Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer Sun-Dressing...Last Hurrah!

First thing: CW's Stella and Dot Children's Jewelry Party ends tonight. If you want to get in on the action, go to this post to find out more!

Second: As today is the last day of September, I wanted to celebrate the summer that has just ended by exhibiting a parade of summer sundresses that I wore yet never got around to posting. Today is the exact right day to do this as so many of you are in the same situation I am...under a monsoon watch (really just some freaky tropical depression, but still crazy). What a better way to lift the cloud of dreary from our lives than to look at really colorful, sunny dresses? Exactly. :)

This may be my all time favorite image ever taken of me and the kids.  And it was taken at Target!  :)  I want to get it turned into one of those canvas type art things you can hang on your wall.  I enhanced the saturation and played around with the "grain" so it would be sort of a retro-looking image.  You all like?  I have a black and white one floating in my Picasa files, as well.

The dress is from H&M from a bazillion years ago.  The sunglasses are A.R. Trapp Troboudor for J. Crew.  The flip-flops are J. Crew.  The kids are all mine. 

This is the Jakarta Halter Dress from J. Crew that they made in the Summer of 2009.  I wore this out one evening.  I was meant to be hanging with the girls that night but dear sweet Mr. Dina had other plans.  Yes, I went to Home Depot and Five Guys in this outfit.  Ha.

These sandals are the fortuna capri sandals.  Size 9.  I actually really love the Capri sandals by J. Crew, but I often am hesitant to buy after my starfish ones from last summer had the strap come loose.  I still need to get those repaired.  Blegh.  These seem to be holding up better, though.
This is a jersey wrap dress that J. Crew must have made in the summer of 2007.  I have a very strong memory of wearing this while pregnant with CW.  Speaking of pregnant, I had a couple of people ask me that day if I was preggers.  Of course I am not (hello, heart surgery), but I can see where they are coming from.  And no, I wasn't offended.  I happen to like the way I look pregnant, so no big deal.  LOL.

The accessories are all sea-themed.  The necklace has fish charms and is from Target.  The bracelet is a charm bracelet by J. Crew that has an ivory anchor and other kinds of ocean-related doodads.  The flip-flops are from the era of "critter" J. Crew and have orange starfish on aqua grosgrain ribbon straps.

Ahh, the dressy jersey belted dress, or some variation of that name.  This is from the summer of 2009, you all have seen me in it before...many times.  Brought it out for this summer as I love the tropical palm color and its overall ease.

The necklace is from Mint Condition which also sells charm jewelry, not just consigned goodies.  It is very pretty and much more demure than I usually go, but it was H-O-T that day and I didn't want to wear too much on my neck, you know?  The sandals are Nine West and serve mainly for function (I took a walk with the kids that morning).

Oh, yes, the purple Sara Dress from the J. Crew outlet.  Golly this color is FAB.  Doesn't also look nice with the sort of mushroom color of the shimmery cardi?  That cardi is from the J. Crew collection and I have worn it once before.  I would prefer that the sleeve of the dress not show through the fabric, but in reality, it doesn't look too awful, either.

I wear that scattered glass necklace constantly.  It may be the most useful necklace I have ever purchased from J. Crew.

The sandals are the ubiquitous Cole Haans that I have literally not stopped wearing since I bought them in July.

I can't even begin to remember the name of this jersey dress, but I do know it was in the August 2009 catalog.  I bought it in the dark plum color and I love its simplicity.  Only real embellishment is the raw edging at the neckline.  Perfect for a SAHM outfit.

Necklace is the magnolia charm necklace.  Sandals are from Banana Republic.

CW has this bumblebee dress in four sizes.  Sadly this is the last size she will be able to wear.  Boo.  I love the dress as it comes with bloomers that have a stictched bee on the bum.  SO freaking cute.  Her sandals are Miss Trish of Capri for Target and they also feature a bee.  :)

Just wanted to show you some of the pieces that CW has already received from her Stella and Dot Children's Jewelry party.  Aren't they precious???

You all stay dry, warm, and happy.  Hopefully we get at least one more gasp of fine weather so I don't have entirely retire my sundresses until next spring.  (Crosses fingers and toes...)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All Dressed Up and...

I did have somewhere to go for most of these photos. Sadly, I did have the obvious "all dressed up and nowhere to go" for two of these photos, though. But we'll get to that later. :P

As all of you know by now, I have fully embraced becoming a SAHM who also is an Independent Arbonne Consultant (the shiny, bling-y, double-lower case "A" looking thing there to the right is my button to my website). Now normally most of my work for Arbonne keeps me at home (usually where I like to be most) filling orders for my clients, answering e-mails, checking out specials, researching ingredients, etc. But every once in a while, I do get out and have reason to don the business wear again and show off some of my finery, both J. Crew and Arbonne alike. :)

First up, let's start with the coolest place Arbonne brought me. Little back story, though: In July I was told by my friend Holly that if I were to sign up three preferred clients (who receive a 20% discount on Arbonne for the year by signing up) and if I were to make a sales goal, I would be invited to the beach (!!!) in North Carolina for an Arbonne girls weekend. Umm, what? For basically doing what I should be doing anyway as a consultant, I can get this really awesome incentive? Okay, where do I sign up?

I won't pretend that it wasn't hard work. I was prepared, though...I was there for my clients when they needed me, sent out lots of samples, talked to all sorts of folks about how much I believe in the ingredients that Arbonne uses in their cosmetics, etc. I had parties, and I was (barely) able to make the goal.

But was I ever glad I did. Holly and I went to Wrightsville Beach, just outside of Wilmington. The place we were at was a townhome right at the very southern tip of the beach. The weather as insanely perfect, the ladies were incredibly welcoming, sweet, and positive, and the wine was flowing. I don't think it could have been any better.

Up first, before you see the pics is my inspiration for the first outfit. I had made this polyvore AGES ago but it inspired my whole trip. I went with lilac, grey, and stone as my colors. The color combos in the outfits I brought were perfect with the beauty of the area. Oh, of course it matched my makeup. LOL. :)

Top: Size 6.  So glad I bought this embellished bow top last year.  I was back and forth, but it is one of my most favorite special blouses, hands down.  There is a factory version on the factory site...or there was last weekend.  :)
Cardigan: Size Small.  This is the Metallic Beach Cardigan, and was pretty popular this summer.  Mine has a TINY snag in one of the arms, but I think I could find a way to stitch it closed.  Hmm.
Pants: Size 30.  These are the cropped overdyed denim capris (or something like that) from 2008.  Yummy lavender color.
Shoes: Size 10.  Cole Haan's awesomeness has appeared many times this summer already here at My Superfluities, eh?

Wore this for our dinner out on the Saturday night.  I felt good.  I had fun.  It was worth all that hard work. ;)  I am prepared to work this hard for future incentives, btw.  (So if you want a hard-working Arbonne consultant, come on over, the water's fine.  LOL.)

Top: Size extra-small.  This is the sequin necklace tank.  This is really a great layering piece (although I am clearly not layering it here).  I tried this tank on with this skirt in the store and I loved it together.
Skirt: Size 10.  This is the fleurette pencil skirt that gave many of us so many issues when we tried it on.  This skirt did give a little in the hips by the time I sat down at church as it is a silk/linen blend, but it still bugs that the waistband and hips are nearly identical in measurement.  Last time I checked, most woman's hips and waists are significantly different in their measurements.  Yes, I had a floppy waistband.  You can't tell, so it is fine.
Shoes: See last outfit.  :)

I wore this to church (mentioned it already).  Yes, I realize that traveling does allow you to not go to church, but Holly and I really wanted to go to church on the beach.  It was pretty cool!  Right on the beach.  How freaking lucky for that priest!  :)

BTW, I like how I look mad that the sun was shining in my eyes. Quite the contrary.

How pretty is this view? Yes, this was our view. Scrumptious. :)

My favorite part of being at the beach?  You can have wet, tousled, beach hair, less makeup, and still feel just fine.  LOVE this.  Wish I could look this happy and relaxed in the middle of winter.  C'est la vie.  ;)

Just pulled back the hair, put on a little extra lip gloss, and was ready to go.  There is a group photo to go with this...privacy reasons prevent me from showing it but wowza, those ladies were GOOD looking.  :)  I promise.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore to host a party on Sunday. :) I did bring the Arbonne items you see in the polyvore, and I was wearing them (on my face, of course), too.

Dress: Size 8.  This is from Milly.  I fell in love with this dress on Net-A-Porter, but man, was it ever expensive.  When it went on sale in the Fall of 2009 at Saks, I jumped.  It was a touch too small then, and FINALLY...finally, I was able to fit into it.
Top: Size small. This is the J. Crew Tissue turtleneck in vintage forest from last winter.  Love this hue with the olive dress, the grey shoes, and the makeup I was wearing.
Shoes: Size 9.  Umm, yes, those are the HOT Miss Albright Anticipation Heels from Anthropologie.  They WERE WORTH THE MONEY.  I got of the car and Rachel, my party hostess was all, "I need those."  LOL.  SIZE DOWN.  Yes.  The 9s fit.  And I normally wear between a 9.5 and 10 in Anthro shoes.

My Stella and Dot consultant was so kind and gracious and offered to host an Arbonne party (don't worry, she will be well taken care of as an Arbonne hostess--great rewards, btw), so I wanted to bring it for her soiree.  We had a fabulous time, and I felt super-confident in this ensemble. 

You all kind of ready for the kind of sad story of "all dressed up and nowhere to go?"  Well, here it is. I wore this gorgeous, tailored outfit for a party at my house last Saturday.  Unfortunately, the party I was hosting didn't happen.  Agh!  The lady that was meant to host sort of didn't show up (yikes), so there I was all ready to go, foot tubs, salt scrubs, yummy conconctions, wine, etc. all sitting out.  Well, I like to make lemons into lemonade and I decided to stay dressed up, go to the desk, sit down, research more on ingredients, study other consultants' great ideas, and the like.  In the end, I did get a lot accomplished.  So, there you go.  I was dressed up and ready to go to my desk.  Ha. 

 And here I am close-up. I definitely kept this makeup on.  

Check out what I used to create this look:
RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner
RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Creme
RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum
Everything from the Beautiful You, Beautiful Glow Set, which includes Primer, Sheer Glow Highlighter, Blossom Blush, and Translucent Loose Setting Powder
Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturizer, Medium
Lip Polish, Posh
Eye Liner, Olive
Eye Shadow, Snow
Triple Action Mascara

Well, there you are. A long post, but hopefully still enjoyable. And remember, just because you are dressed up with no place to go doesn't mean squat if you figure something out. :) Talk soon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Speaking of Hot...

Okay, well Blogger has a new style of making posts, so if something looks off to you, let me know and I will change it up. I guess the new editor probably makes it easier on us, the authors, but there is always a huge learning curve. LOL.

So, today it topped out at 94 here. That means that the DC area has seen 65 days of 90+ weather all summer. That's pretty impressive. I guess 2010 gets to be our year of crazy, mind-blowing hyperbole. Remember this???

Today, to honor our continued humidity and heat, I wanted to show you two more outfits from another hot and crazy humid place...Orlando.

Above is the polyvore of an outfit I wore to see a really good friend of mine, Mari, her hubby Tim, and their son Mason. Mason is CW's boyfriend (or so says Mari and me), so we had to bring it. She wore the same top as I did (crewcuts, awesome!) and a similar style bottom. Wait till you see it in real life...

Yes, she does appear to be reading here.  We are just that talented as parents. LOL.
Top: Crewcuts, Graphic Tee with Octopus, Size 12.  This was before they had size 14.  I just did the old tug, tug, tug on the hem and it was stretched out enough to work on me.  Yay.  Plus, tucked in the skirt, it seemed just right.
Skirt: J. Crew Collection, Daisy Day Skirt, Size 2.  Love, love, love this skirt.  I can't get over how often I pull this out for a quick, fun day.
Shoes: Cole Haan, Size 10.  Again, love ya, Cole Haan.

CW and her boyfriend connected.  I think it was the outfit.  Crewcuts top, Circo (Target) shorts, and Circo (Target) sandals (they are sparkly!).

Son, you will wear that size shoe someday.  At this rate, probably when you are 9.
Boden's Lilly-esque tunic was most definitely at home at the Florida seashore.
Tunic: Boden, Printed Tunic, Size UK 10, US 6.  Being this is a linen, I knew it would stretch out by the end of the day.  I am very glad I went with the 6 and not the 8.  This was the perfect cover-up for our day at Canaveral National Seashore (go there, I is insanely beautiful and not crowded).
Shoes: Merell, Size 9.  Old, but incredibly durable sandals.

Beautiful You, Beautiful Glow Set
Today I sent out my THIRD (!!!) Arbonne specials e-mail to my Arbonne client list.  If you would like to be on this list, drop me an e-mail at or leave me a comment saying so.  This month, my clients have received an e-mail from me alerting them about my sale on selected sets and items.  Above is the Beautiful You, Beautiful Glow set (click on link below pic to go to the description directly from Arbonne's website) that I am offering at 20% off its normal price (and its normal price is a savings off of buying these items individually).  You must place the order through me as the Arbonne site is not offering this deal.  (That is why I love having my own business, I get to make up some of the rules.)  :)

I truly appreciate all the incredible support you all have given this stay at home mom.  I have really enjoyed the challenge of starting this business, and the best part is that I can be with my kids while doing the vast majority of the work that goes into being an independent consultant with Arbonne.

You all have a fabulous afternoon.  :)  Talk with you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Long and Short of It...

Hi, all. Are you prepared for a pretty long review of a lot of goodies from J. Crew and Boden? I hope so. In addition to the reviews, I have four photos of me with some outfits from the past month or so that involve wearing a skirt. Hence the title of the post...the long and short of it. (I know, groan...)

Above is the polyvore of the pieces that I will be reviewing in the first part of my post. From what I can tell the cardigans are insanely popular, while the skirts may be "hidden" loves.

Cardigan: J. Crew Infinity Cardigan, Paradise Blue, Size Extra-Small. HeidiG. and I were shopping a while ago and we saw this in the store, only one left, at 69.99, so she HIGHLY recommended I try it on. I wanted a small, but she said that the small would swamp my shoulders. I guess she is right, but there is no way this puppy is being buttoned at my hips, then. LOL. I would say size up if you have broader shoulders and you need extra room in the sleeves. I have small shoulders and pretty thin arms, so this size worked for me.
Skirt: J. Crew Dolce Tweed Mini, Size 10. I fell in LOVE with this around a month ago at the store and bought it as soon as I could get a discount. I sized up to a 10 because I wanted to wear it lower so that it would pass the "sit-down" test (see photos below). The fabric is so beautiful and the texture has a nice feel. I definitely believe sizing up is the only option, unless you are VERY petite.

Passes the "crossing my legs at the ankle sit-down" test. Won't be crossing my legs unless I am wearing tights. LOL.

Length finishes at mid-thigh.

See it on Ema for another look.
Umm, thank you, Ema, for having this ready for me today! (Very little searching required. Yay!)

Cardigan: J. Crew Dream V-Neck Cardigan, Heathered Nordic Blue, Size small. This fits well, may have been able to go with an extra-small, but the small will be great for layering. The color is incredibly luscious, may be one of my favorites ever, and that is saying something. I can't tell you about pilling as I have only worn it for this picture, but the color is worth the time spent with the fuzz-buster.
Skirt: Boden Upbeat Wool Mini, Size UK 12 Long, or US 8 Long. This is such a fun skirt...nice length, pretty colors, neat pattern. The shape is a tulip/pencil and is very flattering. The only beef I had with it was the first one I received had a bum zipper and I had to send it back. So far I have had no problems with the new one. (Crosses fingers.)

I felt very shiny and bright...a bit like a candle, really.

This was an outfit I wore a few weeks ago to hang out with some friends at a playdate. The girls loved the skirt. :)


Top: Anthropologie, Bordurette Tank, Size small. This has bits of sequins and lace and is very frilly...very Anthro.
Skirt: J. Crew Outlet, Wallpaper Mini, Size 8. I blogged about it a while back and have finally gotten around to wearing it. :)
Shoes: J. Crew, Size 10.

How very "Southern Preppy" of you, dinagideon.

That is a Liberty Print fabric on the skirt. I also own the jacket and the shirt. I am a sucker for a lovely print! :)

Top: J. Crew, Size Medium.
Skirt: J. Crew, Size 10 (?).
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft, Size 9.

Nature clearly calls for a little bling...

Wore this to a fun little "nature" party for a friend of CW's. Yeah, it isn't really "natural," but eh. It was comfortable, though!

Top: J. Crew, Size extra-small.
Skirt: Boden, Size UK 14 Long, US 10 Long.
Necklace: Fiona Paxton Silver Harley. Yum.

Preschool Run in a Pencil Skirt!

And finally, today's outfit!

Top: J. Crew outlet, Size 8. This abstract rose print Victoria cami is getting a bit big (the bust and armholes are baggy) but I still love it!
Skirt: J. Crew, Size 6. Stretch Double Serge Pencil Skirt, Mink Color. Size down in this skirt. Trust me.
Shoes: Cole Haan, Size 10.

You all have a great day!

P.S. I have NOT received my "Mickey" card. I pre-order collection items, I go to the store at least twice a month, and I buy at least a few items (including crewcuts) at sale prices each month. If I don't get it, I'll live (clearly) but I hope that makes some of you who didn't receive it feel better. At this point I would be surprised if it shows up at my house! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #11--Disney Edition!

A few weeks back one of my commenters mentioned a need to know what to pack for a trip to Disney, as she would be going with her children in the future. She was specific in that she really wanted to know what to pack for the parks to stay comfortable but also be stylish. I confessed that the best I do when I travel to Disney is a variation of pretty preppy and not some of my more involved ensembles, but I think we all know that is okay!

So here I am to show you my idea of a perfect wardrobe for going to the amusement parks with your families....a little comfort, a little color, a little sass, and a little bit of fun.

Keys to the perfect wardrobe:

1. Comfort: So very important, especially if your travels involve Florida or California in the middle of summer. We are such Disney-freaks that we have been there many, many times over the years (me...over 35 times to almost all of the Disneys, including Tokyo!) in all sorts of weather. This summer we went three times, once to Disneyland, once to Epcot, and once to the Animal Kingdom. All were hot, and the ones in Florida were extremely humid. You must remember to wear breathable clothing that is light and reflective. You must bring proper (yet always fun) accessories like a hat, great walking shoes, and sunglasses. You must not wear clothing that is too tight (we saw a shorts-wedgie on some lady and it look like it HURT) and you must not wear most man-made fibers...these two nots will make you miserable. These comfort rules also extend to your family...don't forget them!

2. Color: If you are limited to what you are wearing because you HAVE to be comfortable, then express your fashion sense in your it patterns, blocking, or matchy-match hues. I am so much more a fashionista in the middle of winter when I can play around with layering, lots of heavy jewelry, and extra makeup. There is no way I can do that while knowing that my whole day will include walking many miles, sweating, and carrying exhausted little ones. So I go all "southern preppy" and pull out bright greens, pinks, yellows, and plaids to show off my style. Knowing that I am not wearing a loose tee and cargo shorts and a pair of really worn-in tennis shoes helps me feel like "me" even when I can't wear my statement necklaces. LOL.

3. Sass: This is what helped my casual go cool. The A.R. Trapp for J. Crew troubadour sunglasses and the Lola for J. Crew raffia hat really did go the distance to giving me a bit of an edge. I definitely was the only mom in the parks wearing a straw fedora and I kind of liked it! Plus my kids and husband could always find me. (That is actually a great tip--wear something "you" and let your kids know to LOOK FOR a crowded park that could be their savior.)

4. Fun: Just remember to have it. And you will be more likely to have it if you are feeling great about yourself. :)

Hats, check. Color, check. Feeling good in my comfortable cotton? Yep. (Wore this one to Epcot...)

See what I mean about exhausted little ones? And lookie there, my outfit still looks crisp-ish. (This was nearing the end of our day at Epcot.)

I was not over-heated in this v-neck. It is a linen blend and it really was great at shielding my shoulders from the overbearing sun. (Yes, do not forget to apply the SPF!)

But it did get really hot at one point, so I did sling it over my shoulders, very prep from the '80s. I did match the tank to the sweater. Oh, yeah...good J. Crew and their matchy colors. (What is the deal with this character, btw? Is it a gorilla? Baby CW loved her. Mr. Dina says Rosie O'Donnell voiced this character and could. not. believe. I let CW pose with her...yeah, like I care one way or another.)

I am not doing this pose on purpose...this is the ultimate in a candid shot. However, you can see the sunglasses are serving me well, all mid-sentence like.

You all have a great night. Moms who have been nominated (either by someone else or themselves) as a Stylish Mom, please expect an e-mail with questions sometime this week. :)

P.S. Check out this post for more on packing for a vacation.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look at That...#2!!!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, my baby girl CW is 2 today! Yay! We had a fab day...we went to another friend's birthday first thing this morning, then we had CW's birthday party, then we put on a fab tutu and pranced around the room like a real girly-girl, and then we collapsed from all the excitement.

Two years has flown you all remember when she was this small?

Prance, prance, prance. Perfection.

A lovely, yummy ice cream cake. The world must have aligned well with the stars...the entire cake was eaten by everyone at the party, and no one went hungry!

I love you, CW. Happy Birthday, pretty girl.

Friday, September 17, 2010

CW's Stella and Dot Children's Jewelry Party is Starting TODAY!

Hi, everyone! I am so excited to share with you an opportunity to celebrate CW's 2nd birthday by joining us in a week long Children's Jewelry Party with Stella and Dot!

CW is such a girly-girl, but sadly has very few baubles to show for it. I find that we get her all the sweet little dresses and shoes and hair bands but we completely neglect her jewels. LOL. I know that she doesn't really need jewelry, but then I saw what my great bloggie friend, Rachel had on offer with her SAHM business, Stella and Dot. How did I miss this? The Stella and Dot company is fab, a direct sales company like Arbonne, that does costume jewelry very similar to styles you all have seen before by J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Fiona Paxton.

When I found out that Rachel was doing a direct sales business like I was, I immediately told her I was going to have a party with her AND that I wanted it to benefit my little girl on her birthday! So tonight we are going to have the physical party, to which I have invited all sorts of local moms and their daughters, but Rachel and I decided to take it one step further by extending the sale to all of you who read My Superfluities. I know the only way you can order from Stella and Dot is through a rep like Rachel, so I am thrilled that you all can satisfy your needs with this week long party! (And no, you don't have to buy children's jewelry, but that is my goal as hostess.)

CW has so many pretty hair accessories but is so lacking in her bling. She is starting to eye my Fiona Paxton and I am a little concerned.

This is the mini-Charlotte necklace. It looks like a piece for a full-grown lady, but this is made specifically for our little minis (and I am not talking about skirts)!

Ooh, the girliness continues with the Gracie headband and barrettes...the floral attachments are meant to be switched out and you can attach the florals to necklaces if you (or your mini) choose!

This is pure old school J. Crew. Except it's not. Yum. This colorburst enamel cuff bracelet is not meant for the kids. :)

I think I own this. Oh, yes, it is called the tangled treasure necklace by J. Crew. Oh, wait, no--this is Stella and Dot's more versatile option, the Audrey Cluster Necklace. Good for you, Stella and Dot! I should have waited. LOL.

Now, I saw this and said, FIONA PAXTON, when did you start branching out? Nope. This is Stella and Dot being fashion forward with the Nolita Necklace. Awesome.

As you know, my fixation with jewels is pretty legendary. After all, I fell in love with the Crystal Devote necklace even when the rest of the world was crying foul! Heehee.

(But I also know I am not jewelry posts are always the most there must be some love out there and this party is for you fab, bejeweled ladies!)

How do you join the party:

1. Go to this link.

2. Look for the link at the top of the page that says "Can't Make it to a Show? Find Your Hostess."

3. When the pop-up box appears, put Dina in the box that says first name and Gideon in the box that says Last Name.

4. After that, you are all ready to shop. :) Please do enjoy!

I cannot wait until this party is done so I can show you all the awesome lovelies that I got for CW's birthday!

Thank you all, and have a great, sparkly DAY!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boden Time!

Ugh. Woke up with a migraine. Boo. But yay for one thing...until this morning I had made it a (near) record of 12 WHOLE days of no migraines at all. I do believe that the recipe of extra vitamins, eating better, taking that lovely little baby aspirin, and not exercising so intensely (!!!) has helped me feel better. But, BAM, like that, I am reminded that I still have a hole in my heart. Ugh.

Had to take Rex to preschool, too, for his first day. I felt like maybe I shouldn't go, but against my better judgment, I took my migraine medication (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't--guess what today was?) and drove. Halfway through driving, my fingers were tingling and I kind of was freaked out. I drove VERY carefully to Rex's school and then after dropping him off (so cute, see bottom photo), I realized I needed to at least get my fingers back to full function before driving, so I chilled at a local coffee shop for about an hour. Still wasn't 100% at the end, but at least I wasn't all weird feeling, you know?

Yes, Mr. Dina is not letting me do that again, so you all know. :)

But I wore Boden, so it must all be good, right? Just ignore the flip-flops, please. Pretend they are a fab pair of sandals. :)


Cardigan: Size UK 10, US 6. This cardi is way more useful than I ever expected it to be. Its shorter length and lovely color work so well with so many of my dresses. It is like the Jenna cardigan, but short-sleeved and cotton/linen. Yum!
Dress: Size UK 12, US 8 Regular. This is the fun dress from summer 2009. I was tempted by a few of the fun dresses this summer but I have to stop myself from accumulating more dresses. Seriously, I have a HUGE dress addiction and I have a HUGE problem parting with my dresses. I have in my closet dresses from 15 years ago that are in perfect shape because I am such a OCD freak about caring for my dresses (which means, btw, if you do buy a dress from me, you KNOW it will be in fab This fun dress is a great shape, and I adore the floral pattern on the bottom.
Shoes: Size 10. Seriously this is a problem. I was so out of it, I forgot to change out of my house flip-flops. THESE ARE THE FLIP-FLOPS I NEVER LET ANYONE SEE, and look at that, YOU ALL SEE THEM! Ha. Guess my secret is out. These 10 dollar flip-flops have the price per wear of like 1 cent now. Yeah, I know, pretty sad. :P

Hand on the hip, and CW all turned around. Heehee.

As one of my best friends from high school quipped when he saw this pic of Rex, "He's working the backpack AND the lunch bag. That kid is ready for school!"

Night, night, all. For those of you interested in CW's Stella and Dot Children's Jewelry Party, I will be posting on that tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that link. (Oh, and you don't have to order just children's jewelry...all orders will be happily processed...we are just trying to get CW some fab "little" jewelry for her upcoming birthday!) :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Olive Green and Neon Pink!

Hi! We are back from vacation, and it was amazing, of course. :) Thank you all for your sweet comments and e-mails over the last week. I may have been out of touch...Disney will do that to you...but it was nice to come back and see such pleasant things in my inbox!

I am going to make this short and sweet today. You know how it goes when you get back from travel, lots of unpacking (ugh), cleaning (double ugh), and structure-setting (triple ugh) to do. Plus, CW's bday is soon (SATURDAY!) and I am preparing for her birthday party AND a Stella & Dot Children's Jewelry party I am having for her (I will give you all info on that soon--you all can help get her some fab jewelry if you purchase some for yourself), so I am a teeny bit over-extended. (Plus, add Arbonne to the mix, and all of a sudden I have two full-time

I went out with my bloggie-friend Rachel today to Pentagon City (she is my local Stella and Dot rep) and we both needed to peek into J. Crew, me for a return, and she for the 20% off sweaters deal they are running now. I needed to feel dressed up, but not so much that I couldn't wrangle my rugrats. Above is what I wore...

Dress: Silk Cargo Dress, J. Crew, Size 6. Yummy. I am glad I got to wear it again before summer is gone.
Shirt: Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee, J. Crew Collection, Size Extra-Small. I bought this early on and I am finally wearing it. I say size down if you runs large. I like it layered with the cargo dress, very pretty preppy meets downtown. I think they did this combo in the May catalog with the tan version of the dress. It appealed to me then...and in real life, it is appealing, too.
Shoes: Piera Ballet Flats, J. Crew Collection, Size 10. I normally wear a 9.5, but chanced the 10. They are a *squidge* too wide in the heel, but not anything that bothers me. I LOVE the neon pink trim. So very cool. I definitely think I will get a lot of wear from these. :)

Couldn't resist showing CW off. She snuck into the pic as she wanted to pose too. :)

Have a lovely afternoon, all!