Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 and 40: Loft and Style and Co. Top.

40 and 40 has NOTHING to do with the 30 x 30 remix that is really popular lately and that many of my bloggie friends have been doing in the past few months (and for those of you who have, AWESOME!).

40 and 40 is my Lenten sacrifice.  My Superfluities, the name itself, is inherently the anti-Lenten spirit blog.  To be superfluous is to have excess, to have an over-abundance, to be in cahoots with surplus.  I, in good faith, can't allow my blog, whose very purpose is to show off the fun and ridiculous and quantity of my very full life, to be too overabundant this season.  I believe in the sacrifices one should make in the Lenten season, and although in the past two years of blogging I have had Lenten sacrifice, they were of the more private sort, and I chose not to share them with you.

Here is how 40 and 40 works.

I will, each day during the Lenten season, post two items from my closet that will be either free (with a normal shipping charge) or pretty darn cheap (again with a normal shipping charge).  I have too much and I have determined that I need to give up my excess.  I am not giving away anything that isn't in good shape, that would NOT be in the spirit of sacrifice.  I am giving away items I can still wear, and items that still (for the most part) fit. 

I am only asking for shipping because I cannot afford to ship 80 items!  That would probably work out to near $400 or more, and I just can't do that, and for that I am sorry.  For the item that is pretty darn cheap (I am capping their price to 1/3 of the value I could get it for on ebay), I will save 1/2 of the price paid and put it in a special area in my bank account where I can, at the end of this 40 and 40, give away the money to a charity (probably the PFO Research foundation, which is near and dear to my--cough, cough--heart).  My hope is that at the end of this, I have raised at least $100 for this foundation.  So if a shirt is listed at a price of $8, then the buyer pays $13 (with the shipping added in), and the PFO foundation receives $4 (1/2 of $8).

So here goes.  First person to e-mail me for the item or items receives it.  Please know that I use paypal for all transactions that I make on-line.  If the person who "claims" the item doesn't pay, I will relist the item in an upcoming 40 and 40 (meaning some nights will have more than two items).  My e-mail is

Thank you for supporting my Lenten sacrifice, and thank you for (if you buy the item that actually costs money) supporting the PFO Research Foundation.

Style and Co. Button-Down Top. Petite Medium. Bought it a few years ago, love the fitted style and the easy-care fabric, but sadly the colors do not work for me. This top is FREE (pay $5 flat shipping).

Loft Cotton Sateen Button-Down Top with Crystal Buttons. Size 8. Love this. And if only I wore it more. Someone will make this shirt a more useful part of their wardrobe. This item is $3.50 (pay additional $5 flat shipping).

Thank you, all. I look forward to presenting you with 78 more items!