Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raveneli Blouse Styled by Yours Truly...

I was DESTINED to own this blouse. Here is why. First, I spied its loveliness in the Anthropologie catalog a few months back. Second, one of my favorite blogs, What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? highlighted it in a post on whether or not Emma Pillsbury would in fact wear it. (Decidedly yes!) Third, on the VERY day I bought it on sale, Dea of The Dea Diaries goes and shows how she wore it. Yep, three times a charm.

And here is a fourth.

Size 6. Could have gone with a four as there is plenty of room throughout, but I kind of like it a little loose. It can still be yours...a few sizes are left on the Anthropologie website. I will go into the details of the top after the next photo (which shows the blouse on its own).
Jacket: Size 8. Love how the schoolboy blazer is structured enough to balance the ruffles and bows of the blouse. Very nice contrast.
Pants: Size 10. Another example of WHY. YOU. SHOULD. NEVER. BUY. CLOTHING. POSTPARTUM. Yes. It is now too big and when I bought them they were too tight. Sigh. Oh, well, at least I think I can dry them in the dryer to take in some inches. You can't really tell how big they are, but trust me, I was doing the ole "hitching up" dance all night. Don't pretend you don't know what that dance is... :)
Boots: Size 9. Yes, I love you, Naturalizer! Best $25 I have spent in a long time. I wear these all the time!

We were going to IHOP and then bowling. Both were fun. Did you know that if you have a kid at a bowling alley, they let the kid "cheat" by giving them this cool metal ramp to give their ball a good ole head start down to the pins? Rex did way better than me and Mr. Dina...and we used to be on a bowling league (no joke--we own shoes and everything!).

So here is the top sans jacket. It is fluffy and bow-tastic, but not enough to make Mr. Jim crack up at my expense or anything, so in my mind, this makes this top a winner! ;) Go, go, Girls From Savoy (they made the top).

What is Rex doing back there?

Have a great night, all!

For Those That Are Curious: An IRL Photo of the Pima Cotton Agadir Top.

I purchased a size small and from what you can see from the photo above, it is a bit loose, and a bit wide, and a bit long, but I like this top for the simple reason that I feel like I am just a bit more dressy when I wear it (and I only ever wear it at home). I think I would have normally still been in my pjs on the day this photo was taken, but decided "nah, let's wear something so that if the UPS guy comes to the door, he won't have to avert his eyes if he sees me in it." So I put on this top, with its darling neon-threaded button-holes, and a pair of my navy minnies (super-duper comfortable--yet more chic than my flannel loose fit pj pants), and because it was a touch cold that day (probably early March), I threw on my shearling lined slippers (yes, they are nice and toasty).

I could have gotten away with a size extra-small, it would have been more fitted in the shoulders and through the waist, and definitely shorter, but I am okay with the size I got...I guess it is all about what you want from this top. If you want a loose, fun top to be a SAHM in, then maybe buy your normal size and enjoy the slouchy fit. If you are looking to wear this to work or to go out with friends, get it a size smaller and cinch it with a belt or tuck it into a pencil skirt.

I hope that helped some of you.

Catch out more opinions and reviews at the mothership: J.Crew Aficionada: Product Review: Pima Cotton Agadir Top.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jaipur Perfect Shirt and a Mystery Gingham Shirt...Plus a Little Sunshine (Award, That Is)!

I did NOT buy either of these two shirts, but honestly, I was tempted. If they go on sale, ever, I *might* pick one or both of them up. But at full price, no way, Jose.

First up is the Jaipur Perfect shirt. This is on-line and retails full price at $88.00. That is a chunk of change for a shirt I am only somewhat interested in.

I wore it in a size 6, and it fit well. The only reason those last two buttons are unbuttoned is because I was in too much of a hurry to do them all up. Lazy! :)

I found this to be a BEAUTIFUL pattern, and in real life, it has a stunning mix of off-white, lilac, and a deep rose color. What bugged me was how transparent this top was...seems if you have a lighter-colored top, it would make sense to use a thicker fabric than silk-cotton, but who am I to judge? It is way more transparent than the sunshine peonies top, for reference. This will bug a lot of you, I have a feeling.

I did appreciate that the pattern lined up. That shows a nice amount of care went into the creation of this shirt.

Next up is the in-store only color of purple in the gingham shirt. I really REALLY liked this top layered over the tank and with the collar turned up, but I felt like for $69.50 I would need to love it both opened and closed. And I definitely did not. Had this top been $40, I could have swallowed that cost for a top I only wear open and with the collar popped. Not for almost $30 more.

See! I am like a big ole block when it is buttoned-up. NO way, Jose, double time. :)

I am wearing a size 6, very comfy, but no definition through the waist.

I doubt I would be able to get this on-sale. For one, I rarely get to the store and it is in store only, and two, I think this is an insanely popular blouse and will be sold out well before it goes on sale. But if any of you ladies ever in the future get tired of yours and want to sell me in EUC shape, then drop me an e-mail. Thank you from 2011!

Last, but certainly not least, I received an amazingly cute blog award from two sweety-pies, Suzy and Peggy. Their blogs are sunshine to me, so I really am honored to have been honored by them.

If I follow your blog, you have won this award. Seriously. I have something like 100 blogs I follow and every single one of you all bring me joy whenever you publish a post. So thank you, and I expect to see at least some of you accept this award (I doubt, though, that my favorite mid-century modern architecture blogs will be accepting them--LOL). :)

Have a great day. I have two outfits created from a tank and a pair of shoes to show off later today!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pink Times Two plus a Swan Butt Outing...

Hi, all! Quick outfits post today. :)

First up is the outfit we (you'll see what I mean) wore on Friday. I had a meeting at the school where I will be teaching an 8-day course in style to 3rd, 4th, and 5th-graders. :) Yes, you read that right, I have decided to bite the bullet and turn my passion for fashion into a course for little ones. I really feel strongly about teaching kids how to dress well and appropriately (you should see what kids in middle school wear--yowza), and the earlier you can help them discover a sense of self through their clothing (it isn't nearly as vacuous as it sounds), the better off they will be by the time their peers start wearing gang clothing or really short skirts. I can't say that they won't turn to the dark side, but maybe one or two of the kids in this class will keep what they learned! I am super-excited about it, and I have a lot of really neat ideas and teaching tools (including every one's favorite paper doll site, Polyvore) ready to go. Wish me luck. One week from tomorrow I start, so I will keep you updated on how well it goes. :)

Speaking of polyvore, above is the "pretty in pink" set that baby CW and I wore on Friday. Slastena wrote an incredibly moving post on her mother's passing ten years ago from breast cancer, and she asked all of us out in blogland to wear pink. Since I hadn't chosen my outfit yet, and knew that I could very easily find pink in my closet, I said "yes, absolutely!" Well, I picked out the button-down first, and then remembered that I had bought CW the dress in the same pattern and that she *might* just fit into it (size 2 crewcuts). Well, she did, and two outfits were born. :)

Size Petite 8. Love that it doesn't hit too low on my hip. That is why I buy petite that they hit higher on my hips.
Pants: Size 30 Short. Love the brown with the pink, really pretty neutral/bright combo.
Boots: Size 9.5. The metropolitan boots are way more comfortable when you aren't running around a mall for two hours straight. LOL. :)

My goodness, my hair looks dark here. It isn't that dark in real life, but the combo of lighting plus really pale face plus bright shirt makes it look dark. I do like my hair like this, but ladies, I WILL never go dark. It just isn't me. ;)

Okay, on Thursday night (the night before the pretty in pink outfit), we all went to Moe's and to Borders Book Store. I decided the swan butt skirt needed to come out and play...

Top: Size small. I am amazed at how much I wear this top. I think I have worn it four times, which in four months is pretty good. I am definitely getting my money's worth from this one.
Skirt: Size medium. I have it in a large, too, but I am saving that one for summer when I don't wear tights and need a bit more coverage (if you know what I mean).
Tights: Size medium-tall.
Shoes: Size 10.

Jacket: Size 4. The is the J. Crew Collection tweed contessa coat. I think what makes it "collection" worthy is the embellishment at the collar. One of the beads is hanging on by a thread, but considering I got it for over 160 dollars off its original price of 250 dollars, I think I can manage to sew a bead back on...

All right, have a great day. Maybe I can get a review of some of the current button-downs written soon. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Very, Very Quick Review of the Thicket Floral Perfect Shirt...

Ooh, you all, the new arrivals are up on YAY!

Usually I am late to the game when it comes to doing reviews, but because I was in Vegas last weekend, I was able to take some time and go to the mall to check out some of the new items for myself (and grab some photos). Like gigiofca, I am going to be doing these reviews one at a time, although I normally like to put them all in one post. I have a lot on my plate right now, so I have to be brief. ;)

First up from this weekend's expedition is one of the three items I did buy (and the only one from the new arrivals). (I was feeling some of the others, and was definitely tempted, but I was returning the annalise tops--did anyone figure out how to style these and not look like a clown?--and only had a little bit of money to work with--did NOT want to spend over my return amount.)

Thicket Floral Perfect Shirt, Size 6 (so it fits looser than other perfect shirts I have worn in the past, OR I have lost more weight, who knows?). It is a Cotton/Silk blend and feels so soft. I am wearing the Perfect-fit swirling petals tank in cobblestone underneath, and the blouse wasn't so sheer that you could see the design or color of the tank through the fabric.

This pattern is so pretty in real life...ditsy florals with the prettiest blend of lilac, lime, rose, and pink. You know I love me some florals, and I just couldn't say no to this one. If it had been a predominantly green, yellow, or orange floral shirt I would have said no (I have a lot of florals in these color schemes already). Darn J. Crew, coming out with the one floral color scheme I don't already own. ;)

It also comes in a little girl top, which is darling, too.

I will often wear these perfect shirts in the summer as a cover-up from the sun, and this one seems like it would do the trick nicely. I love the tank, too, and went ahead and bought it in a small. :)

Hope that helped someone out there. More reviews to come later.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesdays are Dress Days!

First up: A NEW commenting system, Disqus, has been enabled for all posts starting with today's. I will still have commenting on the old posts, but they will be through Blogger, and they will still have comment moderation. From what I have seen of the Disqus system on GingerSnap's blog, Chloe's blog, and Ashley's blog, I knew this was the direction that would work well for this blog. I like free thought, I love discussions, however...I do not really care for downright insulting comments. Sorry, I have feelings, and so does my family. Say what you want about this blog being public, blah, blah, blah...this is still my happy space (I love it most of the time), and I want it to stay happy. Disqus will allow me A LOT more control of how negative or not negative I choose this space to be. And as one of my favorite blog friends pointed out in a recent e-mail (she wants to remain private), the My Superfluities Blog is a lot more fun and delightful when a system of respect is there. I agree. So that is what I am doing by using Disqus, implementing some modicum of respect. Does that mean every comment has to be sunshiney and with rainbows? Heck no! I married a contrarian, for crying out loud. I can handle jibes and jokes and disagreements! And that is why I really fought to keep anonymous commenting for so long...I wanted you all to have your say. But lately, it has gotten out of hand. You have not seen the comments, because I have NOT PUBLISHED THEM. But they have been TERRIBLE. With Disqus, they may get published, but I will be able to have them flagged, etc. Plus you all can DIRECTLY answer a person if you want to discuss a point or counterpoint with them...

So enjoy this "happier, more decent" format of My Superfluities. :)

Okay, so Tuesdays are dress days...this is because I don't have baby CW with me and I am able to wear something that isn't conducive to nursing, in other words, dresses! I love dresses and relish any opportunity to wear them. In fact, the days I wear dresses I feel uplifted, even if everything else is kind of rotten (case in point--yesterday--God bless the little children and all, but boy, Rex was in a MOOD yesterday).

So last Tuesday I wore this oldie, but goodie. Click on the polyvore to see info on the three pieces. Only the necklace is new. Speaking of the necklace, LOVE this one. Made by Urban Outfitters, I think it cost $15. It is a fun piece that is trendy, but at $15, is an expense that I can swallow.


Dress: Size UK 10, or US 6. This dress really is a nice bridge piece for the changing seasons, either from fall to winter or winter to spring. It is warm, but not too cloying. I wore it with tights the last time, but I did really like it bare-legged.
Heels: Size 10.5 Narrow.

Yesterday, I wore a dress that I was reminded of when reading Goldenmeans last week. There was an awesome post on Lil dresses (a brand that Anthropologie carries). I had just been going through my closet of "ooh, I can wear you again" clothing, and I found my beautiful silk Lil dress. Seeing her post reminded me I NEEDED to bring this dress out to play, and that I did...


Dress: Size 10. It is a bit loose, and long, but that's okay. A blue cami fixed that problem. Heels would have helped the length problem, but the below knee length doesn't really bother me too much, in fact, I felt a bit "mid-century mom" wearing this get-up. (I know, I know, my poor sad neglected little sister blog...) I bought this dress for a cruise Mr. Dina and I took in the spring of 2006. He said he would have even bought it for me, but I had already bought it for myself. How sweet! :)
Cardigan: Size Medium. Later in the day I did button it up and it added a bit of sophistication to the outfit. Belted it would have soared.
Shoes: Size 10.

The necklace is the Crystal Devote necklace, currently on promo of $100. That is a good price. I find this to be a fairly versatile necklace, even though on its own it seems a bit scary. I reviewed it here, and yesterday Bichonluvr did a post on it.

You all have a great day. Hopefully I can get back to more regular posting now that I feel more in control. ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Decorative Pillow Giveaway Winner Is...

True Random Number Generator:
Min: 1
Max: 37
Result: 7
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Well, look at that! My favorite number 73 was reversed by the number of entrants into the number 37...and then #7 wins it. Guess 3 and 7 are good for me. Anyhow, Ms. Pamela of the awesome blog Ginger Girl wins the pillow! :) YAY! Pamela, I will e-mail you shortly!

P.S. I loved LOVED reading your comments. I wish I had a beautiful Liberty of London pillow for each one of you. All of you are fab and I feel blessed that you are part of my little corner of the blog-o-sphere.

P.P.S. On that note, I have to take a couple of days off from this blog. I need to watch my STATCOUNTER VERY closely. There is some funny business happening here at My Superfluities and I need it to stop. ;) 'Nuff said.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Momma Plus Baby CW (and No Boys) Equals Good Times in VEGAS!!!

Hi, Everyone!!! Baby CW and I are in Vegas!!! WHOO! (Which is why I have barely been around in blog-land...we are returning home on the red eye tonight...)

My friend wanted some company while she attended a conference here, so I was MORE than willing to come along. Only caveat was that I had to bring Baby. My friend was all, "the more the merrier," so here we are enjoying 70 degree weather and lots of sunshine. I even was able to eat a meal at Craft Steak (Baby slept the entire time--miracles do happen, people).

I have to get going, so I will leave you with the outfit I wore the first full day we spent in Vegas, which was Thursday, March 18, 2010.

Sizes and Info:
Top: Crewcuts, Kids Hands helping Haiti tee, Size 14. Very comfy and nicely sized. Many of you should be able to buy this tee, especially if you find the adult Haiti tee too large.
Shorts: J. Crew, Sunburst Shorts (I think), Size 10. I always size up in the shorter J. Crew shorts...these inseams are scandalous on a taller person if you get the "right" size.
Shoes: J. Crew, Neon Melon Skinny Flip-Flops, Size 9.
Necklace: Bloomingdale's, Aqua Multi-Strand Gold Necklace. I sadly returned a Fiona Paxton necklace I had bought (as I just could not justify the cost right now), but I saw this pretty for a lot less money. If I ever see it on-line, I will post a link. The saleslady said the Aqua line is a Bloomie's only line, and they make some very nice items for reasonable prices. :)

Don't worry...Baby woke up eventually. She saw at least a bit of Vegas that day!

Talk soon, all. Remember, my giveaway ends tomorrow night!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Few More Liberty of London IRLs...

Hi, before we get to the main event, I want to take care of some housekeeping...

1. Don't forget to enter my Liberty of London for Target Pillow giveaway. Rules, etc. are at that post, and I am really excited to give one of you fine, fine individuals this great little piece of home decor. :)

2. There is another fantastic giveaway over at She Hath Done What She Could for an Anthropologie Apron. I am HUGE fan of the aprons at Anthropologie, so I think you all should enter! Plus what a great and fun blog Peggy has...

Okay! Before you get revved up for my IRL photos, go on over to Gigi's Gone Shopping where she not only has IRL photos of many of the Liberty of London for Target items, but she also has an EXHAUSTIVE list (how does she find the time???) of everyone else's posts. Trust me, if you want to see something from this line, you will find it amongst one of our blogs. :)

First up is my favorite print from this line, the Isis print. This is the Liberty of London for Target® Halter Maxi Dress -Turquoise Isis Print and although it is sold-out on-line, you may be able to find it in a store, or at (gulp) ebay (for let's hope a reasonable price). I am wearing a size 6 and I sized it specifically for my bust. I could have tried the 4, but I loved the way the 6 feels, so no second thoughts here. I am wearing the halter on its tightest button, though, and that helps a lot. If it only had the one button, it would have been too loose. So good thinking, and a nice detail for the price.

I am 5'8" and with flats this is the EXACT right length on me. I have an inseam of 34 inches and my outseam (from my very high waist) is 42". I think if you are under 5'6" or have shorter legs, look into the petite option, which yay for you all, is not sold-out! :)

Here is the dress from the side. I LOVE this dress. Pool party anyone with mojitos? Yum. No glasses, though, and definitely a different pair of sandals.

Ah, yes, the insanely popular Liberty of London for Target® Sateen Shift Dress - Yellow Dunclare Print, which is sold-out in all sizes, but not in petites (!!!).

I am wearing a size 6, and it fits just where it should, hips, bust, waist, all great. Zipper is sticky, but I still managed to get it up by myself, but I love Gigiofca's idea of using wax paper to help things along.

And, yes, CW appears to be doing a jig. I tell ya, these kids of mine are something else. LOL.

From the side. A little pooch-pooch, but that is a combo of extra fabric and the angle I am holding the camera. No biggie! :)

Love the fabric, by the way. It is one of the only items in the women's line that is cotton...a very heavy cotton sateen that has a bit of give and seems to repel wrinkles (unlike some of J. Crew's cotton sateen).

And, finally, the Girls' Liberty of London for Target® Sleeveless Woven Dress - Light Pink, you read that right, this is a GIRLS dress. Size X-Large and the fit is insanely good. The bust does up just so (I am a 32 B/C), and the empire waist is exactly where it needs to be (I have a measurement of 30" where this seam hits). The hips are free, so wahoo! :)

It is cotton, lined, and the straps are plaited. Crazy, lovely details for the low, low price of $18. Some of you all may be able to wear a L or even a M! (Wow!)

It HAS POCKETS. 'Nuff said. Liberty of London for Target, you rock my world. :)

Have a nice day. Talk soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Liberty of London for Target Decorative Pillow Giveaway!!!

Well, look at that! Sometime over the weekend, I gained my 173rd follower, a certain Whitney and the Preppy Puppy...and I love the #73, so I felt that the time was right to have a giveaway. (Yes, I am sort of weirdly superstitious like that...)

I sort of knew that I was on the brink of getting #173, so I looked all over the Target nearest me for some sort of Liberty of London for Target item that I could give away that also was not dependent on size...

And then I saw it...the pillow. It is colorful, flowery, soft, and sweet...sort of like how I want my blog to be. :)

So, if you want to be entered into this giveaway, you need to do four things...(please):

1. You don't *have* to be a follower, but it sure would be nice to be a little bit closer to 200. ;) So if you have not yet become a follower, but know that it is something you *may* want to do...I won't say "no." (I would most likely go whoo-hoo, which is what I do every time one of you awesome blog friends decides to make our friendship "official.") (I don't cry when I lose a follower, I just sort am like, "huh?")

2. Leave your e-mail...this way I can easily contact you and you don't have to be sitting next to your blog reader waiting with bated breath thinking, "Am I the winner?"

3. PROMISE ME (hand on heart, you all) that you will NOT re-sell this pillow. It is currently sold-out on-line, and I know it could make some money, but come on, that's just wrong and totally not in the spirit of this giveaway! In fact, to show me that you won't re-sell it...mention where you think you would put this pillow (even if it is only for your dog's bed or your car...fine, fine, don't care...just no re-selling).

4. If you are a fan of the Liberty of London for Target line, could you put in your comment which item you LOVED the most? That would be great! If you didn't love the line, then I am not sure why you would want a pillow, but just go ahead and tell me something else from Target that you heart!

Sample Comment:

I am a follower (and have been since day 1), my e-mail is dinagideon AT aim DOT com, I could NEVER re-sell this pillow because my kitty-cat needs it for his cat play place, and my fave item from the Liberty of London for Target line is the turquoise Isis halter top.

You have till Sunday, March 21st, at midnight Eastern Time. Monday, March 22nd will be when I announce the winner! :) Enjoy! (AND THANK YOU FOR keeping on keeping on with me!)

A Week's Worth of Outfits...

Between being all "dina's dramatic diary" last week AND looking for the roll out of Liberty of London for Target, I have sort of neglected my whole outfit of the day posts. So to honor the week that was lost to angst and capitalism, I give you the outfits of last week.

They are barely in order, and only one has a polyvore I created, but they are here! :)

BTW, for the vast majority of the week, Baby CW was way more stylish than me. I guess unfiltered emotion plus my style don't work. No wonder I looked so bad in college. Ha.

I always like to start on a high note. I am an optimist at heart, after all. Love this look. I wore this on Thursday (03/11/2010). I actually had a headache on my "headache tee" day. Surprisingly this outfit held up well to the ravages of the mud my kids decided to sling on themselves that day (yeah, I know I was asking for it wearing these pants to preschool). The headache only got worse. Hmm.

Jacket: Size 4. This is the J. Crew Duchamp Print Astor Jacket from Fall 2008. This is a sublime piece of jacket. Bought it off ebay for way way less than it cost when it was full-price.
Tee: Size Small.
Pants: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10.

Above is the only Dina-made polyvore from last week. Yes, I did include baby's outfit. You'll see why...

Baby TOTALLY brought it this day (Monday, 3/8/2010). SO CUTE. Gah.

I brought it far less. I do want to point out that all I did on Monday (besides coach in the evening) was take a long walk in the neighborhood with the kids (it was BEAUTIFUL that day).

Top: Size 8. It is now just fitting over my hips properly. I hate it when one size 8 will be huge on me and then another size 8 will. just. fit. GRR.
Pants: Size 30 S.
Shoes: Size 9.

Onto Tuesday, 03/09/2010. Baby is still bringing it! I am going to yoga, so these are workout clothes (well, not the top, but I have a tank on under it).

Top: UK Size 10, or US Size 6.
Pants: Medium. These actually are yoga pants. So comfy!
Shoes: Size 9. It was warm that day, so I pulled out sandals...WHEE!

So, guess what? I stole this outfit idea from Slastena, over at About All and Nothing At All (don't worry, I asked before I could wear it). And you know what? I finally wore it last week, and you know what she does today? She posts on this very outfit (and how she wore it on Wednesday, one day after I wore it). I think she and I have a mind-body connection. :) Thank you again, Slastena. What a beautiful outfit!

I know, Rex looks SO SAD. He was. I think he hadn't gotten his way, had a fit, tears, tears, temper, beating the floor, momma pick me up...etc., etc.

I wore this out to the movies with Mr. Dina. This was Tuesday night, 03/09/2010.

Jacket: Size Small. Downtown Field Jacket equals instant chic.
Top: Size 6.
Pants: Size 32 R. These are the bootcut jeans, and I think these are sized pretty small. I am wearing a 30 in other J. Crew jeans, so I don't know what's going on here. Hmm.
Shoes: Size 10.

I believe I wore this outfit on Wednesday, 03/10/2010, when I was trying to find the first batch of Liberty of London for Target.

Top: Size 8. Yet another size 8 that is just now fitting me.
Pants: Size 10. These are the Mahali Dot Capris. I really need a size 8, but am holding onto these until I can trade with a JCA for the right size (anyone interested in a trade?). I love these pants, so cute!
Shoes: Size 9. These are the pale oak Porto tumbled leather driving mocs. In classic J. Crew fashion, I sized down to them. The 10s would have been HUGE.

This is my Saturday (03/12/2010) evening outfit (I wore it to church). My hair looks dark here because of the lighting. I promise, I didn't go and get it dyed to a whole new color. You people would have to think I have way more time than I do to have done that!

I love baby's leg kick here. So cute. You know what wasn't so cute? Their behavior at church. Man. They were TERRIBLE. :P

Dress: Size small. Bought this Anthropologie Whirling Ruffles Sweater Dress from ebay, again for way less than it was originally. I tacked the lower ruffle to the dress better (it was a bit floppy) by using safety pins. Eventually I will sew the bits to the dress. :) Very comfy and cozy. I highly recommend it!
Shoes: Size 10.

Later today I will post three more IRLs of Liberty of London for Target dresses (including the gorg girl's dress). I also plan on doing my giveaway, too, so be looking for that! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Thoughts and Styling Advice on the Liberty of London for Target Line...

I feel like I am doubly fortunate this morning...not only did I get to get the first batch of Liberty of London for Target on Wednesday morning as they were putting out the items, I was able to do the same darn thing this morning. Even though the Targets I visited are only about four miles distance from each other, the Target at Skyline was VERY determined on not putting out any Liberty of London items until this morning.

Well, as you know, we SPRUNG FORWARD in time last night which means that if you are lucky (haha) enough to have a toddler who doesn't give a rat's patooty on whether or not you are ready to be awake, you will be up in time to get to Target as they are opening. (At 8 am, or as your body feels, 7 am.)

When I arrived at (new time) 8:15 am, we were amongst the first people in Target. WHOO-HOO! And as we walked in, there they were, just like Wednesday, gleaming rods of steel and floral prints. But this time there was MORE. :)

So I am going to now link you to the website links for the items, tell you a bit about them, sizing advice, and even throw in some girls' (!!!) pieces that you may want to know more about.

I want to remind you to look at my IRL photos for the first few that I found on Wednesday. I have been in a chaotic state of mind all week (I feel like my 15-year old self, ready to write down all my angst in my dina's dramatic diary), so I haven't retaken any photos of me in the rest of the Liberty of London for Target stuff, but once I just get over myself, I will. Promise.

Also, I am having a giveaway later this evening or tomorrow of a Liberty of London for Target housewares product (one of the pillows) be on the look-out for that, as well. (I hate doing clothes--those with sizes--giveaways because I feel like I am not allowing a good portion of my readers to participate.)

One more thing, Naomi Watts was at the grand opening of the Pop-Up Liberty of London for Target store in NYC. There are a lot of really cool images of her, the store, people buying lots and lots of floral printed items, etc. at this link. (Also, did you notice that she is wearing the black peocock print tunic that I wore in my IRL post? I know! Fun! Of course, she must be small, it was really long on her!) It was a lot of fun to look at...and it really helped me focus on what I really, really wanted. :)

Okay, so enough jabbering, dinagideon.

1. Liberty of London for Target® Sateen Shift Dress - Yellow Dunclare Print I love this. Super-high quality for the low, low price of $34.99. Made of Cotton sateen, with a bit of Spandex for stretch, this is forgiving, classic, and versatile (hello, Church, dinners, and PTA meetings). I bought a size 6. This is another example of this line being generous in the hip area. The bodice fit beautifully, and I am a size 32B/C. I am 5'8" and the skirt hit right above my knee.

2. Liberty of London for Target® Halter Maxi Dress -Turquoise Isis Print This is simply beautiful. Unreal that this is $34.99. A lot less versatile than the sateen shift dress, this is still a lovely piece for nights out or day weddings (maybe with a shrug or shawl--it is backless). It is a poly piece, so if that bugs you, this one is out. I bought a size 6, and it is the perfect length, just skimming the floor in the back of the dress, with the front hem of the dress hitting right around my knee. The halter strap also has two button holes, so if you are like me and don't have a long neck to bust length, you are not forgotten! You can use the second hold to make the halter a bit tighter. (Thank goodness!)

This also comes in petite sizes, which is great, because it is a L-O-N-G dress. :)

(No image.)
3. Liberty of London for Target® Ruffle Halter Dress - Multi Color Sixty Print I actually bought this on Wednesday, but I couldn't get the camera to stay still, so the IRLs are extremely blurry. I bought it in a small, and I definitely recommend going your size to one size smaller if you are a bit tinier on top. This has a full skirt, so there will be no worries about clinginess there. You definitely don't want to have any issues with the top, so bear that in mind when buying on-line or in store. There is an adjustable halter strap (tied, not buttoned). This is the piece that the lady was wearing on the boat in the ads, so it could be a sell-out for that reason (people saw that image over and over, so it may be stuck in their minds that this is the item they really, really is pretty, but is not my very favorite piece). This is a great casual sundress, pretty and fun.

4. Liberty of London for Target® One Piece Swimsuit - Turquoise Isis Print OMG. This is such a high-quality piece of swimwear, I am blown away. I know swimwear, too (hello, many years of coaching swimming). It is a nice blend of nylon and spandex, plus it is lined in the coziest fabric (that is also teal). The size small fit well. I am short-torsoed, so I knew that the medium would probably be too long, and it was (a bit). They seem to be sizing their swimwear on chest size, so go with that measurement. Oh, and my pet peeve, if you will allow it...never, ever buy your swimwear too large. Swimwear will stretch out, eventually, and you will be left with a saggy, awful looking mess on your body. Trust me on this. ;) Okay, rant over. There is a halter strap with it. I plan on using the halter strap, but I suppose if you have more up top you may not need the strap.

(No image.)
5. Liberty of London for Target® Tiered Ruffle Keyhole Tank - Multi-Color Fairford I had the same thoughts on this piece as I did on the other version of it. So click on over to see that! :)

Okay, I had promised you links to girls clothing, but upon searching the website, I can't find them. Irksome.

Here is the deal (I will take photos later of the spoils from the girls' section)...the x-large dresses and tops fit me PERFECTLY...even in the hip area. One of the dresses is so flattering, in fact, that it may be my very favorite item from the line. Love it. I know that some of you have been finding the girls' Liberty of London for Target stuff to be a great fit...let us know what you are buying and what size you took. I have a feeling many of you smaller ladies could wear a large in the girls sizing and no one would be any wiser. :)

My Target did not have much in the way of housewares (just some pillows and the bedding). There was NO bags or accessories or men's clothing.

Some links you may find helpful, as well: Gigiofca posted on this line, as did Target Addict (of course!), kittykat of I Can Boil Water, LindseyB. of Objects of My Closet's Affection, and Kathy at Two Hands Full of Daisies. Sweet Tea in Seattle and Peggy of She Hath Done What She Could have both posted like other words, multiple times. :) So get thee to their sites for more info on this awesome line. Did I neglect to add someone? Could you please add a link to your site in the comments? Thank you!

I hope that helped some of you this morning. Talk soon!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Liberty of London for Target in Real Life...

#1 Rule for these In Real Life Reviews: I did NOT do anything special when putting these items on...heck, even my new pretty hairdo was all back and away from my face. No makeup, no special shoes, etc. Some of the items I tried on and then tried to take photos of turned out SO blurry I had to exclude them from this post. :(

#2 Rule for these In Real Life Reviews: First is size, then material, then price (as best as I can remember--they are BURIED in my closet now).

Go back to this post to see them for yourself, or head on over to Only for Polyvore, Peeps to see the entire selection of items.

One thing, would you all mind commenting on which Targets near you have or DO NOT have these items? I ask because Sweet Tea in Seattle *had* seen and tried on items from this line but when she went back they were no longer out. They had been pulled and put back in the back! I would very much appreciate it and I am sure others would, too!

Size: Medium (Runs small--go up one size larger than your J. Crew tee-shirt size).
Material: As with most of these, it is poly, but it is a nice feel, and it is lined. Plus that print! GORGEOUS!
Price: $19.99.

Size: Medium.
Material: Poly. Look at those pretty pink, white, and black florals. Swoon. The lady checking me out (not that way, you pervs) thought this was the prettiest!
Price: $19.99

I know you all are gonna want this for yourselves, and I think you would be right. I really want the shift dress, too, but not to wear together, that would look terrible (but maybe better than the way I styled it here...haha).
Size: Small. Nice flair in the no need to size up if you have a maximus posterior.
Material: Sateen-y type cotton. Very soft. Looks very expensive.
Price: $49.99.

I like the fluffy ruffles and the colorful print, but I have feeling some of you all will not like it. That's cool, but remember, I have feelings, too. ;)
Size: Small. TTS.
Material: Poly. For those of you NOT in love with the print, it also comes in a ditsy (smaller and more subdued) floral.
Price: $29.99. I hope that's right. Be pleasantly surprised if it costs less, okay? :)

I have no idea why I love this tunic top so much, but I do. Cute!
Size: Small. Almost went with an extra-small, but the shoulders were a wee bit tight, so I stayed with the small.
Material: Poly. I love this print. Subtle peacock feathers.
Price: $29.99, maybe? But definitely no more than that.

I only get to show off this dress because the other one I had was VERY blurry. Oh, well. I love this shape, fitted bodice with the fluffly ruffles. This was another one that seemed very luxurious for the price.
Size: Small.
Material: Poly.
Price: Either $29.99 or $34.99.

Hope this helped some of you. Maybe I can retake some of the photos tomorrow. :)


Oh, my goodness, you all. I took a chance on going to a local Target this morning thinking that *maybe, just maybe* they would have put out some of the Liberty of London items early. (I took that chance because I heard rumors that some folks had seen and bought some items at their stores as early as this last weekend--which, btw, is a full week early.)

As I walk in and look around, I see no Liberty of London items...except a pair of little girl's flip-flops. Exuberant, I think, "Well, at least I have found one item, perfect for CW eventually (a little big yet for her to wear this summer)."

Yes, my pretty, I do want you.

And, then, like an oasis, I saw it...the gleaming stainless steel hanging rod of beauty...two WHOLE racks of Liberty of London clothing, just waiting for me to touch, and peruse, and better yet, try on...

I took the items I liked in both size smalls and mediums, but because I was with the kids, I had to do the whole "try on over my tank" thing at a mirror outside of the changing rooms. Turns out in most of the items I wear a small, except for the halter tops, which I had to get in a medium.

Above is the polyvore of the items that I clipped from my Only for Polyvore, Peeps blog. Check out that link if you want to see the items close-up for yourself.

If you click on the polyvore, you will see info on the items, plus if you are a polyvore addict, and DO NOT LIKE the images (they are odd and not easy to use in sets), you can take my clipped images if you would like for future use.

I promise to get to comments in the last few posts, especially for all of you who WANT. TO. KNOW. MORE. ABOUT. MY. HAIR. ;)

I also promise to get photos of me in these items...soon!!! (Just have to wait till the kids take a nap to do so!)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snow Leopard Simone Peacoat Plus Cerise Equals Quite a Combo!!!

Oh, it is SO nice outside today. Our family JUST loved it. We went to Old Town and had a blast. (I had to go to Mint Condition to sell more of my stuff--so you all know the Aubrey jacket and the Citron Bateau are still for sale--they are winter pieces and Mint Condition can't take them right now.)

I wanted to celebrate the awesomeness of the day (our first winter warm day--almost spring-like) by wearing a really HAPPY outfit. The polyvore above shows my choice.

You would NOT believe how many people complimented these pants! I think this color in this particular shape and style was a definite winner by J. Crew (I think they were sold in January 2009).

You know what is funny, though? In certain lighting, the pants look orange. Oops. Turns out that today was the St. Patty's Day parade and EVERYONE was wearing green. (And I LOVE green!) (And I am Catholic!) Wearing orange today is tantamount to saying "expletive" you to the Irish Catholics!!! Oh, no! (Yet I still got compliments, huh!)

Jacket: Size 4. God bless you, Slastena, for selling me the gorgeous Snow Leopard Simone Peacoat. IT IS AMAZING! :)
Tee: Size Small.
Pants: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 9.

Here is a view of the outfit without the jacket. This is a great it from the outlet back in September...very versatile layering piece, in my opinion. I am pretty sure you all have seen it on me before!

Well, that's it for now. Off to make dinner for the family!

Friday, March 5, 2010

October Catalog Inspired for a Crewcuts Fashion Show!!!

The lovely HeidiG. invited me and Baby CW (through her personal shopper) to a CREWCUTS fashion show on February 28, 2010. (This is last Sunday for all of you keeping count.) Yes, a CREWCUTS fashion show. Okay, say it on, two, three...Aaaaaaah! :)

Of course I went. Baby CW is officially wearing size 2 or extra-small in crewcuts. Rex is already in the big boy size of 3 in pants and 4-5 in shirts (he is a BIG kid). I had to see what yummy fashions are being suggested for children this season!

BTW, if you ever have the chance to see a crewcuts fashion show, GO. The kids are just precious. Oh, and get this...the folks at Montgomery Mall saw baby CW (and darling E.--HeidiG.'s daughter) and were very interested in having them wear crewcuts in the NEXT fashion show. When I told them about Rex they nearly fell over...supposedly it is hard to get boys in these fashion shows. OMG. If both of my kids could be in the next crewcuts fashion show, I would be on cloud nine! How cute!

Okay, I have wanted to wear this outfit that I created for this polyvore for AGES...but wanted the perfect occasion to wear it. Umm, crewcuts fashion show at J. Crew? Yep...I think we have found a winner!!!

Isn't the image of the pretty model from the October catalog just swoon-worthy? I love this catalog image...I feel like she gives us a glimpse of the former J. Crew, that of the Vanessa the Model J. Crew, you know, the amazing Paris Catalog J. Crew. Just a lovely, lovely photograph!

I switched the shoes from the Lulu Flats in the brown/orange color to the animal print Merona Collection flats at the last minute because of baby CW. Wait for it! (Okay, see the 2nd photo if you just can't wait.)

Top: Size Small. This is the sweet guava cashmere tee that I got on sale for a song. I was WAITING and WAITING for this color to go on sale just so I could recreate the catalog picture. Yes, I did kind of feel like a lame-o...
Skirt: Size 8. This is the blue skirt from last year (2008's) roll-out...called the wool double serge skirt. I had wanted the blue from this year's roll-out (the perfect pencil skirt), but waited way too long, and it sold out. Was okay...found this one on ebay and it fits BEAUTIFULLY!
Shoes: Size 9. Love these shoes and now I love them even more because...

Look at CW's leggings!!! And boots!!! And cute tunic top!!! I know...I just can't stand it, either.

Now you see why I HAD to wear these flats?

Baby's Sizes:
Top (Tunic--not the under-layer): Size 3. It is meant to be a top (this is a crewcuts top), but I bought it early and it started as a dress and now it is a tunic. Next year it will be a shirt!
Leggings: Size 18 months. From Gymboree...very cute stuff, even if a bit pricey.
Shoes: Size 4. She is about to outgrow them. I sad. :(

And since HeidiG. was the reason we all got together, I knew I had to throw in a pic of the three of us (E., her daughter, took this pic...she did a great job, btw).

So, thank you, HeidiG. and E., and thank you, Montgomery Mall J. Crew...we had a FABULOUS day! :)

P.S. You know...I see HeidiG. a lot at J. Crew. When Rex and I went to J. Crew together the other day, he said, and I quote..."Where is Miss Heidi?" Haha. From the mouths of babes. :)