Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brown and Pink Make Me Smile!!! (Outfit from May 18, 1009...)

Blush Pink and Brown Make Me Smile!!!
Blush Pink and Brown Make Me Smile!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL
Here is the polyvore of the outfit I wore last Monday, May 18, 2009. This also is one of my most popular polyvore sets ever. 6 people liked it, and they didn't even see it on this blog. I think what that tells me is that over at the Polyvore J. Crew groups, neutrals and tonal-matching outfits are the most popular. :) That is great and all, but I rarely make my sets this way.

However, on Monday last week, I wore this outfit and for me it is a lot less colorful than I normally do. I still LOVED it though. The pink in this tee and cardigan and shoes is just too die sweet and feminine.

Here is the outfit with no cardi. I shrunk the top by turning it inside out, putting the washer to the hand-wash feature, and then placing the top into the dryer on high heat. It came out the PERFECT size. :) I loved all the ideas I received when I asked about how to shrink this top (gigiofca mentioned drying it to damp and then wearing it) but in the end I was a little lazy (kids...such a time suck). Laziness is usually a bad thing but it worked this one time...I love the fit and I love the fluffier chiffon rosettes.

Here is the outfit with the cardigan. This is such a versatile sweater. I have this in melon and charcoal, too. I love wearing this cardi with shorts. The long with the short really looks very chic. (I have a polyvore with that style here.)

And because I cannot resist pics of me with CW, here she is...look at those freaking socks. Love them. She can be a ballerina even before she walks. And of course (not planned, btw) I love that we match!!!

Have a nice afternoon everyone!


Unknown said...

Love your color combinations, and her socks! She is SO adorable. You both look fabulous ... :)

HeidiG said...

CW always makes me smile! Love the outfit. Shell is so pretty on you - I think it's your best neutral. And for you, it really is a neutral, isn't it?

I will tell you my favorite part of the PV set is the sunglasses & necklace in the lower right quadrant b/c it looks like a smiley face to me. (you know, sunglasses are the eyes, and necklace is the open, smiling mouth). And the funny thing is, I didn't notice it in the large scale set on PV, but it really stood out to me in the smaller scale that you posted on your blog. Does that make sense? I swear I have not hit the vino yet today.

Patina said...

hahahaha. i just noticed that the glasses and necklace make a smiley face. CW, is adorable. i heart her ballet cute. i love your outfit today. i have this tee in blush and white and i need to shrink them also. Thanks for the information. I also never considered blush with brown, but it's gorgeous!!! TTFN... i am off to make a polyvore of this with my coach shoes.

Cloggsy said...

I love the pics that CW in them - too cute.

I perfectly shrunk my cashmere boyfriend sweater just recently - I got it in an XL when pregnant and now it's probably a perfect M!

Slastena said...

You look great in neutrals. I strongly disagree with your previous comment that neutrals wash you out!On a contrary, your skin looks luminescent! Love it!

Summerilla said...

I really like this outfit. It is so flattering on you. Where is the necklace from? Is that J.Crew? I think I saw an instore only necklace that looks very similar.

Summerilla said...

Oh and of course CW is just the cutest thing ever!

3-Penny Princess said...

Brown and pink are awesome! They go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter:) I wear all different shades of pink with all different shades of brown. Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Such a great outfit! I am so glad you posted about how to shrink that tee. Mine is a little too big too and it's kept me from wearing it as much as I'd hoped. I know you are super busy right now, but just wondering, how do the rosettes look after the dryer?

I love those socks! She is such a cutie!

dinagideon said...

You guys have left such sweet comments! I love brown and pink and now that I am sure that blush pink looks nice on me (thanks so much for letting me know--I really honestly thought pale colors were bad on me) I am definitely going to get more in this shade. YAY!

So you all know, from this point until the end of the school year, I will only be able to general comments back unless a specific question is asked. I hate this because I love the conversations we have so much, but something has to give in my short supply of time. :) I know you all are fine with this...but better for me to let you know what is going on rather than you all thinking I am ignoring you...which I would never, ever do! (I said this in the comments section for the Coppelle print pencil skirt, so if you think you have read this before, you are not losing your mind.)

HeidiG: Polyvore is weird like that. If the sets are all next to each other, it is hard to make them stand out somehow. I think we all look for pieces that we own and then look at those sets. This set had a piece that a lot of people owned (the rosette tee), so I think this is why it was more popular. :) And speaking of wine...I SO NEED SOME NOW. 6th-graders are REALLY irritating in May.

Summerilla: The necklace is a piece from Target--Erickson Beamonn--and they may still have them at your local Target. (Maybe even on sale!!! Wouldn't that be great?)

Stephanie: I actually preferred the rosettes after they came out of the dryer. Although I HATE fraying chiffon on other pieces...on this tee is looks fantastic! Also, the rosettes were way fluffier...which is just so pretty, imo. Hope this helps!

Have a nice afternoon. Wish me luck with these darn middle-schoolers. ;)