Friday, October 30, 2009

Boden's Parisienne Jacket and Brass Button Cardigan!!!

You all will have to forgive me. I am very wiped today. I have taken my cold medicine but it has definitely started to kick in and I am going to be unable to give this post my all. That said I want to get these photos up for you all to look at today. Even though I won't be able to answer any comments, go ahead and ask any questions you would like and I will try to answer them over the weekend, when I anticipate being in a better state of mind. :)

Parisienne Jacket, on me, with jeans, a top, a cute hat, and flip-flops. I wore this on the day we were *supposed* to leave for the Bahamas. Note I said we were *supposed* to...yep, we missed our flight. And to make matters worse, it was rainy, chilly, and awful weather that day. SAD!!! (In the end it worked out because we extended our vacation by one day at the end, and that last day was simply BEAUTIFUL--pics to come, I promise).

So I wore this jacket, finally. Up till that point, the weather had been far too warm to wear this jacket. You got it, the jacket is very heavy, very woolen, but also of the most yummy other words, perfection for a grey, yucky, terrible day.

You can buy the jacket here at Boden. Still available in all sizes, so yay!

I bought this in a size 10 (UK), as the size 12 would have been far too large. Bear this in mind, though, if you are a bit busty, definitely size up. Oddly, the only place where it is even a little tight is at my bust, which is very unusual for me.

The hat is from Target, by the way. The jeans are from Land's End and the shirt is from Kohl's. Only the hat is current.

Also, isn't CW so cute standing up and emulating momma? Love it...she is even really close to walking at this point!

Close up of the jacket and the very pretty hat from Target. CW is pretty darn adorable, too!

And one more shot, I think CW wants my hat...anyone know if they make these in baby sizes? I would love a baby-sized cloche!

Here is the polyvore of the second outfit.

I recently wore this outfit. You can find the info on the individual pieces in the polyvore. I will tell you that only the cardigan is an accurate item, however the pieces in the polyvore are pretty darn close to what I actually wore.

The cardigan is SO soft and pretty. And the buttons are just the right amount of embellishment.

I bought this in a UK 12. I waffled between that and a 10. Probably should have gone with a 10, but the 12 is fine enough, plus I can wear a thicker shirt underneath, if need be.

You can buy it here, and I definitely think everyone should. Unlike the Parisienne which could be too bulky on some, this I believe, could work on all. :)

Here it is unbuttoned. My face was just looking stupid, so I went "snip, snip" to my head. :)

Please ask away. I know I will have the energy for your questions at some point soon. Just not today!!!

UPDATE: POLYVORE ADDITION (9 pm...must go to sleep soon...):

Okay, many of you mentioned this cloche, so I decided to (quickly) create a polyvore with the cloche and the jacket in it, so that you could have info on where to get the items. BTW, the cloche is sold out on-line, but you could probably find it a local Target. :) Hope this helps you all!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boden + J. Crew=LOVE! (Oh, and a Special Bag Called the Lexi!!!)

I thought I would get these two outfits out together because we are almost at November, and barring a few places in the U.S.A. and Canada, it is full-on fall here. (Of course, as I type this, it is 71 degrees and gorgeous here...huh.)

So even though these outfits may not work for you...there are pieces in here that some of you may be on the fence about buying or you may really like the color combos I have done or you just really like looking at summer clothing when it is yucky outside...but for whatever reason you look today, enjoy.

Frances Cami and Striped Cardi Fun!
Frances Cami and Striped Cardi Fun! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Here is the polyvore of the first outfit.

This "favourite v-neck" cardigan is still for sale at Boden. I bought it when it was 20% off, and unlike the spring/summer version I wore here and here, this cardigan is not 100% is a mix of wools and cotton. If you are an "itcher," this may be too wool-y for you. But Boden does allow free returns so if you are on the fence, get can always send it back free of charge. For reference, this is a UK size 12, although a 10 would have fit great. I wear a medium in J. Crew cardigans, usually.

You have seen the Frances cami on me before, here, in sage. I really really like this deep rose color and think it is so pretty with this striped cardigan.

The shorts and sandals are all J. Crew, but from seasons past, so most likely unavailable except through every one's favorite capitalist site, Ebay.

Without the cardigan, the outfit is just okay. Very comfortable. (Surprisingly so...)

Boden Henley and Lexi Clutch!!!
Boden Henley and Lexi Clutch!!! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Here is the polyvore for outfit #2.

The top is a Boden henley from last spring. It is also now unavailable, but did languish for a really long time in their sale section.

The shorts are from Target, and because I am a sucker for a plaid bermuda short, and this pair had my very favorite colors, I had to get it.

The real reason I even bothered to take photos of this outfit wasn't for the clothing but rather the SUCCULENT spring daisy-colored metallic Lexi clutch. OMG. This is definitely not a bag for anyone looking to fade into the background, but look at it...I feel like butterflies and birds will come and perch on my shoulder because they will be attracted to the bag like they would a flower.

I can't say that this is the most practical bag ever, but it is a lot of fun. I am wearing it in this shot across my body, with the strap attached to the clutch part (the strap is very easily taken off, if need be).

If you love it, as I do, it is available here at for 99 dollars (I went ahead and got it when there was an extra 20% off, though, so I didn't pay that price).

Now, in all fairness, I should point out that the very lovely A Bigger Closet bought the light purple version of this bag and did not end up keeping it, and her reasons are very valid. So, please do take a look at her post on this bag.

Yes, at one time, I manage to look both stupid and pregnant. I have no idea why I am holding my hand like that, nor do I know why I made that face. Regardless...THE BAG...Look is in clutch form. So pretty!!! Squee...

I would not recommend this for a party bag because it is too big, but I have been using it as a fun day know, going to lunch, hanging out at a friend's house, taking Rex to preschool kind of bag...

If you have any questions, go ahead and post them...

Have a great afternoon, all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Uh, Oh, J. Crew is in TROUBLE. (A.K.A. Boden's Spring 2010 Collection is AWESOME!)

I am back. Sort of. I don't have much time tonight to actually do any real business on my blog, but I did want to announce something. And that is that J. Crew is probably going to make very little money from me this spring if the way things are looking actually come true in reality. After a very spirited discussion at J. Crew Aficionada about the preview of the Spring Collection 2010, I was unsure if anything being offered by J. Crew will suit me and my personality. I tend to gravitate to the bright, bubbly, printed fabrics, and it seems that J. Crew's spring collection may not have a lot of what I normally love. And, being fair, maybe that is okay...I can try new things and styles, right? I am flexible and I do LOVE clothing.

But then Johnnie Boden struck again...and being the Boden Aficionada that I am, I couldn't resist taking a sneak peek at his spring collection 2010. And yep, it is confirmed...I AM IN LOVE with Boden's spring collection 2010.

You know what is crazy? I got a fairly non-descript e-mail from Boden announcing the collection, along with a 20% off offer (and free shipping and returns). I ALMOST DELETED THE DARN E-MAIL. If anyone at Boden is reading this, you may want your e-mails to be a tad less subtle.

Swoon. Look at this GORGEOUS linen Printed Tunic. The play of mod florals with such fantastic hues of olive and pink? If I didn't know better, I would think this was a resort piece from Tory Burch or Lilly Pulitzer. Nope, just an 88 dollar piece by Boden. Yes, I will be getting this. Can you imagine a world where I wouldn't? I just wish they had a mini-Boden piece like this so I could get CW her own version!

I also made a polyvore, because I had to let my peeps in the "Boden is Bodacious" polyvore group know about all the FINE items on offer.

Hope that some of you who are beyond disappointed with the lackluster spring J. Crew is offering (sorry, Mickey, I tried to love) are gonna join me in the parade of AWESOME across the pond. Thank you, Mr. Boden. You have delivered us what spring should be: Sunshine and Happiness!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

J. Crew Outlet Rose Tee in White for Church!!!

You all have seen this tee before, in black, here in this post. Well, because of my overall love of this top, I went ahead and purchased in white, too. I like both tops equally, and I especially love that they are in neutral colors which allows me to wear them with pops of color!

Slastena mentioned it (and had photos) in her recent post about visiting the J. Crew outlet.

I wore this outfit to church one Sunday about three weeks was the perfect outfit for Sunday mass.

Outfit overall consists of: J. Crew Outlet Tee, White, Size small, Fall 2009; Jones New York Skirt, Size 8, Spring 2009 (also seen in this post); Ann Taylor Loft "Bee" Sandals, Size 9, Summer 2009.

Look at Rex back there...didn't even realize he was back there until after the shot was taken...sneaky boy!

I added a J. Crew Merino Lea Cardigan, Size medium, Tangerine Orange (or something like that), Winter 2008, to stay warm, but after seeing this shot, I realized it looked better opened up, so that is what I did. However, I decided to publish this shot because baby is making the cutest darn pose ever...

Speaking of baby...I have read every last one of your comments about the new header. Thank you all for your compliments. Half of children's photography is just sitting still in a weird lunge pose (great for the thighs) until the right moment presents itself (which isn't always a guarantee)...however, my own kids gave me the PERFECT shot on the NC vacation, and for that I am so happy. Plus, what a great memory to catch. Rex, for all his terrible behavior sometimes, is awesome. In fact, when I think of Rex, and capture what he looks like in my mind, I have this image...I just wish his preschool teacher could think of him this way...sigh!

I am still VERY busy these next couple of days, but I want you to know that I will be doing brief posts every day or every other day, time permitting. Have a really nice couple of days if I don't get that chance!!! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Babies, Babies, and the Beach...

Unless you have not paid any attention to the way my blog used to look, you will have realized there have been big changes over here at My Superfluities. No, not that content...I still talk a lot about J. Crew, Boden, and my kids...but I FINALLY found a photo of my kids that would be PERFECT for the header. The daffodils I had before were really pretty (and also one of my photos), but I just felt that with the 250th post, I wanted to switch things up. So you know, I took the header photo, and unless I am in one the photos in this post, I took all these photos, too!

I am doing this post mainly for the people who just think my kids are TOOOOO cute...grandma, grandpa, nanny, pops, Roxie, etc. :) Enjoy, all.

I have superimposed my username on these photos to protect my copyright...if you really love them, please, please ask for permission if you want to use them...I do try to do photography on the side as a (very non-lucrative) business, so you would be taking my (not so lucrative) livelihood away from me if you took the images without asking!!! Thanks in advance... :)

Baby CW, asleep, all precious and pretty in her Jacadi Liberty Print onesie. I DID NOT pay retail for the Jacadi outfit. You mothers out there can stop having your heart attacks. ;) Jacadi is Ridiculous, with a Capital "R." I think I bought it for half-off, and then an additional 20% off...basically equal to a normal crewcuts skirt or something...

Did you know that babies teach themselves to suck from a straw? Yeah, me, neither...but both of my kids just FIGURED it out. This just makes me smile, I love that little ones learn stuff on their own. BTW, CW reminds me of a baby model in this shot. It could be because she is wearing Jacadi... ;)

The three of us at the beach in North Carolina. In a SWING. At sunset. Yes, I felt lucky. BTW, if you think Rexie is happy here, just wait!!!

My arty shot of a surfer. I punched up the contrast and amped up the sky with a polarizing filter...but the surfer himself makes the shot. Pretty cool. (And, ladies, open this shot up, he looks pretty darn good, too...)

She's going, going, going... (Go to next shot...)

Gone. Yes, she fell from daddy's shoulders onto the sand and this was the face she made. :) Wow. To be a one-year old again...

Told you to wait. I LOVE this shot...may be one of my best shots EVER. And though it was accidental, come on, the Mr. Happy shirt with that smile? God was watching us take this shot and just let it happen...

Another arty shot of the sea grass and the dunes. I softened the shot, and then increased the saturation. It was sunset, which gave the clouds in the distance a neat color and feel...

Going up the stairs with such precise movements? This is what makes parenting so wonderful. I need to see this photo when Rex tries my patience. So darn precious...

And with the sunset over the Outer Banks, NC, I bid you all farewell.

I will most likely be unable to update this blog, either in post form, or in commenting form, for a few days. Please forgive me, but know that if I can come on by, I certainly will!!! :) Enjoy your weekend, and please take care...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ocelot Cardigan Two Ways!!!

So this is my 250th POST! Woo hoo! I would have done a giveaway, but I am running around like crazy this week so I probably won't do a giveaway until the 300th post, but I am just super-stoked to even make it this far...

I would love to take a moment and thank everyone who follows my blog, whether as a "follower" or just someone who comes on over and visits me...I love having you all around, and not only have I learned more about what cool people there are in the world, I have also learned a lot more about me through this process...which was completely unexpected!!!

I know how popular the Ocelot cardigan was this fact so popular that it is sold out at I decided that since most of my posts on my superfluities are about clothing, my 250th post best b-r-i-n-g it. So I decided to have this momentous post highlight the ocelot cardigan two different ways.

One Way to Style the Ocelot Cardigan!
One Way to Style the Ocelot Cardigan! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Here is the polyvore of the first outfit. The second outfit has no polyvore, but if you have questions about particular items, go ahead and ask in the comments. I am going to be REALLY busy this next week, but there may be a chance I can answer them, so ask away...if I can't get to them, well you know what I will say, "I promise I will get to them, as soon as I can..."

I wore this subbing, and because I was walking home that day, I knew that I needed to wear comfy shoes. These sandals would not normally be what I choose, but they worked well enough. Ignoring the shoes, I absolutely LOVE this outfit. The teal is a color I wouldn't have normally paired with the cardigan, but I think it turned out well. HeidiG. will be impressed on how neutral I kept the rest of it...I really REALLY wanted the cardigan to be the centerpiece, and by using neutrals properly, I was able to let this beautiful piece really shine!

I received a ton of compliments on this outfit, so if you are interested in pleasing a 13-year old girl, wear this outfit. ;)

The second outfit appears to be making CW mad, but in reality she was just mad because I dared to put her down for a minute (CW=Clingy and Whiny)...don't worry you all, I picked her up about one nanosecond after I took the photo.

I haven't worn this outfit out yet, but I was so pleased with the cardigan that the moment I brought it home, I created an outfit.

The cami is one of my Lady Hathaway camis, in a charcoal grey. The jeans are the overdyed denim in dusty blossom (size 30, I think) from this last spring (2009). The flip-flops are Ann Taylor Loft from this summer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I styled this cardi...I plan on wearing this a lot this winter, and adding a pop of color with it...yellow, for you ladies (and maybe men) have any other suggestions for color combos???

P.S. If you really loved my shimmer paisley lawn dress seen in this post, there is one for sale over at "crewsing thru my 50's." I highly recommend that if this is your size and you have been dying to buy it, do so!!! It is definitely sold out and there are none to be had anywhere on ebay or the weekly exchange!!!

Take care, you all...Have a nice start to your weekend!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

If You Ever Substitute in a Library, Pull Out the Library Print Doll Dress!!!

I would be the worst J. Crew blogger if I had the chance to substitute in a School library and not wear the Library Print Doll Dress. This amazing dress has so many fans...created in Fall 2007 and featured all over the September 2007 Paris Catalog (you know, my FAVE)...this dress is a J. Crew Collection piece, 100% silk (the very special, heavy-weight silk that flows well) with an intricate print showing various scenes from a library.

For those of you new to my site, I have some pictures from the September 2007 Paris catalog up, and the library doll dress on Vanessa is one of the pages I uploaded. Remember, if you want to see them all, click on one of my labels that says either "Vanessa the model," or "Paris catalog" and you should be able to see all my posts on that catalog.

Here is the polyvore for this outfit.

And here it is on me, without the cardigan. I would have loved to have worn it without the cardigan, but I was in a middle school and not a party, so I did the right thing and covered up. BTW, is CW's backside PRECIOUS? Love it!!! :)

And here I am, all conservative and ready for my stint in the library. BTW, only a handful of people "got" the dress. I am very disappointed in today's youth. :) Kidding...

Have a lovely Thursday...

P.S. HeidiG., is this one of those polyvores that you want me to put myself into? For you, anything...maybe when I get a moment, I will.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Skinny Jeans Love My Crested Tee and My Annette Blouse...

This was an outfit I wore on Friday a few weeks ago. I wore the first outfit subbing, and the second outfit I wore to go hang out a restaurant with a good friend of mine (just me and her...BLISS). :)

The skinny jeans are really old (you can tell because they have the outdated wear on the thighs), but I don't care...these jeans are so comfortable. And since I was walking home from work that day (yep, I am back to the whole walking to and from school...I just don't do it as often)...I wanted to stay pretty casual. Plus it was a Friday, and the school is all "jeans on Friday, everyone." The jeans were purchased at Kohl's back in 2006, and are Levi's. The tee is the tissue beaded crest tee (only the weathered stone is still available) from this fall from J. Crew. The tunic is the featherweight cashmere tunic from J. Crew last spring (2009) in the celery color. The shoes are a very fun, and very old, pair of Keds I bought probably in 2004?

By the way, at one point I had taken off the tunic, and was needed desperately to help someone, so I quipped, "Well, I do have on my Superman shirt, so I know I can help you for sure." I actually made someone smile because it is true, the darn crest looks very "Superman-esque." (Not so much under the tunic, but full-on, no top layer covering the beading it definitely does...

Rex is always trying to either pose with me when I take photos or grab me to grab him "some orange juice, please." That day he was all about the juice. :)

I did make a polyvore for the second outfit. This is the outfit I wore out with my friend.

And here it is, on me. I love this blouse, but I bought it really big (bought it when I was a few months post-partum), and now it fits me very blousey. I don't mind it being a bit big, but I definitely have to be careful of proportion with this that is why I pulled it out with the skinny jeans.

The Annette blouse is in that beautiful honey glaze color that so many of you love. It is a really gorgeous hue. I wonder if any of the new items this winter will come in this shade???

You all have a nice night! Next up? Library Doll Dress (after all, I did substitute in a library last week)!!! ;)

One Outfit Becomes Two Outfits When Rex Gets Involved!!!

Before I begin this post, I wanted to tell you the story of Rex's behavior at dinner in North Carolina that I mentioned in this post. HeidiG., Rosa, Summerilla, and others really wanted to read our tale of a two-year old, so here goes:

We love Owen's restaurant in Nags Head, NC. It is such a yummy treat for us whenever we head to the Outer Banks. Every time we head there, we eat there. And this has never been a challenge for us, even with the two little ones, so we forged on ahead. Then we arrived. And then we had a twenty-minute wait that became a ten-minute wait, and of course, Mr. Dina had taken Rex to the other end of the world on a walk, and I couldn't find him so we could get seated. By the time we had located each other, I was irate and antsy, and I guess Rex really likes to emulate his parents' bad behavior, and he, upon being seated, became a HOLY TERROR. He wouldn't sit still, he kept saying "no" really loudly, he kept attempting to seriously maim his little sister...AGH. At one point, another kid in the restaurant screamed REALLY LOUDLY (only consolation that night was knowing that we were not alone), and guess who decided it would be SO funny to do the same thing??? Then, and later we found out why this happened, the two tables beside us were moved to other parts of the restaurant...which, and this is purely because I am all proper, I was so upset by...I, Miss Priss, had caused others so much angst that they moved!!! Well, it turns out that the waitress moved them because she didn't want us to feel uncomfortable the whole evening. She has been in our shoes and didn't want OUR dinner ruined by people shooting us awful looks. I just wish she had told us when she was doing it rather than later, but whatever, I guess knowing the reasoning makes it a bit better.

Rex DID eventually calm down, and actually enjoyed the meal. But by that point, I was very frazzled. Good thing Owen's has a fantastic wine menu. :) (By the way, Owen's really is a family restaurant, and is really gifted at making seafood dishes, so if you all are ever down that way, and you have kids, check it out...)

You all ready for another night that Rex got his grubby little hands all over (literally)?

Here is the polyvore of TWO outfits that was only supposed to have one outfit. All of you parents out there must know exactly what happened...

A neighbor of ours had a "Hispanic Heritage" Party at her house, and since it was so pretty outside (best weather day, hands down, in the DC region all year), I wanted to wear something comfy, cozy, and lightweight. Plus, it had to be able to wear well to two events, the party and the DC United soccer game we were headed to later that night...

I had not yet worn the tiered silk cami, and really wanted to wear it, because it was one of my I pulled it out. On its own it was okay with the khaki cocktail capris, but I really wanted to punch the outfit up a bit. So I put it with the cashmere argyle vest that I bought last spring and also had yet to wear. Top it all off with the brilliant, and very pretty, constellation locket, and there you have it, an outfit for two events.

Then the party happened. Rex loved being there, but his little eyes kept spying the cake. "Oooh, cake, momma, cake!" Eventually, and this was only after he had some of the yummy homemade tamales, we gave in, and got him a big piece of cake. Man, was he ever happy.

And then, and this is why I always have a drink or two on hand, Rex got on a chair, stood up, and then promptly fell forward onto this woman's driveway. And because Rex cannot do anything without it being dramatic (he is so going to have his own version of a dramatic diary when he gets older), WAILS so loudly I believe people in Reston, VA (other side of the county from us) can hear him. Grabbing my baby boy (it is amazing how fast a mom can move when their little birds are hurt) and snuggling him to my chest, I try to calm him down. It works, he is fine, I make some quip about "it really isn't a party until someone falls off of something...haha," and then I see the damage. Rex's cake covered hands have left chocolate icing all over my locket and my tiered cami.

To which I took a HUGE guzzle of Corona beer, walked over to the ice chest full of waters, and basically threw 10 ounces of Aquafina all over my blouse. Right now, my lovely blouse is hanging in my room waiting for the dry cleaner. Good thing about pretending the Aquafina was my own personal water ride at Disneyland? There are hardly any noticeable stains. Phew.

But I had to change...and because I was pressed for time, and because I also had never worn this sweater, I changed into this...

Yep, a dotted Boden Cardigan. I love this cardigan, love the grosgrain detail at the button placket, love the fit, love the pattern, etc. And it had the bonus of going with my pants (real hard there with khaki...heehee). The DC United fans must have been knocked over with this outfit (syke). :)

So there you go...a night with two outfits. :)

There is more to come, you all. BTW, I have commented back on many posts from this past week or check them out if you have left a comment recently!

Monday, October 12, 2009

J. Crew (In-Store Only) Lovelies...

So, I know you all are looking the next picture and asking yourself, "dinagideon, I have seen that great looking puffer vest before, here at, but I don't recall seeing that color...tell me where did you ever find it?" To which I respond, "In-store only!"

I recalled seeing the puffer vest in the catalog and being smitten with it...I love it for its sheer practicality...especially in a climate like ours where you can get by with a heavy down vest with a sweater for 50% of the winter. But then I saw the clincher...not available in the olive color. Well, color me sad. :(

Then, I, along with three other beautiful JCAs of the DC area, HeidiG., Summerilla, and Drewablank, went to Tysons yesterday to scope out the goodies there. And within mere seconds of entering the store, I saw it...the OLIVE green puffer vest. (YAY!) And even better, it looked so nice on me, and, the very best part...instead of being $118, it was on special for $98. :) Yes, it came home with did these other (in-store) only beauties.

(By the way, am I the only one who didn't realize just how much stuff is sold in-store only at J. Crew? I thought there might be a piece or two, here or there, but no...there are totally different styles...different colors...)

By the way, you will see this outfit again...probably not for a week or two (man, it takes me FOREVER to get these posts up), but I wore it out today sans puffer vest (tried that on only so you all could see it in real life). The outfit I wore out included the pumpkin fiona jacket. (Yes, I know, very fall-like...)

Here is a polyvore of the outfit above (yep, the puffer vest I clipped to polyvore from this post, plus the other three items (tissue turtleneck, striped tissue tee, and the men's cardigan), so they are under my items if you are a polyvore addict).

This is the tissue turtleneck in peacock blue (or teal or whatever) is NOT available on-line in this shade. Such a shame, this is a BEAUTIFUL color in real life. Purchased a small, my normal size.

Both Summerilla and I came home with this gem. The scoopneck is insanely flattering. I bought a small, which is my usual size.

The above puffer vest, close up. The vest is lined in sherpa and is so cozy, I want to wear it to bed one night. I bet I would sleep well. ;) I purchased this in a small, which is great, because I typically have to wear a medium in cardigans at J. Crew.

Now, this is a MEN'S cardigan, but we went a little nuts and discovered that the men's section (especially the sale section) holds some goodies of its own...HeidiG. purchased a men's sweater in a rich red/orange, Summerilla purchased a cardigan (I believe), Drewablank purchased a cardigan and a button-down. I, of course, got this is fleece lined, and also extremely cozy. The closest I could find to it on-line is this, and it looks like they are close to selling out. I also did not pay as much as it costs on-line. I do not anticipate wearing this except in the most casual of situations (it is a tad big on me in a men's small), but this morning, when there was a nip in the air and all I was doing was trying to stay warm in my pjs, this FIT the BILL perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what your local store can offer you...

I wanted to also mention that I am so behind in commenting that when I do comment back it will have to be a group response, which I hate to do, but I want to get back on track...thanks for your understanding, everyone!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monterey Linen Striped Skirt, Take Two...

I am not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about this outfit because you have seen the pieces multiple times and why freaking re-invent the wheel? So, check out the embroidered floral tee (I still say fireworks tee) and the striped linen monterey skirt (or whatever the heck it is called) in this post.

Here is the polyvore for this outfit. :)

And here I am in it. I don't even quite remember when I wore this...I do know that it was very very warm that day, and honestly, this skirt is truly fantastic when you want to stay cool...

Look at baby CW right there, peeking out from under my skirt...aaaaaah!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shimmer Paisley Lawn Dress for a Day at Preschool...

I have been waiting FOREVER to do this post...I actually have really looked forward to it, which is kind of weird, I admit.

I am simply in LOVE with the shimmer paisley lawn is now one of my top three ever items from J. Crew...along with the Sybil Coat in burnished yellow from Winter 2007 and the double-strand frog necklaces, also from 2007. This dress replaces the (still wonderful) coccodrillo pencil skirt, as seen in this post. I made up a top three list because the very delightful Suzy challenged us to think about our favorites, and this is now one of mine! (BTW, before all my time was eaten up by preschool follies and subbing, I actually made a polyvore of my favorite items. Yes, I did. :)

Here is my favorite items polyvore. These items will be with me as long as I can keep them, and then they will be my daughter's. I have even talked to my mother-in-law about recreating this dress in another fabric, and she says with some tweaks, it is actually possible! (Do I smell a liberty-print version of this dress in my future???)

This is the polyvore for the day's outfit. The shoes are different, but they look really similar to the ones in the polyvore.

This is the dress on me. I find the fit is FANTASTIC. I could have sized down to a six, but because I wanted to be very careful, I bought an eight. Now, here is my mantra, and some of you may want to use this, "I would rather take in than squeeze in..." So, while this may be a bit loose, I know that I have the option to tailor down...had I bought to small, then this lovely would have never been allowed out to play. The top is truly my favorite part...isn't the collar just beautiful? The fabric is also quite special, with the subtle play of fall colors of brown, gold, olive, cream, and purple. And the shimmer in the dress name? It comes from a very slight metallic thread woven through the fabric. And I should let you know, in all fairness, I love all things is very preppy but also a bit boho...which suits my fashion-sense perfectly.

I almost didn't get this the time I figured I should get it, it was all SOLD-OUT. I nearly cried, but figured I could work something out...and then, my personal shopper (on-line) saved the day...she took the info, and within two days, had located my size in this dress out in one of their California stores. :) God bless you ladies in CA who overlooked this dress...I am a very happy Virginian, thanks to you all...

You have seen this dress on two other lovely ladies (anyone else out there own this dress?)...summerilla and ratsonparade. I knew summerilla wanted it and she was the only reason I knew that it might be sold out. So thank you, summerilla, for keeping me in the loop, and thank you, awesome, personal shopper, for taking such good care of me in locating this amazing dress. :)

So I wore this dress on the second day of Rex's preschool. Because his preschool also happens to be where I do my swimming, nature hiking, and chilling out, I decided I would spend that entire morning while he was at preschool there. It was a very foggy, drizzly kind of morning, and I swear the whole atmosphere was very Scottish Loch-ish (which I will have you know is my favorite atmosphere ever)...and so I wrapped the outfit up with the featherweight cashmere short-sleeved cardigan and took a walk out in nature, with all the trees and leaves and fog...I felt, and I am not even joking, like I was in an Anthropologie catalog. (And, yes, that felt very, very cool...)

(I may even make a polyvore of me walking in a foggy loch somewhere and add it to this post because I have always wanted to be in an Anthropologie catalog...) Oooh, I did it! (Added 10/12/09...I know, I am a bit of a nerd...)

Have a great Thursday. Much, much, much more to come (I have finally organized my pics and have figured out how to save and publish posts when I am not even necessarily there to publish it myself...I know some of you all are super-savvy, but alas, I am not)!