Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rough Day. Blegh.

Only thing keeping me going today.  God bless the Bahamas.  And cruises.

 Well, I didn't see my account was all flush with the money I should have, so I am now currently on the phone with a very nice British lady (sometimes I get an American, sometimes I get a British person when I call the US 866 number) who is "looking into the matter with her manager," who says that they have canceled the authorization for the whole amount. Well, good. ;) I now just have to talk to my bank. Will a lovely British lady or a smooth American gentleman help me with my issues when I call them? Doubtful.

So two thumbs up for Boden. Thank goodness. I didn't want to lose faith in good ole Johnnie!

Okay.  So tell me.  Do any of you ever pre-order using a check card?  Well, I do.  And I must be downright stupid to do so because it turns out that some companies (cough, cough Boden, I am looking at you) will steal all your money "hold" not only the WHOLE amount of your pre-order but also ALSO the individual amounts of each shipped package.



You pre-order $350 worth of items.

Woo-hoo, right?

Nope.  Not only do the pre-ordered items come THREE. WEEKS. EARLY., they also will be charged twice.  So that $115 dollar dress becomes $230 until Boden decides to officially drop the WHOLE amount charge.

Okay, excuse me while I go weep.  And cry.  And go to the bank and say much am I being charged?  You mean I am in NEGATIVE numbers because I was charged twice?  And now I OWE YOU...the bank...$72 in overdraft because I was charged TWO TIMES for that pre-order that came early EARLY and every day that a new "shipped parcel" ships and the original WHOLE amount doesn't clear, I will be charged an ADDITIONAL $72?

Excuse me,  I am off to go drink a WHOLE LOT OF WINE.  I guess I am going to take the bus home from the bank.  Good thing that Thai restaurant next door has a great wine list...

So.  Unless Boden clears my WHOLE amount charge tonight (which they swear they will do, come on CS Brian, don't let me down), I will be charged ANOTHER $72?  Oh, dear me, I need a massage.


(The $350 is hypothetical, btw, just letting you have a visual):

$350 original order...

$125 shipped parcel #1...

$75 shipped parcel #2...

$150 shipped parcel #3...

$72 overdraft penalty #1...

$72 overdraft penalty $2...

means that I will be paying (if it doesn't clear and the overdraft fee is still there for two days)...

$844 for a $350 order.  I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I went ahead and purchased early, on my check card, because I was trying to be both a coupon user (20% off all preorders) and "fiscally responsible" by not using a credit card.  All I wanted was my order to ship properly, ON TIME, and not have any craziness associated with it.

Turns out this probably happens with credit cards, but because credit cards have billing cycles, you wouldn't even notice all this malarky happening because unless you are a big time financially savvy person, you don't watch your credit card balance daily, but I bet, like me, you are WAY on top of your bank account.

In reality, the most this hypothetical order would pay would be $350 plus $72 plus $72 which equals $494.  Let's see.  $494 minus 20% equals: $395.20.  Hey look at that!  Because of overdraft penalties...this hypothetical order would BE MORE EXPENSIVE than not pre-ordering at all.


Supposedly, the $72 charge (from today) will be credited.  I have sent a copy of my bank account debits, etc., but have I received word that I will get the credit?  Nah.  Good job, Johnnie B.  Let's really REALLY tick off a HUGE Boden fan.  (Like, hello???) Okay, update: Just received e-mail where they called me the wrong first name, but at this point, I have bigger fish to fry.  She was sympathetic to my issues but said that someone would get back to me by Monday with a conclusion.  Meaning nothing is set in stone and I could really be out that $72.  I feel sick to my stomach because I want to NOT use credit cards and because of that, I may end up getting hurt with way worse fees than what you would have on a credit card.  Le freaking sigh.

And supposedly, they will be taking that original WHOLE order amount off tonight.


"USA calling UK, do you accept the charges from an irate Virginian?"

Did I also mention that I forgot to put my car in "park," and my car upon me trying to start it told me I couldn't because the "steering column was locked?"  Yes, that reads to me: DUMMY, get your car out of "D" and put it into "P" before starting the car.  Stupid German vehicle.

I need wine. Now.  ;)

Anyhow, I will hopefully be all back to Boden bliss tomorrow, but for now, hit list time.

If you use a check card for any Boden pre-orders, caveat emptor.  CAVEAT EMPTOR.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Time for a Tunic and More!

I am SO sorry it has taken me until after 8:00 pm Eastern Time to get these reviews "rounded up." Blegh. But at least I had a good day which should serve as an adequate excuse for being tardy!

We had a great playdate with some of the moms and their kids from Rex's preschool class. I love the other parents in his class, they are all super sweet and I feel such a great kinship with them. Last year I often felt like I was a SAHM alone, most of the parents were working outside the home full time, so I only ever saw them every once in awhile, and it was a bummer trying to strike up friendships with ladies and men who were at different life points than me (the grandparents and nannies would pick up Rex's classmates last year and none of them EVER wanted to hang out with me, which is fine, but I was all verklempt). It is neat to be part of a group that just gets what I am going through. I hope that these ladies and men stick around the area (DC is really transient) for as long as possible, it would be pleasant to have friends locally for longer than a year or two!

Okay, blah, blah, blah.

Remember, to get to the Boden website from my blog, go to the Boden stock photo and click on it. If you want to make sure you have a decent coupon code attached to it, click on the 15% off maternity coupon in my sidebar first, and then go through the individual item's photos. The 15% off coupon was still active this morning...please do let us know if you run into any issues, though!

First up is an IRL review from me on the Pool Party Tunic.

Are any of you at all surprised that I pre-ordered this back in October?  LOL.  ;)  I love the very crazy pink and green paisley pattern, I always and forever will adore Boden's tunics (probably could write a sonnet to express my adoration, it is that deep), and I actually have a use for a summer coverup (I spend most days at the pool--AND I JUST FOUND OUT WE PROBABLY ARE GOING ON A CRUISE IN MAY--woo and hoo).

This is a UK 10, US 6.  I consistently wear a size US 6 in their tunics, whereas I will more often than not wear a US 8 in the Boden dresses. 

This is a shorter tunic, and I don't know that I would wear this anywhere outside of the pool, a cruise, the beach, and/or a simple picnic-y type party.  I would also not wear this with leggings, I think the cotton is too thin and I know that the leggings would show through.

From the side.  I see that the length is okay, and it passes the fingertip test (it is longer than my fingertips extended at my sides--had to learn that one pretty darn fast as a middle school teacher--chortle).

From the back.  This was the only view I didn't care for, but it isn't like I look terrible, it just is a lot of pattern all in one place.  :)

Close up the beading.  I think the beading is beautiful, and makes you feel all special and bejeweled even at the pool.

Do I think it is worth the $78 price (with a discount it is $66)? depends.  Are you stuck to your desk all day long during the summer and the only time you get out is once a weekend?  Then this may be a bit much too spend.  That said, if you are a SAHM and you work all summer long by taking the kids out and about and wearing a swimsuit is part of it, then sure, jump in and swim with the floral craziness that Johnnie B. has given us...

Pool Party Tunic
Pool Party Tunic.  It is also available in a less crazy pattern in yellow (pretty sunshiney yellow at that) and a pretty blue, and another more muted version of this pattern above.

Slingback Clogs
Slingback Clogs. As seen on Polly and Fiona's blog in the amazing animal print.

Riviera Dress
Riviera Dress. As seen on Fiona. (Great rebuttal, Fiona!) :)

Kimono Jumper
Kimono Jumper. As seen on Suburban Mom, looking lovely in the grey and the pink!!!

Let's finish this week up with a Baby CW review of some mini-Boden.

Gah.  Even in a ridiculously long petticoat skirt, this baby girl looks so freaking cute.  And that belly!  (Only time I can think when it is okay to have a belly like that outside of pregnancy!)

Okay.  Obviously the skirt is WAY TOO LONG on her.  We sized for her waist, but I clearly see this a skirt meant for taller thinner little girls.  Most toddlers aren't made that way.  This skirt was probably a size 2-3, and I couldn't envision her wearing this until she is at least four. 

I would say grab this skirt for your girl if she is older and has longer legs.  The skirt is made from really pretty fabric (not quite Liberty Tana lawn, but still a soft, silky feel, regardless).  You may want to order two (get the free shipping and returns if you want to do this) to make sure you find the right size for your daughter/granddaughter/niece, whatever.

We may not have gone home with the skirt, but that shirt was all CW would talk about.  "Momma, I want the strawberry shortcake shirt...Momma, I want the strawberry shortcake shirt...Momma, I want the..."

Size 2-3, in the candy strawberry colorway. 

It fits well, and appears that it is well-made to last through many washings and dryings that she could wear this for at least one more year into summer 2012. 

It is a touch too long, but no biggie.  CW doesn't care if we tuck her shirts in as long as the strawberries are fully visible.  I also pulled the petticoat skirt up so you could see how long the skirt should be...CW looks like I am a sister wife and I am dressing her very very conservatively in the first two photos.  LOL. ;)

Poster T-shirt
Poster T-Shirt. The pink version is selling out faster than the other colors, but not for the toddlers.  The smaller sizes are still all available.

Petticoat Skirt
Petticoat Skirt.  Definitely not selling out.  Heck, I could probably wear the 13-14 size it runs that big.  I won't though. :)

You all have a great night.  If I missed your review, could you drop it in the comments or e-mail me so I can include it in next week's roundup???

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arbonne: Makeup Primer and Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturizer, Step One and Two.

Like I mentioned in last night's post, I would be a right ole fool not to do more with Arbonne considering I have folks searching for Arbonne reviews and landing on my site. :)

So today I am doing part one of from "Fresh Faced to All Ready to Go."

Remember, all products I show here can be found at my Arbonne website.  (Go to the SHOP ONLINE TAB at the top of the home page to see all of the products for sale--cosmetics are under the Arbonne Cosmetics.)  I am an independent consultant, so while not completely unbiased, I do have a lot of information I can impart to you all about how to use the individual products (or at least how I use them, lol).  

Here is a reminder of what the cosmetics guide collage looked like (and it allows you to get a sneak peek of what the next steps are...if you roll like that)...

Fresh Faced Photo:
This is meant to be the "control" photo so you can see what I started out with...there is NO photo-shopping, etc., I promise.  I would look way better if I used photoshop, trust me.  ;)

 Step One:
After doing my morning cleansing and moisturizing routine (which will be its own set of posts sometime in the near future--it includes a ton of RE9 Advanced and Revelage products), I like to put on Arbonne's Makeup Primer *before* I put on my tinted moisturizer.  Some ladies prefer to put on the tinted moisturizer first, but it is a preference thing, and if you do end up using a primer and tinted moisturizer in the future, you will land upon which order you prefer.  I tend to have fairly oily skin, so the Makeup Primer helps cut a bit of the slick spots before applying the cosmetics.  I think you can see the difference between the fresh faced photo and the above photo.  This one shows that the makeup primer does what it says it will do, gives an even and smooth base for all application of makeup.  Some of my friends will go without any makeup (!!!) and just wear the primer, they like the look it gives their skin that much!  (I like to at least brush my eyebrows, put on some lip polish, and some mascara, but I also run a fashion blog and take photos of myself on a daily basis, so I am sure some of my vanity plays into that--lol.)

I think the thing I most appreciate about the primer is that it does shrink my pores a bit.  Part of my aging has been enlarged pores, so if I can find something that helps reduce them, then yes, I say!


Step Two:
After the primer, I then apply a SMALL amount of the sheer finish tinted moisturizer in the shade medium.  On the days I use this tinted moisturizer, I do NOT apply a separate moisturizer like the RE9 Restorative Day Creme SPF 20 because that would just be overload.  Contrary to popular opinion, excessive moisturizing is not beneficial to the skin...just use an amount that will properly cover your facial skin and go.  Also, I should point out that even though this tinted moisturizer has an SPF of 15, if you are spending a ton of time in the sun that day, I highly recommend using one of the Before Sun products on top of your moisturizer.  The sun is one of the reasons skin ages more swiftly.  I have been using SPF since middle school and have fewer facial lines than many of my friends who have not.  I may be pretty pale in summer, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.  My hands have not fared as well, but in the past five years I have been very conscientious of using hand creams with SPF in them.

So why do I use a small amount (besides the fact that it is unnecessary)?  I have a tendency to be a bit generous with how I pour out skin care, and have often ended up with excess product all over my hands.  Since turning over to Arbonne 100% in the past year and a half, I have taught myself to resist that temptation.  The packaging and ingredients mean that the product is meant to last a while.  For instance, I expect that in the next two months I will have to replace this tinted moisturizer, but I have used it off and on (probably three times a week) for six months.  I would say that with daily (and proper) use, this bottle could last four months, no problem.  The product I use daily is the Revelage Intensive Pro-Brightening Night Serum, and when properly dispensed, I have made a bottle (one ounce) last three months.  (So if I do the math, that is $60 divided by 90 days which equals 67 cents a day, a cost I am willing to pay for what it does for my rosacea.)  The math for the tinted moisturizer is even better, at $36 divided by 120 days (remember, dispense only a small amount) and you get 30 cents a day.  Even if you are all crazy with how you dispense the tinted moisturizer and can only make it last two months, the math is still great...60 cents a day for moisturizing, makeup, and an SPF.

Besides providing moisturizing with Vitamin A (retinyl--an active ingredient known for its anti-aging uses), this tinted moisturizer is one of the items in the cosmetics line that has "optilight technology," which Arbonne introduced in 2010 to its makeup line.  Basically the finely sized pigments that are used in the tinting do two things: allow the skin to breathe better (I never feel like this is heavy or thick on my skin, and I do tend to notice when that happens), and it allows for soft focus effect because the pigments are formulated to help deflect light from the skin.  I am a big fan of "glowy" skin and when J. Lo did all the way back when, I jumped right on board.  Dewy skin is young skin, and that is ALWAYS my goal with my skin care and cosmetics routine.  There are other products in the line that use optilight technology, including the sheer glow highlighter (which is my current free product with purchase at my Arbonne website).

I would never go out with just the tinted moisturizer on...I feel like it makes me look a bit flat--even if I have a certain "glow," so I always add at least mascara and lip polish.


I hope that this has helped you all learn a bit more about the first two (pretty important) basics of any good foundation for an "all made up" look.  Tomorrow I will go into cheek blush, eyeliner, and mascara.  :)

You all have a great night and thank you for visiting my blog (if this is your first time here)!

J. Crew Reviews: Knotted Mesh Necklace and a Sundrenched Sweatshirt.

Have you all changed the way you are doing J. Crew reviews? I know I have. Since JCA's Alexis introduced J. Crew Reviews on Tuesdays, I find I wait until Tuesday to publish any reviews I have for J. Crew. I just think it makes everything way more seamless.

Speaking of reviews, I have the Boden Weekly Review Roundup almost ready to go, and I want to thank quite of few of you for e-mailing me links, info, etc. :) If I haven't e-mailed you back, don't worry, I have received your message and I am just trying to get a multitude of things done before the kids wake from their naps.

Alright, onto the reviews:
Knotted Mesh Necklace.  I ordered this a long time ago when there was the fabfeb (maybe?) promo which allowed 20% off all full-priced items.  The maritime dress was the other purchase from that promo, and I did a review on that a little while ago.

J. Crew's website said that it was backordered till April, but I received it yesterday.  It did have a store tag on it, so I assume it was sent back from the store when they switched out their jewelry cases.

This necklace comes in a golden color that I am wearing, and a silver-toned version.  I like how the color nearly matches my hair, and with the warmer colors in my wardrobe, I knew that I would wear the gold version more.

I love the overall look of this necklace, it is like a statement necklace but more subtle, with no extra bobs and bibs and gems.  I can see why it was backordered.

I still think it is a bit much of a necklace for some ladies, so if you prefer a simple strand of pearls or a chain with a small pendant, this may not be the necklace for you (that said, it could be a good "starter" statement necklace for those of you wanting to try the trend).

Hey wait, isn't that the same photo as above?  LOL.  No.  The chain has been extended to lie lower.  I like the versatility of taking it from near choker length to a bit longer.

The tee I am wearing is one of J. Crew's older tees, from 2005.  I am now consistently wearing a size extra-small in their tops.  This is a size small, which proves the existence of vanity sizing.  ;)  I love this color green, and wish they would bring it back!

I show this shot for three reasons.  First, those of you who wear glasses have no concerns that the two items together would be overwhelming.  I quite like how the necklace works with the glasses.  Seems simple and chic, really.  Second, the color of the necklace is darker here, because of the light, and I love this luxurious looking.  Third, at the end of this post I will list all the makeup I am wearing (very simple mix, really) and for those of you who wear glasses, it is a way of showing how the makeup looks with glasses (which is important because glasses totally change the way your face looks with makeup).

Sundrenched Sweatshirt.  This is the electric orange version, and I LOVE it.  This color is really what drew me in, and I watched and watched and when I saw the numbers were getting really low, I jumped in and bought it.  This is a size extra-small and find it fit fine...just long enough and fitted in the right places.  It DID stretch out, so DON'T size up unless you want real slouchy.  (BTW, this sweatshirt is totally sold out on-line, but probably is still available in stores.)

We were headed to the gym here.  CW looks darling, doesn't she???

I want to give major props to xoxo who found these darling Liberty of London Bensimon sneakers for me at Piperlime.  She sent me the link, and bam-o, I bought them for a really, really good price.  :) Yay!  I am wearing a size 40, which fits fine.  (I wear a J. Crew 9.5 for reference.)

I woke up feeling real rough this morning.  I had a migraine (fortunately nothing like I used to suffer, but still, blegh) and had to take medicine which got rid of the headache but it left me woozy and numb feeling.  No way was I going to be able to get Rex off to preschool.  But I knew I was going to take photos of this necklace, so I had to make sure I got my face ready...and keep it as sweet and simple as possible.

All of the products I am wearing can be found here at my Arbonne website.  If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to e-mail me at  I also have samples of many of the makeup items, so don't be shy! 

1. Wash my face with the RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser.
2. Spritz face with RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner.
3. Apply RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum.
4. No need to add a moisturizer or SPF as I am not even leaving the house until this evening, if at all (I get really worn out by my medicine).  So I just wait for serum to dry and apply the Sheer Pressed Powder in the shade medium.
5. Apply Triple Action Mascara (always, always try to wear mascara--long lashes equal younger-looking faces, ESPECIALLY when you are wearing glasses for nearsightedness, which can make your eyes look smaller).
6. Brush eyebrows with eyebrow gel.
7. Apply lip polish in shade posh, and then apply lip polish in shade pearl.  Almost a perfect nude for me.

And that's it.  A good necklace, a great color top, and nicely brushed hair can help just a tiny bit when feeling sort of under the weather.  LOL.

Have a great day.  I will continue the post I started last night tonight. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

From Fresh Faced to All Ready to Go! (Intro Post!)

I mentioned in my post last night that I have recently discovered many people are landing at My Superfluities because they are searching for more info on Arbonne products.  I have done quickie reviews of items before, but in general, I limit my activity with Arbonne to mentioning it as part of a giveaway or a "hey, look how my makeup works with my outfit" post.

But I have learned a thing or two about how blogs can help educate the public...and I obviously have been doing this for over two years as a big fan of J. Crew, Boden, and Anthropologie, and since this was my main "thing" early on, I guess I just decided that was where my emphasis would continue.  (And it will, I promise.)  But that doesn't mean that I should never have posts on something I know a lot about, like skin care and cosmetics.  (And mid-century modern things and historical archaeology in Virginia, but I will hold off on those for a

So I am going to really focus some energy (now that I have loads of it) towards increasing readership for what I know about Arbonne.  Since I am a consultant (which should be fairly obvious), I do not have the "un-biased" approach, but I am not exactly "un-biased" about J. Crew, either, hole-y shirts and all.  I will NEVER recommend something I personally don't love or haven't heard that others love.  (I think I will probably be staying away from reviews on the clear skin line as I and my friends who use Arbonne have no experience from it.)  I will grab all info and reviews on Arbonne from people I know, and I will add anything you may want to think about before using a product.  (Like if you need waterproof mascara, Arbonne's version won't work for you because the waterproof mascaras contain chemicals that Arbonne has taken a very firm stand on not using.  Also no nail polish--sad face--or hair sprays, etc.  On the days I swim, I must take off my mascara before swimming, lest I scare other swimmers away with my raccoon eyes...)

Okay.  Phew.  Nice and long explanation...I know some of you are all, "umm, dinagideon, just explain the photo collage already."  ;)

Over the next few days, in conjunction with my "Free Sheer Glow Highlighter with $100+ Purchase," I am showing how I go from freshly moisturized face to all made up in 8 total steps.  For a lot of you, this will not be super-helpful as you may already have a routine, but I have a feeling there are a few people who would love to have a step by step guide to getting made up with Arbonne cosmetics.  So I will provide.

This post just simply explains what is going on...the total posts will be based on the steps.  I may put a few together (like the tinted moisturizer and makeup primer steps, for example), while others will be stand alone (probably the one on the sheer glow highlighter itself).

So, anyhow, have a great day, and I look forward to putting the above guide/collage into words.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silly Little Natalie Studded Sweater...

First things first, I had such a BLAST announcing the Boden Catch of the Day every day for the whole of last week.  Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and all we have left is the 15% off coupon.  I checked this morning, but there are no other coupons.  The best I could find *is* the maternity 15% off coupon.  LOL.  So you all be preggers now, okay?  {Wink, wink.} ;)

A few weeks back, I wore the Natalie Studded Sweater out in public.  I know.  My mind wondered, "would the public be able to handle it?"  Well, yes, as it turns out...with a comment here and there.

Did the women come up to me and say, "ooh, cool sweater?"  No...I don't think they even noticed.  It was the men who stood up and commented on my (admittedly) avant garde sweater choice.

I heard:

1. Mr. Dina said..."Ooh, you are like a superhero...a se*y superhero."  Really, Mr. Dina, a superhero.  That's what you see when you see a cotton striped, studded sweater???  Okay, then.

2. Nice manager at Indian place..."Oh, you look like a GLADIATOR.  That's awesome."  Umm, okay.  Well, then.  LOL.

I felt:

1. Rex touching all the studs.

2. Nice manager at the Indian place caressing one of the studs.

Haha, so if I ever lack for attention, I must remember to pull this sweater out.

From the front.  Remember, I have done a review of this sweater before.

The sweater held up well.  :)  No issues with the studs coming undone.  AND THEY BETTER NOT COME UNDONE at the price J. Crew wanted for this.

I am wearing a pair of INC. black pants I forgot I had.  I love the stretchy material and length.  To add a bit of fun, I put my hair in pigtails and pulled out a pair of satin bow aqua flats that J. Crew made a few years ago. 

You know they re-thought this sweater and created a less expensive non-studded version.  It is sequined and called the spangled stripe sweater (it is pretty, but the loosey-goosey sequins would have me in OCD overdrive plus the model is VERY VERY THIN).

Okay, all, have a great night. 

P.S. I have a few Arbonne-centered posts coming up.  I have been looking at my webstats and a lot of folks are coming over to my blog after entering keywords like "Arbonne RE9 Advanced" or "Arbonne blog reviews."  I would be cah-ray-zee if I didn't do reviews or tutorials, etc. with my Arbonne background as people are actively seeking out this information.  Even if it is other Arbonne consultants, I am 100% cool with helping out my peeps, ya know???  So if you are not really a skin care or cosmetics kind of person, I am okay with you all skipping over it, I get it.  LOL.  My first series will be on Arbonne cosmetics from a fresh face to all done up and ready to go, step by step.  It is meant to complement my next Arbonne giveaway with purchase over at my Arbonne web page, so that when people get the free sheer glow highlighter, they have an idea of what to do with it.  ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Boden's Catch of the Day: Dresses Galore!

Well, look at that.  Boden went ahead and "caught" dresses today!  Yes!  I personally am a HUGE fan of the dresses that Boden makes and just based on the sheer number of reviews we have had on dresses here during the Boden Weekly Review Roundup, I would say there are quite a few fans of the dress collection!

(That said, Johnnie, I still wish the Jersey Top was still on sale.  LOL.  It went up by 9 dollars this morning.  I think I will hold off in hope of a buy 3, get the 4th for a dollar deal...could buy that top and a bunch of mini-Boden goodies with that kind of deal.)

Johnnie B. and Mini-Boden for girls are also having sales this morning, in girls it is swimwear and cover-ups and in Johnnie B. it is dresses, as well.

To partake in this FINAL day of sales (sadness), I highly recommend you click on the Boden maternity 15% off link in my sidebar, and then go shopping.  The prices I have listed below are the end price you will receive if you click both the 15% off coupon (still good, yahoo!), and purchase a catch of the day item.  Remember, though, the prices I have listed do not appear until you put the item in your cart. 

Am I going to enjoy a sale today?  Well, yes.  :)  I went ahead and put three items in my cart, two for me and one for CW.  I also have downloaded the images of the exact items I have purchased from the sale (the stock images that take you to Boden's site are not necessarily the items I purchased) and have put those images at the bottom of this post so I can clip them to polyvore.

BTW, I am showing off the dresses I know for a FACT there are IRL reviews for...ALL of the women's dresses (except Party, Limited Edition, and Maternity) are on sale today.  If you have experience with one of the other dresses or you want to give a special shout-out to one of the dresses, go ahead and leave a note in the comments!  Thanks!!!

Notch Neck Shift
Notch Neck Shift. Now $87.04. My favorite from this season, as seen in the green/blue colorway on me in the most recent Boden Weekly Review Roundup. I succumbed to the sale, btw, I went ahead and purchased it in the pretty red floral pattern! (Yes, the fact there is a mini-Boden version DID weigh in my decision-making process, lol.)

Relaxed Silk Dress
Relaxed Silk Dress. Now $100.64. As seen on ShopwithM, Jenny, and me.  This one has been very popular this season!

Piazza Dress
Piazza Dress. Now $100.64. As seen on Tabitha.

Sassy Silk Dress
Sassy Silk Dress. Now $100.64. As seen on yours truly.

Jersey Top Dress
Jersey Top Dress. Now $66.64. As seen on Louise and Jenny.

Riviera Dress
UPDATE 4:32 pm: Riviera Dress. Polly models this for us in the blue dotted version. She and Fiona both wanted this colorway, but Polly won! :) (Don't worry, Fiona was able to get it in another colorway!)

Printed Dress
Printed Dress. Now $34.00 I am buying this as I have been eyeing it all season (in the oyster/floral color combo). I hope the size medium I chose fits! :)

Surf Suit
Surf Suit. Now $32.64. I know CW will adore this bright pink suit, and I will adore how much SPF it gives her without me having to apply it! Now, Johnnie, can you go ahead and put the boys version on sale again for me??? Pretty please?

CW is going to yell "PINK" when she sees this.

Ooh, squee.  I love this dress shape so much and this ruby floral is beautiful.

Love the ease of this dress.  I anticipate that if it doesn't fit, I will exchange it.  Fortunately it is only $34 today, so it make it worth my while to at least order it as exchanges are for the same amount.  ;)

Have a great day!  Can't wait to read all about your choices, ladies!