Monday, September 28, 2015

Boden: 25% Off Flash Sale and Spring 2016 Preview!

Molly Dress
Hey, all!  I am back!  I love being away, I would never ever complain about having fun on vacation, but it is nice to return to structure and normalcy.  I have plans to get all my vacation shots organized and put together, since I know many of you like to see vacation ootds as they help for planning packing for future trips.  If I am really productive, maybe in the next few days? 

It really has been all Boden over here at the blog lately.  Not that it surprises any of you all, but usually I do throw in more ootd posts in the mix.  (I have a few to show off, they are all stuck at Instagram right now, though.) 

First up--Spring 2016 is up and ready for Preview orders.  I don't have a code for the usual 20% off, but I am fairly confident I will receive one eventually.  If any of you have one and would like to share it, that would be great.  :-)

The preview I have only briefly glanced at, but the dresses and knitwear look a bit dire.  Boden should really go back to showing us the catalog shots.  They really do help set a mood.  The blah blue background may help the colors pop, but there was very little catching my eye.  I may warm up to it, but right now I am a bit underwhelmed.  (Though I do love the above Molly Dress and the Martha Dress, they are definitely "Boden" in feel, and of course, that's what I love, garments that are their "look.")

Second, I was emailed by the affiliate program that there is a flash sale going on at Boden, 25% off everything (that excludes the new Boden Icons collection and clearance), but I didn't see it until this morning.  It is set to expire on Wednesday, so there is still some time left to enjoy the savings.

I don't know if I will enjoy this sale, there are a few items I would like to have (I have bought very little from fall and winter!), but I am not sure my funds are there.  ;-)  I hope some of you are able to grab items you would like.  (I say if they are low stock now, go for it, especially if you will wear it sooner than later.  Fully in stock items you can wait on...)

This text link works to receive 25% off!  Have fun (sale) shopping!
25% off everything! 4 days only (valid 9/27-9/30)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Boden: Boden Icons Debut!

Belgravia Dress. Karen Elson makes this dress look fierce.  It is a bit less fierce looking in real life standing up.

Belgravia Dress on Model. Still very pretty, but has lost a bit of the specialness that the Karen Elson photo brings it.  That is probably all the downlighting and atmosphere.  :-)  And where is the tie neck?  (I actually like it better without, but still...)

Hey, you all!  I am on the cruise right now (this was the second trip I planned for September before receiving a job offer this summer).  I have to be quick, but the Boden Icons collection debuted this morning and I figured some of you would want to talk about the pretty, the not so pretty, and the huh?  There are bits of all three, and as you can see above, the Belgravia dress, while pretty, is also a bit of "huh" what with the loss of a tie neck promised in the Karen Elson shot, and the addition (probably always there, though) of the split front skirt seams.  I love the idea of the Belgravia dress, but now seeing it in real life, I like it less.  It just woudn't suit me as much as what I thought it was would have.  Oh, well.  Not that I could have afforded $378 anyhow.

Speaking of affording the Icons line, I tried the coupon that Boden's affiliate program has issued for us publishers to use, and it didn't work last week, and it's still not working this week.  It is supposedly valid, but it isn't working on even regular clothing, much less the Icons, so I couldn't tell you if the Icons collection is excluded from this coupon or not right now.  Maybe one of you all will have more success?

With that said, I present the gorgeous Karen Elson photos followed by the products not on Karen Elson.  It is a bit of a difference.

(Oh, sorry for the formatting issues.  I am having a tough time getting things to look "proper" and I don't have the energy to make it right.  Right now, anyhow.)

This is also the Belgravia Dress, just in a sheer silk chiffon.

This is not the dress for me.  Too Stevie Nicks.  Too Sheer.  I am certain someone could make this work. Let's just hope Karen Elson isn't the only one, lol.

Hyde Parka.  Stunning.

Hyde Parka.  Less Stunning.

Brighton Duffle Coat.  I thought this was leather.  It looks like leather here, anyhow.
Brighton Duffle Coat.  Not too bad, and a reasonable-ish price.  Not leather though.
Spitalfields Coat in red. This version is way better than the mismatched plaid version from my last blog post (though the version on the model on the product page is properly matched).

Spitalfields Coat.  Very generously sized.  It is a glamorous coat, but looks proportionally off on the model. 

Okay, that's it.  I want to say more and while the wifi is pretty decent on the ship, it's still slower than at home, so I will save myself frustration and end the post here.  :-)

Definitely leave any thoughts you have!  I may not be able to respond back for a while, but I should be able to read them all soon enough!

This coupon is supposed to work.  I hold out hope it will, which is why it is here at the bottom of this post.  Fingers crossed...
Boden USA

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Boden: Fall/Winter 2015 is Here! And Boden Icons!

Longer Line Cable Sweater here in two colors...

Hey, you all.  I am back from Florida. 

CW made a beautiful Princess Anna.  I am pleased she was pleased after all the saving up of money (it's expensive to be pricessified), and having to deal with a five hour delay going there (hello, 3 am arrival) and a cancellation on the way back (come on, really?).  I am happy to go back to Disney, but it's going to be a few months, at least.  ;-)

I am off to a cruise for my (big, OMG I am how old) birthday with my aunt at the end of this week, so if the blog goes fully silent, blame lack of internet access.  Which is fine, I know.  I just am used to being super plugged in.  It's probably good for me (at my age, lol) to be unplugged from time to time.

Okay, so that out of the way, onto Boden.

1. There were quite a few new arrivals on Monday.  Couldn't write about them then (travel day) and couldn't write about them yesterday because of...

Angus at his first day of preschool *yeah*,

so I am writing about it today. 

There are quite a few lovely items and it seems I must have missed many of them in my original picks post way back when.  Or they didn't have these in the preview.  I don't know.  These multiple rollouts are to hard for me to follow (at my age, lol).

2. The folks at Boden must be doing well since the current promo being emailed around and on the back of the catalogs are for 11% off with free ship and returns.  I haven't seen one that "low" in years.  Probably 2010?  But...and because I have access to it, and so do you, the affiliate program has a promo for 15% off with free ship and returns (over $49), which is pretty great, so use it if you need it, of course.  I probably will (after I have paid for the princessification of Little Miss CW).

3. So in this last catalog they sent out there was an insert for the "Boden Icons" collection, which is like the Boden Limited Edition of yore (RIP).  It is intriguing, but it was no secret that I was a HUGE fan of the Limited Edition stuff. In fact, I have only ever sold one item from my collection, and that was because there was a fit issue.  I on the regular wear my beautiful silk jersey dresses from that line.  Here is a look at the lookbook, courtesy of the Telegraph.

The Belgravia dress is gorgeous, and I am a fan, but woah, that 250 pound amount is roughly equivalent to $375.  The other pieces are lovely and if I was an independent gazillionaire I would happily purchase most of it and put in my gorgeous MASSIVE closet.

This is a "huh" piece, the Spitalfields Coat, which at 400 pounds maybe should have plaid that lines up properly?  I suspect this is intentional, but my seamstress eyes are really bothered.

Okay, that's all for now!  Do you have any picks from either the rollout from Monday or the Icons line?  I would love to read your thoughts!  I will be unlikely to respond for some time, but do know I read all comments and do appreciate them all.  I eventually do write back, but it often takes me some time.

Have a great night everyone!

Boden USA

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Boden: Extra 20% Off Clearance Items! Ends Tonight!

Hi, all! 

I have been a terrible blogger this month.  I know you all know I am back to teaching, but one thing that you didn't know (unless you know me in real life) is that before I found out I was going to be teaching this year, I booked two big trips for this September, since September travel is usually the least expensive of the year.  Well, I was sure I didn't have a job for this year since all the positions had been filled, but in late June, I was asked to be the Tech teacher for the little ones, and fortunately my new boss was very understanding of my predicament of having two trips in a September time frame.  She approved the trips (won't do that to her again, though, lol) and so I have been a flurry of activity, teaching, child rearing, packing and unpacking, and sub planning.  It's all good, I am super happy, just super busy.  I will be sure to update as I can, but it likely to be a very sparse month here at the blog.  :-)

I am sure most of you know this, but to make sure the word is fully out there, Boden decided to do an "extra 20% off" their summer clearance.  They did this a few weeks ago in Britain, and it sure took a long time to get to us in the United States!  But it's here until tonight.

I do see a lot of great deals out there, but there are some items that while better priced than when they were in "regular" price mode, they aren't really that big of a steal.  That happens when an item is super popular, and Boden is pretty sure they will get the higher price for it, so they don't feel the need to super reduce it.  I wanted to make sure to mention it, if you are real bargain hunter.

There a ton of tees and tops that are reduced significantly, from $70 down to nearly $15.  That's a good deal, and definitely a rock bottom kind of price.  If you hunt and look, you will find things.  Now whether you want or need those things is up to you.  We live in Virginia and our summer is the longest season of the year, so I have more summer clothes than winter clothing (though I know I have a large coat collection, which I admit is ridiculous), so this clearance draws me in more than the fall and winter one.  The fall/winter one does come at holiday time, so I do dip for gifts, but not much more than that.

Has anyone spied any great deals they would love to share?  I would love to see what your thoughts are!

Don't forget, if you want more information on any item, it is possible there was a review of an item or two in one of my blog's Boden Weekly Review Roundups.

I hope to be back with more here at the blog soon, but until then, I hope all of you are having a wonderful September.

Limited time with an additional 20% off clearance!