Friday, December 30, 2011

Pregnant Party Girl Style, Part Two.

Hi!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  I am sure many of you have had this whole time off of work, including some SAHMs!  I have not, but with my husband working in fundraising, this is his hardest time of year as all the end of year contributions come in right now (for tax purposes).

And next week I teach my Winter Wardrobe fashion class again, so it is my busiest time of year, too.  :)

Anyhow, back to what this post is really about...since tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and I have a feeling at least one or two of you are "with child," you may appreciate my take on pregnant party fashion when you are actually really showing (as opposed to part one of this series where I was merely trying to make real dresses work with a small baby bump).

Party On, Pregnant Girl. Part Two.

I wore the above outfit to my hubby's work shindig back in early December, when I was about 23 weeks along (give or take a week, no one really knows what I "am").   I was lucky enough to get the dress on ebay for a really reasonable price (about $40).  I will probably wear it at least once more, and if all goes well, I will either alter it for non-pregnancy, or I will just re-sell on ebay once I am done with this pregnancy.  I had all the other pieces in this polyvore already.

On me, hands on hips.  If you don't look very long and aren't wearing your prescription glasses, I almost look non-pregnant here.  But again, only the legally blind would have troubles telling that I have a passenger.

Sorry about the wonky angles, my dad is a great photographer but not all that great at keeping the camera straight.  And I don't have picasa to fix the angles (oh, my big computer, when shall I ever see you again???).

The outfit was uber-comfy, surprisingly, but I guess that is a given when your waistband is just non-existent.  The dress is a size small, which is exactly right for my bust and shoulders.  I think this dress could work until around the 38th week...after that, all bets are off and if you all see me in anything besides leggings and really loose tops, I will be surprised, frankly.

The details of the top half.  All the accessories (including shoes) are J. Crew from a few years ago.

One last photo, all of it together...and perfectly straight.

So what would I wear if I was actually going to some fancy party/dinner tomorrow night?  (We are hanging with other families at a "family friendly" New Year's Eve/birthday soiree instead, which is fine with me, my outfit will most likely include a sequin tee and jeans.)

I scored the Flickering Slipdress in Jade on Wednesday morning.  I had this dress in my wishlist forever in my tts dress size with Anthro, a size 6, and guess which size was the only size still available?  Yep, the size 6!  Woo!  I have not really grown through the shoulders and bust, so this dress is exactly right for both pregnancy (can accommodate a bit of a belly) and non-pregnancy (when it just is all "flowy").

I think I will wear it, but maybe next week to my fashion class on the runway show day.  Probably pair it with a sleek cardi and tights and boots.  Hmm...

Anyhow, pregnant ladies, think about this one as a possibility, some sizes in the cream colorway are available.

J Crew dress

J Crew dress (see more bodice dresses)
What would I wear if I wasn't pregnant and headed to a party?  This sleeper of a dress from J. Crew.  How in the heck has no one even talked about this beauty?  I found the Marielle dress in solstice floral during the last 20% off sale time, and was floored that all sizes were available, and at $59.99.  I spoke with my PS, who sent me measurements to ensure I got the correct size (I went off my non-pregnant measurements).  The only thing I can think is that the measurements seem to be "old school J. Crew" and maybe women purchased their "vanity size J. Crew" size (for me I would have gone with a 4 or 6), and found that it was too small, necessitating a ton of returns.  Who knows?  Anyhow, I got the 8 (bust is 36 and waist is 30, which will fit fine next year, and if need be and my bust is smaller, I will sew on grosgrain ribbon straps, no biggee). From what I saw (I tried it on, lol, it definitely fit in the hips and the top of the dress, nowhere else), it is well-constructed in a super lovely cotton and is fully lined.  The bodice even has one of those interior bra-type things that you see in strapless dresses which give a little extra support to help hold up the girls and the dress.  I have other strapless dresses from J. Crew and this one has the best support interior bra I have ever seen from them.  (No cups, etc., but very substantial...)

Okay, that's all from me...what are your choices for tomorrow night?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Last One of 2011.

Hi, lovely ladies of Boden land.  :)

Real fast today, not a whole lot of reviews, but at least there are some. 

Quick reminder...if you would like to see an item closer up on me or my blog friend Molly, click on the photo to be taken to a larger photo (a right click will even allow you to open it up in its own tab, btw)...if you would like to see the item's availability, other colors, and measurements, click on the Boden stock photo which will take you directly to Boden's website...if you would like to see an item at a prior blog post, click on the link taking you to that post.

I still don't know when Boden will switch the sale prices to their lower second cut prices (some items don't get a second cut, fwiw), but I anticipate early January.  Don't forget, January is when Boden updates its site with spring items, so anyone who pre-ordered should be getting those packages fairly soon (of course, I will get a few things, no surprise there).

Onto the reviews!

Boden Limited Edition:

This is the utterly perfect dress known as the Stella Dress.  I had ordered this before it went on sale, and when I saw that it went on sale a mere 9 days later (just outside the 7 day window price adjustment time period, durn it), I decided to order a second at the lower sale price.  I'll tell you what, it was certainly nice to have two to make comparisons to decide which one worked best for me.  (I only photographed one, though, the keeper of the two.)

I have not worn it in public as I didn't want to stain or ruin the dress before the other came (I will never EVER return worn items, yuck!), so once I saw the second came, I knew I could decide and finally wore this pretty.

Close-up of the silk/viscose jersey blend fabric.  I adore this fabric, especially if you are in your childbearing definitely will work during non-pregnant/nursing times of life, but more importantly WILL work while pregnant (barring the last month, I would think) and nursing.  This is a stretchy blend and the fabric glides over curves while the ruching gives the body a cinched in look even when it really isn't cinched at all.

Full length shot.  I bought this in a size 8, one up from my normal size 6 in jersey dresses, but from my experience, the Limited Edition line runs more traditionally cut (as opposed to a vanity cut).  I am glad I did as even at the bustline (my smallest part by far), it was a perfect fit.  The 6 would have felt a squidge too tight.

I opted for this one of the two dresses because of the underbust ruching...on the other dress the ruching was a bit high and didn't lay as well as the ruching on this dress.  Having said that, if I had received the other one and not received this one, I would have been fine with it.  When you have two well constructed items, it really is just splitting hairs over what makes one worthwhile in your wardrobe.

(Definitely nice to know that the refund for the original price I paid will be coming...and in January when we all need it the most...oh, my goodness, holiday excess under the tree always means an uncomfortable financial situation in January and February.  LOL.)

From the side.  I look forward to seeing how this will look without my passenger along for the ride, but it is such a treat to have a non-maternity dress work in maternity times.

The shoes, btw, are the Felt Almond Heels by Plenty by Tracy Reese (purchased from Anthro during the fall).  They are an excellent option for this outfit.  I could see wearing this outfit to church or dinner...easily.

From the back.  Nothing overtly special, but I do appreciate the print in times like these, they help break up my backside a bit.  Every little thing helps at nearly 7 months preggers.

Stella Dress
Stella Dress. Stock is running low...especially in the larger sizes and in the solids.

Regular Boden:
Molly (of the awesome blog My Closet Travels) sent me pics of her wearing the Jersey Rose Top with a Banana Republic Cardigan and jeans a week or so ago.  I had meant to include them in last week's BWRR, but well, you all know what happened.  (Oh, the folly of thinking I can publish during insane times like the holidays is a definite downfall of mine.)

Molly included this detail shot of the rosettes...I love the detailing, plus the sequins, AND the fact that these rosettes don't look like they will fall off or fray (cough, cough, J. Crew).

Jersey Rose Top
Jersey Rose Top. This top was utterly perfect for the "casual, festive and comfy" outfit that Molly was hoping to have for her morning out at worship. I agree. This is definitely a top that is festive but can be dressed up or worn more casually for a comfy dressy feel. Wish it came in other colors, as I am oversaturated in these hues for the moment. (Pardon my terrible pun.)

Molly had also worn the uptown flats as part of the outift, and I would think she must wear them all the time now...I know that my ballet flats/loafers are the most used shoes in my closet, and since her closet travels (teehee), they are probably frequent fliers now.

Uptown Flats
Uptown Flats. Of these, Molly had this to say: These navy patent flats were a mere $70 and are very comfy. I agree, btw. "Merely" $70 is a pretty decent price for all leather construction (barring a rubber bit on the sole for traction) in a versatile silhouette. The larger sizes are selling faster than the smaller sizes. :)

Cashmere Cardi Coat
Jersey Maxi Dress
Upbeat Kitten Heels
Easy Crossover Tunic
Cashmere Cardi Coat and Jersey Maxi Dress and Upbeat Kitten Heels and Easy Crossover Tunic. I did not wear all these together at once ('cause I am not crazy), but I did bring them down with me to NC for a weekend away. Check them out here. :)

Okay, that's it for today! You all have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pink Jacket and Brown Top. Again.

Hi, all!  Thank you for your sweet Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays wishes over the past few days.  :)  I read them all and even though I can't respond (without a lot of effort, thanks teeny computer with no access to disqus), I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays right back.

Also, I read all the comments about Rex, and thank you, every one of you, who told me your own story, etc.  It was very helpful to see what has worked for you, what your life is like with your "energetic" toddler/child, and what isn't working.  So so appreciated!

I will continue to tell you all about the Rex saga, but for now, things are okay.  Not great, but with the extra empathy and patience we are trying with him, we seem to (crosses fingers) be on the road to normalcy (we don't expect--or want--him to overnight become the opposite of his personality).

So onto today's quick post.  Remember this post?  I wore the pink heather azalea Lexington Jacket with Boden's Silk Flower Top and jeans.  Well, I guess I really liked the pink/brown combo so a few days later I went with a similar combo...the heather azalea Bella Jacket (yes, that one!) with J. Crew's perfect fit swirling petals tank in cobblestone.

This is the outfit as worn out of the house.  The sunglasses and scarf are from Target (CW picked both of them out for me, in between trying on bits and pieces for herself--see bottom photo for proof of that).  The pants are really ancient Duo Maternity cream canvas pants, very comfortable and go nicely with the pink and brown/grey of the top half.

It was warm, though, probably too warm for the jacket, scarf, and Bensimon sherpa lace-up low sneakers I bought from Madewell recently.  With highs in the 60s that day, I felt a bit heated on my preschool run and it had nothing to do with Rex's teacher.  ;)  They are saying this is the fourth warmest December on record here in the DC area.  I want you all to notice I am not complaining.  I am such a weather wimp.

From the side.  I was so lucky to find the bella jacket on ebay a few months ago.  It was around the price of the original retail cost, but it was NWT and (almost) my size, so I bit.  I love this shade of pink, and I know that even if J. Crew was to re-issue the bella (like they did with the Lexington), they may not re-issue this herringbone version again, so I just re-budgeted that week so I could work it into my finances.

I am wearing the petite 6, which is nearly the right everything, except in the sleeves (har-dee-har, and my belly, but that isn't permanent).  The length of the sleeves are short, but I will take it so I can have a perfect fit in the shoulders and torso.  (And next year, lol, in the waist.)

The perfect fit tank is long enough to fit over my belly, even in the size small.  J. Crew's tanks and tees run really long, don't they?

The Bensimon sneakers are a size 41, which is about a size 10.  I thought the 41 would fit great, and they do, but I think I over-sized for what I suspected would be a fair amount of sherpa lining.  It is lined, but don't be fooled into believing it will be all thick like Uggs or even like what J. Crew does with sherpa.  I should have gone with a 40, but because it ties up, I just have to tie my shoes a bit tighter to have them fit well.

CW in the Target women's accessories department.  She loves trying all these on...the bag right next to her, btw, is really cute, sequined and all bow-ed up.  Go Target.  :) 

The sunglasses in the first shot were about $12 and are from Merona and the scarf is around $15 or so and also from Merona.  I can't find the glasses on-line, but I have included the scarf in my polyvore (below) so you can get more info on it.

Pink and Brown. Again.

Above is the polyvore.

Umm, okay, that's all, I guess.  Before I go, two quick reminders/questions...if you have a review for me for this week's Boden Weekly Review roundup, can you either drop your link to your blog review in the comment or e-mail me at dinagideonATaimDOTcom...and on that note...when do you all think Boden will switch over to their second cut prices?  Last year it seemed to come a couple of weeks after the initial clearance, but I still haven't seen the prices budge (and I am WAITING for some of the pieces to go down in price, couple of my wishlist items are still too pricey at even their sale price). 

Have a great rest of your Tuesday, everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Two Anthro Blazers and a Pregnant Belly. Chortle.

Before I begin this showcase of how adaptable jackets really are, I want to say a few things!

1. You all are too sweet. I had such a rough day when I wrote my last post and all the comments were wonderfully uplifting. I know that the road to Rex's success is a long one, but at least I know I am not alone in my journey--that others have also had similar challenges and came out in the end. :) Whew.

2. A parent from the class (she is also pregnant), saw the whole "Rex" incident and was MORTIFIED over what happened to me as a parent (the teacher basically took Rex out of the holiday sing-a-thon in front of all the kids and other parents and loudly announced that he needed to be with me) and was so very sad for us. She said I handled it well and she understands how embarrassed I felt. She actually said she would have been livid if it had happened to her daughter and her and would have had words with the teacher. She was surprised at my patience. Huh! I thought I handled it poorly, I am glad to know that an outsider felt I held my own...

3. I am reading a book, though, regardless of all incidents, that I picked up because I felt like Rex needed some extra parenting on my part. It is called "The Explosive Child," and OMG, it is wonderful. The advice is spot on AND it also makes me realize that I had some explosive tendencies of my own as a child. (Albeit differently...I was the type to explode exclusively at home when there was a change in my daily routine. I never ever exploded or acted out in public or at school which made my anger and sensitivities a bit easier for my dad to bear.) I have such a clear understanding of why and what is occurring now that I feel so much is like experiencing thick fog and then suddenly seeing blue skies and trees, enlightening and uplifting. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with their own explosive child.

4. Onto (somewhat) less pressing darling brother has ordered the part for my computer and he will fix it himself. :) Cross fingers that this means in the next week or so!!! I miss having access to disqus or facebook or etc. SO FRUSTRATING.

5. Speaking of computer issues, mine means no disqus, which means NO access to awesome giveaways like Molly's of My Closet Travels.  Just 'cause I can't enter doesn't mean you all can't!  Anyone want to win a $50 gift card to J. Crew?  If you win, spend it on something glittery and fun, so I can live vicariously through you!

Okay, now onto true frivolity--CLOTHES! Just kidding...clothes are only slightly frivolous.

CW's pose is cracking me up.  She looks like a nutcracker.

We were headed to see Santa that night and I figured since I made both of my kids dress up, I should be festive, too, which in my world means sequins and ruffles.  Of course it does.

Jacket: Anthropologie Elevenses Boucle de Souffle Jacket, Size 6.  It does not button up.  It still can be worn as my shoulders haven't grown, so yay for jackets working in pregnancy!  YAY!

Top: J. Crew Collection Glimmer Mist Tissue Tee, Size small.  I am finding as long as it is stretchy material, most tees still fit fine.  Especially J. Crew ones as they run really long, which is ideal for me during pregnancy (not so much when I am not pregnant, they look really long normally, hence my adoration of crewcuts tops).

Pants: I can't remember.  Maybe my Mimi Maternity Black Bootcut ones?  Hmm.  Doesn't matter, Mimi Maternity is gone now, which kind of bums me out...was a great company.

Shoes: Galaxy Leather Ballet Flats.  From a long time ago...still love them, even though one of the gems fell out (sad face).

Bracelet: J. Crew Stone Mosaic Cuff.  Ooh, I got this one this summer.  Found it on ebay for a decent enough price.  I took a close-up pic of it for you will see it a bit later in the post.

Couldn't resist.  CW looks so darling.  LOVE!  :)

Close-up of cuff bracelet.  The color and stones were a nice match to the cream and light blue of the outfit.  The cuff is a tad big on me, but I have wrists that are small enough to wear children's watches, so I think if you have average wrists, you would be fine to buy this and not have it be too big.

I am teaching Winter Wardrobe again...that fashion class for elementary kids that I teach every few months.  I had to skip out on Fall into Fashion as I was feeling really bad in October (and I was going to France, so it would have been CRAZY to do both) and I will skip out on Spring into Style (might not be a good idea to leave a week old newborn in the care of someone besides momma, lol), so Winter Wardrobe is it this year.  I had a meeting last Monday, so I wanted to make sure that I got dressed up, but I don't have a ton of "business casual" looks for pregnancy, so I made due with what I had in my closet (except the dress, which is new).

Jacket: Anthropologie Cloaked in Roses Jacket, Size Small.  Yum.  This felty wool jacket is warm, pretty, unusual, and has the distinct advantage of sort of doing up even though my waist is pretty ginormous compared to what it normally looks like.
Dress: Liz Lange for Target Cowlneck Jersey Dress with Pockets, size medium.  This dress is really large through the top, but since the top has a cowlneck, it sort of looks "on purpose" and not because of my specific lacking in the "lady" department.  Ha.
Tights: Ralph Lauren Grey tights I have had forever, like four years going.  I have good luck with tights.  Fortunately, because I fall in love with tights and how comfortable they are and would be super sad if they ran after one wear.
Shoes: Clarks Artisan.  I wear these all the time.  Definite best buy of my 2011.

The dress has pockets!  And is pretty long!

Necklace: J. Crew Palm Springs Beaded Necklace.  My good blog friend, Marietta, let me know about this one, and OMG, she is so right...lovely, feminine, and very much old school J. Crew.  I won't say it is as awesome as my double strand frog necklace, but it is pretty darn decent for J. Crew 2011. It does not have the heft of the original double strand necklaces from 2006-2007, but it is glass beaded, and the brooch bit is well done.  Thumbs up if this type of necklace is your thang.  I have it double looped around my neck here, but below you will see it worn its "original" way.
Nice plain view of the dress and of the necklace.

Closer view of the necklace...and of my very pale face.  Guess I put a bit too much powder on that day.

Okay, all, remember, THANK you for all your sweet comments, even though I can't respond back (easily, that is, I can respond it just takes forever to do it through my e-mail), I am reading every single comment and appreciating all you have taken the time to say!  You all are the best!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Bit of Everything from Everywhere for a Trip South.

Okay all, before I get into the four outfits I brought with me on my trip to NC last weekend, I wanted to tell you all a few things regarding my life, this blog, and other such necessities.

1. My stinking computer is STILL being fixed. The teeny computer I am using will not let me onto either disqus OR facebook, so if you connect with me either way, know that I am very limited in what I see. I have to go to my phone to connect that way, and honestly, the smart phone, whilst great, makes it kinda hard to comment, etc. Maybe it would be easier if I was 15, but I am not that (and kinda pregnant), so I do what I can when I can. :)

2. Speaking of my computer, my abilities to edit photos and such are pretty basic at best here, and my wonderful photos are all tied up in the illin' computer, so things like finishing my Paris posts, etc., are all on the back burner.

3. My bro promises me he can fix it (he works at a computer superstore, you all!) and I have faith, but oy, could this take any longer? ;)

4. Although Rex looks beyond adorable in the photos he is in below...he has been a right holy terror in our lives this past week and a half. Let's just say I am questioning whether I am a doing a good enough job as his mom and I am spending many hours in either my bed or in the bathroom sobbing. It may require us to look into counseling for both me (giving me strategies on how to be both an advocate for me and be a sensible and rational force in his life) and him (he has outbursts and emotions that go beyond your typical "he is a four-year old, lucky you!"). Because of the emotional upheaval, my energies are being spent on trying to not let this problem get bigger. So if you don't hear from this blog for a day or two, it probably means I have to "deal" with a situation. If you do hear from this blog it is because the kids are napping or for the moment, all is okay. I know many of you moms have had issues with your own kids, so I know I am not alone, but it is hard when you see your kid being singled out amongst many others, and not having the backbone to see that the other parents don't think less of you as a parent because your kid is that "one." (And if they do think less of me, well, then, they must have some pretty terrible karma coming their way, right? Like their kids will be the bad seed teens? LOL. Just kidding!)

Anyhow, onto brighter things! Some folks out there do think we are okay people and actually let Mr. Dina and I be godparents for the second time this past weekend. Their baby girl, all adorable 6 months of her (squee, love babies!), is our second goddaughter in that family (#1 is exactly Rex's age).

Of course we said yes...the family thinks of us more like family than friends (Mr. Dina and the dad have known each other since 1995, I believe), so we trucked it on down to NC for a weekend. We go down there often, but it has been a while since I have had to take a trip away with honest to God maternity clothing. It was fine on the pant/tunic/dress front, but I could not (for the life of me) find all my old maternity tops (where the bleep are they???). So the bella band came out for a bit of fun times with one of my outfits as a "modesty" panel of sorts. ;)

Outfit #1 (Trip Down First Day):
It was cold enough to warrant a light jacket, so I opted for the awesome Cashmere Cardi Coat that I did a review of back at this post.

Topper: Boden Cashmere Cardi Coat, Ecru.  Although not available in ecru and grey (sold out fast--watch for popbacks), this can still be bought in the navy colorway, which is still at full price (only the ecru and grey went on sale). To find the navy look under the "non-sale" tab at Boden.  I bought the US 6, which is fine for me non-pregnant, but looks cute enough just buttoned up to the bump so the bump can be all exposed to the world.

Top: Loft Maternity Starry Night Bubble Hem Top, Size Extra Small. THANK YOU, ladies who suggested I look to the loft for a few items in this pregnancy. Although this is the only thing I have bought, I really love it. Adorable pattern, does not wrinkle, and is made just so that I could possibly wear it postpartum, too. I also bought it on Cyber Monday, so it was 50% off!  Woo!

Leggings: J. Crew Signature Leggings, Size Medium.  I love these, they keep going and going.  The length is fab, too, if you are a taller lady, must be around 31 inches or so?

Scarf: Loft Shimmer Open Knit Infinity Loop Scarf. Bought this (and one more) during the Cyber Monday madness. The other one I bought is for my stepmom for Christmas. Shh, don't tell her. ;)

Shoes: J. Crew Jeweled Bow Ballet Flats, Size 9.5.  I am kind of wearing these out!  I think next year will require me to find a grey replacement ballet flat.  I throw these on whenever my brain can't handle color matching and/or I am traveling and limited to what I can pack (these are a wonderful shade for a neutral).

Close-up of the darling starry print on the top from the loft.

From the side.  Gus is definitely getting bigger.  His weight gain could be contributing to my overall hormonal imbalances, but Rex isn't in the all clear just 'cause I am nearly 26 weeks gone.

Outfit #2 (Actual godmother outfit):
I did a written review of the dress at my last post, so go and check that out for more info, if you are interested in this beautifully printed Boden "maxi" dress.

Dress: Boden Jersey Maxi Dress, Size 6 LONG.  I found it fits perfectly over my bump, but its skirt does have a ruched kind of effect with an a-line flare.  If you are a pear shape, you are fine to go with your bust size on this dress.  Currently on sale for $109, which is not that great of a deal, but this is a pretty good seller, so I suspect that is why they didn't reduce it all that much.  I got the idea to wear it, btw, after I saw this photo in a pregnancy magazine.

Shoes: Boden Upbeat Kitten Heels. This shade sells out quickly, but will popback from time to time.  I did a review of them here.

Necklace: Diana P. Original (Papazian Jewelry).  I have one other Diana P. necklace, this gorg yellow one that you all saw here.  The beautiful 3 Penny Princess gave me this necklace for Christmas!!!  I have already worn it twice.  Yum!

Close-up of both the necklace and the print on the dress.  Color is true in this photo.

From the side.  I have noticed non-maternity clothes only make me look "just pregnant," whereas pregnancy clothes make me look pretty darn far gone.  Weird.  Anyhow, you can tell this is nowhere near a true maxi on me. 

Outfit #3 (Hanging with our friends, post Baptism):
Rex looks so sweet here, right?

Top: J. Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater, Size Extra Small, Warm Ivory.  I decided to buy this in my non-pregnancy size even though I knew it would definitely be difficult to wear at the stage I am at.  That said, with the bella band and matching cami, the sweater was fine on me.  I think it will fit nicely next winter.  I had it monogrammed with my initials (which is why there is a white bit of something over my chest) since I had free monogramming on my account.  I chose red thread for a "festive" look.  This sweater is like a kitty cat, though, it shed everywhere.  It sort of made me miss my kitty cat Sammy (he died after Rex was born).  I would be wary of this sweater if you have black furniture and/or you are allergic to rabbit hair (angora is one of the components).

Pants: Duo Maternity Cord Pants, Size small.  Love these maternity pants.  Literally worn by me once a week during pregnancy.

Shoes: J. Crew Lula Jacquard Ballet Flats, size 9.5.  They are back in stock (at least they were a bit ago) and on sale, but only in limited sizes.  Watch for popbacks.  Love these shoes...very comfortable.

From the side.  Gus riding high and the other two playing low.

You can see a bit of the red monogram if you look closely.

One more view for you all.  CW is wearing her "muno" dress with tiger stripe tights.  Roar!

Outfit #4 (Going home outfit):
Tunic: Boden Easy Crossover Tunic, Size 4.  I did a review of this Boden Maternity piece WAY back before I was actually pregnant.  It actually can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy.  It is a great piece, very versatile.  Definitely shows off my bump, though, but part of that comes from how tight the bodice fits (doesn't bother me, but if you are busty, size up!).

Leggings: J. Crew Signature Leggings again.  Why not?  LOL. ;)

Shoes: J. Crew Jeweled Bow Ballet flats again.  Why not, part deux? 

From the front.  I think the bow is so cute with this tunic, but may seem superfluous to some of you.

Here I am holding my goddaughter (she is obscured for privacy) and my little princess CW.  Her poor chin, she busted it running around after all her friends.  She is pretty clumsy, and her poor face always seems to take the brunt of her falls.  Sigh.  At least at her age they heal quickly!  (You should have seen her busted lip over the Thanksgiving break, yowza...seriously scary how much blood can come from a lip wound!)

I added the Cashmere Cardi coat and scarf to keep me warm for the trip home.

Okay, folks, that's all.  Be back later with this week's installment of the Boden Weekly Review Roundup!