Friday, March 11, 2011

Mommy and Me Coats...

First things first.  I am beyond sick to my stomach over the horrible news out of Japan.  The earthquake that hit there while we slept last night is so incredibly sad, awful, and terrible, I don't have words to express my grief at the loss of life and property the dear people of Japan are experiencing.  Suffice it to say that I am saying many many prayers that the road to recovery starts soon.

To make matters worse, many people in many countries have to be concerned with the after-effects of the tsunami that is meant to hit their shores.  My birthplace of Lompoc, CA, is one of the places under the tsunami warning, and it is expected to hit that little city fairly soon.  A good portion of my relatives are still there.  I am sure all will be fine, as the warnings have been up since I have been watching the news (I am on hour 3 right now), but I still have a pit of dread for the folks in the cities and towns of the west coast of this country and for Hawaii.

I almost didn't do a post this morning, but I needed a distraction.  And maybe you all need a distratcion from the news, too.

So what better than the fluff of mommy and me coats?  (Yes, I mean me and CW.)

Every time we wear these coats, btw, we get the craziest reactions...we are literally stopped and asked where we got the coats.  It shouldn't surprise me because is there anything more darling than a little girl wearing a "little lady" coat to match her momma?  A lot of the folks that stop me are grandparents who would love to get their own daughters and granddaughters matching outfits.  :)

I modified this photo in Picnik, which is a Picasa service.  I think I did the "1960s" look.  :)

You all have seen these coats before, but I love showing the difference from last year to this year.  CW definitely fits into her coat much better.  Plus, look at her Monkey hat!!!  LOL.

These are J. Crew Factory (Outlet) coats from 2009 (Holiday season).  I bought mine on ebay in a size 4 and I got baby CW's coat from the factory in Lancaster, PA.  (Hers is also a size 4.)

Here is a new set of coats from Boden.  Mini-Boden, to be exact.  I am wearing a girl's size 13-14 (equivalent to a size small or 4 or 6 in regular Boden).  If you are size 0 or 2 in Boden, you could wear a girl's size 11-12!

CW is wearing a size 3-4 (I believe).  It is big on her, but I need it to last at least two seasons to justify the cost (I think we got a buy 2 items, get the third for $1 deal on these, so one of the two cost $1, but the other one was $88).

The yellow is so pretty and the coat is lined in a brown cotton with white dots pattern.  There was also a blue version, but as of yesterday, there were no more available (I checked, must be sold out).

Aww. I love that she is cradling her stuffed animal, too.

Great clothes for men, women, and children

Mini-Boden is usually one of the first to have their items sell out whenever there is a sale. So if you want to do a "Mommy and Me" coat look, best to hit the sale the very first day.

Speaking of sales, I am actively looking at my coupons to see if I can get a 15% off or higher Boden coupon. As of right now, the highest coupon I can offer is 10% off with free shipping and returns. If you are a new customer, you can get that discount AND a free necklace, which is pretty awesome, but only applicable if you have never ordered from them before.

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P.S. If you have anyone in your life that is affected by the earthquake/tsunami, and you would like to let us know, please leave a comment here and I will make sure to include them in my prayers.