Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review of a Dress I Actually Wore to School...No Holes, Everyone!!! (CHEER!!!)

Let me start by saying that I have commented back on the last three blog entries I did...but just in case you haven't checked my comments lately...I have had to insert this clause to all my latest commenting:

From this point until the end of the school year, I will only be able to general comment back unless a specific question is asked. I hate this because I love the conversations we have so much, but something has to give in my short supply of time. :) I know you all are fine with this...but better for me to let you know what is going on rather than you all thinking I am ignoring you...which I would never, ever do!

I CANNOT wait until June 24, 2009, because this is the date that I anticipate that I can actually start resuming my favorite type of commenting...responding to everyone...I have a lot of fun writing back to what you all have written...

I am sure some of you all have noticed that I am not commenting as much on your wonderful posts, either, and I anticipate that will resume with full force around the same time. :) So YAY for school almost being done!!! So long, sixth-graders!

Okay...I officially LOVE the jersey dresses by J. Crew. They come in these fantastic colors and the material is so soft and stretchy and drapey and almost everyone I have seen wearing them looks so great! So good on you, J. Crew for going full-steam ahead with more dresses in this material.

I happen to own a few dresses in this material and they are my go-to favorites for dressy casual in the summer and spring. It feels so good to slip on just a dress and some sandals and just go. These dresses are the epitome of breezy.

In January, I fell in love with the Sara dress. Unfortunately by the time they went on sale, they were sold out in all of the smalls (the size I wear in the jersey dresses). Sigh. But then the June arrivals appeared and I nearly fell over from my excitement. (Well, I was sitting when I saw it, so I guess I would have fallen 2o inches, but still...) The dress I fell in love with is the one I am wearing above and the one that you can find here at It is called the dressy jersey cinched dress and it is 78 well-spent dollars (well, I got it for 20% off).

Summerilla also owns it and looks so pretty in it.

You can also buy it in a grey color. (I wish it came in other colors...if they had this in tea rose or orange, I would so buy them...)

When you go on to check it out, notice that the model has her sleeves all scrunched up so it looks like it is sleeveless. Yes you can do that, but it is a lot of trouble. I happen to LOVE cap-sleeves, so I am going to keep it this way, but if you want, that way is another option.

As you can see, the small fits well. I would encourage all ladies who buy it to think, "it has a lot of unless I am exceptionally smaller." Since I have more junk in my trunk than on top...I definitely went with a small. I am wearing a cami because I cannot reveal that much of me at way, no how. Plus the peek of color looks pretty! Any other color camis that you all think I should try with this?

Here is the back of the dress. Obviously a pleat got caught, which is why one part looks a bit askew. Don't worry, when you move, the skirt moves too. The skirt was not permanently like that all day.

I put this up so I could show how I think the belt part is meant to be wrapped in back so you can do the bow in front (very top photo). I really like the belt...such a fabulous way to cinch your upper-waist.

And I couldn't resist...Rex came up to me while I was about to take my last shot and flung himself into my arms. He had just woken up (which is why his eyes are barely open) and demanded a hug. Swoon. I love little kids and their affection. They often don't hug and kiss freely if there is something else distracting them, so the times they do give very special.

You all have a nice day...Hope some of you will consider this dress...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brown and Pink Make Me Smile!!! (Outfit from May 18, 1009...)

Blush Pink and Brown Make Me Smile!!!
Blush Pink and Brown Make Me Smile!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL
Here is the polyvore of the outfit I wore last Monday, May 18, 2009. This also is one of my most popular polyvore sets ever. 6 people liked it, and they didn't even see it on this blog. I think what that tells me is that over at the Polyvore J. Crew groups, neutrals and tonal-matching outfits are the most popular. :) That is great and all, but I rarely make my sets this way.

However, on Monday last week, I wore this outfit and for me it is a lot less colorful than I normally do. I still LOVED it though. The pink in this tee and cardigan and shoes is just too die sweet and feminine.

Here is the outfit with no cardi. I shrunk the top by turning it inside out, putting the washer to the hand-wash feature, and then placing the top into the dryer on high heat. It came out the PERFECT size. :) I loved all the ideas I received when I asked about how to shrink this top (gigiofca mentioned drying it to damp and then wearing it) but in the end I was a little lazy (kids...such a time suck). Laziness is usually a bad thing but it worked this one time...I love the fit and I love the fluffier chiffon rosettes.

Here is the outfit with the cardigan. This is such a versatile sweater. I have this in melon and charcoal, too. I love wearing this cardi with shorts. The long with the short really looks very chic. (I have a polyvore with that style here.)

And because I cannot resist pics of me with CW, here she is...look at those freaking socks. Love them. She can be a ballerina even before she walks. And of course (not planned, btw) I love that we match!!!

Have a nice afternoon everyone!

Review of the Beautiful Wallpaper Print Cardigan...

Which sadly has a hole. The tiniest, most miniature hole ever...but enough to bug the bejeezus out of me. Am I wrong to want to return it? I would order another one, but agh, how frustrating. The hole is located on the inside button placket (and on the fabric that isn't even visible) but still it's the principle of it all.

What would you do?

Okay, 'nuff said...I at least wore it for a pic so I could do a review. The cardigan is available from It is not on sale (I bought mine with 20% off) anymore.

The fabric is silk and linen...and I personally love the feel of it. Smooth, light as air, and very drapey. I bought this in a medium and think even with a bit of stretching through normal wear this cardi will still be fitted enough. The print is hand-printed and just so pretty. I even have a cardigan in which the pattern lines up perfectly (making me extra-sad about returning it...if that is what you all recommend I do). The buttons are metal (like on the merino michelle) and don't weigh the delicate fabric down at all.

I belted it but would also wear it open if that was my desire that day. :)

In short, if you love this print and fabric, I say buy it...but watch for the smallest of holes. (This may not happen to could just be my dumb luck...perfect pattern...small hole, of course. I would probably return it and get a cardi with no holes but an imperfect pattern.)

I swapped the cardi because I didn't know if I would return it, so I wore this instead. Same basic outfit but the featherweight cashmere short-sleeve cardigan in misty lavender. What a gorgeous color. It may be the only purple I can actually wear.

I did a review of this cardi in this post earlier.

And just because I can...there is CW holding her brother's Trucktown book. I love the contrast of her frilly, girly frock and the boy truck book. Funny!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Target "Coppelle" Pencil Skirt!!!

This is not going to be my longest post ever...suffice it to has been INSANITY today. We are end-of-year testing and EVERY single one of the computers that were in my classroom failed at one point or another. Multiple kids had to restart their tests. I am about to quit over how difficult it is to do something that should be so much easier. Ugh. I need wine. Stat.

If you have specific questions relating to this outfit, comment and I should be able to add my answer directly to the post (when I get home and get that wine, of course).

A couple of things to note:
This is the skirt from Gigiofca's post about Target copying the Coppelle design. I also bought the dress. I purchased them both from a Target in Richmond (I didn't stay in Richmond for the weekend but rather stopped by Richmond on our way back from Williamsburg--note--best Target ever located at the intersection of 295, Route 1, and I-95--basically the Atlee/Elmont exit off of 95 Southbound). I LOVE these pieces. They are extremely well-made. :)

The tee is the white tee I was talking about when I did the white tee post. I know technically it is off-white, but stark white tends to look kind of bad on me. It is an Eddie Bauer tee from a few years ago.

Please ignore the bandages on my feet. They are covering some awful blisters I got when running to school on Friday (I was "running" late...haha).

Target Coppelle Paisley Skirt for a Rainy Day!!!
Target Coppelle Paisley Skirt for a Rainy Day!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches

This is the Polyvore.

This is the outfit with no cardigan.

I bought the skirt in a size 10. This skirt definitely fits close to the body but it seems to be made for me. The waist fits exactly at my waist and is definitely narrower than the hips. And because this skirt has a flared A-line but yet still manages to be a pencil skirt, it fits my hips nicely, too. YAY! I personally love the fabric and the lining. The fabric is substantial and the craftsmanship is very detailed. There are even pockets that are separate from the lining but in no way are bulky. Best part--the pockets are deep enough that I can use them when I want to put my hands in my pockets (which I do a lot while teaching)!

I would say this skirt is true to size, but if you have a large waist to hip ratio (the opposite of me), you probably should size up. This seems to be made more for us pear-shaped ladies.

This is the outfit with a cardigan.

This cardigan was on super-sale at J. Crew and it is awesome. The color is persimmon and is a beautiful coral-orange. And LOOK--it perfectly matches the skirt! :) I call that fate!

You all have a great day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ooh...Party Time!!!

I went to two parties (well, three, but two were on the same day) last week. I have two different party outfits for you all to glance at.

But first things first!!! These two outfits are interesting because one of them my husband really LOVED and the other one he really HATED. What cracks me up is that my brother really, really LOVED the one my husband hated. Heehee. So if any of you ladies want my bro, I guess you know which outfit to wear when you meet him. HILARIOUS. However, if you really want a kind of nerdy, shy, yet sweet guy, definitely do not wear what I wore that he HATED. ;)

So why did I wear the outfit he hated? Umm...we have been married a LONG time and well, most of my outfits he loves. Also, he has questionable fashion sense. For instance, the last outfit he really disliked (here), you all LOVED. So, honestly, I can't always dress the way he likes.

Here is the Polyvore of the outfit he loved. Honestly, I love this outfit, too. I am a HUGE fan of seersucker. If you live anywhere near where it gets as sweltering hot and humid as it does here in Northern Virginia (well, anywhere in Virginia, really) should own seersucker. It is a great fabric for being dressy but not killing yourself with wool (hello, heatstroke)!

So I wore it with a linen sweater (bought off JCA--awesome transaction, btw) and it was the PERFECT combo for that night. Last Thursday night wasn't too hot so I could get away with this look. If it had been hotter, I would have worn a cami (like my victoria or bria or lydia) instead.

This green is is Kermit the frog, for sure. Fine by me...the brighter the better...however, this is a sweater from last summer so it isn't available except through ebay or the great exchange over at JCA.

Here is the suit with the blazer. Yes, I did have to take it off because it did get to warm, but oh, well.

Just so you know, the total cost of this suit was 70 dollars. This is a Merona Collection suit (from Target) and it is really, really well made. I think J. Crew has competition! I bought the blazer in an 8 and the pants in a 10. The pants sit fairly high on the waist so keep that in mind when you order (if you order).

Ooh, Mr. Dina HATED this outfit. A lot. He says he just doesn't get why I would want to wear something that froofy. I know why...because it is fun. Saturday was SWELTERING. This outfit allowed me to stay cool and yet be somewhat dressed up for the parties (one for a Ph.D. grad and one for my bro with his Associate Degree). This is the outfit Pete (my bro) LOVED. Girls, stat, to J. Crew now. Skirt is on sale. ;)

I will admit to being a bit stuck on what top to wear with this bottom. I like the way I styled it (even if I look a bit 80s...yes, haters, I know...I know). So I am gonna throw it out there...keep in mind I have a short torso...what would you pair this with? I think the next time I wear it (yes, Mr. Dina, it is coming out to play again) I will pair it with a fitted polo shirt. Does that sound cute? What other ideas are out there?

Does anyone have any interest in creating polyvores for this? I would love to see the ideas in that format, too! (I know I am asking a lot but some of you all love this stuff...) Thank you in advance!

I only did a close-up because I wanted to show off the coolest sunglasses in the world. These are made by Boden. I love them so much that I actually have them in a green horn color, too. These that I am wearing are the light brown and they are perfect for spring and early summer. The tint is a medium tint so they still allow you to see pretty well (I hate too dark sunglasses). The case it comes in is very practical (read: big and bulky), but practical is better than ruined sunglasses.

The green horn color comes in a different tint, a darker tint, better in my opinion for the pool and the beach.

That's all for now...

Oh, by the way, this dress is now sold out. I am keeping the post up, though, because the exchange between HeidiG. and Drewablank cracked me up.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Computer is coming with me down to my vacation spot, so you will get more from me (hopefully)!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So What Do I Have in Overabundance Today?

My love for my babies is my #1 overabundance. God, I love them so much. When you see the pics below it will be hard not to agree why this is true for me. :) They will no doubt cringe when I pull these pics out when they are older (and have girlfriends or boyfriends looking at them), but I am assuming that when they have their own kids they will totally do the same darn thing.

They look just alike when they sleep. Most evenings Rex ends up in the "big bed" because he seems to wake easily and gets freaked out that he is alone. We are not the sort of parents who can let him cry it out so we just toddle to his room and bring him on in...

And look at how CW holds her hand. HILARIOUS. How is that even comfortable? Babies are fascinating!

I couldn't resist using up the last of the compact flash card that had two or three pics left on it with pics of the kids. I held the camera and CW just hammed it right up. Love it!

I feel very blessed. I know most of you all come over here to see how J. Crew (and sometimes non-J. Crew) clothes look on a real person, but since my kids are my greatest sort of joy in my life, I couldn't resist posting these...

P.S.: Don't forget to post your opinions about the best white tee-shirt here at this post and don't forget to vote in the poll! Thank you!

Have a great afternoon, everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teaching School Last Week...In Real Life Outfits!!!

Yeah. I know it has been a long time. But the in real life outfits are back. I am not promising much (I have seen the photos), but I know you all will still like some of these. :)

BTW, my stupid camera card reader went and died on me last week so I had to go and get some cables to connect my camera to the computer. What a royal pain in the patookus. :) Hopefully I can get a new camera card reader tonight!
My Professor Cardigan Helps Me to Teach School!
My Professor Cardigan Helps Me to Teach School! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches
Oh, I had such high hopes for you...professor cardigan. You look so cute, and I think your scholarly appearance works with so many things I own, but last Monday (5/11/09) you just did NOT bring it. Bad cardigan!

It may be that the cocktail capris are just a wee too big (washer and HOT dryer here you go), it may also be that the green I paired you with was the wrong shade of green (it feels like you both were in competition). So sad. Well, I gave you a second chance (TODAY, 5/20/09) and you have redeemed yourself. Turns out that if I pair you with a scoopneck turquoise top and the fantastic mahali-dot capris you look just fine. I (heart) you again, Professor.

Yeah, I was not feeling it either. That is probably why I look like a teapot. I do LOVE the necklace with the green top. I also realize (for all the haters out there) that I should have put on some powder...that is some serious glow, miss dina. No bottom-half. You all don't need to see miss saggy-knees. I am not cruel. ;)

Outfit Number Two (wore on Wednesday 5/13/09): I know you all will love this one because you all are not blind. Out of the three outfits, number two rocks. It is all retro and fun, too! The dress is from Boden (Spring 2007) and I finally fit into it!!! YAY! It only took two years. When I slipped it on and it fit well, I actually started to dance. I don't dance well which is why I didn't videotape my glee, but just be assured that I was bustin-a-move.

The shoes are Mossimo (Target) from who the heck knows how long ago. They are so cute they should be outlawed. :)

This is for Polyvore. I plan on wearing this baby again!

Yellow, Grey, White for a School Day!
Yellow, Grey, White for a School Day! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches
So many of you love this polyvore that I am sort of psyched to show you the outfit. But only sorta. 'Cause I am not feeling the whole outfit here, either.

I wore this on Thursday (5/14/09) last week and I think I need to fix this outfit. I love the gladiola-print cami and the featherweight cardigan together, but I just DO NOT like it with the white denim capris and the strappy sandals. I think I should have worn jeans and a pair of grey flats. That would have looked awesome.

I also HATE my makeup. Paging Casper, Dina calling...I stole your sorry!

Any other suggestions on what type of bottom to wear with this cute top and cardi combo?

I did a close-up of my cami for all you all who recently purchased it. I bought a Petite size 8. I am very out of proportion. My top half is very short in comparison to my bottom half. If I had similar measurements of my top on my bottom, I would probably look like a stick insect. People would probably force-feed me. :)

I prefer for tops to hit my high hip (unless they are stretchy) because I am nowhere near my size on top as on bottom. I could have bought this top in a regular size 6, but then because of how it hits the hip (in the middle), I would have had to unbutton the bottom buttons and that would just look stupid. So petite 8, here I am. :)

I hope all of you who bought it will love it. I definitely can see wearing this in the summer with a cute pair of shorts and sandals...

Have a great day, everyone. :) Thanks for having patience with me. So you know, I am done GRADING. Thank goodness...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swingy shirred piqué dress for sale at!!!

So the dress I wore in this post is for sale...size medium in sour lemon. As you know, I love it. So if any of you all want it...right now, 6:02 pm on Wednesday night (5/19/09) is for sale for $39.99.

That is all...I will delete this post once the dress sells. ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Poll! Let's Talk White Tees!!!

You can buy this one for a mere 50 dollars from here.

I had the suggestion made by Kristin (when commenting on this post) that I do a poll for the best white tee out there. Since I rarely wear white tees, I couldn't really supply her with much info. The best I can think is that I own an Eddie Bauer tee from a few years ago that qualifies under the needs that she has: not see-through and comfy. This tee, when I wear it, fits the bill (well, to a tee, heehee, couldn't not say it).

This is such an important topic that the NY Magazine did an article on it!!!

I am opening up the floor to your ideas. There is also a poll running so people can vote on where they have purchased their best white tee.

Please, if you have a comment on why it is your favorite, comment here. Especially comment if you put down that you have another place where you buy it (like how I got mine at Eddie Bauer).

By the way, this weekend at Target I saw a tee that could fit Kristin's needs. It was located in the athletic section of the women's department. It looked simple, substantial, and super-comfy!

Enjoy...hopefully we find what we are looking for...

I won't be commenting back on all the comments because I am in the midst of grading and figure that all you all can figure it out for yourselves. :) I know you all don't mind and I thank you for that....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So this is What Mother's Day Looked Like this Year!

If you have spent anytime at Polyvore this week, you have seen my outfit for Mother's Day. Somehow it was one of the most "popular" this week because it hung out in the "popular" section of the various groups I published it to. Well, yay!

I actually loved wearing this outfit last Sunday. It was AMAZINGLY gorgeous here. In this area we typically go from yucky, cool, rainy weather to HOT AND HUMID overnight. If we are lucky we squeeze in two or three days of perfection. That was what we had last Sunday. It was 75 degrees and sunny. I think God was blessing all us moms in the DC area. So, thank you, God...we totally appreciated it!

Here is the polyvore:

Mother's Day 2009!
Mother's Day 2009! by dinagideon featuring J Crew Clothing

Here is the full-length. I am standing next to my brother. We are at my church. Peter and I and my dad have been going to this church since I was 10. I even went to grade school here. One day maybe my own kids can go here (we are still members). I would even love to teach here one day. We'll see! :)

I loved this outfit because it was the right amount of color, fabric, and accessories for the day. The one warning I have is about the shoes. Rex decided to sit on the poor sandals and the turtle fell off. Sad! They are not put on the sandals quite in the same way as the starfish from the other Miss Trish of Capri for Target sandals I own. So I have had to buy some heavy-duty glue to place the turtle back on...

The dress is older, from last year J. Crew. It is very comfy. I bought a medium because I wanted it to fit longer. It is like wearing a really long polo shirt.

The necklace is the very pretty vintage daffodil necklace made by DianaP. The dress was the perfect backdrop for the necklace. I received a million compliments on the necklace from people last Sunday!!! (DianaP.--you have yourself a great idea here...)

Here I am with the kids in Bethesda. After church we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Louisiana Kitchen (which replaced Louisiana Express when it closed). The current Louisiana Kitchen is in a different location but serves almost the same menu. If you LOVE Cajun food, this is the best place to get it in this area. It is very similar to the food you can find in the New Orleans area. Mmmm. I do spend quite a bit of time down there as that is where Mr. Dina is from (actually SW Mississippi--but pretty darn close). Our favorite restaurant in New Orleans is Mother's and although Louisiana Kitchen doesn't have the menu of Mother's, it is almost as good!

After Louisiana Express, we went and explored the Bethesda Arts Show. We even ended up buying an original piece of art...a 3D Robot Face (it is too hard to explain--I'll just have to get a pic up at some point).

All in all, a great day!

You all have a great Sunday, too!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Now in Color...My Outfit from the Tea Party! (Woo--Only One Week Late--I Feel So Timely!!!)

So from the annals of all things late...I am finally posting pics of the outfit I wore to the Tea Party LAST Saturday at 3-Penny Princess and her Mom-in-law's House. all have already seen this in something like twelve posts. :) Oh, well, I am sure some of you may want to see the Polyvore...

Here is the outfit full-length. I won't bother even mentioning the pieces because they are all on my polyvore (for once I could get every piece of the outfit onto the polyvore without substitutions).

I love this outfit. The colors are my favorites. There is something very "Southern Preppy" about these colors. I have been doing a lot of "SP" this week. On Thursday night I wore head-to-toe seersucker. I tend to do this in summer. It gets so dang hot and humid here (the air just sits on your head) that you have to pull out the fabrics that breathe. And because you still are expected to live your life and get dressed up, I have a closet full of clothes made from the "SP" aesthetic.

I was wilting last Saturday, but the outfit kept me relatively cool. But you can bet your bottom that I took this off upon arriving back home and threw on some shorts and a tank top.

Have a great day. I think I might get up my Mother's Day outfit today. If I do, I will actually only be six days late. (Ha.)

Friday, May 15, 2009

And the winner, by a LANDSLIDE is...

The Jackie Cardigan.
I am glad that so many of you voted in the poll this week. 66 to be exact. :) The Jackie Cardigan won with 22 votes or 33%. You all love you some Jackie. Wow. When I tried the cardigan on (in a medium), the shoulder seams were an inch below where my actual shoulders are. Either the fit model is a linebacker or I have the wrong size (but it appears I would have to wear a small...not a single one of my cardigans are a small and they fit just fine in the shoulders). Did any of you have the same experience, that is--did you have to size down in this cardigan?
The other winners and losers are:

Michelle Merino Is Mighty Magical!
7 (10%)

My Miriam Makes Me Smile!
0 (0%)

Short-Sleeve (Cashmere or Cotton) Seems to Suit Me!
4 (6%)

I Love Me a Cotton Printed Cardi (Gladiola, Fresco, Crocodile)!
5 (7%)

Cotton-Cashmere Bouquet Calls My Name!
1 (1%)

Library Shawl is My Love!
11 (16%)

Cotton Cricket Cries Hello to Me!
1 (1%)

French Terry Feel Just Right!
3 (4%)

My Professor Professes His Love!
1 (1%)

Merino Lili, While Misunderstood, is My Love!
0 (0%)

Another Cardigan is All I Need...AKA Not Mentioned Above!
11 (16%)
So is it weird of me to feel badly for the Miriam and the Lili cardigans (no love at all for these)? I voted for the short-sleeve cardigan, by the way. But if you spend enough time here at My Superfluities you already knew that I would choose that one. :) I see three other people agreed with me. Right on!
I am curious...if you were one of the 11 who voted for the "Another Cardigan is All I Need..." category, which J. Crew cardigan do you love?
Also, many thanks to HeidiG. who came up with the idea for this poll. I will be using another one of your ideas for next week's poll!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh AWARD!!! #2...Love it!!!

Hi everyone:

The lovely and super-talented Emily from the super-pretty blog Champagne & Cupcakes has given me an award. SO COOL! Thank you...what a pick-me-up. Yes, I know I have to grade stuff, yes, I know I should put up my Mother's Day outfit, but you know what? I am going to do this first...because I SO look forward to nominating my most-read blogs. (Although if Ms. Emily or her nominator Ms. Gingersnap mentioned you...I won't renominate because I figure there are a lot of worthy blogs out there and I know you all will TOTALLY understand if I don't nominate you twice!) I wish I could nominate 25!!! I so have 25 blogs I could nominate... :)

So here goes...the info:

My queenly duties include:

1. List seven things that make us awe-summm!!!

2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers, I read religiously.

3. Tag those 7 bloggers.

4. Don't forget to link the Queen that tagged us.

5. Copy the pic and put it into your sidebar.

So, here it goes... 7 things that make me awe-summm!!!

1. I made it through a very risky birth (with Rex) and didn't die (although they said I was "this" close.

2. I teach 6th-Grade and am not certified insane (yet).

3. I happily had another baby, the beautiful CW, even though #1 had happened.

4. I am a geographical me a map...and I will show you how to get somewhere. Then I can get back to that place in the future (many years in the future, mind you) with no need of a map. I just remember where to go. This is one thing that totally freaks out my hubby.

5. I have elbows that can hyper-extend. It looks really gross, like I am suffering from broken arms. I personally think it is kind of cool, though, and will happily show it off to anyone who wants to see it!

6. I regularly eat Sea Urchin sushi (uni). Yum.

7. I was nervous about starting a blog but am so glad I did because I now have more friends than I have ever had before. :)

7 bloggers that I pass this award onto:

I know that I wasn't able to include everyone...but these ladies will each nominate 7 and I know they will include some awesome choices that I read and love everyday!

Now it's your turn!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick Update and Two Pictures of Necklaces for Polyvore!!!

I have been a bit under the gun at school and at home. Very little time is being afforded to me so I can dare they? :) Just kidding. I know May is crunch-time and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but still. Man. I need a break. Since I spend about 15% of my day nursing CW (or in some manner all figure it out)...I have a lot less time for other things. And dear blog readers and friends, you all have to be one of my last priorities. Sad. :(

I had to do at least one post, I am showing off pics of two necklaces I received this weekend. I really am doing this for polyvore, but figured you all would love to see them because they are very nice.

By the way, I have commented back on the grey, white, and yellow belted outfit post. You all are so sweet and complimentary. I definitely need to wear that outfit again!!!

This is a DianaP. necklace and I got it on Saturday at the tea party. Isn't it divine? The flower is vintage and DianaP. really made the beading and pieces fit just perfectly. This necklace can also be turned into three separate necklaces...the one you see here (and the one I wore on Mother's Day--you will see this outfit soon)...and one that can be a single strand...and one that can be all three strand but minus the flower. Oh, and the flower is a pin and can be attached to coats, jackets, etc. as a brooch of sorts. :) VERY PRETTY, in my opinion.

This is the necklace that my kids and my dear husband got for me for Mother's Day. It is from Target but to me it looks like a necklace from a speciality boutique. do it every even managed to grab my hubby and my kids... :) I love it, though. That color is just perfect with so many things I wear (and wear it I did, on Monday, in fact).

Have a great night, everyone!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tea Party Time...

I can only add to what other wonderful bloggers have already written about this fantastic time! Please visit 3-Penny Princess, Slastena, HeidiG, Summerilla, and English Tea (aka Cloggsy) for more about what a wonderful time everyone had on May 9, 2009.

Here is my take on the day plus three (never before seen) pictures. ;) Enjoy!

Date: 5/9/09

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Setting & Summary:
A lovely afternoon (with clear blue skies, natch) at a pristine home in one of Alexandria's most secluded neighborhoods. The windows and doors were kept open to allow the glorious spring breezes in (and the fabulous florals, as well). The dining room was set with champagne bottles, finger foods (yum), and very pretty glassware and cutlery. The dining room (and living room) also provided a perfect backdrop for the incredibly detailed jewelry collection created by Diana P..

For the first hour the ladies at the tea mingled, tried on the amazing necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, and also ate, drank, and were very merry. (Plus, the ladies all received personalized stationery from English Tea, so unexpected, but so appreciated, and in this author's opinion, way better than any J. Crew stationery.)

For the last hour, the ladies moved to the cozy garden and sat at two exquisitely made tables with the most delicate china. From there, the invitees snacked on petite sandwiches, delectable tarts, and scrumptious scones (with clotted cream...yum)! And the tea, the perfect tea--in teapots--Mango, Lady Grey, Green, and of course, Black tea.

As the afternoon came to a close, the gracious hostesses led the flock around to see the blooms bordering the home.

Truly, a special day. Thank you for the invite. Ladies, thanks for the company!

And now for the pictures (I only grabbed three--unfortunately not all the ladies who were there are in the photos--definitely check out the other blogs to see more and better photos):

Our wonderful, beautiful, extremely well-dressed hostesses, 3-Penny Princess and her Mother-in-Law.

Here is a portrait of the divine AND divinely dressed HeidiG and Summerilla.

Here is yours truly and truly the most fancy NancyMcFancy (love that name).

I won't be able to post anymore tonight...or get back to your comments from the other posts...but I have read them all and have enjoyed them. You all are too sweet! I look forward to finding a bit more time tomorrow to write and to read. I will also post the polyvore and pic of the outfit I wore to the tea tomorrow.

Have a nice night, everyone!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little Yellow to Cinch Grey and White!

So I could have put up the pics from the tea party on Saturday, but HeidiG said, “take your time,” and since I do want to go home and see my precious kids AND I also want to make sure I do a well-thought out post and not some hurried entry, I am going to wait till tomorrow. I am glad I got permission from someone. I am weird like that. Does anyone else do that? Ask permission for something that you should be able to decide on your own? I have been doing that forever. My old professor liked to call that me being a “junior female.” He was probably my biggest advocate for me going as far as I can…and one day, Paul, I will, I promise.

Instead I present you with the outfit I wore on Thursday, May 7, 2009. I had a lot of fun putting this one together. For those of you who look at my polyvore sets you have seen it already.

A Little Yellow to Cinch Grey and White!
A Little Yellow to Cinch Grey and White! by dinagideon featuring Marc Jacobs shoes

This is what the outfit looks like without the jacket. I think I like it. It is very ladylike. The skirt is my absolute favorite part. I saw that skirt at Macy’s like three weeks ago and did not get it (I couldn’t pay full price…nope, not at Macy’s…they always seem to have a sale). Then, the 25% friends and family card appeared. And I went to Macy’s and tried it on (squee…an 8…yay). The fit looks like it was made for me. It is a linen-cotton combo by Jones New York Collection. The top is J. Crew’s sequined crest tee (Holiday 2007). The belt is J. Crew’s yellow wide patent leather version (Holiday 2008). The shoes are from TJ Maxx but are from some well-known designer and are grey patent slingbacks with a bit of detailing at the toe-box (Fall 2008). By the way, when I figure out who made the shoes, I will edit this post and re-publish. I promise.

Well, I love this jacket. The J. Crew white canvas Atelier jacket is really pretty and feminine too. I think it looks okay with this skirt but I bet it would look really good with some tailored pants or a pencil skirt!

Have a nice day, ladies. Soon, soon, I will catch up to real time and you will actually be able to see me with the outfit I am wearing that day. Somehow—I will make this happen! :)

Review of J. Crew’s Magnolia-Leaf Necklace…

I am choosing not to show you the outfit I wore on Wednesday, May 6, 2009, because it was just blegh. The total outfit, that is. The individual pieces are awesome, but together, eh.

So instead I will focus on my favorite part of my outfit, the necklace I wore that day. I have been promising you all a review of this necklace but because of factors out of my control, I could only get to it today (Monday, May 11, 2009).

By the way, what are those factors? Well, Saturday was just gorgeous and hot and humid and oh, the day of the JCA Tea Party. So I spent all day with the most fantastic ladies of the DC/Richmond region. That night I took my step-mom out for dinner (which turned into a dinner for me, too…yay for being a mom). The next day was Mother’s Day and was quite possibly the prettiest day of the year yet. I was out the entire day and took a nap when I got home. Then I had swim coaching. So this is the first opportunity I have had to write!!! (But I know you all totally understand—which is why I love you all!)

(And, yes, I am planning on putting pics up from the weekend…of course!)

So, this amazing necklace…you can purchase it here. I see they have not sold out. Good…I want you all to have a chance to get it!

Here is the necklace on me. You can see that the necklace falls to about the chest area. It will fall differently on each person, but it is not an especially long necklace. In the May catalog there is a pic in the special event dresses section that shows the magnolia-leaf necklace falling to right below the neck itself, but I bet they finagled the clasp to make it fall that high (which I think I want to try sometime…very pretty in my opinion). Obviously the best part of this whole ensemble is my gorgeous girl CW, but I think the sweet necklace takes a second place, easily!

Here is a close-up of the necklace. As you can see it is a delicate looking charm, but in real life, this charm is substantial and well-made. I was surprised at how inexpensive it was. At $45 it is priced to sell and probably sell-out. I actually bought this at the store (Tyson’s) and only because someone had returned (!!!) it. The sales assistant was all set to buy it but then I asked about it and she handed it over (so sweet) and I was able to get it for even less money with the Mickey card (so it ended up being around $33). As I was paying the cashier, another person asked about the necklace, so it convinced me even more that I had chosen well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Red, Aqua, and White...A Little Twist on Patriotic! (Also, a Review of the Boden V-Neck Cardigan!)

Boden Red and Aqua Striped Cardigan with White!!!
Boden Red and Aqua Striped Cardigan with White!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches

Compared to my Monday's outfit (meh), I actually really LOVED the outfit I wore on Tuesday, May 5, 2009. I felt like I had hit the right mix of color, interesting pieces and unique styling. Yay! I did get compliments at work (sadly, Mr. Dina had given me more grief about the new cardigan so if I look a little down in the photos it is because I felt bad about the fact that he was calling me out on the purchase instead of noticing how AWESOME it is--don't worry, he ended up complimenting me later, so all was good in the end).

The outfit in full-length (minus the scarf--see next photo). The pieces are: the fabulous Boden red and aqua striped v-neck cardigan (spring 2009); the crisp Talbots short-sleeved button-down (spring 2007); the "wow, I can't believe how flattering pants can be" Banana Republic white cords (summer 2006), and the fun Kenneth Cole off-white peep-toe wedge sandals.

The cardigan is ridiculous, that is how much I love it. You can find it here on Boden's website. I believe they have some more of this color combo left. I also bought the green and yellow striped version. I chose to buy a 12, which is a size 6 or 8 here in the States. It fits me PERFECTLY. It is the right length, width, and everything in between. The fabric is cotton, but this soft, sumptuous cotton that had me rubbing my arms the entire day. I also love the fact that it is buttoned completely and there is no gapping and I can do up the bottom button (on some J. Crew cardigans I can't button up the bottom button--my hips are just a sceech too big). The colors are also super-beautiful and the combo of colors is very fresh. I highly recommend this cardigan. It is not about to replace my lovely short-sleeved featherweight cashmere cardigans from J. Crew, but I definitely know I will get a lot of use out of this fabulous Boden creation.

P.S. Don't forget to vote in my J. Crew Cardigan Death Match--Jackie is winning--all you non-Jackie lovers need to come on down and vote for your favorite!

Here is the outfit with the very pretty linen scarf from my local J. Crew. This color is such a nice match and I think the scarf gives the outfit another little piece of flair.

Have a great afternoon. Next up--Review of the J. Crew Magnolia necklace!