Thursday, September 6, 2012

Outfit of Today! Fashion Night Out. SAHM Styled.

I cannot believe I am publishing an outfit on the day I am wearing it.  Since this outfit is sort of timely, I figured I probably should get it published today rather than wait and add it in one of my "catch-all" outfit series that I (unfortunately) have been employing with some regularity of late.

There is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks this stay at home momma is gonna be going out for the Fashion Night Out festivities in Georgetown (DC) tonight.  For one, I am so tired that the bags under my eyes have carry-ons of their own and for two, I didn't get an invite, so there's that, too. ;)

BUT...that doesn't mean I can't celebrate the fact that it is a day in the fashion world and since I have a personal style blog, I figured I might as well throw something together.  Here is my attempt!

The info on the pieces is in the photograph.

I was fortunate enough to happen upon exactly one copy of last September's Vogue Paris with this tee as a giveaway when I visited Paris with the family last October.  I dug the graffiti style of the tee, and even though the magazine cost something like 20 euros total, it did come with the tee, the very large September issue of Vogue, and a children's fashion insert.  I bought very little on that trip (besides two maternity pieces and a bottle of perfume), so I figured this tee would be a cool little addition to my souvenirs.

Anyhow the graffiti repeats the date of last year's Fashion night out, which was September 8, 2011, and has the date written in both English and French.

I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone and pair it with the maxi skirt from Boden, even though this top is a bit blousy.  I was concerned I would look like a rectangle, but it wasn't nearly as boxy looking as I thought it would be.

Wore this just picking up Rex from school and hanging out at the house. 

But in my mind, I am with the editors of all my favorite fashion magazines, including the scary Nina Garcia from Marie Claire, drinking awesome champagne and talking all about things sartorial.  My imagination knows no bounds.

I also bowled this morning.  You all.  I am living on the SAHM edge here.  I joined an all-women bowling league.  I am the youngest by about twenty years.  ;)

Closer shot of the fedora (my favorite accessory, natch) and the tee.

I wore a bit brighter shade of lipstick in honor of my stepping outside the box.  Next year, I may just try a liquid liner and purple eyeshadow.  No promises, though.

Fashion Night Out. SAHM style.

Polyvore is above.

Okay that's it! I hope that if you are enjoying the fashion night out festivities tonight that you have a drink for me, 'kay?

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