Monday, July 30, 2012

OOTO: Pleated Blouson Dress Does Double Duty.

First things first...I finally joined the 21st century and made a Facebook page for My Superfluities.  I would adore it if some of you decided that you wanted to "like" that page.  :)  My plan is to do preview outfits that will eventually appear on the blog (I get so behind, this would be a great way to show off each outfit as I wear it) and to tell folks when Boden has sales and I have received news and/or coupons that I can share with you here.  There will likely be more, but since it is in its infancy, that is the plan for now.

So you all have seen the Pleated Blouson Dress in action already when I wrote about my experience wearing it on my birthday weekend (also known as the weekend when derecho Dina hit the east coast).  I only gave the dress a passing review, with one photo, as I was beyond tired from all the festivity and craziness of the unplanned sojourn from electricity...

I have worn the dress twice now (ooto--outfits of the "occasions"), the first time being when I wore it for the birthday/Baptism (which was mentioned in that post I linked to in the paragraph above), and the second time for a wedding of some close family friends (the groom was a boy I used to nanny for--agh--I AM SO OLD).

This is the way I wore it for the wedding.  I felt like I could loosen it up a bit since I wasn't going to be at a church (the groom is a Unitarian and decided to have it outside, my wedding had to be at a Catholic Church) felt good to totally change up the look from conservative to a bit more flashy.

Dress: J. Crew Pleated Blouson, Size 6 (fit for my waist, hips/bust free-ish).
Shoes: Via Spiga Mystique, Size 9.5.  These are seriously sexy shoes.  I don't own a lot of sexy shoes.  I bought them on a whim when I saw them at DSW for a ridiculously good price (one of the clearance items plus 40% off).
Bag: J. Crew Candy Stripe Jute Clutch.
Earrings: J. Crew.

I went with no belt this time as I felt like the dress could do well on its own.  I was right.  I far prefer this styling to my original styling.

I kind of like this photo, plus it gives you good look at those amazing shoes.  I kind of feel like these shoes belong in the Eagles song, Those Shoes (that link has the song and some silly dragon avatar--huh?).

This was from the first outing.  Mr. Dina caught this angle, and I ended up liking the image.  You can see the belt here.  I really don't mind the belt, but prefer the styling as worn to the wedding.

Original styling.  It is fun, it is colorful, and it is "current," but I definitely won't be replicating it.  I am having issues with those yellow Lena wedges, too.  I have now worn them three times and while I love them on their own, I have not liked them with the skirts and dresses I have paired with them.  (I think I may need to wear them with shorts and capri pants instead.)

Onto photos from the occasions that the dress was worn to:
It was Angus's baptism, the one day where he will ever wear a bonnet.  We loved this photo.  Every time he smiles now he sticks out his tongue.  :P

He was only awake for a few brief moments during the actual Baptism, when the water hit his head.  He didn't even scream or cry.  He kind of just looked up, looked about a bit, and went back to sleep.  That's my boy. 

Taken right after the actual baptizing.

Mr. Dina is not Catholic, but the Father still blessed him.  :)

After the ceremony, all the family photo taking commenced.  Man, so many photos.  And only two or three managed to turn out.  My favorite was the twenty or so taken of all of us with Mr. Dina's family...they all looked silly.  Especially CW, who did a different funny face in all of the images.  (Maybe one day I will just publish those...)

The wedding (the next Saturday) took place at an historic home in Maryland.  It was so pretty there...but get was also the hottest day yet in the DC area in some unimaginable years.  We didn't break the record of 106 (seriously, ONE OH FREAKING SIX), instead petering out at 105.  Viva la difference.

Pleated Blouson Dress Does Double Duty.

The polyvore of my preferred styling for this dress is above.

Alrighty, then, we'll talk soon.  Hope you all have a great night, and maybe I'll see you over at Facebook.  :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boden: Riviera Shirt Dress...Sexy?

Seriously pretty, but sexy?  Hmm.  I guess if you are French, maybe?
I have changed things up here at My Superfluities, and I promise the change does actually have something to do with Boden's super "sexy" Riviera Shirt Dress, but more on that in a mo.

I changed the blog background color (white, which I have discovered I prefer as a background, makes the text easier to read), the text font (needed to update from Times New Roman, you all, get all internet savvy), and the blog list (so many dead end links from the old one, yikes).  I also changed the header from me wearing a sassy gold J. Crew skirt, striped tank, and sunglasses to one where I am wearing the subject of this blog post, the fall 2012 version of the Riviera Shirt Dress.

I do plan on reviewing the current version of this dress, but I am going to do that when I have more time, for now I want to see if you agree with the French National Assembly, do you think this dress deserves wolf whistles?  If so, then you are in good company.

To see more on what I am talking about, check out The Sun's (UK) coverage of the French Housing Minister, Cecile Duflot, being subjected to cat calls and loud yells as she wore this during a recent speech in Paris.

I think Ms. Duflot does look incredibly lovely and it wonderfully suits her figure, but sexy?  I don't know.  Here in the US, this would be a dress that men would say, "you look so nice," but not so much, "oh, baby, I am taking you home!"

In all fairness, my brother and my husband both approved of the dress as I wore it in the header photo, but more on a "I like the way the dress looks on you," not in a "hubba hubba" way.  (That would have been especially disturbing coming from my bro.  Blah!  LOL.)

I have this dress in the same colorway as the Housing Minister (can't resist this shape!), and I wore it in this blog post, when I was going to my son's CATHOLIC school.  I think it is quite funny that what I considered quite modest for the visit was most definitely not by a bunch of French men.  ;)


Friday, July 27, 2012

OOTD: SAHM, Sequins, Fedora, and a Maxi.

Hi, everyone!

After writing last night's post, I expected that I could get this post done by mid-morning today.  Then life (read: kids, doctor's appointments, errands, etc.) happened.  I didn't have a blog the last time I had a wee newborn, and even then, I didn't have two toddlers on hand whose every last need was my responsibility.  ;)  So I take it as I can, but it does sort of get frustrating that I can't keep my favorite hobby up to the extent that I would like. 

Having said all that, I won't get this time back with my kids, so in the world of priorities, clearly spending as much *quality* time as I can with them will always be number one.

Anyhow, I now have a few brief moments, and will at least get this outfit post published.

I had thought I would wear this particular outfit in California, but the night that I had planned to wear it, I decided to be lazy (it was on day 8 of the vacation) and stay at the hotel with Angus and watch four hours (!!!) of National Geographic channel while feeding him and me (yummy hotel food--and yummy hotel mojito).

The day after we got home (amazingly, if you didn't read it in the last post, we nearly, and I mean NEARLY, missed the flight) I had a Whole Foods date with a good friend of mine, so I decided that this had just enough casual dressy to work for the occasion.

Whole Foods here has a Wines-day event every Wednesday, and for $5 you receive a wine glass, five separate tastings of wine and small samples of a food pairing.  It was awesome, and my friend and I have plans to do this at least once a month or more (I may try to make it every week).  This week was Pinot Grigio week, so I was in heaven, as this is one of my most favorite types of wine.  Plus it was super hot outside, and the pinot was very light and fresh.

Skirt: Boden Swishy Maxi SkirtFirst reviewed by me here.  I wanted to make this outfit a bit more conservative and more California casual, so I decided to go with a fuller sequined tee, the fedora, and a very "now" white clutch.  The navy skirt is barely on sale (only $15 off full price), but the other colors are priced to sell.
Top: J. Crew Sample.  I wore it last here.  Definitely a different look this time, but sadly I still have an additional 10 pounds around my upper hips, so those green shorts are not happening right now.  
Hat: J. Crew Factory.  I wear this hat constantly in summer.
Clutch: Anthropologie Malmo Shoulder Bag.  I bought this on ridiculous super sale.  I had it in my shopping bag waiting for a good sale, and I nearly forgot about it...and one day I opened the shopping bag up and saw that this near $300 purse went on sale for $30.  It is full grain leather, nicely lined, and with a pretty closure (you can see a close-up in the bottom photo).

The clutch isn't really a clutch, but you can easily hide the strap in the back portion of the bag.

I wore this outfit with a pair of sandals from the Loft.  I am stoked that this skirt is *just* long enough to cover my feet except when walking...most maxis are too short for me, so if you are a taller lady, definitely consider this skirt if you want to have a true maxi.

Detail shot of the makeup, hair, hat, and a tremendous number or sequins.  ;)

Detail shot of the closure on the bag.  LOVE.

Sequins, Swishy, and Swank.

Above is the polyvore.

You all have a great afternoon.  Maybe, with any luck, I can get around to answering questions left for me in the comments.  Maybe.  ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boden: mini Boden Autumn 2012 Picks!

Hi, all!

I arrived home in Virginia, finally, but not without an issue, of course, namely that of *almost missing the freaking plane*, but more on that later.  (It does involve a nail biting, gut wrenching, thirty seconds more and we would have had another night in San Diego kind of it is definitely blog worthy, just not in this post.)

I had to decompress yesterday and most of today, but I had made myself a promise to get this planned post published tonight.  ;)

After waiting a L-O-N-G time for the arrival of mini Boden, baby Boden, and Johnnie b, a whole lot of parents were pleased by this current crop of cuteness.  (Well, most, according to Facebook, there are at least a small percentage who say THEY. ARE. DONE. with Boden because of how radically different mini Boden looks than past seasons.)

I like what I see.  I love a few pieces, in fact, but nothing is *OMG, must have right now*.   I will likely check stocks over the next few weeks and purchase when I see pieces going into the low stock territory, because some of these items I do want to get for the kids in my life, but don't need to get right now (especially since summer in VA last so very long).

So in some way, by Boden waiting to let us see the mini stuff, I waited to purchase.  Had they done a preview, I would have likely bought at least one or two things for each of my three rugrats.  Great for my budget, Johnnie, so I thank you for that.

(If you can't wait, and need a coupon, I have one at the bottom of the post and in my sidebar.  If you have a code from a catalog, you can also use that in the shopping bag page in the box that asks for the code.)

Anyhow, onto my picks!
*My affiliate program does not have the items loaded into their directory yet, so I hyperlinked to the Boden website directly.  If you click on the name of the item, it will get you to the product page.  The photo will not get you to the page like it can when the affiliate program has the photos uploaded.*

mini Boden homepage photo...I don't really think those boys are actually reading those books.

Button Pinafore Dress.  This one immediately caught my eye.  I see a more mature mini Boden in this particular garment, it looks like they took a Boden for women dress and shrunk it for the little ladies.  I would personally put CW in this yellow version, but there is also a mod 60s print version and a pink smaller floral version.

Fleece Lined Anorak.  This looks like your child would feel like she is wearing a cozy, yummy, printed pillow to stay warm.  So soft.  I kind of would like to have this for me.

Fun Cardigan. It has a rainbow-hued hedgehog on it.  'Nuff said.

Hotchpotch Jersey Dress.  The folks at Boden are going crazy for this London print, it is showing up in all the collections (including on a tunic for women).  I have a summer dress like this one for CW, and she wears it a ton, it is very probable she would wear a long-sleeved one just as much in the fall and winter (when they finally arrive here in this swamp).

Printed Easy Dress.  The company Tea makes a lot of dresses like this, and they are always favorites of everyone who sees CW in them.  I like that Boden is going there, and this pretty orange floral dress is one of my favorites from all of the collections this season.

Printed Skirt.  This is yet another London themed (Westminster) print, however on a white background.  I don't see a lot from the skirts that I am loving for CW, but this one may just find its way into our house eventually.  :)

Printed All-in-One.  I love this print, and think of how nice it would be for all little girls to feel warm and snug on the coldest winter nights.  The fact that it is an all-in-one gives me pause, though, since it would be a pain to undo and do up every time nature calls.  :P

Mini Rainy Day Coat.  The other two colorways are darling, but these multi-colored birds make me smile, which I would need on a rainy day here in the fall.  There is nothing yuckier (weather wise) than cold, damp rain.  Sads inducing.  ;)  It would be nice to know that my daughter's coat could help buoy my mood.

Sequin Ballet Flats.  I have no doubt that CW will want these.  In fact, I hesitate showing her, because this will be all she will talk about until we get them for her (she is in that phase, delightful...not).  Seeing that they are a 3 week delay, I best wait until at least mid-August before showing her.  That said, they are a fairly good price for an item that I know will get a great cost per wear. 

Note--if you have a smaller women's foot, you can wear the 36-39 size, easily.  Lucky!  If only they went up to size 40, I could wear them, too.

2-Pack Everyday Leggings.  There is nothing flowery I can say about these.  They are just leggings, after all.  However, for all of their boring practicality, the mid-pink color there is pretty nice to have for a girl who adores all things pink.

Twinkly Animal T-Shirt.  Aw, so cute.  The birdie's wing is sequined.  Love.

Love this tee, too...and the fact that they are making mini models pose like "real" models has me on the floor.  How big of a fan did they have to use to get all of her hair to do that?  I mean really, come on now.
Cord Baggies. Rex is notoriously hard on his pants.  He gives them a challenge to dare to stay in great shape no matter what he does to them.  So far the Boden pants he owns (he has a few, always bought on super sale at the end of the season) have lasted and lasted.  I will happily buy these early in the season to guarantee that he can have this color.  His cost per wear will be super low, I am sure of it.

Fleece Lined Hat. Rex loves skull and crossbones as a decorative element (definitely contrary to my penchant for florals), so I know he will happily wear this hat when it gets cold out.  For a boy that hates hats, this is the answer to his winter-related needs.

Multi Logo T-Shirt. Love both of these for Rex.  He will love the skull and crossbones (of course), but the other big thing he is a fan of?  Skeletons.  So a fish-themed/fish skeleton tee will be a hit.

I admit to being a bit worried that Johnnie and company were going to get rid of these type of tees for the boys.  I was sure they were going to go too "crewcuts," which means unless they had a couple of graphic tees, Rex was sure to only wear them for dress up reasons (church, school, etc.).  Fortunately Boden did not go too high end in their designs for the boys meaning that Rex will happily wear them daily.

Stitch Logo Hoody. Ooh, fish skeleton.  And this hoody will keep him warm. Boden...heaven.

Twin Pack Long Johns. Once again, skull and crossbones.  Can you see my dilemma?  I would love it if Rex was all, "ooh, Momma, PLEASE do get me the darling gingham plaid button down and the pressed wool flat front pants."  Since I know he isn't like that, I will continue to buy him the over the top pirate/science-y type things he feels fit his "sartorial" self.

Vintage Toy T-Shirt . There's a robot.  And it's cute.  And there are blue sleeves.  See how easy clothes shopping for boys can be?  LOL.

Stripes, critters, and adorable babies.

5 Pack Bodies. Having just put Angus in the summer version of this (all sold out in clearance), I know that they are soft, well made, and stretchy.  Since babies move a lot and grow a lot, having the stretchy bit is super important.  Plus it has a truck print!  A lot of boy baby clothing is SO UNINSPIRED...bleagh.  I have zero desire to put him camo, which Babies R Us has in superfluity.

Everyday Trousers.  Like the leggings I picked above for CW, these trousers are really just very practical.  I know that if I get these, though, they will last forever, which is important, especially if I get them for Angus at around 12 months old, which is typically when babies start trying (and failing, lol) to toddle around.

Twin Pack Rompers. It's a darling set of wear whenever clothes for Angus!  The London printed romper is especially precious.  :)

Logo Hat and Mittens Set.  I know how hard it is to keep hats and gloves on babies, but these seem like they would actually stay on the baby, not fall right off.  The proof will be this winter, so hopefully they stick around until it actually gets cold enough for us to put them on Gus (usually mid-December).

I don't remember enjoying being a pre-teen as much as these kids seem to be enjoying it.  I think they're faking it.  Or else there was happy water on the set.

Jersey Military Jacket, Jodphur, Ruffle Top, and Tassel Loafers.  I chose to put the Johnnie b girls stuff together as outfits because I know for a fact many of you that read this blog can wear the sizes that Johnnie b offers (for me it all fits except some of the pants and skirts--especially now that they don't offer a size 32 in the pants and skirts).

Anyhow, this jacket reminds me of the Oxford Jacket by J. Crew, except much more casual.  The Jodphurs are adorable and perfect if you love the equestrian look.  The Ruffle Top is exactly the same as this one that I own from Anthropologie.  The Tassel Loafers are a cheaper version of Boden's own Leather Loafers (which I have coming to me in the coal color, new for this season).  (The only difference I can see is that the Johnnie b has a man-made sole, not a leather sole.)

This outfit would be equally at home in school or at a casual Friday in an office (as long as it isn't too conservative).  Add a scarf or a long pendant necklace and you would be ready to go.

Kilt, Pretty Collar T-Shirt, and Suede Ballet Flats.  This is a twee outfit, for sure, but would look so good on so many teens (and happy-go-lucky ladies).  (It would also be awesome on the show Glee.)  Add a thick pair of sweater knit tights, and the outfit would be more modest for those of you concerned over showing so much leg (the skirt measures just over 15 inches in length in the largest size).

The shoes remind me a whole lot of the Mila ballet flats by J. Crew, so keep these in mind if you want a cheaper alternative.

Okay, that's it!  I am so glad I finally was able to push out a post.  :)  I have an actual outfit post scheduled (woohoo!), so be on the lookout for that one tomorrow.

The next Boden Weekly Review Roundup is coming, but I don't know when it will get done.  I am sure I will finish it, but sometimes it is a matter of just getting inspired to get it started.  Once it is started, I have no problem getting it done.

Do any of you have any choices for this fall for the minis in your life (or if you so choose, for you)?

For those of you on a mobile device, I do have a coupon running in my sidebar for 10% and free shipping and returns, but since I know most of you see this on the mobile blogspot version, I have included the same coupon--but mini Boden themed--for you here...the coupon works for all items, not just mini, but I couldn't resist this little fella.