Thursday, March 10, 2011

40 and 40: Charter Club Tee and J. Crew Chinos.

If you don't know what the 40 and 40 is, please go to this post to find out more. (I will provide a link to that daily as it mentions all the ins and outs of this 40 day activity of mine.)

Since yesterday I have decided that I will split the charity amount (remember 1/2 the amount of the price of the "for sale" item--not the free item clearly--will go to charity at the end of the 40 and 40) between the PFO Research Foundation and the Drew and Maggie Fund.  So I hope to give each at least $50 by the end!

Also, both items from yesterday are still available and will be available until it says "Sold" or "Given Away."

I do feel pretty terrible right now, some bug or another, so I will keep this brief, and hope to be back with lots of blogging fun tomorrow.

Charter Club Tee, Size Small.  Yellow/Green Floral Print.  SO SOFT!  I would keep this...except...the close crewneck and short sleeves don't work on me.  I know it will look amazing on someone, though.  FREE (add $5 for shipping, though).

J. Crew Everyday Chinos, Pink (Quartz, maybe), Size 10 Regular.  I adore this color, but the everyday chino's fit on me is off.  However, I know a lot of JCAs love it, so this will no doubt make some lady super happy!  $8 (plus $6 shipping).

Have a great night, will give you 76 and 75 tomorrow.