Sunday, September 30, 2012

OOTDs: Bring on the Jacket. And the Eiffel Tower Earrings. And Rush.

Hi, Ladies!  (And Gents, if you all are out there!)

How has your weekend been?  It s really pretty here in VA, so we have been soaking up all the glorious weather by moving non-stop from one activity to another.  Pluses?  The activities are tremendous amount of fun, and hopefully the memories of these fab activities will linger in our kids' minds.  Minuses?  Well, our kids are young and weekend full of activities equals less sleep for the little ones, which means there is just a *tiny* bit of crabbiness from them.  ;)

Today I decided to get two outfits from the recent weeks done, and tie them together because both outfits feature a jacket as a major part of the outfit.

First up is the outfit from yesterday, one that features the J. Crew Lexington Jacket in ivory and citron from the Fall of 2007.  (Featured in this catalog image from September 2007.)

Started off the day in this whole ensemble, but by about 1 pm it was too hot, and sadly the Lexington had to be put away.  At least I was able to have a few hours with this beauty completing my look.

If you open the image, you can see the information on the individual pieces.  The shoes are the wonderful Lena wedges which I have worn many times already this summer, but just couldn't make it look 100% right with the outfits, since the wedges were too "statement-y" for the more delicate looks I wore them with...(outfit 1 here, outfit 2 here, and outfit 3 here).  I finally feel like I have hit the right note by wearing them with the capris. 

Since I had an Eiffel Tower on my tee, I knew the Eiffel Tower earrings had to be pulled out.  Not every fashion moment has to be subtle, right?  ;)

No jacket and posing with my "ooh, it's the Eiffel Tower, Momma" baby girl.

I have now worn these Pure Collection pants twice.  They are so freaking comfortable but still look like proper trousers.  I saw them in the summer sale for something like $30 and thought, "eh, why not?"  Glad I gave them a shot.

For those of you who want more info on Pure Collection, I plan on doing my reviews in the next day or two.  Tomorrow starts a big ten-day sale for them (they are approaching their tenth anniversary on October 10), so I figured it would be very appropriate to schedule my first Pure Collection reviews around then. Until then, if you want to take a look around, here is a link: Pure Collection - 25% Off.

Yesterday's activities included a Rex tee-ball game, a lunch out, a visit to a movie theater to see "Hotel Transylvania," and church (the Bishop was there and blessed Rex and Angus!).  I knew I had to have something that could go to all events, be nursing friendly, and layered for either heat or cold.

The above picture was taken right after I threw in the towel on the jacket (temps had gone up to near 80 with full sun).

The Jacket. The Eiffel Tower.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit.

So I was going to just publish the outfit photos from yesterday but then I remembered it has been a full three weeks since I went to the Rush concert (yes, that Rush, not Big Time or Limbaugh, bite your tongue, people).  And since this outfit featured both a jacket and the Eiffel Tower Earrings, I figured I would just go with it.

I liked my makeup and hair that day, but was very disappointed in my eye bags.  SLEEP.  I need more SLEEP.  (Thanks, Angus.)  ;)

The jacket is from Target.  I had briefly considered getting one of these jackets from either J. Crew or Boden when they had them in their lines, but I am so glad I waited.  I think this one is $25?  And it is super comfy and soft, too, so I think I chose the best one for me.

Look at the size of that beer.  I have never had a 24 ounce beer in a can.  I felt classy.  Yeah.  Classy is the right word.  Ha.

There's my concert tee from the last time I went to a Rush concert.  I was willing to buy another concert tee, but this time the women's tees were all very unfortunate looking.  I know Rush is not a girl's kind of band, but come on, there is at least a handful of us that enjoy their music AND enjoy dressing up.

Look at Geddy, up there on stage.  I think he totally appreciated my tee and my beer. 

After the concert, parking lot.  Mr. Dina and I were walking to the car and I got catcalled  I haven't been catcalled in YEARS, and the first time it happens to me is in front of my husband.

Okay, all, have a great night.  Are any of you able to wear and enjoy your blazers and jackets yet?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Boden: UK Site Winter 2012 New Arrivals and Limited Edition Launch!

UPDATE 9:55 AM: US SITE IS DOWN.  :)  You all know what that means. 

Boden: Limited Edition Winter 2012

I was able to do a quick polyvore set with some of the beautiful items from the UK site.  It is above.

Hi, all!  Thank you to Louise who e-mailed me this morning to let me know that Boden had launched both Winter 2012 and the Limited Edition line today at the Boden UK site.

Unfortunately, they have not updated the US site, but if the past is any indication, we should be updated later today.  (Or this weekend at the latest.)

I have not really had a chance to look around, but I did spy a couple of the limited edition pieces, and OMG, they are so beautiful, like stunningly so...

But then I always seem to fall in deep love with the Limited line.  LOL.

So until we get updated here in the States, take a peek around at the UK site.

And do, of course, report back your most favorites.  ;)

Will do a picks post when the US site is updated (or when I get a free moment--yay for naptime!).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

OOTDs: Still Shorts Weather.

Our weather forecasters are blatantly lying, I've decided. 

I am not a big fall or winter fan, and I have been known (especially in February) to have threatened to move to Florida or South Carolina in hopes of never having to encounter a snow flake or ice storm ever. again., but right now temps in the low 70s or high 60s would be fine by me (it has been in the high 70s and low 80s, those ten degrees seem piddling, but they're not, at least to me). 

After spending my entire pregnancy last year sweltering in North America's warmest winter on record, and the spending my entire summer nursing the world's largest baby through multiple heat waves and a derecho, I have to admit to a *tiny* pining for some cooler weather. 

But, nope.  Even with the promise of cooler temps today, I still ended up disrobing halfway through the day (see the outfit photo here at the facebook page to look at how ridiculously overdressed I was). 

But I still give in, believing the darn forecasters, as you will see in the below outfit photos...every one of them features some sort of cardigan or sweater (which I later ended up regretting, sigh).

You all have every right, btw, to go ahead and remind me of this post when my inevitable b*tching about the cold, wind, rain, and snow happens in a few months time.  ;)

First up we have the outfit I wore yesterday to take the kids to classes and the park (pictured!) for a playdate.  It is intentional hipster, including the topknot. 

Yeah, I probably will never try this combo again, but I kind of was digging it as I wore it, so I guess that's half the battle?

I had been meaning to wear the top, but since I wasn't deluded enough to wear pants (such a weather cynic, that's me) with it, I figured going all out with pattern mixing was the flavor of the day.  I wore the Madewell shorts here last (second to last photo).

So I think Forever 21 has one of the worst laid out websites, and something like 3,128,208 tops in its inventory.  I plan on clipping the above photo to polyvore instead of trying to find this top in its site.  My three kids would never let me spend that much time trying to find it instead of playing with them.  ;)

Without the cardigan.  I took the cardigan off three minutes into my day.  It was completely and utterly unnecessary, you might say superfluous.  LOL.

I wore this getup on Tuesday to take the kids to the doctors for their vaccinations and check-ups. 

I love this cardigan from Boden (it is about three years old--wore it last here) and instead of waiting a while to pull it out, I thought, "oh, cotton, it will be fine."  Yeah, in the air conditioning of the office, Starbucks, and Giant it was fab.  Not so much out in the sun.  Lesson learned.

Sunday was a touch cooler, so I didn't feel so hot in this particular get-up, but if I had worn a tank under the cardigan, I would have likely taken the adorable lemon print cardigan off (this one is from Garnet Hill).

Look at how messy my hair is!!! Awesome.  So glad I saw that after I went to the party (bday party for Rex's girlfriend, for reals, his GIRLFRIEND).

I did like my makeup, though.  :)

And those earrings (called the frosted earrings) are from Premier Designs Jewelry.  My friend Holly had a party and I bought a few pieces so she could get some jewelry for free.  Anyhow, our mutual friend Rachel is the consultant, and I told her I would let you all know about her facebook page, just in case you were interested in contacting her. 

I bought this really pretty bracelet (Rosie Bracelet) from them, too. 

You can also see the close-up of the lemon print on the cardi in this shot.

Okay, that's it.  :)  They *SAY* it is supposed to be 70 on Saturday.  We'll see...

How about you all?  Is it cool where you are yet?  Or are you still in the thick of "summer?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Swinging Sixties.

Good Wednesday Afternoon!

With so much to do, let's just get started.

This week, Boden is having their mid-season sale which means many items are around 40% off.  The popular items are not included in the sale, but some patterns and colorways of "b-list" garments are definitely in the sale, so check around to see if anything on your wishlist is.  I had two items on my wishlist go on deep discount, so I picked them up on Monday.  I wrote about the sale and my two choices in this blog post.

I am holding off on grabbing anything else, though, because I am eagerly anticipating the Boden Limited Edition line, which is set to drop any day now.  I have a suspicion that day will be Friday, and if so, I may have a few pennies (if only it cost pennies!) that I can rub together to grab one item (and to see which one I may grab, see the last photo in this post).  If the line does debut that day, I will do a write-up as soon as I can to let you all know.

Also in the "I want to let you all know" category, my dear blog friend Louise, of the former "Running on Anthro" blog is back!  Unfortunately someone else grabbed her blog address so she had to re-name it to "What Lou Wore 365," but so far is proving to be just as wonderful as her former blog.  As per usual, she has lots and lots of lovely Boden and Anthro, so if you are a fan of either (or both), make sure you follow her!

Okay, that's it in the news category, onto the reviews!

Regular Boden:
Sixties Jumper.  I still have not technically worn this sweater outside, but upon realizing how nicely this color went with this textured cotton skirt, I knew it was the right time to at least do a review of the sweater for you all.  :)

(BTW, if you want to know what I wore with the skirt that day, get your sunglasses on and check out the FB photo...the neon pinks I paired with it were pretty bright.)

I bought this sweater because I was attracted to the retro feel of it, very definitely something I could see worn in the height of the '60s, hence the (maybe not so original) name of it.  I also loved the image of the model in it, and because I am a marketer's dream girl, the shot worked to get me to at least try it.

I find the fit a bit big, but not so big I need to return.  The shoulders fit nicely, as does the bust.  The arms are very free, and since I am used to a bit more fitted silhouette there, it was a bit odd, but not unpleasant.  The torso is also "swingy" (there's where the name of the post comes from, btw), but I suspect the swing was an intentional design.

I bought it in a size 6, which is my typical Boden top size.

Bit long, too, and from the side you can see how it is not super-fitted.

Although it is not super-fitted, from the back you can see the outline of my bra, but this could also be because of the way the southern exposure light of the late day was streaming into the room while I was taking the pictures.  That said, if you are wary of lines, you may want to wear one of those bras that promise no lines (much like the panties that promise no VPL).

Sixties Jumper
Sixties Jumper.  Most of these are on deep backorder, with the pink version completely (or near completely) sold out.

Leather Loafers. Original Review here.  I want to do a quick follow-up to my original review.  The last time I wore these, I had a few blisters at the back of my heel from walking around.  I wore them again a couple days ago and did not get any blisters, so I think I am good to go, which means that it only took me one wear to "wear" them in...

For those of you who like this look, but would prefer a cheaper alternative, check out Lou's review of a Johnnie b. pair in the Johnnie b. section of this post.

Leather Loafers
Leather Loafers.  This is a popular item this fall with many of these on backorder.  They are all leather, including the sole, so they are built to last.

Placket Cord Dress
Placket Cord Dress. Shopwithm shows off the adorable navy blue/green polka dot version.  :)  Love it!

Retro Top
Retro Top. Look!  It is another sixties inspired top worn by Shopwithm.  :)  Very much like my Audrey dress, except in top form. 

Oil Cloth Messenger Bag.  Lou also provided me with images of this adorable pink messenger bag currently on great discount from $58 to $29 (one of the two or three items being marked down by 50% during the mid-season sale).  Here are some of her thoughts on this bag:

The bag is really lovely, very stiff fresh out of the packet and has a funky print lining. It isn't as big as I imagined from the online product shots, it comfortably fits a novel, my (admittedly large Boden) wallet, keys, camera, assorted small items like lip balm tins etc. The strap lengthens to a cross-body length so you can use it both in this way and as a shoulder bag. The buckle closure is non-functional and hides a very strong popper fastening. I almost ordered this on preview months ago before the collection launched but decided to wait for a higher than 20% off offer. As it was I managed to order it on a rare (unintentional on Boden's part) discount code stacking day! Worth the wait and worth the price.

Well, then, that seals it, at a good price, this bag is 100% worth it.  :)
Oil Cloth Messenger Bag
Oil Cloth Messenger Bag.  Dark Brown is in low stock, the others are fully stocked.  Only the pink is at the fabulous sale price, though.

 Twist Front Jersey Dress
Twist Front Jersey Dress.  I received an email from lolcatgirl who had this to say about the dress

It fits TTS. The material is nice. Unfortunately, the patterns are just not me. I tried on the Fig Marigold which is the one I liked the best. It also comes in black but I have enough black dresses.

She also provided photos, which you can see here.  :) 

BTW, if any of you have issues commenting at Disqus (which lolcatgirl did), you can always e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com instead with your reviews.

Johnnie b.:
Tassel Loafers.  Lou provided these images for me to share with you of the Johnnie b. alternative to the Leather Loafers in the Women's line.  Besides the price (MUCH CHEAPER), it is really hard to tell the difference.  Here are some of Lou's thoughts:

I snagged the Johnnie B loafers in brown on a pop back, every size was showing as sold out last Wednesday but a 39 showed up on Thursday! Good old Boden delivered them next day on a free delivery code of course. After eyeing up the beautiful Women's loafers I spotted these in the young ladies range for less than half the price. My usual Boden shoe size fits beautifully, I take a UK6  (US 8.5, roughly) which translates to a 39. The shoes are a rich brown colour and a very tight, close fit on first try although not uncomfortably so. My feet are fairly narrow so anyone with wider than average feet may find them an uncomfortable fit. I envisage these becoming real workhorses over the autumn. Maybe not quite as smart as the patent Women's version these are a fantastic option for anyone on a tighter budget.

The most major difference is the lack of a leather sole, but unless that matters to you, this is a great alternative.  :)

Tassel Loafers
Tassel Loafers.  Definite long wait for the brown version.  :P

Boden Clearance:
Deck Shoes.  Louise not only provided the photos above of these darling shoes, she also wore them on her blog in this post.  :)

Here are her thoughts on these cute and casual preppy mocs:

The Johnnie B deck shoes were a spur of the moment clearance buy at the end of August. Currently showing low stock in a 39 and available in 40,41 & 42 in red and a just 42 in tan. An absolute bargain at £22 these are without doubt one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever owned. Like popping on a pair of soft slippers or moccasins. They are a wider fit than the JB loafers and look super cute with trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. All leather and made in India, definitely worth considering.

Leather Deck Shoes
Leather Deck Shoes. 

Thanks to Lou, Shopwithm and lolcatgirl for their reviews!!!

And finally, above you will see the photo of the skirt that I will probably buy when the Limited Edition line is launched.  Although I loved the glamour tweed skirt that I reviewed here, I think the length and overall aesthetic of this skirt may suit me more.  AND...I already have the top and shoes, so if I am especially lacking in creativity, I can just re-do the whole catalog image, top to toe. 

Okay, that's it, you all have a great night!

P.S. If I have missed your review, would you let me know...between the craziness of last week's CW Birthday party, school, and in-laws in town, I have *maybe* been a bit less careful of watching the blogs as I am wont to do.  ;)