Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Time for a Tunic and More!

I am SO sorry it has taken me until after 8:00 pm Eastern Time to get these reviews "rounded up." Blegh. But at least I had a good day which should serve as an adequate excuse for being tardy!

We had a great playdate with some of the moms and their kids from Rex's preschool class. I love the other parents in his class, they are all super sweet and I feel such a great kinship with them. Last year I often felt like I was a SAHM alone, most of the parents were working outside the home full time, so I only ever saw them every once in awhile, and it was a bummer trying to strike up friendships with ladies and men who were at different life points than me (the grandparents and nannies would pick up Rex's classmates last year and none of them EVER wanted to hang out with me, which is fine, but I was all verklempt). It is neat to be part of a group that just gets what I am going through. I hope that these ladies and men stick around the area (DC is really transient) for as long as possible, it would be pleasant to have friends locally for longer than a year or two!

Okay, blah, blah, blah.

Remember, to get to the Boden website from my blog, go to the Boden stock photo and click on it. If you want to make sure you have a decent coupon code attached to it, click on the 15% off maternity coupon in my sidebar first, and then go through the individual item's photos. The 15% off coupon was still active this morning...please do let us know if you run into any issues, though!

First up is an IRL review from me on the Pool Party Tunic.

Are any of you at all surprised that I pre-ordered this back in October?  LOL.  ;)  I love the very crazy pink and green paisley pattern, I always and forever will adore Boden's tunics (probably could write a sonnet to express my adoration, it is that deep), and I actually have a use for a summer coverup (I spend most days at the pool--AND I JUST FOUND OUT WE PROBABLY ARE GOING ON A CRUISE IN MAY--woo and hoo).

This is a UK 10, US 6.  I consistently wear a size US 6 in their tunics, whereas I will more often than not wear a US 8 in the Boden dresses. 

This is a shorter tunic, and I don't know that I would wear this anywhere outside of the pool, a cruise, the beach, and/or a simple picnic-y type party.  I would also not wear this with leggings, I think the cotton is too thin and I know that the leggings would show through.

From the side.  I see that the length is okay, and it passes the fingertip test (it is longer than my fingertips extended at my sides--had to learn that one pretty darn fast as a middle school teacher--chortle).

From the back.  This was the only view I didn't care for, but it isn't like I look terrible, it just is a lot of pattern all in one place.  :)

Close up the beading.  I think the beading is beautiful, and makes you feel all special and bejeweled even at the pool.

Do I think it is worth the $78 price (with a discount it is $66)? depends.  Are you stuck to your desk all day long during the summer and the only time you get out is once a weekend?  Then this may be a bit much too spend.  That said, if you are a SAHM and you work all summer long by taking the kids out and about and wearing a swimsuit is part of it, then sure, jump in and swim with the floral craziness that Johnnie B. has given us...

Pool Party Tunic
Pool Party Tunic.  It is also available in a less crazy pattern in yellow (pretty sunshiney yellow at that) and a pretty blue, and another more muted version of this pattern above.

Slingback Clogs
Slingback Clogs. As seen on Polly and Fiona's blog in the amazing animal print.

Riviera Dress
Riviera Dress. As seen on Fiona. (Great rebuttal, Fiona!) :)

Kimono Jumper
Kimono Jumper. As seen on Suburban Mom, looking lovely in the grey and the pink!!!

Let's finish this week up with a Baby CW review of some mini-Boden.

Gah.  Even in a ridiculously long petticoat skirt, this baby girl looks so freaking cute.  And that belly!  (Only time I can think when it is okay to have a belly like that outside of pregnancy!)

Okay.  Obviously the skirt is WAY TOO LONG on her.  We sized for her waist, but I clearly see this a skirt meant for taller thinner little girls.  Most toddlers aren't made that way.  This skirt was probably a size 2-3, and I couldn't envision her wearing this until she is at least four. 

I would say grab this skirt for your girl if she is older and has longer legs.  The skirt is made from really pretty fabric (not quite Liberty Tana lawn, but still a soft, silky feel, regardless).  You may want to order two (get the free shipping and returns if you want to do this) to make sure you find the right size for your daughter/granddaughter/niece, whatever.

We may not have gone home with the skirt, but that shirt was all CW would talk about.  "Momma, I want the strawberry shortcake shirt...Momma, I want the strawberry shortcake shirt...Momma, I want the..."

Size 2-3, in the candy strawberry colorway. 

It fits well, and appears that it is well-made to last through many washings and dryings that she could wear this for at least one more year into summer 2012. 

It is a touch too long, but no biggie.  CW doesn't care if we tuck her shirts in as long as the strawberries are fully visible.  I also pulled the petticoat skirt up so you could see how long the skirt should be...CW looks like I am a sister wife and I am dressing her very very conservatively in the first two photos.  LOL. ;)

Poster T-shirt
Poster T-Shirt. The pink version is selling out faster than the other colors, but not for the toddlers.  The smaller sizes are still all available.

Petticoat Skirt
Petticoat Skirt.  Definitely not selling out.  Heck, I could probably wear the 13-14 size it runs that big.  I won't though. :)

You all have a great night.  If I missed your review, could you drop it in the comments or e-mail me so I can include it in next week's roundup???