Tuesday, March 8, 2011

J. Crew Reviews: Floral Edition!

Like this is going to be a shock to any of you, but I had to bite from J. Crew's recent floral explosion...

Liberty Bouquet Shirtdress. Size 4 (thank you, FFM, for the measurements you posted last week at the reviews post at JCA). I would have bought a 6, but with the hips being as free as they were, I knew the 4 would be fine. And it was. Any more hip fabric and it would look like I was wearing a little girl's dress, lol.

Bit short, this one, but I am 5'8". I love it for those summer days when you want crisp cotton against your skin. Crisp cotton is the right way to describe this prettily patterned Liberty Print Cotton Poplin, btw, it feels a lot like the way your freshly laundered sheets feel against your skin, in other words, AWESOME. ;)

From the front.  LOVE the pockets.  :)

From the back.  Best way for me to judge if the dress is an appropriate length/look for this stay at home mom.  It passes!

Hand on hip.  I would say the only thing you may want to size up for is your shoulders.  The 4 was fine, but I imagine if you have broader shoulders or a stronger back, you may want to size up.  I went with my "perfect shirt" sizing, and that worked here.

Silk Driving Scarf.  You must seek this one out at your local J. Crew factory store.  It is still full price on-line, and yet you can buy the SAME exact one at the factory store for something like $40?  Redonkulus. 

I knotted it once, turned the scarf backwards (so the knot was at the back of my neck), and then knotted it again.  Perfect length, and the scarf stayed in place perfectly.  I have worn it twice since I bought it last Thursday.  I don't even like scarves that much, so take that for what you will.

Thursday night I wore the outfit you see above, and without hesitation, I ripped the tags off the scarf and put it with this outfit. 

Merino Sparklegate Cardigan, size extra-small. Zoey Whisper Lame Tank, size 6.  Woolen Twill Minnies, size 10.  Merona Flats that I wear constantly.

Wore this yesterday.  I have a full outfit to go with this top half, but I will publish that at some later date.  Scarf is tied the same way it is tied above.  I adore it with the pink striped sequin tee. 

Some other reviews of these items (that I could find, add more if you know of any others).  Thanks!

Liberty Bouquet Shirtdress: DaniBP, Jessie, Dinster.

Silk Driving Scarf: Patina, DaniBP (clearly my soul sister, lol).