mix patterns but give the whole outfit an interesting vibe.

I don't believe any of you have seen any of these pieces on me before but that is because the skirt and headband are new and I don't think I have ever taken a pic of me wearing the sandals or the top (here's a shocker--I don't take pics of every. single. one. of. my. outfits. amazing!). The top is from 2007 and the sandals are from 2009. I do love the top, especially, and find it works so well with many of my outfits...just a fun neutral piece with some cool visual interest in the gilded stripes.

BTW, I was COMPLETELY and 100% inspired to wear this outfit the same exact day I saw the gorgeous A Bigger Closet (ABC) wear a similar outfit on her blog. SWAK, ABC, and THANK YOU!

P.S. CW is totally re-wearing one of her outfits too. LOL. Oh, and that baby doll never changes her outfit...stinky. ;)

Okay, this is pretty darn new (except the sandals), but hey, it's a really cool outfit, right? Isn't the tied-dyed Wednesday skirt so pretty with the brown tank and cool statement necklace (ombre maritime rope necklace for those curious)? Too bad I had a terrible day with my least I could pet the soft fabric of the skirt and be transported to a land full of cashmere, silk, and linen. Well at least until Rex decided to open a package of pretzels at starbucks that landed all over the place...

Okay, yes, I have worn this cardi before. Good. :)

Oh, I love you striped linen monterey skirt. So flattering and so very easy-going. You are like one of my JCA BFFs, just what I need when I need a pick me up. :) Yeah, this is the ultimate SAHM outfit, tee, easy skirt, and flip-flops that match.

And last but not's outfit. I had SUCH a problem wearing this skirt in May, I was all verklempt. But then I saw this tank and those flip-flops and I know it isn't exactly brain surgery, but the way they all came together in their matchy-match heaven kind of made my day (doctor-filled day, but more on that later). I have also paired it with a necklace that I totally heart from the Aqua line at Bloomingdale's. Yes, you have seen the necklace before, too.

Okay, so I guess I have shown that I love a little of the old and the new. Enjoy shopping ladies and gentlemen...whether that be shopping your closet or shopping at the mall...just enjoy!!!

P.S. Those doctor visits? Well, I kind of have really shiny white teeth now (yay for a great cleaning)...BUT...I need a root canal (oh, dear)...and well, I have a hole in my heart. And no, I didn't get the hole from my heart breaking over some negative comment or another...nope, looks like I was born with a congenitial heart defect and it appears that it is likely a cause for my terrible migraines. (I know, weird, right? The explanation makes sense, but it is too much to get into right now.) I can't elaborate more on it now as it is all early still, but it looks like I will be having some serious face time with my neurologist. Eep!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some In-Store Only Items in Real Life...

Good day, all!

Long time, no chat! :) Thank you for all your kind words about my jaunt to the Star Wars in Concert last weekend. I cannot believe it has taken me a week to get back to business over here at My Superfluities. (But there is a good reason! Check it out...your favorite Mid-Century Mom is back to doing chores in pencil skirts and pearls!)

Speaking of pencil skirts...I have for you a little lookie-loo at a skirt that is currently in stores only. Isn't this dark grey lace skirt divine? It is actually lace on top of a black stretch lining, which gives this J. Crew Collection piece some depth and visual interest. It is called the Palmilla Lace Pencil Skirt, item #28947, and retails for $178 (ouch, good thing I had a return, a gift card, and a discount). If you have bought this from one of the retail stores it has a different name, but this info I have given you will be the info for the skirt when it retails at in about a month (so says my darling on-line personal shopper--thank you, Ashley). BTW, I first found out about this skirt because of the super-cool blogger Cari, who runs a blog called "Financial Services is Not Fashion."

The top is on-line and it is called the Sparkle Waves Henley, but this color is IN STORES only. Isn't that odd how they do that? Turns out I really prefer this ivory version (AMI, anyone?) because it perfectly goes with my tie-dyed Wednesday skirt (I will have to get that polyvore together, gorg combo). This retails for $45, maybe wait for a sale unless you plan on wearing it right away (like I want to). Gigiofca has recently reviewed it, so check it out!

Palmilla Lace Pencil Skirt sizing advice: SIZE DOWN at least one size. Or two. This is a size 4. Yep. You read that right. The fit is spot on for me, waist, hips, even length (I don't mind it not being knee length). Very stretchy lace and lining, btw.

Sparkle Waves Henley Sizing Advice: Size down one or tts. I can't tell. Lately I have been buying a lot of x-smalls, which this one is. If I had gotten a small it would have been too big in the shoulders and too long. So I guess go with your gut, do you need length and more room in your shoulders, or are you short-torsoed and small-shouldered?

Now onto J. Crew outlet finds. I have been to the outlets a lot lately. I am very pleased with what I am finding. I am holding off on many and retail store purchases because I know that I can wait for a sale or even a year and find it for cheaper or in some other version I may prefer even more.

This dress is the outlet version of some drawstring cover-up or another at the retail stores. I got this for some insane price like 10 dollars. (It was on clearance with an additional discount on top of it.) I bought this in a small, and you could cinch the waist, but on me it looks better just loosely tied. I am actually wearing this today, perfect fun SAHM outfit when you want to stay cool and comfortable. It is also great for the pool or beach.

Oh, you all are gonna swoon for this one. The outlet took the much loved bella skirt design and combined it with the evening primrose print from last year (I have the cardigan in this print). Isn't the skirt so lady-like and special? It is a new arrival at the outlet, so it is at its full price of 55 or so, but really, at the retail stores this would be at least 40 dollars more. My fave SA at the Potomac Mills outlet was insistent that I buy this, he said it was his favorite piece on me that night. (He is so sweet--just adore him--if you are in NOVA, go to Potomac Mills stat, the staff is truly awesome!) I bought this in a 6, and it is meant to be worn at the waist.

Here are two of my outlet finds put together. The cami is the indigo floral frances cami and as much as I adored this print last summer (2009) at the retail stores, the prices all seemed a bit high for what they were, so I held off. I am glad I did as I adore the shape of the Frances cami a lot and find it works well with this print. I have worn it alone (and you will see that in another post), but I do like it layered with this awesome french terry henley sweatshirt. This could be a perfect top half for a fall SAHM outfit. Or paired with a pencil skirt and kitten heels for a dressy casual look.

The cami is a size 4, and currently on clearance. The french terry sweatshirt is a size small, and also on clearance.

The tank is a new arrival, and quite expensive (for the outlet) at 30. I do find that I wear layering tanks a lot, and all year round, and this animal print version will look heavenly with many of my colored cardigans that I have. So cost per wear? Definitely will be lower! :) This is a size x-small.

The cardigan in the back is on clearance and is a very fun and flattering color combo. I bought it in an x-small and it is on clearance. (Forgot to get a pic.)

I just adored the wallpaper print that the retail stores put out last year and actually own a mini in this print already. The difference? My version from last year has large graphic wallpaper, while this is in miniature. Either way, they are both fab, easy, comfortable skirts.

This is a size 6 or maybe an 8? I don't remember. LOL.

You all have a fab day. Visit Mid-Century Mom if you get a chance, enjoy your Monday, and next Monday look forward to another Mommy Style Monday (none today).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Sun-Dressing: Boden Edition

Hi! First thing before I get started. I had a MAJOR closet purge over the past month (and I am nowhere near done) and I found a lot of items that fit me but don't work for me...SO...I offer them to you all now. :) There are some nice items there and I tried to keep the prices as low as possible. seems I was in a major Boden mood this weekend and last night...and because it has been crazy hot and humid here, I let my Boden mood take me to these delightful sundresses.

Above is the polyvore of the two outfits I am showing you today. The one on the left I wore on Saturday and the one on the right I wore last night.

Dress: UK 12, US 8. Could have sized down in the Amalfi Dress in the green colorway, as this is a bit big in the bust and waist, but I think it looks fine the size I ended up getting. (Plus, since it is washable, there may be some shrinkage, so it will probably fit well soon enough.) Isn't this a delightful dress? I felt so lady-like going out with my hubby for my (very belated) birthday dinner.
Shoes: Size 9. Available from the Loft last year. They have the cutest bee critters on the straps.

UK 12, US 8. Yet again, could have sized down in this funloving Floral dress as the shoulders are kind of large, but again this is washable, so it will most likely shrink. Don't you just love how happy the flowers look on this dress? So yellow and sunny!
Shoes: Size 9.5. Yes, Aerosoles, you had me at "hello" with these fab studded gladiator wedge sandals.

Guess I was in a "bee" mood, as well, because the necklace is the yellow beaded "bee" critter necklace that J. Crew made two summers ago.

Yes, that is a mini-Boden dress, and yes, she is wearing my bee critter necklace. I know, I know...PRECIOUS. :)

You all are NEVER gonna guess where CW and I went looking like this...


Couple more spaces...


I have no idea what we are posing in front of. Rex probably does, and CW could probably sing the song that goes along with the scene of the movie this belongs in. To the people at the concert, I *was* the lame-o. Yep.

Yep, we "nerded-out" and went to STAR WARS IN CONCERT on Saturday night. Actually, I was sort of dragged along (with the promise of box seats--friend gifted them to us--I was a little more amenable after I heard that) by my dear son and hubby. Even CW was humming bars of the Imperial March *note, that link goes to a HILARIOUS youtube video of lego starwars people in an orchestra--at least I think it is funny*. I had to bring a bit of color to the procession of black and white (impersonators of Darth Vader and the Clone Troopers, respectively).

It actually was a lot of fun. Surprisingly. I do like the music...but at one point, after being jostled by the fiftieth person looking to get as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the memorabilia, I announced loudly to Mr. Dina, "agh, they are just MOVIE PROPS, people." To which Mr. Dina just shook his head sadly at my disrespect. (Sorry, George Lucas.)

Doesn't Mr. Dina look so happy to be here? I am just happy he is wearing a colorful shirt instead of dressing up as Yoda.

Have a great day, all. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Kind of Like This...

Must go to bed. But before going to bed, must show outfit I wore yesterday to relax around the house (while still doing a million SAHM things--lol).

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore. Yes, those are the (in)famous unsweatpants.

Making stupid face while taking self-potrait equals off with her head!
Ellora Print Button-Down Shirt, J. Crew, Size 6. Bought from a JCA. Loved how it brought this casual outfit up a notch.
Cami: The ever-awesome and no longer produced Lady Hathaway Camis with Shelf Bra. Boo, Costco! You should still sell these...they rock my world, size medium, although size small fits, too.
Pants: Luxe knit un-sweatpant, J. Crew, Size Small. These are the dark mushroom color...and I think because I paired it with the wedge sandals and the button-down, they actually are passable. Passable for SAHM things, maybe not so much for the grocery store--your thoughts? Would you wear this outfit out to the grocery store??? ;)
Shoes: Aerosoles. I tell you, Aerosoles keeps grabbing me with the awesome mix of comfort, cool look, and great prices. These are the Bora Bora sandals in mid-green and I bought them in a 9.5.

You all have a great night...and remember, celebrate the outfits you "kind of like." :) SMILE!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giveaway Winners and My Very First Arbonne Afternoon!

1. I apologize for not announcing the giveaway winners yesterday, as promised. I once again suffered from a massive migraine attack, yet this time I had to ask Mr. Dina to stay home. I was bedridden by this attack. I have contacted and have had my first appointment with a neurologist, and she has been great so far. I anticipate that by the end of the summer I will be closer to an answer of why I get so many attacks and why they are so very painful. Wish me the best, as I have to undergo an MRI as part of this screening, and I have heard those can be really difficult (I am not claustrophobic but people have said this experience could turn me!).

2. I picked two winners for the giveaways, out of 30 comments. I had made a comment to one of the comments, so that comment was thrown out and was not counted when I found the winners.

3. For the Independence day giveaway, I got #19, which is AppGal! AppGal, you are the winner of the Johnnie B. Union Jack bag and the Arbonne FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture.

4. For the Birthday giveaway, I got #19, which is HeidiG.! Heidi, you are the winner of the packet of Arbonne's Seasource Detox Spa Sea Soak and the Seasource Detox Spa Sea Mud and Body Mask.

Yay for you both. I have e-mails for both of you, so please do be expecting a congratulatory e-mail from me very soon.

And thank you to all who entered. I loved seeing what you all had to say about America (or your own country) and also what you do to pamper yourself throughout the year.

And on that note, let me tell you about one of my own very special pampering rituals (besides buying lots and lots of J. Crew--lol).

I am a big OLE bath junkie. Some people have really bad habits that they are junkies for, but not me...I pick probably the cleanest things to get addicted to...BATHS!

I have taken one every single day since I was born. I don't believe there has ever been a time where I would take a shower if I could take a bath instead. (Except for those months that I lived in a dorm, yucky, yucky communal showers--blegh!)

I have always used potions and elixirs in my baths, salts, soaks, bubbles, oils, you name it, I have tried it. :) Body Shop loved me back in the day.

It seems that I always have preferred the treatments that would leave my skin soft and clean. A lot of the potions I would use had additives that would either strip my skin or would leave me feeling a bit greasy. Over the years, I have found things and products that I love, but then they would be gone in a heartbeat (I am looking at you, Bath and Body Works), so I stopped frequenting stores and places that would get me hooked and then let me down (looking at you again, Bath and Body Works).

Lucky for me, Holly (who I have known for years) started an Arbonne business and showed me all the fab pampering products that Arbonne has, especially for those of us addicted to baths. Their Seasource Detox Spa line is awesome, with all kinds of wonderful treatments for before the bath, during the bath, and after the bath. (And unlike some other companies, Arbonne doesn't stop producing popular products when you start to depend on them!)

I was officially addicted when I tried the seasoak for the very first time...I stepped into the bath, the gentle fragrance welcomed me and through its special blend of minerals, helped my muscles relax (I tend to overuse my muscles as I exercise and lift a lot--40 pound toddlers, anyone?).

Then I had the opportunity to try the Seasource Sea Mud Face and Body Mask...I especially love this for the summertime, as my skin gets pretty oily. It feels clarifying, but it is in no way drying. I feel like I am at the spa, and I am being wrapped up by a therapist in one of their body wraps when I use this...the smell and consistency is very similar to what they use at the high-end spas. (I wouldn't be surprised if some of the spas use this line of products!)

After the bath, a good moisturizer is key. You have taken care of cleansing and relaxing, now keep the feeling up by moisturizing your skin with FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture (I like this for the summer as I have pretty oily skin--but if you are young or have oily skin all year round, this is great at all times). If you need a heavier moisturizer, I highly recommend the Seasource Detox Spa Re-mineralizing Lotion 24H.

If you click on the picture in this post (above), you will see my recipe for the perfect summer bath...I hope that some of you are able to try this! I am all for pampering, even if it means doing some of it at home!

I hope you have enjoyed my very first Arbonne Afternoon. In the weeks to come I will highlight other Arbonne products that I have personally used and love! :) After all, what good is seeing the products without actually having a testimonial to go along with them? On that note, if you have used the above products and have some of your own experiences to share, please do!!!

(If you need more info on these products, or would like to know more about how to get these products, please do e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or see this post!)

Have a great day, all.

P.S. I am getting my coupons and samples ready for sending out tomorrow, so remember if you would like to be on my Arbonne mailing list, do e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com. If you have already e-mailed me, I have your expect to hear more from me! Thank you!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #8--Inspired By...

The whole premise of my "Spring Into Style" class this last spring break centered around one focal question: "Who are you inspired by?" My twist and the twist I present to you today is not who are you inspired by emotionally and spiritually, but instead who sartorially inspires you? Who brings out your inner fashionista?

For the 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-graders it ranged from Beyonce to Taylor Swift, and from Robert Pattinson to Shawn White (he is a snowboarder--I had to look it up). For their teacher (that's me), I took my inspiration from some most unlikely suspects (for the kids, anyhow, you all won't be surprised, I bet).

The VERY first day of class I insisted they create an Inspiration Board, a construction paper full of drawings, photos, color, and objects that bring out some sort of look that wished to recreate for themselves in their holds barred. I didn't tell they had to have people, if they chose to have pictures of doorknobs, I was fine with it. What inspires you is personal and special. Most folks do choose people, and so I give to you the challenge of creating your own inspiration board and taking from the people you choose an enlivened sense of what you want to look like and how you want to appear on the outside (I am not able to help you work on the inside, yet, anyhow, lol).

Above is my inspiration board, and the one I still use to remind myself of what I love to see and what I would love to be:
From left to right, clockwise:
1. The lovely sisters Emily and Zooey Deschanel. Zooey had me at the first dulcet tone of the song she sings in the cotton commercial. I know. I know. For those of you that have seen the commercial, doesn't she just transport you? And her clothing in the spot, um, yes, please. And Emily? She is utter perfection as Temperence Brennan on Bones. Love her character and her character's styling. Put Zooey and Emily in an embrace, and bonjour, l'amour. :)
2. Zooey waving her hand in a flowy, lightweight blue strappy dress.
3. Emily on the cover of HEALTH magazine. Any lady that makes it on that cover is taking good care of herself, which always reminds me to eat better, stay out of the sun unless I am wearing SPF 100, and to exercise.
4. Liberty of London for Target ad. You all know me and my love of Liberty of London fabrics so no explanation necessary, I am sure!
5. Peacock feather. LOVE the colors in peacock feathers.
6. Emily walking in a fitted trench. She is a modern '50s lady. Love it!
7. There's Zooey again, sitting pretty in a fab red frock and gorg flats. Swoon.
8. Giada De Laurentiis. I love her...from her slightly large head to her amazing figure. She comes across as nice, sweet, approachable, and lovely. I want to be her friend. And crazily enough if I could be part of her circle, I bet she would be a great friend. :) And her style? Delish. I have loved every outfit I have ever seen her in (and bonus points to her for wearing J. Crew...see her in pieces all the if she is a JCA, props to her)!
9. Lemons. Love the taste, the color, and the firm outside with the slightly soft inside.
10. Tiffany's Box. Great color, great style, amazing icon. Couldn't fit Audrey Hepburn here from Breakfast at Tiffany's, so I put the box instead.

So that's my inspiration board. I had been saving images for about a year, and right before the class started, I did mine. I may do another for the fall class, but have it themed for the colder season, with hats, boots, denim, etc.

Now, I know I promised you a review of the A.R. Trapp Trouboudor sunglasses in the Japanese Havana colorway (tortoise, in other words, of course, lol), but I start with why I bought these. If you look at this image of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, you should see the resemblance of these glasses to the ones she wears. Now I look nothing like Audrey, in fact, if I breathed on her she would probably break (poor dear under ate and was a basket of nerves, supposedly), and in no way is my own personal style like hers. That said, there are many items I have seen of hers from movies and in her own personal life that I at some point wished to have for myself, the sunglasses being one of them. Another thing I would love to have is Audrey's amazing generosity of spirit. If you don't know much about her personal life, I highly recommend any of the biographies on appears that she was beloved and for so much more than her style and grace.

I will start with the sunglasses and go from there. ;)

Side view of the A.R. Trapp sunglasses. These are handmade and well-made. They fold up very flat, so there is no need for one of those huge clam shell cases. They actually come with a leather slim case for the glasses, and I definitely suggest you use it. I plan on having these for many, many years (cost per wear hopefully in the pennies by the time I am done with them), and I can do so with great care. So use the provided case!!!

I love the image of the model for J. Crew pulling the sunglasses down on her face and smiling. I couldn't quite get to her sweet expression, but maybe a few points for trying? :)

Notice that these have green lenses, but when you wear them, they seem just like other sunglasses, but it is clearer. (I think the lenses are made from very nice, optical-grade material, a la what is put in prescription glasses.)

So you know, I did research on A.R. Trapp before purchasing these (umm, hello, not a crazy person who spends that sort of money without seeing if it is worth it). Turns out they are a HIGHLY respected shop in NYC that have the very finest sunglasses and prescription glasses, you know, great materials, great handiwork, quality service, etc.

They are sold-out, but there may be a way of locating them? I got the last pair from the Collection store (pulled from the display case), so good luck! I did like the yellow pair they had, but felt that would be too harsh of a yellow for my skin coloring (although I love yellow, the muted, dijon-y mustard yellows make me look a bit sick).

And now for my last inspired piece. Remember I love Giada, right? And I love J. Crew, right? I had purchased this very tunic top from the store (it was in-store only) in March and have worn it a couple of times since then (have yet to get a good photograph--I actually hate this photo). I also love silly reality shows like "The Next Food Network Star." (Yes, I admit it...) Well, guess what? Giada hearts this very top, and is wearing it in her Target commercial. :) I think I chose my inspirations well.

P.S. My hubby asked why I didn't have any blondes on my inspiration board like Cameron Diaz, Anna Torv, or Naomi Watts. I told him...this is a board of women I want to emulate. I don't need to look like them to emulate them. Now if I was doing a "makeup inspiration board," you had better believe that Cameron, Anna, and Naomi would be on mine.

P.P.S. I will pick a winner for the giveaway tomorrow. Wanted to get my Mommy Style Monday done. I know you all understand!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Borrowing from the Boys, Literally...

For those of you that read this post early, all you got were four pictures of me wearing the same tee as Rex, and so I am sure that even without copy you all could guess where I got the title "Borrowing from the Boys..."

But just in case you still don't get it, I wore two separate tees recently that happened to be from crewcuts, and were boy's tees. Yes, I literally borrowed from the boys. And because nothing seems to tickle me more than matching my kids (I know, it doesn't take much to amuse me), I had to buy Rex the same tees in his size.

So here you are...

Borrowed from the Boys (Section), Part One (Also today's look, so yay for that!):
Top: Size 12. This is the boys graphic tee with the phrase "Don't be so shellfish," and has a drawing of a lobster. Did I tell you I happen to also love puns??? ;) I like the size 12 in the crewcuts boys shirts, but far prefer a size 14 in the girls shirts, which are cut narrower.
Skirt: Size 8. This is Jones New York from last year. I like the length and modest cut of this for church.
Shoes: Size 10. These are the Carina T-Strap Sandals from last summer, J. Crew. Very comfortable and well-made.

I love that it was baby CW who happily posed with me, not Rex, even though he was the one most excited by the fact that we matched.

I LOVE this picture. You all be expecting my dad to come in and post a comment about how much he loves it, too. Look at that--we are all smiling, no one has their eyes closed, perfection!!! :)

And isn't Rex just DARLING in his shirt??? (Oh, and get this, one whole hour of church and Rex was amazingly well-behaved. He even did prayer hands AND did the sign of peace with one of our pew neighbors--YAY!)

Oh, and yes, inquiring minds, those sunglasses are my new A.R. Trapp for J. Crew Troubadour sunglasses, and yes, I do love them. I did save up for them, and I figure after a few years their cost per wear should be pretty low, so I anticipate these being worth every penny I spent!!!

Borrowed from the Boys (Section), Part Two:
Top: Size 12. This is a crewcuts from last year that I fell in love softshell crabs (to eat) and felt that I had to declare it. I have not yet had ANY this summer, and from what I can tell, I may not the rest of the summer (shortest softshell crab season ever, it seems, sadness is me), so I decided to put it out there that I NEEDED some. Alas, no one caught my (admittedly subtle) plea, so no offers from random strangers in Alexandria offering me some. Boo.
Shorts: Size 10. Yummy buttercup chino color, no?
Shoes: Size 10. Miss Trish of Capri for Target, you did good.

And even though it SHOULD have been Rex in this picture with me, again it was baby CW. I think she just loves the camera (and I think it loves her right back)!

One nanosecond after this photo was taken, Rex bolted for the other side of the room. It was a minor miracle this photo looks like this. LOL.

You all have a great night. Thanks for visiting and bearing through dinagideon's children's photos. :)

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth Festive Wear!


Okay, so I always have a blast over the Independence Day holiday. Obviously, I get to be all loved and treated well because it is right near my birthday, so by the end of the holiday, I have been wined and dined to the point where I have to be rolled out of restaurants. LOL. Fortunately this year I have two small toddlers who keep me moving, so that helped alleviate some of the inevitable weight gain...turns out that even if you eat fairly well, like salads and such, well, it doesn't really matter as home-made salad equals 350 calories and restaurant-made salad equals (and this is my approximation here) 125,678,301.1 calories. Oh, well.

And then you add on the 5,012 calories that I consume in red wine and you just know that I will have a bit of detox to make up for my indiscretions. :P

Onto the outfits I chose this year to celebrate my dear country's birth...

Wore this on July 5th to go to a local Alexandria community's fair. They had bike decorating contests, beautiful baby contests (baby CW--prettiest brown eyes), and lots of fun in the (hot, overbearing, OMG we are all going to melt) sun. I think it was 103 degrees with full-on humidity, so by the end all of us were dirty, sweaty, and tired. You know I looked fab--ha--not!

Size Medium. I bought this Mossimo (Target) dress about two years ago and I finally am wearing it. Yes, I wore a poly-blend dress on one of the hottest days of the year. So you know, this pic was taken BEFORE we left for the day. :) You would not want to see the after shot. (And come on--you see the fireworks--how perfect, right? Right??? Worth the poly-blend fainting spell I nearly had???)
Shoes: Size 10. These are the Cole Haan Air Lunetta sandals. They had a slide version, but I found those were a weird fit, but these have a toe hold making them stay on my foot better.
Necklace: Twirled Metal and Crystal Necklace. Umm, still full price at (of course). I bought this at 19.99 plus 20% off at the G'town store. Yes, I am insisting you do not buy it from the website. Please. But that said, isn't it a beautiful necklace???

And now for the sweet shot. Isn't this precious??? Sunglasses are Boden from last summer. BTW, I bought the A.R. Trapp Troubadour sunglasses and received them yesterday. I am in love, and look forward to showing them to you on Monday (hint for Monday's Mommy Style post--using inspiration boards to choose your pieces for your wardrobe).

And now let's reverse to Saturday, July 3rd. (Don't worry, I didn't forget the 4th!)

HOT HOT DAY which means summer sundress time for all female members of dinagideon's household.

Size 4. Large Ikat print sundress from the J. Crew outlet. For what it's worth, Mr. Dina really liked this dress on me, so I was glad that I purchased it. I still worry the print is too large, but I guess it works. I love the navy blue and white, had no red, but I was trying to be festive. :)
Shoes: Size 10. Old, old, old Born navy sandals. Good on Born for making a shoe that I have literally worn for years that still have plenty of life in them.
CW's dress: Size 2 from mini-Boden. I actually bought this dress when she was 5 months old as I loved it that much. She looks so freaking cute. Those are her Miss Trish of Capri pink/green daisy sandals.

And lookie there--POCKETS!!! :)

Above is the final look, the July 4th, red, white, and blue outfit.

Top: Size Petite 8. This is from last fall, and I am so glad I ordered this color. I have so little red in my wardrobe that I spend every July 4th wondering what the heck I am going to wear that has red in it. This, btw, is one of the very few reds I can wear, a rosy, pinky red, so I am not even sure it counts, but you all DO. NOT. WANT. to see me in a real red. That would make you run away in disgust, trust me.
Shorts: Size 8. These are the fun starfish shorts that are linen (yes, by the end of the evening, they had the horizontal lines on the front of them). I would say that J. Crew could have done an extra inch or two, but at least these shorts weren't of the 3-inch inseam length. :)
Shoes: Size 10. These are the starfish capri sandals from last summer. Quick question: Shortly after posing for this picture, the band on one of them broke where the band enters the footbed...I am assuming the shoe-guy can glue it back in or what...but what should I do re: telling J. Crew? I wore them twice last summer, this would have been my third wear. Do I have ANY reason to expect J. Crew to reimburse me for the repair?

Thank you for coming on by. :) I know I have been a bit absent lately and I 100% appreciate you all sticking around. I want to be more active, and I ESPECIALLY want to be more active on other's blogs, but I have been around my computer less and less...which means less and less can be given to my beloved blog friends. So thank you, again!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Endless Chevrons, Castle Lake, and a Silver Lining...

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I am continuing my summer series on the sundress by doing a special Anthropologie post. :) You all know I love me some crew, but man, the Anthro store gets me every. darn. time. Only rarely do I see anything in the Anthro catalog and say, "I have to have." But get me in an actual store, and watch dinagideon go cah-ray-zee. (The Endless chevrons is an exception to this rule, btw...the catalog image did me in, 100%.)

Above is the set I wore on my birthday, for the party my husban threw for me (on three, awww!). I wanted to save the Endless Chevrons dress for an extra-special occasion, and I think a beautiful July day is a great reason. ;)

I had to buy the Endless Chevrons dress full price. I don't know if they made less because it is Anna Sui, but I saw the sizes going away and I knew I would have to just suck it up and order it. I am glad I did because by the time it went on sale, there were only a few left in a 4 or 10?

The catalog image was very pretty and when I saw it way back in March (?), I kind of knew it would be mine.

Dress: Size 6. The 4 would have fit better at the bust, but I needed the room in the hips. Still love this design, I think it is very flattering in general. The name Endless Chevrons comes from the very faint chevron designs printed in light brown onto the bright turquoise background. Love the collar detail, btw.
Shoes: Size 10. Cole-Haan, you have such wonderful shoes. :)

As with any birthday party over age 21, dinagideon was able to "enjoy" the evening with a few lovely beverages. By the time we got to my cake (pretty--look at that rose!), I was pretty sauced. Can you tell?

I love how Rex is looking at his pretty friend, his pretty friend is looking at me (probably wondering what in the heck I am doing), and his pretty friend's brother is staring longingly at the cake.

Size small. This is the Castle Lake dress and there are so many people who wear this so well. Seriously, do a google search for "Castle Lake" "Anthropologie" and you will see all the beautiful ladies who have purchased this dress and then have found some fantastic way to wear it. I almost returned it, but after seeing all their styling ideas, I was inspired to keep it. I like it belted, and with wedge sandals.
Belt: Size small. This is the studded leather belt and was a FRACTION of its on-line cost at the Georgetown J. Crew. It is 68 on-line, and I was able to get it for under 40. The stores are where you should get this belt. It is highway robbery to buy it on-line when the stores are selling it for cheaper. Get thee to a b & m, stat.
I like the way the studs kind of help keep this outfit from being too sweet (although its effect is very subtle).
Shoes: Size 9.5. Love you, Aerosoles, so comfy, and like my favorite food when I was younger, you comfort me with your cheapness.

P.S. I wore this TONIGHT! Yay, me. An actual ootd. Heehee.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore in California to church. If you recall, I was going for a color theme while in CA of grey, teal, and white. The silver in the silver lining dress reads light grey, so it worked with the theme, AND it is very packable (no wrinkling--score), so it was the perfect choice. This is available on-line still and I do think that if you can wear this version of grey, you should consider purchasing it.

Size small. This dress runs true to size, which is nice. I am finding I am having to dip into a lot of extra-smalls at Anthro, and that seems foreign to me, so I am doing a bunch of returns on items that are too big...I have found that if I read the reviews first (uh, duh!), I can feel my way to the right size, and the three dresses in this post all were sized based on reviews. I am very pleased that Anthro offers this option (hint, hint, J. Crew).
Cardigan: Size medium. Love it, from J. Crew last spring.
Shoes: Size 10. The cinema t-straps have given me way more wear than I ever expected. Sort of am shocked at how versatile they are.
Necklace: Fiona Paxton Silver Harley Necklace. Can I just give a big ole shout-out to my friend who moderates the blog MODA for pointing out to me that Gilt Groupe would be having a Fiona Paxton sample sale? Umm, yes, please. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have a second lovely Fiona Paxton necklace!!! YAY! :)

You all have a great night. More later, remember enter my GIVEAWAY!