Friday, May 8, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009--An Outfit for the Ages (Note--This Title is Sarcastic with a Capital "S")!

This is "meh." My hubby loves to say that word, meh. I like that word, too, a good descriptive word when blah is too much and fine is too complimentary. (Although oddly enough my husband did not describe this as "meh." Maybe he was asleep when he took the pic.)

I think overall it is a fine outfit for just living...but there was no real oomph to this outfit...and I like oomph. Ah, well. :) Can't have an olive green Victoria cami day everyday, right?

The individual pieces are: J. Crew striped tee from four years ago or so; cream and sage green Dotted Cardigan from Charter Club (Macy's--Spring 2009); J. Crew cream Skinny Belt (Summer 2009); Dockers dark brown cords (Fall 2008--by the way, it was kind of gross on Monday--hence the cords in late spring); and J. Crew iridescent guava Salina flats (Fall 2008).
I think the pieces are all great by themselves. Except the Dockers. I, once again, have fallen victim to wearing pants that are too large for me. They make me look like a sack on the bottom-half. Sigh. My retirement pile is HUGE! I think if I had worn this top-half with a cute pencil skirt, this outfit would have been more "wow" than "meh." :) NEXT TIME!
BTW, I have some time today, so I should be able to get two more posts in...and both contain reviews--one of the J. Crew magnolia necklace (Summer 2009) and one of the Boden red and aqua striped V-neck cardigan (Spring 2009).


ashley said...

lol my sister always says "meh." i agree it is very descriptive for a 3 letter word! as for your outfit, you don't look very meh. you actually look great! the best accessory is your smile anyway. i love how you belted it too! and congrats on your pants pile! retiring pants is always a good thing! enjoy your weekend dina! and have a great mothers day! :)

KatyO. said...

First: Happy Mother's Day! :D

Second: You're looking amazing. :)
Show it off with some fabulously curve-hugging pants. ;) (e.g. retire these ones immediately. {giggle})

HeidiG said...

bye bye saggy pants! Love the cardi. Maybe a scarf at the neck would have helped, or a more contrasting top? It needs more color - you are such a colorful lady - you need either brights or really saturated color. yeah, your suggestion of a fab skirt would definitely have worked. Can't wait to see the other posts!! So this will now be officially knows as the "meh" outfit. :)

Unknown said...

I would lose the belt, open the cardi & add a bright flower pin. Heidi is right -- you look so great in colors.

Genevieve said...

Oh my gosh I say MEH all the time! Most people have no clue what it means. I like skinny belt over the cardigan, J. Crew is always doing that, I have to try it!

dinagideon said...

Ladies: I love that you all commented. I also love that you saw and got my sense of humor. Meh is a word that needs more use. So let's all pledge to use it more in our daily lives!!!

Oh, btw, pants are retired. It's official.

Oh, and I promise, hand on heart...I will only wear the tee with a contrasting (i.e. brighter) cardigan or scarf or necklace. I also promise to only wear the cardigan with a brighter top underneath (also with a pencil skirt, better cut pants, or opened).

Have a great day. :)