Friday, November 25, 2016

Boden: Black Friday Reviews!

The Boden Black Friday sale is just "meh," at 30% off, but I know things are moving over there (some of the items I had been looking at were pulled from my cart after selling out), so I thought I'd put out a few reviews for those of you wondering about some of the items over there.

Bear in mind a few of the items I am reviewing are in the "clearance" section, so they aren't part of the 30% off, but there are at least a few from below that are from the newer "on 30% off" with the Black Friday sale (they are listed under Regular Boden). 

I have included the link to the sale, along with the code for the sale, at the bottom of the post.  :-)

Regular Boden:
High Neck Dress.  Size 10 Long.  I had initially tried this an 8 Long, and it fit, but just.  Since I knew I wanted it to not cling, I sized up to a 10 (which I do have to do in many of Boden's slim fitting skirts and dresses). 

Upon receiving the 10, I did find it fit far better.  I feel like the top half is quite blousey, but because it doesn't have a similarly blousey bottom half, it works.  If you are an inverted triangle shape, you will definitely be able to go with your smaller size since the bodice is rather forgiving.  If you are a pear shape, size up.  Trust me.

It is made from a heavier poly crepe and it is lovely, but very static clingy.  I took some dryer sheets and liberally applied them all over my tights and to the inside of the skirt portion of the dress.  It worked to end the static cling, and it also made my outfit smell fresh.  (LOL.)  You could also try this mainstay from my youth, which I used when I was in high school and my wool/poly skirt (I wore a uniform) would always stick to my tights.

Here is the Instagram shot.

High Neck Dress.  This one is selling decently well.  I would say if you'll wear it now, then grab it, but if you're not sure, you probably can wait for clearance pricing (which should be better than 30% off).

Mia Tunic. Size 6 Long.  I have already reviewed this here at the site (almost one month ago, SO SLOW am I at updates).  I wanted to give you all another view, since I am such a huge fan.  I am very happy to say that it washed well and didn't shrink.  But I did not put it in the dryer and I washed it in cold water, and I know that helps. 

Here's the Instagram from the day I wore it.

Mia Tunic.  I still think I am the only one who loves this.  Oh, well.  :-)  You all can wait for a better price.

Make a Statement Breton.  Size 8.  I sized up from a 6 to this in an 8 because I wanted to be able to untuck it and wear it loose over a pair of pants.  If I had bought the 6, it would have clung too closely for my liking.  The cotton isn't very substantial, so if you are used to Bretons being more heavyweight, be prepared.  It isn't super thin, but it is not a hard wearing Breton.  This top runs a touch long for me, so if you have a longer torso, you'll like this one. 

The print is so sweet.  I love the stripes, but the over-printed hearts, which from far away look just abstract, are so pretty and different.

Here's the Instagram from the day I wore it.

Make a Statement Breton. It isn't sold out in many sizes, but I know how Boden operates.  They will for sure not reduce these beyond 30% in clearance time.  They know women love their Bretons and will pay well for them.  So it's really neither here nor there when you buy it.  But if your size is in low stock or no stock, and it comes back, buy it now.

Priscilla Jacquard Dress.  Size 8 Regular.  I just love this dress.  To be honest, any knitted jacquard dress from them are my friends.  I have a few.  ;-)  (One of my favorites from last year, worn hereAnd another one, worn more recently.)

This dress runs true to size for their knitted jacquard sheaths.  Though the knit would allow it to stretch over my hips in the 6, I don't want to do that, I would rather it just fit with a touch of ease there. 

The dress is quite covered up, great for work, but pretty conservative.  I went with the regular length so as to avoid being too frumpy.  (Remember, I work at a Catholic school, so this means their long length would be really frumpy!)  It also helped to break up all that pattern with the lariat necklace from Stella and Dot. 

I am so appreciative for the subtle shaping at the back of the dress.  It fits very precisely. 

This photo was the only one where I could come close to showing you the actual color.  It is definitely blue, leaning towards a navy.  The white dots are more grey, but only just, and that is from the weave of the yarns.  This is not a brown dress, at all, but because of the hall light and my phone camera, it shows that way.

From the side.  It is fitted, but I am okay with that.  I used control top tights to help keep my tummy sucked in all day. 

Instagram here.

Priscilla Jacquard Dress.  This dress is not selling so well.  The other color way is doing poorly, too.  I think you all can wait to buy.

Clearance Items:
Carolyn Ponte Dress. Size 8 Long.  I waited a while to wear this, partly because I wasn't sure if I could get away with wearing it without control top tights.  Well, I did need shapewear, but I used a spanx like item instead (one that cinched my waist, too), so no tights needed.  I chose to wear it when it was in the 70s recently. 

This dress is made from a super lovely soft ponte, but dang, it's thin, so I had to wear a padded bra, too.  Shudder.  The bra fits well, but I am not used to wearing them, so by the end of the day I'm all, "get off of me, you cursed garment."  (I wear camis, typically, remember I am a 32B, so not exactly in need of support.)

Instagram here.

Carolyn Ponte Dress.  I would say this color is not accurate, I would say it runs a touch brighter than this.  The yellow is that yellow that is hard to wear by a lot of women, so I would keep this in mind.  It does come in a black, too.  The black is nearly sold out, though.

Jersey Swing Dress.  Size 15-16.  This is a Johnnie b. item.  They have changed the sizing at Johnnie b, so they no longer carry 16+.  I also think they have narrowed their fit, so a 13-14 is a bit slimmer than it was in the past (the size I wore in the past--in their tops).  The dress here is a bit of a tunic on me, but it worked for the occasion (hanging out with the family in Richmond).  It is a lot like this jersey tunic from Boden from last year, barring the pockets.  I really like this dress.  :-)

CW is wearing the dress in a size two sizes too large (she is a real 8 and this is a 9-10).  For now it is a long dress, but by the time she gets to age 10, it will likely fit more like it does on me.  (She'll wear leggings with it then.)  She makes me laugh with her combat boots, she looks like she belongs 1993. 

(She wore them as part of her Emma/Invisible Girl costume on Halloween.  You know the girl in the Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children?)

Jersey Swing Tunic.  All sold out in the floral version, but there are a few sizes left in the red stripy version.  They also have it in grey.

Okay, that's all from me for now.  I hope all of you are doing well.  Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving and will have a happy weekend!
Make sure to use the code 3Y8N, the promo is valid from 11/22-11/28!
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