Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup!

Welcome to the weekly roundup...

Reminder, if you want to see an item up close, click on the photographs that I have taken myself. If you want to see an item at the Boden website, click on the item that was photographed by Boden (a new window or tab will open up). If you want to see the item on another blogger, I have provided a text link to that person's website.


Ruffled Ribbon Necklace in real life. This is the sand version, basically a light brown color. I wanted the most versatile color, but the other colors it is offered in are very pretty.

Ruffled Ribbon Necklace
Ruffled Ribbon Necklace. Also pretty in spring green. :)

On me, with the Liberty Bouquet Shirtdress. I probably won't wear the two together, but I was taking pics for this review post and the one yesterday, so lazy ole me didn't take the shirtdress off before snapping pics of the necklace. You get an idea of how the necklace looks here, regardless of what it is paired with.

The ribbon is well-made, a nice grosgrain ribbon all shirred together and knotted with large (larger than I expected, but not unpleasant) mirrored balls.

You can change the length on the tie, so you can wear it tighter to the neck or longer closer to the decolletage.

I think if you like statement necklaces, or love the Engineered Blooms Necklace from Anthropologie, this may be a great option. Not a great choice if you are simple, one pendant on a chain kind of gal.

Breton Top
Breton Top. See it BEAUTIFULLY styled on Egyptomaniac. Love how she paired navy blue and green together.

SALE ITEMS THIS WEEK...found this in my folder from December photos. Whoops! I knew I had worn it, but couldn't remember when...

Boho Gilet
Boho Gilet. I bought a size 4, which is one size smaller than my typical Boden top size. I chose to go smaller after reading the reviews, which said if you went with your true size it would be very boxy and frumpy.

Here are my thoughts on fake fur vests.  If you are going to wear one, keep everything else SUPER-simple.  A fake fur vest is a HUGE statement on its own.  I only liked this vest exactly as it is shown here, closed, belted, and over a long-sleeved cashmere tee.  When it was opened, I detested it.  (See bottom photo for how it looks closed, yikes!)

From the side.  Not a stitch of color anywhere.  All neutrals.  If I had added color, it would have been too much.  So bear that in mind if you choose to purchase a gilet from Boden from this sale. 

I liked how warm it was.  Either a great layer under a coat or for the late fall or early spring, a nice piece as outerwear.

Undone it makes me look like I escaped from a casting call for "Almost Famous."  All I would need is a headband (forehead wrapped kind, natch) and pink sunglasses.  Yeah, that's the look.  LOL.

So take it easy lest you are you headed for a retro night at the club.

Thanks!  Great week!

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Have a great afternoon!

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