Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boden's Catch of the Day: Accessories and Shoes for Women, Variety of Yummies in Mini-Boden and Johnnie B.

Okay.  I finally figured out how to find the catch of the day for the mini-Boden and Johnnie B. line.  You have to go to the Boden site (highly recommend using the 15% off Maternity coupon in my sidebar, it applies to all items, not just maternity, and can also be used on the 20% off catch of the day items--woo!), and from the main page, drag your cursor over the individual lines at the top of the page.  As your cursor hovers over them, a box should appear with all the mini-Boden or Johnnie B. item categories, and at the VERY bottom of the box you should see "mini-Catch" or "Johnnie B. catch."  Click on that link, and it should transport you to the "catch" page for both of those lines.

Women's catch of the day is RIGHT there as you enter the Women's clothing section.  They make it super-easy for us to find our deals of the day. LOL.

Today is 20% off of accessories and shoes, but when you also add on the 15% coupon, you get some nice deals.  I still can't participate, but my hope is that by Friday they still have some fab deals so I can get at least one of my wishlist items (Friday is when I get paid--yes, my hubby pays me to be a SAHM--thank goodness we worked something out!).  I hope that for those of you that have wanted some accessories and/or shoes will enjoy today's catch!

I am not going to list all the catch items, I will list my favorites or the ones I have experience with.  I will also list a few of the mini-Boden items on sale, as well as the Johnnie B. items.

To go to Boden's website, you can click through the photos, but remember to click the 15% coupon first, as that should stay as your "coupon" for the day and as you add items to your cart, you will see the additional 15% come off the catch items.   You will NOT see the savings reflected until it is in your cart, so don't freak out if the price I list doesn't appear on your screen right away!

Ruffled Ribbon Necklace
Ruffled Ribbon Necklace. Now $43.52. I have done a review of this one, in sand, and love it. I loved it at a higher price, too. :)

Ruffled Ribbon Heels
Ruffled Ribbon Heels. Now $100.64. Love these in pewter. Cute! All leather construction, too...

Petal Clutch
Petal Clutch. Now $87.04. This blue color I don't really care for, but the light brown/tan is really pretty and looks like it would be surprisingly versatile. Although it says clutch, it does come with a leather strap, which works better for most people, I have found.

Downtown Heels
Downtown Heels. Now $100.64. Sure these have high heels, but can you imagine how long your legs would look paired with a great pair of sleek bermuda shorts? Yum. The tan color seems to be the most practical, but I like the pewter version as well. All leather construction with a wooden heel.

Chic Sunglasses
Chic Sunglasses. Now $53.04. I have two pairs of Boden sunglasses that I bought in the spring of 2009, and I still wear them, constantly. I keep one pair in my car and the other in my beach bag. I may wear my AR Trapp for J. Crew sunglasses out and about (they are ridiculously cool), but my Boden sunnies are my workhorses. :) This chic version looks to be a nice mix of practical and cool.

Strappy Gladiators
Strappy Gladiators. Now $73.44. Let's be real...a great pair of sandals is the true winner of the summer wardrobe. I already have a few pairs that I bought last year, and I loved wearing them, very comfy, and the addition of a zipper at back ensures the darn things won't fall off your feet (I am looking at you, flip-flops!).

Other items in this sale include belts, purses, scarves, etc. There is a lot for sale today. :)

Heart Pocket Crops
Heart Pocket Crops. Now $23.12. Remember, CW is going to be doing a review of these later today! :) She bought a size 3, which is bigger than she would normally buy (she is a size 2), but these are cut close, so she recommends sizing up. The heart pockets at the back are beyond darling, btw!

Gypsy Top
Gypsy Top. Now $21.76. Looking at this, I would buy CW a size 4-5 so she could wear it as a dress and later as a top. Love the colorways, but the ditsy pink floral is my favorite.

Cable Hoody
Cable Hoody. Now $40.80. I wear Johnnie B. items, usually in a size medium on top and a size large on bottom. Turns out that they now carry size extra-large, which allows even more non-teens the option of wearing this line. Woo-hoo! This cable hoody just looks like something many of my preppy readers would love!

Cricket Cardigan
Cricket Cardigan. Now $43.52. Love this in the white/orange colorway. This is definitely reminiscent of Old School J. Crew. :)

Hope you all have a great day. Reminder, if you have a Boden review for me, send it fairly soon, and I can include it in today's weekly roundup! (