Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Outfits for the Price of One...or My Time is SO Limited that I Can Only Post Every Once in Awhile...

Okay...quick info...a couple of you may have seen this published before I added notes. Note to not try to eat and blog at the same matter how well Ms. HeidiG of Head to Toe with Heidi can do it!

Also, for those of you who have been waiting desperately (yeah, right) for me to comment back, I have!!! I still need to comment back on the FFM birthday and I (Heart) Milly posts, but I will get to it!

Today are two outfits from when I first got back from California. That was the insane week where I nearly disappeared and you all wondered if I had gotten the swine flu or something. No, nothing like that...but there was a field trip both weeks that sucked EVERY available bit of energy from me. :)

This is what I wore on the field trip on April 23, 2009. This was the Thursday after I got back from California. This is also the only outfit that you will see of me from this week because it was the only day I could really get the energy up to try and "work it!" Drewablank, if it looks familiar, it is because this is the outfit that you saw me in that afternoon at Pentagon City.

The top is from Macy's, a Charter Club lace frou-frou concoction that is AWESOME. It is stretchy and tailored and really, really pretty. Under it I wore a light purple camisole from Costco (Lady Hathaway). Does anyone else LOVE Lady Hathaway camisoles as much as me? They have a shelf bra, are super-long (but not too long), and come in the greatest colors. Plus, they are as soft as silk (even though they are not). The pants are the stone-colored version of your favorite pants of mine, the Bistro stretch pants. I actually own these in an 8. And they fit. WOO! The shoes are the Juliet patent pumps in Dusty Rose. Do you all have a problem with the insole lining coming out? I know I can get them glued back in, but I was wondering if you were experiencing the same thing...

All in all, I love the way this outfit looked. Pretty, professional, and just the right thing for carting 60 6th-graders on a field trip to DC. Yeah, I know, I am just a little bit crazy. ;)

I wore this on Monday, April 27, 2009, and yes, I am very aware that the skirt kind of makes me look like a nun. The issue? I didn't realize how much this skirt does not fit me until I looked at the pics and then it was too late to change. Whatever. The idea of the outfit is good, but the execution, not so much. A tighter, shorter (to the knees) pencil skirt would have made this outfit sing!

The top is a J. Crew v-neck tee from Fall 2007. I think I bought it in Summer, though. Love the top. It is in citron and has the definition for "spontaneous" right there on the front. Too cute. The skirt abomination is from this Fall and purchased four weeks after CW was born to wear to a Gala. It fit well then. Of course I have lost like 25 pounds since then...I guess I just wasn't thinking. It was comfortable, though, I will give it that. I bought it at Macy's, on sale, for like 12 dollars. The shoes are from Kohl's and I love breaking out the sandals, 'cause that means summer is here! Woo! ;)

Here is a close-up of the tee. I actually have started doing this more, taking pics of my shirts close-up, so that I can use them in polyvore. Is anyone else doing this, too?

Have a nice day. I have more outfits to share, but it will probably have to wait until tomorrow. I have a whole slew from this weekend, today's outfit, and one from Disneyland left to show you. Maybe I can get them all posted tomorrow. We'll see.


Drewablank said...

You are one busy lady! I still have to say that the outfit with the lace frou-frou concoction looks great on you! And I'm sure you can switch up that top to be a little more formal or more casual depending on the situation/event.

I've kicked myself plenty for not getting those really cute tees from that season with all that dictionary text. Sigh. 'You think they'll come out with something similar again?

And 6th graders?! I didn't know you taught 6th graders! You are truly a hero of mine. ;)

Emily said...

Every single one of my really good friends is a teacher. Anyways, I'm always amazed that you find time to post b/c I know how busy my friends are and most of them don't even have little ones.

Love your frou-frou top. Really romantic in a Parisian way. I second you on the lady Hathaway camis. I heart Costco.

I missed out on the dictionary tees! Maybe one will pop up on Ebay some day.

prince snow farm said...

You are a riot! I love the outfits.I know the feeling about field trips. I'll be taking 50 7th graders to Fenway for a tour. It's about an hour bus ride...but, any die hard Sox fan would just cope! Newport Mansions are on my maybe list right now...another great one. I'm jealous of D.C. And of course you are even fashionable on field trips. AMAZING!!

Patina said...

i love both outfits. you have some great jcrew pieces

KatyO. said...

Congrats on fitting into the pants! And it *is* time to retire the skirt--go you! You look fabulous. :)

HeidiG said...

That yellow tee is so darn cute and yes, honey, say bye-bye to the skirt because you are so much more fab than that!

I have not tried the Lady Hathaway camis at Costco, but clearly need to make a trip! Love your frothy frou-frou outfit, though!

ps - not eating right now, but drinking tea - and your keyboard is probably a little less crumby than mine. :)

Unknown said...

Letting go of making comments has made it much easier for me to keep up w/my blog. I wanted to respond to everyone and it's not humanly possible.

I love the creme lace top. And regardless of the size of the skirt & love outfit#2 & the sandals. Tres cute.

Jemma said...

Hi Dina, I am having the same problem with my juliets in blanched almond from christmas. They are so icky right now. I wore them two times without hose and the insole just slid down to the toes to the point where I had to rip it out and get some dr. sholls for in there. The problem with this is that they are super narrow so they needed re-broken in. Sigh... the things we do for fashion! Cute outfits in both pics despite the black skirt being too big!

Alexandra said...

Good to have you back. Looking good as always!

AppGal said...

I just love that dictionary tee. I saw a "lesser" version at the outlets not too long ago. Made me wish I had gotten the real deal. Every English teacher needs a tee with vocabulary on it, right? :)

I also don't know how you have time to be such a devoted blogger! I think I have life ADD because anytime one aspect of my life starts to get crazy, I kind of shut down on other blogging...and well, cleaning. And dressing myself nicely. Ha. Anyway, keep counting down...summer is almost here! 24 school-days for me...where are you in your countdown?

dinagideon said...

Drewablank: I love that you got to see the field trip outfit in actual real life, not just computer real life. :)

You are not alone in your love for the dictionary tee...maybe more will pop up on ebay? Hmmm...

Emily: I honestly devote some of my planning time to posting, which is why a lot of my posts appear at 2 pm. Heehee. :) But, yes, some days it is just not possible. sigh.

I must own twelve camis from Costco. LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Monogramgirl: You teach 7th-grade? You know exactly what I have to deal with, huh? CRAZINESS...especially in May! Those mansions in Newport are the kids love seeing them? I love seeing them just for the beautiful views they all have. I love your part of the world but sadly I haven't been to New England in years. Maybe soon...I know there is a ton to do there for little kids!

Patina: Speaking of great J. Crew pieces, you have some of the best it when you show them off!

KatyO: They are in the retired pile. Only to come out when I am postpartum again. :)

HeidiG: Oh, I so let go of that skirt (mentally, at least) that day...had to wear it otherwise I would have gotten fired. (LAUGHTER!)

What kind of tea do you drink? I LOVE the Green Tea by ITOEN at yummy and just enough caffiene that I can make it through my day. You are right, way better than cookies, although I have a tendency to accidentally knock my very full cups over. Ooops! :)

Gigiofca: I do love the conversation that these blogs bring and I do want to participate...but you are right...breathe! I think I am now at the point where most people know my commenting pattern...comments come but (usually) one to three days later. (Although, if there is a question or some comment that HAS to be addressed I usually respond pretty quickly!)

Jemma Ruby: You know my Juliets in peacock didn't have that problem. Weird. I guess I just have to figure it out...a good shoe repair shop should be able to help me out. I hope your future shoe experiences are better, though!!!

Alexandra: Well, thank you. I am so glad I am (sort of) back to my feels good.

AppGal: Girl, you need to get a dictionary tee. Weren't there like five different ones?

I have my almost shut-down moments. The week of my uncle's funeral, I just could not blog. It was all too much. But now I can get back into the routine, plus it allows me to avoid grading. Haha...I know you know what I mean...

Good luck to you, by the way. I have 31 school days, give or take. Soon...thank goodness!

HeidiG said...

My tea of choice is Bigelow's Green Tea with Lemon. Then I have my list of other faves like Tazo's Awake (when I need it), Bigelow's Lemon Lift, Celestial Seasonings Camomile and Tension Tamer.

Have not tried that tea at Costco. Maybe I should get some when I get some of the camis!!